The Twilight Saga

Alice had an alarming vision that connects with Bella’s disturbing but accurate dream.  With Jasper’s help, Alice will try to save Edward from a terrible fate.

 (Alternative story to New Moon)


Bella Swan wakes from a disturbing but accurate dream and tries to spare her beloved Edward of the pain he endures with every breath.Bella leaves Edward (Alternative story)




This alternative story started, like Twilight, with a dream. I was reading the draft of Midnight Sun till late that night. I went to sleep thinking about how hard it was for Edward to be around Bella. So in my dream I was Bella. I was deeply in love with Edward and then I realize the pain he was into with every breath. I decided to leave him for his own sake thinking he would be happier without me. So it’s basically New Moon in reverse. Enjoy.



I want to share with you a bit of the music that inspire me while writing this Fanfic.
All of it is about the music and how it set the tone to the story
Some of them are also about the lyrics. Here is my playlist:

Breaking my heart – Aqualung

The hardest of hearts – Florence + the machine

Blackout – Muse

Goodnight, travel well  – The killers

Reel me in – Aqualung

Tonge tied - Aqualung

Falling - Florence + the machine


This little drawing is from chapter 5 Buried





“But I’m not saying goodbye”

“Don’t you see? That’s what proves me right. I care the most, because if I can do it… If leaving is the right thing to do… Then I’ll hurt myself to keep from hurting you, to keep you safe.”

“And you don’t think I would do the same?”

“You’d never have to make the choice”


Twilight, Interrogations



It was really fun to be alone hunting with my husband. We haven’t been able to do this in a long time. It was like an end-of-summer party. I will soon be starting my senior year at Forks High school and Jasper will be pretending to go to college. He really wanted to go this time, he said there was some subject he was interested in studying, but the simple thought of being apart was too painful. I couldn’t find it in me to try to persuade him to go.

It all happened so fast. I wasn’t keeping tabs on him, just the usual watch-out I normally do for my family. Suddenly Edward was blazing, dying in our fireplace. Thought the vision was blurry its significance was so powerful that I lost my attention on the bear I was about to finish off and its paw sent me flying before I could anticipate its move. “I have to find Jasper”.

I followed his scent; he was draining a mountain lion, a remainder of Edward I didn’t need. “Jasper! We need to get back to the house, now!” I yelled.

“Alice! What’s wrong? What did you see?” He knows me too well.

“Edward.” I answered “We’re going to have to leave the Jeep behind; we only have four hours and seventeen minutes”

He saw the dread in my eyes, there was no time to explain. We started running at full speed. When we made it out of the Big Bend Park he finally asked. “What did you see? What kind of danger is he in?”

I tried to make sense of my vision, searching backward into the future. “Bella”, it sounded like an expletive.

“Is he going to…?” Jasper asked fighting the pool of venom in his mouth. He never believed Edward will be able to overcome his temptation.

“No. I think she is going to break up with him”. How could she do that, my brother was quite a catch. Fun to be around, good to the core, handsome and totally in love with her. I couldn’t see the reason for her defection. I hopped my blurred vision wasn’t true.

She most has been determined to this outcome for some time now, or I wouldn’t be able to see it. But, why?

Jasper was sensing my fear and he voiced his concern “He’s going to try to kill himself, right?”
I just nodded, I didn’t trust my voice.

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Carlisle is also shopping. He's in Seattle buying hi-tech equipment. Why is everyone away from Edward??






Jasper said it was imperative to trust Edward; but I am nervous about him being alone at the house. As a precaution, I removed every lighter I could find and shut the gas line. I know he promised to never try that again but still.

Esme is nearby and Alice can call her, Esme is nearby and Alice can call her, Esme is nearby and Alice can call her. I chant myself to stay calm.

I have all the equipment we’ll need. The hospital issue is very important to solve, I don’t want the Volturi down on us. That’s what worries me the most about staying. But Edward’s expression was so tortured when we told him we were leaving; we have to try.

I only need to make the phone call. Edward won’t like this part of the plan but I need reliable friends to put up this charade. I take out my phone and she answers at the second ring.

“Hello Carlisle!”

I wonder: Who did Carlisle call?  Maybe Tanya?  What are they planning?

Hi there,

I think it is Tanya! To play a 'expert consultant'.

Poor Carlisle, he is so woried for his son - as any parent would be.

Best wishes


Dead on both of you... can't believe it.

Now you know, damn it.

I have great plans for Tanya. I hope you enjoy her part in this story.


not sure if I am going to like who you'r going to bring in the story now. please bring bella back soon. can't wait for more.


Bella can't be back just yet. I know we all felt the same about Edward in New Moon, we wanted him back.

Be patient, please, I'll never write something the characters wouldn't do.





“Rose, would you please stop trying to lead me east? We’re going to Vancouver not New York. This is the third time we cross this bridge.” Emmet chided me and I gave up trying to go to Florida. I sighed.

“What’s wrong, baby?” He asked trying to pick the answer from my face.

I didn’t answer. I just turned my head to stare at the surrounding forest.

“You were leading me to Florida. Weren’t you?”

I nodded; a pout in my mouth.

“I’m not Edward but I know what you’re thinking Rose, and it’s a terrible idea.” He said in a mocking tone.

“She deserves it,” I snapped harshly.

“I’m not sure I agree with you” the mocking leaving his voice.

He sensed my fury and said quickly “She made her choice. She chose to be away from vampires; maybe not a bad choice after all.” Why is everything so simple in Emmett’s head?

“What about Edward?” I replied angrily.

“Exactly. What about him?” his voice started to rise, he’s angry too. “He would never approve, you know that, Rose!!” The tires screeched against the pavement and the Jeep swerved as it stopped at the shoulder of the road. Why is he so mad?

“What’s wrong with you moron?!!!!” I yelled catching myself at the dashboard, and leaving the shape of my hand in it. He’ll have to replace it.

“What’s wrong with me? You think I don’t know what this is about? You care nothing about Edward’s harm, I might not be Jasper but I can feel your jealousy.” His voice is cold as ice and sharp like a knife. “You hated Bella since the first day your brother laid eyes on her.” He continued yelling.

What! I stare at him dumbfounded, I can’t believe he’s saying this out loud. If I could flush, I’ll be bright red right now. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!!” I yell back.

“Don’t play fool with me Rose, it doesn’t suit you. I know you expect every man to worship your beauty.” He knows me well. Suddenly his face falls, he looks like he’s about to cry. Crap!

He says in his softest voice “How do you think that makes me feel, Rose?” his eyes full of pain.

I’m at lost at what to say. He beats me at it while I stare at him wide eyed.

“It makes me feel insignificant, inadequate, small, insufficient, lacking…” he sobs quietly and my heart breaks. In a swift movement he’s in my arms, I try to erase his pain with my kisses.

Interesting to see things from Rose and Emmet's perspective!

By the way, what was Rose planning?

Ha, ha, ha... Rose wanted to get rid of (you know, kill) Bella after the incident with Tyler's van.

She thought that maybe now that Bella had rejected Edward she could get away with it; she justified this to herself thinking she was... avenging?... Edward's broken heart.

Emmet saw right through her of course. So they went to Vancouver and not Florida.

She's probably not the only one who was tempted to do that!  Good thing Emmet talked her out of it!

Oh very good!

It's good to hear them speaking the words for once. Emmett not playing the fool for once. It gives him more of a real feel to his character.

best wishes



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