The Twilight Saga

Alice had an alarming vision that connects with Bella’s disturbing but accurate dream.  With Jasper’s help, Alice will try to save Edward from a terrible fate.

 (Alternative story to New Moon)


Bella Swan wakes from a disturbing but accurate dream and tries to spare her beloved Edward of the pain he endures with every breath.Bella leaves Edward (Alternative story)




This alternative story started, like Twilight, with a dream. I was reading the draft of Midnight Sun till late that night. I went to sleep thinking about how hard it was for Edward to be around Bella. So in my dream I was Bella. I was deeply in love with Edward and then I realize the pain he was into with every breath. I decided to leave him for his own sake thinking he would be happier without me. So it’s basically New Moon in reverse. Enjoy.



I want to share with you a bit of the music that inspire me while writing this Fanfic.
All of it is about the music and how it set the tone to the story
Some of them are also about the lyrics. Here is my playlist:

Breaking my heart – Aqualung

The hardest of hearts – Florence + the machine

Blackout – Muse

Goodnight, travel well  – The killers

Reel me in – Aqualung

Tonge tied - Aqualung

Falling - Florence + the machine


This little drawing is from chapter 5 Buried





“But I’m not saying goodbye”

“Don’t you see? That’s what proves me right. I care the most, because if I can do it… If leaving is the right thing to do… Then I’ll hurt myself to keep from hurting you, to keep you safe.”

“And you don’t think I would do the same?”

“You’d never have to make the choice”


Twilight, Interrogations



It was really fun to be alone hunting with my husband. We haven’t been able to do this in a long time. It was like an end-of-summer party. I will soon be starting my senior year at Forks High school and Jasper will be pretending to go to college. He really wanted to go this time, he said there was some subject he was interested in studying, but the simple thought of being apart was too painful. I couldn’t find it in me to try to persuade him to go.

It all happened so fast. I wasn’t keeping tabs on him, just the usual watch-out I normally do for my family. Suddenly Edward was blazing, dying in our fireplace. Thought the vision was blurry its significance was so powerful that I lost my attention on the bear I was about to finish off and its paw sent me flying before I could anticipate its move. “I have to find Jasper”.

I followed his scent; he was draining a mountain lion, a remainder of Edward I didn’t need. “Jasper! We need to get back to the house, now!” I yelled.

“Alice! What’s wrong? What did you see?” He knows me too well.

“Edward.” I answered “We’re going to have to leave the Jeep behind; we only have four hours and seventeen minutes”

He saw the dread in my eyes, there was no time to explain. We started running at full speed. When we made it out of the Big Bend Park he finally asked. “What did you see? What kind of danger is he in?”

I tried to make sense of my vision, searching backward into the future. “Bella”, it sounded like an expletive.

“Is he going to…?” Jasper asked fighting the pool of venom in his mouth. He never believed Edward will be able to overcome his temptation.

“No. I think she is going to break up with him”. How could she do that, my brother was quite a catch. Fun to be around, good to the core, handsome and totally in love with her. I couldn’t see the reason for her defection. I hopped my blurred vision wasn’t true.

She most has been determined to this outcome for some time now, or I wouldn’t be able to see it. But, why?

Jasper was sensing my fear and he voiced his concern “He’s going to try to kill himself, right?”
I just nodded, I didn’t trust my voice.

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Also; Carlisle got really mad seeing his wife so upset and thought it was insensitive of Edward to do so

Next chapter IS called BURIED

Stephenie Meyer wrote an introduction for the chapter WAKING UP in New Moon; which is kind of a poem.

As I’m following her plot a little bit I thought appropriate to do the same, this is the introduction for BURIED.

I hope you like it.



What is time when your future has been broken? What is life when your heart has been stolen? What is death when your soul has gone away? I exist in the middle of nothing. I am nothing.

Hi there,

The poem is a nice touch and echos nicely New Moon.

I'm wondering about Bella, what is she doing at this moment - but that is the whole idea, we don't know, Edward doesn't know and he can't cope with that.

Best wishes


Hi Chris,

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

About Bella, Edward could know if Alice wasn’t so angry with her.

And of course, this is part of the plot, so I can’t reveal much.

Suffice to say that Bella is in Jacksonville attending High School.

Sorry, I know it's been long since my last post, but  with the begining of the school year; 1st and 2nd grade kids are quite demanding

So, I haven't had the time to edit BURIED and I want it to be perfect.



Part 1



What is time when your future has been broken? What is life when your heart has been stolen? What is death when your soul has gone away? I exist in the middle of nothing. I am nothing.



Here she comes. My annoying little sister needs explaining of the term alone. I want to be alone; I cannot bear their pity anymore.

She found my hole again. Even in the depth of the earth she can’t respect my privacy. I’ve spent the last four weeks in here, buried in the ground, trying to be alone. Yet, she comes out every day, follows my scent, finds my hole, sits above me and tries to cheer me up. What kind of psychic are you when you can’t see this’ll never work?

Sorry Edward. I know you’re upset. Carlisle asked me to come and get you. Family meeting in the dining room, now.

She’s gone. That was odd. She usually thinks much more than a phrase. What were the words? Mm… no idea, I usually just tune her out. Words don’t have a meaning any more… “I don’t want you to come with me”… “because you’re dangerous”… “I’m here… which roughly translated, means I would rather die than stay away from you”[1]Those are the words embed in the tissues of my brain. I don’t know what they mean any more. They’re like a big puzzle with missing pieces.

She’s back. I should dig deeper.

“No Edward! That’s it! Come out!” She’s yelling at me. Why? I’m not bothering anyone. She is bothering me; I should be the one yelling… I remember yelling at them, weeks ago. Rose was so pissed, but only she yelled back, the others looked so… distraught, sad, concerned… I don’t know, it only made me feel guiltier which made me yell louder.

She’s gone again. Good. I used to love hanging out with Alice, but now I just cannot stand her worried thoughts.

Ten minutes and they are back. They? Crap! Jasper is making me numb again, I can’t escape; I can’t even feel my body. Boy he’s getting good at this!

They swiftly disinterred me and started dragging me by the ankles. Humiliating! … Who cares. I have to admit, numb is better than hurting… sometimes.

“Stand up and walk with us” Alice commanded in a stern voice. Why is she so bossy? Jasper helped me to get to my feet and I followed them to the house. Why are we going there? I don’t want the rest of them to see me like this. I’m totally covered in dirt. Mud caked into my hair and clothes, even my nostrils. I huffed hard so they clear a little.

After we crossed the river, Alice barked another instruction at me. “Go to your room and clean yourself. You’re going to give Esme a heart-attack.” Ha, ha; heart-attack. I rolled my eyes at her.

Heartache then, Ed.

“You don’t play fair, Alice” I said glaring at her.

Carlisle and Esme are the reason I’m alive. I still remember their pain and anguish when I tried to commit suicide after… the end. I want to be a good son… I used to be good son… I will try to be a good son. How am I going to achieve that? …

What was I going to do? Ah, yes. My room, shower, new clothes. “Family meeting in the dining room after all that” snarled Alice.

“Yes boss” I mutter. My annoying little sister, what would I do without her? Ah, yes, enjoy my solitude inside the ground. Humph.

My room used to be cluttered with pictures, CDs, LPs, books, etc. Now it’s a stark place, only the black sofa and some clothes remain. Alice removed and hided everything before I got the chance to break it all. I don’t care. My room now depicts my heart, empty.

I went straight to the shower and let the water run over me. I removed my clothes when most of the dirt had run through the drain. Then used some shampoo to clean my hair. I’ve taken showers before, why do I need a baby-sitter is beyond me. Jasper is waiting by the door, with my clean clothes in his hands. “I’m not gonna drown myself in the shower Jaz, you can go!”

“I know Edward, sorry” I wanted to warn you.


They are going to ambush you in the dining room. They have already packed everything.

We’re moving. NO!

Don’t panic. I have an idea, but you must promise to keep your cool. I’ll help with that.

“Ok” I whispered.

[1] Twilight, Confessions. Stephenie Meyer

As promised, this chapter is called buried and Edward starts in it six feet under :D

Hi there,


That was very inventive! Buried but not dead and buried. I like it alot.

I like Edwards mood swings, they fit well his current reflections. One minute Alice is bad, the next minute good.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Jasper is going to come up with. Why doesn't Jasper want to move - is it just he feels Edward's pain and feels he knows how best to help him?


Best wishes


Hi Chris

As always your comment made me think of new topics.

To be honest I'm not so sure Jasper is being that selfless. Of course he is worried about Edward's welfare but he has ulterior motives.

I know it's completely inappropriate

I remember I was joking with my sis while writing the shower fragment. I was saying to her that maybe Edward needed some help with the undressing part, or the lathering.

Who wants to help?

this is really great! =D

Thank you.


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