The Twilight Saga

Alice had an alarming vision that connects with Bella’s disturbing but accurate dream.  With Jasper’s help, Alice will try to save Edward from a terrible fate.

 (Alternative story to New Moon)


Bella Swan wakes from a disturbing but accurate dream and tries to spare her beloved Edward of the pain he endures with every breath.Bella leaves Edward (Alternative story)




This alternative story started, like Twilight, with a dream. I was reading the draft of Midnight Sun till late that night. I went to sleep thinking about how hard it was for Edward to be around Bella. So in my dream I was Bella. I was deeply in love with Edward and then I realize the pain he was into with every breath. I decided to leave him for his own sake thinking he would be happier without me. So it’s basically New Moon in reverse. Enjoy.



I want to share with you a bit of the music that inspire me while writing this Fanfic.
All of it is about the music and how it set the tone to the story
Some of them are also about the lyrics. Here is my playlist:

Breaking my heart – Aqualung

The hardest of hearts – Florence + the machine

Blackout – Muse

Goodnight, travel well  – The killers

Reel me in – Aqualung

Tonge tied - Aqualung

Falling - Florence + the machine


This little drawing is from chapter 5 Buried





“But I’m not saying goodbye”

“Don’t you see? That’s what proves me right. I care the most, because if I can do it… If leaving is the right thing to do… Then I’ll hurt myself to keep from hurting you, to keep you safe.”

“And you don’t think I would do the same?”

“You’d never have to make the choice”


Twilight, Interrogations



It was really fun to be alone hunting with my husband. We haven’t been able to do this in a long time. It was like an end-of-summer party. I will soon be starting my senior year at Forks High school and Jasper will be pretending to go to college. He really wanted to go this time, he said there was some subject he was interested in studying, but the simple thought of being apart was too painful. I couldn’t find it in me to try to persuade him to go.

It all happened so fast. I wasn’t keeping tabs on him, just the usual watch-out I normally do for my family. Suddenly Edward was blazing, dying in our fireplace. Thought the vision was blurry its significance was so powerful that I lost my attention on the bear I was about to finish off and its paw sent me flying before I could anticipate its move. “I have to find Jasper”.

I followed his scent; he was draining a mountain lion, a remainder of Edward I didn’t need. “Jasper! We need to get back to the house, now!” I yelled.

“Alice! What’s wrong? What did you see?” He knows me too well.

“Edward.” I answered “We’re going to have to leave the Jeep behind; we only have four hours and seventeen minutes”

He saw the dread in my eyes, there was no time to explain. We started running at full speed. When we made it out of the Big Bend Park he finally asked. “What did you see? What kind of danger is he in?”

I tried to make sense of my vision, searching backward into the future. “Bella”, it sounded like an expletive.

“Is he going to…?” Jasper asked fighting the pool of venom in his mouth. He never believed Edward will be able to overcome his temptation.

“No. I think she is going to break up with him”. How could she do that, my brother was quite a catch. Fun to be around, good to the core, handsome and totally in love with her. I couldn’t see the reason for her defection. I hopped my blurred vision wasn’t true.

She most has been determined to this outcome for some time now, or I wouldn’t be able to see it. But, why?

Jasper was sensing my fear and he voiced his concern “He’s going to try to kill himself, right?”
I just nodded, I didn’t trust my voice.

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I finally found the time to write again, so herre it is. Enjoy.




Part 2


I hurried now, toweling hastily and dressing in a daze. Before I could think about it, I was sitting at the table in the dining room, clean and fully clothed.

 Everyone was being extremely cautious with their thoughts. All to no avail, Jasper had already spilled the beans.

Carlisle started immediately, trying to keep the tension from building up.

“Edward, school started two weeks ago...” Seriously, school, they have to be kidding. I rolled my eyes. “… We all know you’re not in any shape to go to High School right now” Make that forever. “People are starting to wonder where you are. We cannot keep up this charade any longer. We’re moving to Canada, everything is ready even your stuff” Carlisle was being exceptionally careful with his words. But his thoughts were anxious. He didn’t want to force me, but he was determined to keep his family together.  Good luck with that.

They were waiting for me to explode, to start yelling again, saying I wasn’t going anywhere. I’ve done that three weeks ago. Crushed some furniture too. But I was so tired I could only whisper “Good luck to you all, I’m not going anywhere”

“Edward, please” begged Esme. I tried not to look into her eyes so she wouldn’t beguile me into going.

“No!!” I’m not going anywhere. If I leave, it would be as if she’d never existed. I cannot live with that. Her presence is etched in every inch of Forks. I want to spend my forever here. Even if it is inside a hole.

Remember, keep your cool and let me talk. Jasper thought, while a wave of calm swirled around me. I arched an eyebrow to him.

“Carlisle, I have an idea,” he said slowly. Every head in the table turned toward him. He didn’t let his thoughts slip, I had no idea what he was going to say.

“I know how imperative is to keep our anonymity and the importance of our bond as a family, but I don’t think we can sway Edward in his decision. Compromise may be in order.” Jasper continued calmly.

“Compromise?” Carlisle asked. A conversation ran through his head. They all agreed three days ago, that moving out was essential to remain inconspicuous. He didn’t understand why Jasper was trying something different, without consulting him first and with me in the room. Then it hit me; Carlisle was scared of my reactions. I frowned at him.

Sorry son, you’ve been out of your mind lately.

The world as I’ve known it has ceased to exist, so.

“We’ll stay if Edward promise to go to school and tries to behave as normal as he can” Jasper continued. Everyone was nodding their agreement. Except me and… Rosalie?

Normal? How is he going to manage that? Normal would’ve been not falling for that Swan girl.

Her surname made strange things in the middle of my chest. Like my heart have become a black hole, sucking my entire being into nothingness. I pulled my legs against my chest and the chair I was sitting on broke. Jasper was there in the split of a second helping me up with his hands and his gift. Wow. The pain lessened considerably. It was… almost bearable. Almost.

Could you make up your mind already? I’m getting dizzy. Alice thought sullenly at me. I could see into Alice’s head two different outcomes. Rather they drag me forcefully to Canada or we stay here while I try to cope with my grief.

As I took the second option Alice’s vision cleared and solidified. I could see myself lying on my black couch talking to… Jasper?



Hi there,

Great chapter full of the unexpected - will Jasper be a analyst?

I like Jasper as a character, he has so much more about him than some of the others due to his bad start in vampire life.

Trying to imagin Jasper as a analyst now - I'm sure he'd be good at it as long as he wasn't thristy, Edward would also be good as hearing inner thoughts would be handy in the job.

best wishes



Hi Chris,

I like Jasper too. He's a very complex character, full of good and bad traits.

Jasper's gift is very important for this story, but remember; vampires don't seek any kind of health aid because they don't heal.


What are Jasper real intentions?


part 1


“Ok, I’ll try.” I said quietly. My eyes met briefly with my mother’s and her relief made my choice more appealing. Hurting Esme has been heartbreaking, or it would have been if I still had a heart.

Everyone was gawking at me they couldn’t believe I accepted Jasper’s idea so easily. Emmet even looked disappointed; in his head, I could see the idea of wrestling with me to take me to Canada. “You may get your chance,” I told him.

“It won’t be the same.” He whined, “I even had my strategy in place so you couldn’t cheat.” This consisted in thinking about Rosalie while Jaz and Em dragged me to my car; not the Volvo of course, knowing I wouldn’t destroy that car to get free.

“I’m not sure that’s the best idea Em. What if you get confused during the process and we end up in an awkward situation?” WAIT!  I was joking! I looked pointedly at Jasper who nodded ever so slightly.

“Are you sure about this, son?” Carlisle asked me ignoring our banter. “It won’t be easy, Edward. You know vampires don’t heal the way humans do. You will not forget. We decided to leave so your surroundings aren’t a constant reminder. It’s for your own sake.” I’m sorry I cannot do more. I wish I could take your pain away, even if I had to shoulder it.

His concern sobered me. I remembered my resolution to be a good son, so I gave him a more mature answer. “I want to try what Jasper has in mind. If it doesn’t work we’ll leave, I promise I won’t give you any resistance.”

Esme threw herself at me; holding me tight and crying in tearless sobs, her thoughts were echoing Carlisle’s. “All right Edward, we can try to do this your way,” he told me, relived that they weren’t going to force me. Even if he is a parent figure for each of us, he respects our freedom and treats us like adults.

“Emmet and I can go and get everything back from Vancouver.” Rosalie offered. Vancouver? We weren’t going that far then. They maybe thought it’d be hard to drag me across the country. They were right.

“Vancouver was just a pit stop,” Alice told me with a smile. That smile of hers that brightens everything with her joy. I haven’t seen that smile in ages. “Our new house is in Edmonton”

“You don’t mind if we take a week or two off, do you?” Rosalie asked Carlisle. She was tired of all the drama.

“Make it one, please. We need our clothes and stuff,” Carlisle answered in a cold voice. Honestly, you barely been here and you think you need a break? Self… I was watching Carlisle with wide eyes, he cut the word when he noticed. Sorry it’s been a long week. He thought toward me while he passed his fingers through his golden hair.

Carlisle always thought the best of his children, even Rosalie. We all know Rose is selfish but he’d be the last person to admit it. What am I doing to my family?

“It’s not your fault,” Jasper murmured feeling my guilt. You haven’t seen her lately.

“We can go shopping,” I suggested wanting to see Alice’s smile again, it seemed to work better than Jasper’s gift. And that is saying something. “It would give me an idea about what people is thinking about the situation before going to school.”

Shopping in Forks!!! Her horrorstruck face was not what I was expecting.

“Port Angeles then?” This felt wrong somehow. Though, it is distracting to talk about nonentities… wait, my memory tugged at me. “No! Sorry. Not Port Angeles, please.” My breathing accelerated thinking about that night, thinking about the girl I saved from those monsters. Can vampires faint? I was feeling lightheaded.

“Edward, calm down please” Jasper urged at my ear. It was his talent making me woozy. “Sit”.

Well that fits the rumors Emmet thought wryly.

Hi Julie,

Well that fits the rumors - now what does that mean? I want to know!

And Rose - is this something else or just Rose being Rose?

It is nice that he enjoys Alice's smile, it is a sign that he hasn't totally lost it.

Best wishes


Hi Chris

The rumors... all in good time Chris but the rumors are heartbreaking.

Rose is being Rose, but Carlisle is under a lot of stress to be gracious with her.

My favorite part of this chapter was Carlisle's compassion. Wait for the conclusion to see Esme's.

Hi there,

I'm looking foward to hearing what Esme has to say, and think.

Carlisle is a good leader, always compassionate.

Best wishes



part 2


“What rumors, Em?” I asked him bewildered.

Carlisle answered me.

“We told the school that you have a heart condition and you had a relapse so I’m taking care of you at home.”

Heart condition? Emmet is right; it fits.

“We now spread the rumor that we are going to New York seeking better treatment for you?” Carlisle finished with a sigh.

“I don’t think the best hospital in New York can cure my heart condition,” I murmured to no one in particular.

“We can tell that you are getting better now” Alice said ignoring me and searching into the future. “No P.E. of course” That sounds good, I´m not in the mood to pretend. “The hospital is going to be a problem. I cannot see the outcome of it but Carlisle’s coworkers are getting suspicious.” There was a blur in her head full of flickers; one of them included the Volturi.

“That was our reason to leave; right?” Rosalie said harshly. “We have to remain inconspicuous.” She was glaring at me.

“I can go with Carlisle to the hospital for some tests.” I offered desperate to stay in Forks. “We can tamper some of the machines.”

“It won’t be easy,” said Carlisle already planning it.

“But it’ll work” Alice confirmed.

“Ok, if that’s settled Emmet and I are going to Vancouver now” Rosalie was now really irritated, but she kept the reason of her aggravation well hidden. The said their goodbyes and were gone.

Everyone was planning and chatting about the changes they’ll make so we can stay. My guilt grew so big it almost equaled my ever-present pain.

“Are you sure about this, Jasper?” I whispered. “It won’t be easy for you” I’ll be almost as excruciating as it is for me.

“No, it won’t be easy. But you’re worth it” he said with a smile, while everyone nodded wholeheartedly.

“First things first,” said Esme quietly handing me a small box. I opened it and found a black leather bangle with my name engraved in her beautiful calligraphy. “We need to cover that scar, my boy,” she explained.


They really are being very kind to him. I hope that he can keep up his side of the bargin.

Was that Edward and Jasper talking on the sofa? Or was there more to come? I can't wait to find out.

I like the idea that they are going to have to tamper with the machines in the hosptial to fake some results. It's not nice to have to put about rumors of ill health when it's not true but a broken heart/heart condition I can see where they are coming from.

Lovely writing

Best wishes


Hi Chris,

The Cullen family has strong bonds of love. They’re all worried.

Edward is responding to their concern. He feels guilty about all the hassle he’s putting them into.

But Angela’s words in Eclipse come to me: “he’s only a boy.” He might not be human but he’s just a seventeen year old boy.

About Jasper. The next chapter will show a bit about Jasper’s real intentions.

I hope you like it.

I forgot to attach the PDF version of this chapter, sorry.


Next chapter will be split in several pieces throughout the week. You’ll be able to read every Cullen’s opinion about Edward’s situation.

Let’s begin with Alice and Jasper.



This isn’t as fun as shopping in Seattle but coming to Port Angeles was the only way to stay away from Edward for a couple of hours. We can dig him out of his hole when we come back.

“Are you buying that dress?” Jasper asked pulling me out of my vision.

“Yes, it’s Esme’s size. She’ll love it.” I answered coldly. I strolled to the cashier and pay for the green dress I’m holding. I can see Esme in this dress. She’ll use it tomorrow.

That's why they let me do the shopping. I know if the clothes will fit, I know if they’ll like the items and, of course, I have awesome taste.

“We have some clothes for everyone now” Jasper says while we exit the boutique “Are you going to tell me why you are angry with me?” Jasper mutters.

“I need shoes” I reply frostily at him and continue on the sidewalk.

“Alice! Please!” He holds my arm a little too hard. I glare at him

“Let go of me!!” I growled.

The pain in his eyes disarmed me. I let my anger fade a few notches, but not completely. I hope he has a good excuse for his behavior. I hate being mad at him.

“Ok, let’s take everything to the car, then we can go to the boardwalk and talk.” He says meekly releasing my arm.

Walking beside him I can feel the angst bleeding out of him. I hold his hand and rest my head on his shoulder trying to sooth him. I’m mad, but not that mad.


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