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Book One (Complete)

Chapter 1. Beautiful Eyes

“ Bella, There’s three kids in the asylum awaiting you.” Mary said bluntly.
“ Okay. I’ll be right there.” I said, trying to fit her boring work tone.
Mary was one of the people who worked here with me in the asylum, this section.. She had blond hair, that would have looked gorgeous if she’d let it out. Instead she kept it in a pinned up bun.. She was rather in her late 20's and she was about my height..
I preferable worked with kids. I loved kids, and I loved to help them..
In the town of Forks I’m twenty-years old. My life wasn’t the most exciting but it was whatever it was.. Life had changed since my eighteenth birthday, my body shivering at the thought. I began walking down the corridor of the hospital. Taking my clipboard, and pen from my white lab coat. Signing my name next to the three kids I’d be working with..
Once Edward left me everything changed.. I began to hate life, not want it, but then I found more to life I began focusing on my school work, my memory blunt from the last time I’d even seen the.. Cullens... I got a scholarship to Princeton University, and I graduating with astounding grades.. Also I was on the honor roll.. That was a year ago..
I could remember hearing them call my name, taking my diploma and seeing my parents happy faces, and tears strolling down my mom’s eyes... From then I found myself developing the need to help kids.. So I worked in the asylum as a psychologist for children....
I stopped in front of room 15... Pushing the door open I could see three kids sitting on the cot their backs facing me..

“ Hello. My name is Mrs. Swan.” I said looking down at my clipboard, assuming the boring business tone.

I looked up from my clipboard.. Then I saw them, I thought I was hallucinating... I thought it wasn’t real.. Three topaz eyes greeting me..

“ Don’t come any closer.” one said..

She had auburn hair that reach her shoulders.. The other who obviously look smaller than the first had brownish hair, but in the light it would surely look red.. Her eyes shimmered as though she would cry.. Lastly the boy had black cropped hair.
“ W- Why not?” I asked scared out of my mind.

Her eyes rolled in the back of her head. The innocent looking girl who would probably rip me to pieces..

“ Because I don’t want you to.” She said, I could see behind her lies.

It would have been smart of me to leave, but I just couldn’t..

“ C- Carrie is that your name.”

“ No It’s Susette.” She growled.

I wanted to run, but I couldn’t move.

“ I- I know what you are.” I said.

The words so familiar..

“ What?” She growled again.

“ You’re a vampire, I know.” I said, that was all I could say..

“ H- How? Well if you know then you should know we drink blood. Your blood is sweet luscious and we can rip you to pieces..” Susette said.

I tried to be brave, trying not to act scared..

“ How do you know about us?” She asked her tone softer and sweet like..

“ Promise you won’t kill me.” I said.

“ We won’t.. I promise.” She said innocently....

Somehow I trusted her, I trusted them, and I would hold them to that promise...

So I told them, I told them everything.. I had just met them today and I already felt so connected to them...

They were vampires, and I didn’t know if they could control themselves, but they promised, and I believed them....

“ Wow.” Susette said after I finished my story..
“ Well, this is Justin, he’s three. I’m Susette, I’m eleven and that’s Carrie she’s seven... Well that’s he ages were stuck at..”

My eyes nearly popped out of my head, they looked no where near seven, eleven, or three.. They looked like teens...

“ WHAT?” I asked puzzled.

“ Oh, I’m sorry that’s my power. I can make us look older than we really are.. Carrie can expand any gift, she expands my power so we don’t go back to looking like kids, and Justin can create illusions..” She said.

“ Hi I’m Carrie.” a girl said her outstretched hand waiting to be shook....
I shook the pale cold hand lightly afraid somewhat. That was the first time she’d talked to me all day, Justin hadn’t talked at all.. I was assuming because he was a baby..

“ Well tomorrow then.” I said getting up from my chair..

“ Goodbye Bella.” Susette and Carrie said in sync, while Justin waved..
I closed the door behind me.. Going into the dark corridor.. I was frightened, I wasn’t expecting it.. I hadn’t seen topaz eyes like that in so long..... A tear rolled down my cheek...

We’d learn so much about each other in one day and I wouldn’t give up on these kids.. Even though they were vampires, I wouldn’t say No. I would continue to come back and talk to them and see where it goes...

I hopped into my BMW... My chevy got old and I couldn’t drive it anymore...

I needed time to think about everything that had just happened...

Vampires... The word shivering down my back.. It made me think more of the Cullens.. More of Edward... More tears strolling down my face, I pulled up in my driveway.. Brushing my teeth, changing into my pajamas and heading to bed....

Awaiting whatever tomorrow had in store for me..

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I'll try to update as soon as possible.
This is actually like half point in my story so this is my break where I don't really post for a few days really but I write an Author note. Sorry!
I HAVE ANOTHER FANFICTION CALLED "The Prophecy" so while you await the next post check it out please!
HEY EVERYONE! Well I hope you read this because it's important.!

Good news and bad.

Bad, More to Life Than Love is officially over.

Good, there will be a sequel! Which will be continuing from where this left off. YAY! XD
are u crazy???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
how? are you finishing there? its not a good ending....... ok im waiting for the secuel *officially pissed*
LOL. I know ended with a cliff!
I hope too start Book 2 soon. Please forgive me!

It's just school and everything so I figured a fresh start would be nice so Book 2 should start ASAP!
Okay, I know you guys were really mad I ended it like that so won't I'm posteing one more chapter or more but then it's done.
Chapter 11.

I fell too my knees shamelessly. It’d been the second day without her and my world came crashing down on me. I needed her in my life, my daughter.

I cried though my eyes stayed tearless.

“ Susette.” I moaned as though I were in pain.

“ Momma.” her voice was an inaudible whisper but, through my ears I heard clearly.

Now I was hearing her voice, I had to be reminded of her everyday with the constant remembrance of her.

“ Momma.” Carrie moaned silently.

Wordlessly I scooped her into my arms.

“ I love you sweetheart and I will find her.” I said saying the last part as a growl. Not menacingly but, because I dreaded the days without her...

After what felt like hours I sat on the couch staring into deep space. I had searched again for Susette and I would do it everyday as long as I would have to until I found her.

“ Momma.” I heard Susette’s voice again. It was rather shaky this time.

“ MOMMA!!” She yelled and I turned in a flash to greet Susette’s worried eyes, her voice had been to realt his time. I knew it was her.

I gasped in shock, “ Susette.” I whispered a smile plastering my lips. I held her in my arms safely. “ Carrie!” I called.

“ Yes Mo-“ Her voice breaking as she saw Susette, I smiled as she hugged her as well.

Sadly I noticed something very wrong. Susette’s face blank with fear and she had froze since she arrived.

“ They are here.” She whispered.

“ Who? Who’s here!” I growled, no one could harm my children.

I ran outside, a menacing expression I hissed into the night.

Something suddenly drew out of me with anger and I could feel someone behind me.

I turned quickly to see a face that I thought I’d never see.

“ Edward.” I croaked, still not believing what I saw before me.

“ Bella.” He moaned as though he were in pain.

Suddenly Alice, Emmet, Rosalie, Carlisle, Esme, and Jasper appeared.

“ What are you doing here.” I growledm viciously still angry about them leaving me abandoned and alone.

“ Bella forgive me—forgive us.” His velvet voice still made my stomach flutter but, I didn’t show it.

“ We found a vampire in the area, and she came running back here. We noticed her eyes.. We were interested in her coven and now I can see that it’s”

“ Edward you broke my heart. Shattered it, how can you expect me to forgive you so easily.

“ Because.. I’m here to stay,” he said taking a step forward, “ Forever this time. I left to protect you but, now I can see you have changed,” He growled the word change and took another step forward till his velvet breath hit me, “ I love you.” He moaned and pressed his lips against mine.

Suddenly I remembered every thing, I remembered why I loved him and why it’d never would change. His lips soft and delicate but, I bit roughly, I wanted this forever and now that I had it I couldn’t stop myself from taking it all in. I wrapped arm around his neck pulling him closer. His hands lifted me as he carried me into the house our lips still connected. He sat me on his lap in one swift movement and I could see the pain he’d felt.

“ I’m sorry. Now, if you don’t forgive me I’ll leave.. Never come back,” I could tell the words pained him.“ Or, if you forgive me .. I’ll stay. Forever, I’ll be by your side every day, night, minute, second. I’ll do anything to have you Bella.” He whispered, his hand placed on my cheek.

I couldn’t help but smile. “ Apology Accepted.” I said and without hesitation I quickly began kissing him again.

It felt good. I would finally get my Happily Ever After...

YAYY! happily Ever After, and that's the end. For now.....
Your very right Tami! but they do have something special. I tended not to say but, you forced me. If I do have a sequel which I plan it will be so much more intense and you'll see.! XD.
LOL. I will! In the mean time my fanfiction The Prohecy is still in progress and might I say is doing pretty well to me! XD.


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