The Twilight Saga

My name is Bella im 17 and i have a 2 year old Daughter named lizzy.Today me and Lizzy are moving with my dad in Forks because my mother who was also my best friend died of cancer.My father has never met Lizzy so i just hope he doesn't not like her because i made the mistake and i dont regret making it.
"Mommy i miss grandma." lizzy said 
"I miss her to but she's an angel now remember what i said about angels." i asked her
"Yes you said they are the people we love watching us.' she said lizzy may only be two but she is very smart and talks very well.
The plane landed and i see my father he's standing by his car waiting looking nervous.
"Hey dad." i said walking over to him he gave me a hug.
"Hey bells.. who is this?" he asked pointing to Lizzy 
"Dad this is Lizzy my daughter." i said and Lizzy gave him a hug
"Hi Lizzy im your grandpa charlie." he told her maybe this will go better than i thought
"I know mommy said we are going to live with you." she said 
"Yes you are and we're going to have so much fun just wait." he said.
We got in the car and drove home it was mostly quiet except for Lizzy snoring in the back seat.The only thing about this move i wont like is having to go to school i just hope people dont judge me for having her.

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love it update soon!!
When we got home it was still early so i decided to go to the store and get Lizzy something to eat.
"Mommy can i have some candy." she asked
"No because you had candy on the plane." i said and she just looked at me
"Please mommy please." she said
"Fine but that means extra vegetables." i said and she rolled her eyes.
While we were out i decided to go to the mall and get some clothes i went into a store and put Lilly down and a girl my age came in.
"Your pretty are you a princess.' Lizzy asked her and the girl laughed she was pretty though she had blond hair and golden eyes.Another girl came by her she was pixie like.
"No im not a princess and your pretty to." the girl said
"Thank you." Lizzy said blushing
"Hi im Bella im sorry for that.' i said shaking her hand which was really cold.
"No its ok im Rosalie and this is Alice." she said pointing to the pixie like girl.
"Omg she is so cute is she your sister." Alice asked me
"Um no shes my daughter." they both just looked at me which i expected
"Oh ok.... I haven't seen you here before why is that." she asked
"We just moved here." i said
"Will you be going to school here or.." Rosalie said
"Yeah i will maybe ill see you there." i said
"You will maybe we can hang out.' Alice said
"Sure i would love that." i said
"Mommy im hungry." Lizzy said
'Um i have to go see you later.' i told them walking out the store
"Bye." the both said.Its nice to know ill have to friends here.
love it cant wait for more
not bad not bad this sounds really good keep me updated
more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
love it, please keep me updated
This is gr8 plz hurry an post more
Luv it.kEep me updated
I love this!
It awesome!
Keep writing!

Sooo good


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