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This is a collab story with me and Gianna Black. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! ALL THESE CHARACTERS AND SOME SCENES BELONG TO STEPHENIE MEYER! It's a Jacob and Bella story. So, please enjoy!





Chapter 1 (New Moon, Chapter 9: Third Wheel, page 219-224, just after Jacob left home from the movies)
I leaned against the kitchen counter, my hand inches from the phone, and tried to wait patiently. thought of the strange look on Jacob's face before he drove away, and my fingers started drumming against the counter. I should have insisted on driving him home.

I watched the clock as the minutes ticked by. Ten. Fifteen. Even when I was driving, it only took fifteen minutes, and Jacob drove faster than I did. Eighteen minutes. I picked up the phone and dialed.

It rang and rang. Maybe Billy was asleep. Maybe I'd dialed wrong. I tried again.

On the eighth ring, just as I was about to hang up, Billy answered.

"Hello?" he asked. His voice was wary, like he was expecting bad news.

"Billy, it's me, Bella- did Jake make it home yet? He left here about twenty minutes ago."

"He's here," Billy said tonelessly.

"He was supposed to call me." I was a little irritated. "He was getting sick when he left, and I was worried."

"He was... too sick to call. He's not feeling well right now." Billy sounded distant. I realized he must want to be with Jacob.

"Let me know if you need any help," I offered. "I could come down." I thought of Billy, stuck in his chair, and Jake fending for himself...

"No, no," Billy said quickly. "We're fine. Stay at your place."

The way he said it was almost rude.

"Okay," I agreed

"Bye, Bella."

The line disconnected.

"Bye," I muttered.

Well, at least he'd made it home. Oddly, I didn't feel less worried. I trudged up the stairs, fretting. Maybe I would go down before work tomorrow to check on him. I could take soup- we had to have a can of Campbell's around here somewhere.

I realized all such plans were canceled when I woke up early- my clock said for thirty- and sprinted to the bathroom. Charlie found me there a half hour later, lying on the floor, my cheek pressed against the cold edge of the bathtub.

He looked at me for a long moment.

"Stomach flu," he finally said.

"Yes," I moaned.

"You need something?" he asked.

"Call the Newtons for me, please," I instructed hoarsely. "Tell them I have what Mike had, and that I can't make it in today. Tell them I'm sorry."

"Sure, no problem," Charlie assured me.

I spent the rest of the day on the bathroom floor, sleeping for a few hours with my head on a crumpled up towel. Charlie claimed that he had to work, but I suspected that he just wanted access to a bathroom. He left a glass of water on the floor beside me to keep me hydrated.

It woke me up when he came back home. I could see that it was dark in my room- after nightfall. He clumped up the stairs to check on me.

"Still alive?"

"Sort of," I said.

"Do you want anything?"

"No, thanks."

He hesitated, clearly out of his element. "Okay, then," he said, then he went back down to the kitchen. I heard the phone ring a few minutes later. charlie spoke to someone in a low voice for a moment, and then hung up.

"Mike feels better," he called up to me.

Well, that was encouraging. He'd only gotten sick eight hours or so before me. Eight more hours. The thought made my stomach turn, and I pulled myself up to lean over the toilet.

I fell asleep on the towel again, but when I woke up I was in my bed and it was light outside my window. I didn't remember  moving; Charlie must have carried me to my room- he'd also put the glass of water on my bedside table. I felt parched. I chugged it down, thought it tasted funny from sitting stagnant all night.

I got up slowly, trying not to trigger the nausea again. I was weak, and my mouth tasted horrible, but my stomach felt fine. I looked at my clock.

My twenty-four hours were up.

I didn't push it, eating nothing but saltine crackers for breakfast. Charlie looked relieved to see me recovered.

As soon as I was sure that I wasn't going to have to spend the day on the bathroom floor again, I called Jacob.

Jacob was the one who answered, but when I heard his greeting I knew he wasn't over it.

"Hello?" His voice was broken, cracking.

"Oh, Jake," I groaned sympathetically. "You sound horrible."

"I feel horrible," he whispered.

"I'm so sorry I made you go out with me. This sucks."

"I'm glad I went." His voice was still a whisper. "Don't blame yourself. This isn't your fault."

"You'll get better soon," I promised. "I woke up this morning and I was fine."

"You were sick?" he asked dully.

"Yes, I got it, too. But I'm fine now."

"That's good." His voice was dead.

"So you'll probably be better in a few hours," I encouraged.

I could barely hear his answer. "I don't think I have the same thing you did."

"Don't you have the stomach flu?" I asked, confused.

"No. This is something else."

"What's wrong with you?"

"Everything," he whispered. "Every part of me hurts."

The pain in his voice was nearly tangible.

"What can I do, Jake? What can I bring you?"

"Nothing. You can't come here." He was abrupt. It reminded me of Billy the other night.

"I've already been exposed to whatever you have," I pointed out.

He ignored me. "I'll call you when I can. I'll let you know when you can come down again."


"I've got to go," he said with sudden urgency.

"Call me when you feel better."

"Right," he agreed, and his voice had a strange, bitter edge.

He was silent for a moment. I was waiting for him to say goodbye, but he waited too.

"I'll see you soon," I finally said.

"Wait for me to call," he said again.

"Okay... Bye, Jacob."

"Bella," he whispered my name, and then hung up the phone.

***End of New Moon Excerpt***

The rest of the day, I tried to keep myself busy with chores and homework. I even called the Newtons to tell them I would be at work tomorrow, just because I couldn't find anything else to do.

But, even though I tried my hardest to keep myself busy, I couldn't stop thinking about Jacob. He sounded so sick on the phone and it hurt me to hear him in pain when there was nothing I could do about it. I wasn't allowed to come over until Jacob's call, but I could help but wonder if I should go down there.

As the day dragged on, it was finally nightfall and I decided to hit the sack early. As I climbed into the bed, I still thought about Jake. I needed to see him soon, to make sure he was okay, to see if he needed anything at all. I decided to go check on him tomorrow, at least call to see if he needed anything.

I heard a tap on my window. I completely froze and didn't dare look out my window. Could it be?

I slowly turned and looked at my window. My eyes widened when I saw a pebble tap my window once again. I pursed my lips. If he was here, he would have opened the window without any hesitation. I got up slowly and walked over to my window. Another pebble tapped against my window, just a little bit louder. I opened my window and looked down at the huge dark figure. At first, I couldn't make out what it was. Then, I saw it wave and recognized it at once.



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Chapter 1 (By Me)
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Chapter 19 (Bella’s POV)

When I woke up the next morning for school, I could hear the rain pounding against my window pane – which I had oddly gotten used to since I moved here. I looked over at the clock that read Friday, April sixth, seven AM. More than anything did I wish to speed up time so that I could just get the school day over with and be with Jacob again. But, I couldn’t. Groaning, I threw off the covers and got ready for school.


Once I pulled up into the school parking lot, I parked my car, grabbed my bag, pulled the hood of my sweater over my head, and walked towards the steps of the school, where Angela, Mike, and Jessica were waiting for me. I suddenly noticed a slight shine from the corner of my eye. I turn my head and immediately stop in my tracks when I see what had made the glimmer.


Parked closest to the school were two gleam familiar cars – a black Mercedes and a shiny silver Volvo. And standing by the cars were five pale white people in their rain jackets, three of them looking at me. Of course, Jasper and Emmett paid no mind to me like Rosalie, Edward, and Alice did. They talked amongst each other, talking about whatever they talk about.


I looked first at Alice, who had a smile on her perky face. She waved at me, a friendly warm smile on her face. I nod back, feeling awkward. Next to her was Edward, who had a different expression as Alice. His black eyes looked incredibly miserable and he had purple bruises under his eyes, a sign that he had not hunted in God knows how long. His face was so full of longing and, even when I stared back at him, he didn’t bother to look away. He just started back at me, entrancing me in his sad state of mind. I found the strength to look away and look at Rosalie, who had the complete opposite facial expression of Edward’s. She glared at me through her golden brown eyes – just like she did before they left.


I quickly looked away and cursed under my breath; they were back at the school. How much more awkward can it get?


I joined Angela and Jess as Mike and Eric walked inside the school.


“Ooh,” Jessica said as she looked over at the Cullens. “Ex-boyfriend’s back in town, is he?”


I shrugged, nonchalant. “Yeah, I guess so.”


Angela laid a comforting hand on my shoulder. “It’s almost a couple months before graduation. We won’t be here much longer and he’ll be out of your life forever,” she encouraged.


Unless you don’t count the times that he, a vampire, and Jacob, a werewolf, have to protect me from Victoria, another vampire, then, no, I’ll never see him ever again, I mentally add. But it wasn’t like I told Angela that.


The three of us started walking to the front doors of the school when Jessica asked, “So, you’re totally over Edward?”


“Yeah, completely.”


“Okay… then you don’t mind if I take a shot at him?”


Just as I was going to consent to it, Angela gives Jessica that don’t-you-even-think-about-it glare. I felt a smile tugging at the corners of my lips.


“Or maybe not,” Jessica said reluctantly.


We proceeded to class in silence.



The morning passed and it was lunch. I was sitting with the usual gang, minus Lauren, who decided to hang with a new crowd even since she and Tyler had broken up. So everyone was just eating and talking and laughing. I was pretty much silent, like I usually am, tuning out the chatter that was going on at the table.


“Edward’s staring at you,” Angela whispered to me.


I almost smiled; he probably heard that, considering he had super sensitive vampire hearing.


Jessica rolled her eyes. “Just like last year all over again,” she mumbled, thinking I couldn’t hear.


Just to humor her, I turned around to the once empty table. It looked just as it did before they had left; all five of them there in their usual seats. Sure enough, just like the first day I came to Forks high school, Edward was staring back at me with his dark eyes. But, unlike last year, he wasn’t staring at me with hateful, frustrated eyes. He stared back with that same face that was full of desire. The sight made me feel a bit uncomfortable, but at the same time… it reminded me of what used to be.


The more I stared back, the more I could see what could have been through his eyes. I saw the strange collage of seven golden eyed people, me standing out in the middle with my brown eyes. I saw what would have been countless nights with Edward in my bed, whispering quietly to each other while Charlie slept in the other room. I saw me running with my bronze haired angel, my eyes suddenly the exact topaz color as his. My skin would have been the same cool temperature, same pale color, never blushing again in my life.


But that would have meant giving up my life with my true soul mate, Jacob. And I couldn’t risk that. I couldn’t hurt him like that. He was much too important for that.


I looked away from Edward, turning back to my friends.


“Are you okay,” Angela asked cautiously.


I shrugged. “He’s none of my business anymore. Why wouldn’t I be okay?”


“Because you still love him.”


I looked at Angela, my face blank and surprised that she would assume something like that. It wasn’t a question; she was stating it. She just looked back at me, her eyes begging for an answer.


I knew what my first response should have been. “No, I don’t love Edward anymore. I love Jacob.” But, somehow, I couldn’t get the words to come out. Was it because I didn’t think it was necessary to prove myself to her? Or maybe because I knew in my mind that it wasn’t true, so it didn’t matter what she thought? Or… maybe… maybe it was because I didn’t want to admit it to myself that I really did still have feelings for Edward?


I sighed and turned back to my food. “I’m not so sure anymore,” I muttered hopelessly.


(Edward’s POV)


High school. The bane of my existence. Not only did it seem utterly pointless to repeat high school every time we were forced to move, but, in this case, high school was a personal problem of mine, especially here in Forks, which is why I nearly decided not to go back to Forks High School.




Seeing Bella again at school was something different entirely from seeing her again at her house. It brought back the most painful of memories, memories that were once so sacred and precious to my heart because every ounce of its essence held her beautiful features. That was one of the worst things about a vampire’s memory: every bad memory, every regret could be played back in your head in high definition, like it was only moments ago. And it’s heartbreaking.


So, when it was time for lunch, I couldn’t help but think about Bella. I stared blankly at the middle of the table, thoughts of Bella blocking out the chatter and thought swirling around my head. It killed me that I couldn’t hold her, touch her, and kiss her like that stupid mutt can. It killed me that I couldn’t watch her every move just to make sure she was alive, healthy, and well. More than anything did I miss lying with her in our meadow, talking. I missed sneaking into her bedroom while Charlie slept and I’d spend the whole night with her in my arms. Even so, I missed trying so incredibly hard to read her mind and failing. She was like an escape from all the gush of chatter in my head.


Stop moping around, Edward, Rosalie thought hatefully. You look like a freaking zombie.


I didn’t even bother to look up at her. She scoffed. Whatever. Just don’t come crying to me when she ends up marrying that mutt.


I just pursed my lips. Rosalie was especially hateful today. It wasn’t because we had moved back. She didn’t really have a problem with living here in Forks. She actually sort of liked it here. The only thing for her was she didn’t understand what I could see in someone so “common” in a girl like Bella. She thought I could find my same happiness in a vampire. On the contrary, Bella was the complete opposite of common. She was absolutely extraordinary. And the thought of me being with anyone else but Bella made my heart ache.


Is she bothering you, Alice asked in my head. While she talked to me through her head, she talked to Em, Jazz, and Rose.


I furrowed my eyebrows, but didn’t look at her. I knew she knew what I meant by that.


I know because she keeps glaring and talking about you being all moody.


Was Rosalie talking about me? I hadn’t even noticed. I sighed


It’s okay to miss Bella. I miss her too. But you can’t stay depressed forever. Not only is it sad to watch, but, frankly, it’s disturbing.


I knew she had tried to make me laugh, but I didn’t budge. Instead, I looked at Bella, seeing only the back of her head as she ate her lunch.


“Edward’s staring at you,” Angela Weber informed Bella quietly.


Oh, great, Jessica Stanley thought indignantly. So Bella gets all the hot guys. Jacob Black, Edward Cullen. Even Mike has been all goo-goo eyed over her ever since she came here. What does she have that I don’t have?


“Just like last year all over again,” she stated resentfully.


Bella, though I was sure she could hear Jessica, turned and looked at me. Once our eyes met, I wanted nothing more to pull into my arms and hold her for the rest of eternity. Our eyes only met for a brief moment, yet it felt like minutes, maybe hours of staring at each other.


Then, her shoulders slumped and turned back away. I myself turned away as well. But, I still thought about her. She was so perfect, so genuine so good. And I was a monster. It was selfish of me to want her even though she’s another man’s possession.


What once was mine, is now my enemy’s. And I was going to fight to get her back.
haha. We'll for sure try our best to post more soon :)
I absolutely just love this chapter, Madame Forevergirl!!! Great job :) you're such an awesome cowriter!
Very Well Done!!! I really enjoyed reading this...That dam Jessica is a trip, she hasn't changed in any of the stories...........Wants what she can't have........I'm happy Bella couldn't answer the question about Her still loving Edward.....I hope it works out for them.................I perfer Edward & Bella.............until you post again

that sounds like edward wood say some crap like that 


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Gianna Black:

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