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What would you do if the love of your life was taken from you? How would you go on? How will Edward go on when Bella is killed by a very jealous Tanya?


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                "For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and Romeo."


                                                      -William Shakespeare

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I was racing threw the trees trying to reach my angel, my Bella in time to saver her. It felt like I was running underwater. My family was running as fast as they could to get to Bella in time. I knew that it was stupid of me to leave Bella after the accident on her birthday. That was the start of Tanya's obsession with me. At first Alice couldn't see who had taken Bella but we all knew that it was Victoria but we were wrong. As we were running Alice got the vision that it was Tanya. We had called in the pack into help us just in case that she was working with Victoria or she wasn't alone.

Time seemed to be working against us as we got closer to the clearing. There was Bella standing in the center, she was crying. I tried to walk towards her but Tanya called out "Eddie, now why don't everyone sit down so we can tell Bella that she is just a pet. You know that you belong to me and that nothing will keep us apart. I just don't understand what she has that could make you think that you love her. I made you think that it was Victoria that had taken Bella but I guess that Alice had seen that it was me and told you. So now you get to decide if Bella gets to live or die. So what is it going to be Eddie?"

I looked at her and said "Tanya, you know that Bella is my everything, my heart and my soul. I would die if anything was to happen to her. I have told you over and over that nothing can become of us. You are my family, please let Bella go. She hasn't done anything to you." Tanya didn't like that because she stepped closer to Bella and put her hands around Bella's neck. I then looked at Tanya's eyes and knew that she had fed off of humans. She smiled and then let out a laugh when she heard a whimper coming from me. She then asked Bella "So what do you have that I don't have?" Bella looked right at me and mouthed out 'I love you' and then said "What Edward and I have is something that can't be put into words or drawn into pictures. Our love is never ending, it can never be destroyed or tarnished. We are true soul mates."

Tanya grabbed her neck a little tighter and then the wolves came out behind Tanya and she said "Now boys, you need to stop right there or Bella will die sooner. Jasper don't even try to knock me out because I will kill her before any of you can reach me. Eddie, this is your last chance to save this little humans life by coming with me. So what will it be?" Bella looked right at me and said "Don't Edward, I love you so very much and I will be waiting for you at our special place. You are my soul and you will live for me."

If vampires could be crying then everyone of us would. It was like Bella knew that she wasn't going to make it out alive. I looked right at Bella and said "Bella, you are my life and I will always love you. You will wake up in the morning thinking that this was a bad dream. Now close your eyes and think of happy thoughts." Everyone tried to get to Bella but Tanya bit into Bella's neck and then she snapped it. Bella fell down and with that my whole world came crashing down. The wolves ripped her apart and burned the pieces. I picked Bella up and started rocking back and forth. I pushed her hair out of her face and the went onto tell her about every place that we would see together. I kissed her one last time and then said "I will be with you soon my love, My Angel."
let me know if you like this and if i should write more
omg if u dont write more im gonna die
wait so did bella get killed?
that was so sad
omg dis story looks interestin
yes she is dead but there is a twist in the next few chapters

i will have more up tomorrow

Third Person Pov

The whole Cullen family and the pack watched as Edward some what lost touch with reality. He kept on telling Bella about the places that they would go and the sights that they would see. He was making plans for them to travel the country side of Europe with nothing but a few cloths and their love for each other. As Edward slowly realized that his Bella was never going to blush at one of Emmett's jokes about her or how he was never going to dazzle her as she put it. He knew that she would never trip on thin air. What the Denali family didn't know that by them not stopping Tanya from attacking Bella that they had made themselves enemies with the Cullen family. Emmett and Jasper wanted to go to Alaska and destroy the coven but Carlisle and Esme knew that they would get what was coming to them. They weren't wrong, it was strange how a pack of angry wolves was able to destroy a coven of that size without any wolf getting hurt.

The Cullen's had told Charlie that they were taking Bella on her first real camping trip so they came up with the story that an animal had attacked her and that is how she had died. Her parents were beside themselves. Nobody knew that in her short time back in Forks that she had touched so many people by just being that caring person that she was raised to be. The funeral was simple and beautiful. It was held in La Push near the cliff side. The pack decided that there was no need for a treaty but made sure that the Cullen's knew that they still couldn't bite a human. Everybody had expected Edward to say something but Carlisle explained that it was Edward that had found Bella and that he had shut down. People felt another wave of sadness for the young boy who had lost his love in such a tragic way.

Charlie wasn't the same after Bella's death. He moved to La Push after stepping down as the chief of police. He and Sue Clearwater were able to be there for each other with their sadness. Charlie also felt like he was able to be closer to Bella in La Push. Renee and Phil moved to a small town off of the coast of Italy. They had a daughter and named her Marie after her big sister. They made sure to tell her everyday about Bella and her love of Edward. Marie grew up knowing that she had a real version of Romeo and Juliet in her family. Jake Black never was the same after Bella's death. He never laughed and never got on his bike again because that was their thing to do. Nobody knows what happened to him because he vanished without a trace. Some say that there is a russet colored wolf that roams the forest near a big clearing and that this wolf seems to be sadden by something.

Sam and Emily were married a year later. They let a white dove go in memory of Bella. They were blessed two years later with the birth of their first child named Isabella Grace Uley. They had asked Charlie if they could name their daughter after his little girl. He was touched and loved that little girl like his own granddaughter. Paul was always sad now never getting angry at anything anymore. He moved away with Rachel and they had three kids, two boys and a girl. The rest of the pack that hadn't imprinted decided to keep on phasing to keep an eye on the stone figure that sat in a beautiful meadow waiting on his true love to come back to him. The Cullen's went to see the Volturi and told them about what had happen.

The Volturi weren't pleased with the death of this girl who stood up to them to save a vampire from death. They told the Cullen's that they weren't in any kind of trouble for Bella knowing. What had shocked Carlisle was the fact that Felix was angry for how Bella was killed. He then asked about Edward Cullen and all were sadden by what the family had to tell them about Edward. They left shortly after that. Carlisle and the family went to Isle Esme to try to regroup. They didn't realized just how much Bella had affected their lives until she was taken away from them permanently. The family would go and visit Edward but he didn't even act like he knew they were there. They would come and visit with him twice a year on his and Bella's birthdays. Fifty years after her death they had showed up on Edward's birthday to see him and tell him about what they were up to.

But when they got into the meadow they were shocked to find that Edward had vanished from the face of the earth. The smaller pack told them that he had vanished into thin air....
whoa whoa whoa wat happened 2 edward?
you will have to guess until i post the next chapter
i love it~!!!
what happened to edward
where did he go
keep me posted


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