The Twilight Saga

okay, guys i have no idea where this story is going. it just randomly came to me tonight, and i'm liking it so far. i hope you all enjoy it.

Chapter 1

I pulled into the driveway, hoping, just hoping that no one would be awake. Damn! I hadn’t realized I was more than a half hour late until the clock at Alex’s house hit 2:46. My mother seemed to get just a little too worried when I was out later than I should be. Not that that wasn’t normal… but she kind of tended to go insane when I finally got inside. Why! Oh why, couldn’t I live with my father in Maine? I mean I knew it got really cold there and everything, but it happened to be way way better than being stuck in an extremely hot town all year round. Well, I guess that happened to be Texas for ya. I laughed, and turned off the ignition, hoping my car wouldn’t sputter like it used to. It was a dead give away to my mother. Nothing, but silence filled the air as I slowly opened the car door. I grabbed my purse and keys that were laying on the passenger seat, getting out of the car as I did so. I shut my door quietly and got up to the steps of my front porch when I felt two very strong arms grab me from behind. One of the hands covered my mouth, while the other pulled me close to the person. Dang! where was the pepper spray when you needed it? Huh! I slowly let myself seem limp. It worked the man’s hands let their hold on me go. I twisted around after a second and kneed him in the hip, nearly miss the spot I needed to hit. By that point I was in a dead lock in the man’s arms.
“Do as I say and I promise you won’t get hurt.” He warned. I just shook my head ‘okay’ and let him finish. “Good. Rose, I want you to reach down and hand me your keys. Don’t say a word or I will kill you.” I heard the man finish, and I felt the tip of a gun shove into the middle of my back. I nodded, scared out of my mind, and bent over. The man started to grind his body on mine and I struggled to get out of his touch. I finally got the keys and stood back up. He took his hand from my mouth.
“Now what?” I asked as quietly as I could.
“Shhh, shhh. Hand them to me. And then turn tow-.” There was a flash of light. His sentence was cut off just as I let go of the keys. They hit the ground, and the man was suddenly off of me, another guy on him; taking care of him for me. I stood there struck with fear. I didn’t even want to move. My hero took a punch in the jaw from the stealer, and then hit back harder.
“Rose! Get inside!” The stranger yelled in a whisper. He caught hold of the guy and dragged him to a car, I just saw parked at the edge of our driveway. Who was he? And better yet, why did he save me? What was I too him? Stuck in the daze, I watched the rest happen. Wondering; just wondering silently. My savior gestured to me to go inside. I blinked my eyes, and snatched my purse up from the ground. I turned the knob fast and threw open the door. I was shaking. I quickly shut the door behind me, but before it closed I noticed that there was something stuck in it. A blood red rose, with a note written in an almost unreadable script. The note read:
Rose ~
I’m here. All you need to do is say something the next time you need help. I’ll be there in a heart beat. Don’t be afraid. Trust me to save you. I'm you're angel of light.

The note wasn’t signed, so I had no idea who it was. That night I went to bed with thoughts of my mysterious savior in my mind. I couldn’t get him out of my head. Why did he care? It made no sense to me. I didn’t know it, but over the next few months I’d be in danger. And the only one that could and would save me would be my angel of light.

thanks for reading. please tell me what you think. below are the links that you can click on to get to the posted chapters.

~madeline andree

Chapter 2 & Chapter 3

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iits SO gOOd
LOVE iit!
that was really great but then again
u r a great writer please let me know when
u update again it was great
I love it!
Chapter 3

The day went by through a haze. By the time I got home my mind was exhausted. I collapsed on the couch after grabbing a cold water bottle from the fridge. Whenever I thought too much a cold water bottle against my forehead always felt good. I felt as if my head would explode; as if it were on fire. I shuttered at the coldness of the bottle against my hot forehead. And finally for the first time today there wasn’t a single thought running through my mind. I just sat there in silence. I heard my mother walk in the door.
“So you got in pretty late last night, now didn’t you?” She asked. There was no ‘hello, dear, how was your day?’ or any of that. All I could do was nod my head. She’d caught me and there was no point in trying to deny it. She would win either way. That was just my mother. There was a long moment of silence before she said something more. “You seem bothered. Anything you wanna talk about, Rose?” My mom finished. I nodded ‘no’ before answering.
“Too much. I don’t feel like talking. I’m gonna go upstairs and freshen up before going over to K-.” She didn’t let me finish.
“You aren’t going over to Alex’s house again! That’s too much this week. You need to hang out with your dear friends!” Even though she was right I decided to argue that I could do whatever I wanted. Whether she happened to like that or not, I couldn’t care less.
“Mother! I’m going over to K-E-V-I-N’s house! Not Alex’s! and even if you said I couldn’t I still would. You cannot tell me what to do. I am almost seventeen!” I shot at her. She glared at me.
“You are living in my house, young lady! You will abide by my rules. Even if you do not like them.” And with that she turned on her heel and walked into the kitchen. I got up fast, and started up the stairs, getting dizzy in the process. I lead myself to my bedroom. using the wall to stabilize my dizzy head. I laughed at myself, as I dropped backwards onto my bed. There were so many things going on in my life. So many things to think about. I felt ridiculous. I turned my head and when I saw that the clock had already hit five, I jumped up and sprinted to the bathroom. Quickly stripping I hopped into the shower and washed myself. When I got out I found my clothes folded on the bathroom counter. Strange. They were on the floor when I’d gotten into the shower. I shrugged to myself and draped my towel around myself. I got back to my room and threw open my closet doors. Nothing to wear, nothing to wear. I knew that even though Kevin had said they were hanging out at his house, it had meant a party. I didn’t want to miss those. I hadn’t been to one since the middle of summer. Of course that was because over the last two months I’d put all of my energy into Alex. Making Alex happy. Doing what Alex wanted. Alex… Blah blah blah. All the time that was it. Not that there was anything wrong with Alex but that was just the way it happened to be. And now that he had moved from Dallas, he was around all the time. Houston was a pretty big city. And I had lots of friends here. Friends I shouldn’t have blown off. I was feeling worse about that as the days passed. Oh my GOD! Snap out of it! Get ready! I shouted at myself. I quickly threw on my dark flare jeans, a black camisole, and a leather jacket. Perfect! Grabbing some gloss and mascara I zipped out of my room and down the stairs.
“Mom, I’m going to Kevin’s house now. I’ll be back around elevenish!” I yelled over my shoulder as the door slammed shut behind me. A moment later I heard the door fly open.
“Alright, Rose. Not a moment late. I mean it! Tomorrow night I would like my gorgeous daughter home. Girls night!” I smiled and nodded. Once I got to my car I slid in and began backing out. That was so STRANGE! Girls night? What the heck was that? I wonder where all this is coming from. So not like my mom. We never did anything together. Although I wasn’t surprised that I couldn’t stay out past eleven. While all of my other friends could be out until almost one. It was quite stupid. And that’s why I loved my father! He was so cool about things. I had been driving for about ten minutes, and was almost there when I heard a crack of thunder and out of no where lightning appeared. Dang it! My hair was going to fluff now! Frick!
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awesome chapter, really curious to see where your going with this can't wait for your next post

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