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My new fan fiction! It's been awhile. :D And I apologize before hand, as my computer is being stupid and isn't working very well. So here it is! Please read, comment, and of course, enjoy!


Chapter 1

Edward’s POV


     “This is so exciting!” Alice said once again as I drive to Forks High. Today, local elementary students are visiting. I’m not sure exactly why, but I’ve probably heard people thinking about all day. I prefer to block out thoughts I don’t care about though.
     I wonder if he even cares? Oh well. I wonder if Jasper will be okay. Maybe we should ditch. . . Alice’s thoughts go on and on, fast as lightning. She’s starting to get annoying. I force patience into my mind. I can’t get mad at her for her thoughts being annoying. Well, at least not right now. I’ll tell her to shut up later.
     Jasper’s wave of calm blows me over, and I realize that I should be worried about him. He can calm other people, but his own agony is his and remains untouched however hard he tries to diminish it.
     I wonder how many kids are coming. The announcement said kindergarten and first grade, but that doesn’t really tell how many. Should I calm them when they come? Can I do that many people all at once? Jasper’s worries are not odd, but I assume the thought of using his gifts is a way to calm himself. How well it will work is up to him.
     I pull up in a parking space near the cafeteria. Alice reminds me as we get out that all student’s are to gather there to meet the elementary kids. Alice goes to Jasper’s side immediately, and Rosalie stay’s with Emmett. Suddenly, I feel slightly alone. But I crush the feeling before Jasper can hone in on it and question me.
     Alone, I take the lead. My brother’s and sister’s follow after, wrapped up in their own thoughts that I desperately try to block out. We walk in the cafeteria, and student’s part to let us through. It’s good they do, natural even. Saddening, but natural nonetheless.
     Everyone is standing, the tables having been pushed into the walls to make room. The principal finds his way through the mess and to the middle of the room. He reminds us of what we are supposed to do.
     “Everyone is to be matched up with one elementary student. We had a change in plans, and more kids than we thought are coming. If you are willing to watch two, come see me in a minute.” Alice’s thought’s skyrocket at this, along with Rosalie’s. Oh boy.
     “All the students are part of the school’s Early Achievers Honor’s program. The teachers at both their school and ours thought it would be a fun and enriching experience for the kids. Everyone either come see me, or go to your homeroom teacher. They will tell you who your paired up with. Now remember, this should be a fun day for the kids, so be nice!” And it’ll give us all a day off. He thought. Clearly, the principal thought this was all going to go over easy. Suddenly, I feel bad for the kids that get stuck with Alice and Rosalie.
      The principal finishes with his speech, and of course, Alice and Rosalie shoot off for the principal. I walk with Emmett and Jasper to the other side of the room, until they head off to find out who they get to spend the day with. Alone once again, I walk to my teacher. Smiling sweetly, she hands me a slip of paper with the kids name and teacher on it. She tells me that all the classes will be together, and the teachers will have a sign with their name on it. I nod, and turn to head out the door to where the classes are.
    While the principal had babbled on and on, the kids had arrived on five busses, and are at least trying to assemble themselves. I smile at the organized chaos, and glance down at my card.

 Isabella Swan
  Mrs. Wood


     Simple enough, I think, looking around. I find Rosalie, Alice and Jasper easily. Rosalie actually has twins, and boy and a girl, with her. With adorable blond hair and blue eyes, they stand next to her laughing. Alice has a tiny black haired boy, and a skinny red headed girl in a cute dress. They look happy too, although more shy than Rosalie’s. Jasper has a tall girl with short brown hair, and he is leaning over and talking to her. His thoughts are calm and easy. He’ll be fine today.
     I see Emmett a little bit farther away, with a brown haired boy on his shoulders. The boy is screaming with laughter, bouncing up and down as Emmett runs around. I’m sure he’ll get yelled at for it, but it’s still amusing. Smiling, I walk towards the teacher holding a sign displaying ‘Mrs. Wood’.
     “Oh good.” She says as I near. “I was afraid that maybe everyone forgot my class.” I smile, and I hear her breath catch. I feel guilty then, knowing the teacher must be married.
     “Which one do you want?” She asks, her hand gesturing to her class.
     “Isabella Swan.” I say without missing a beat.
     “Isabella?” She calls, and a small girl steps forward out of her class. Her curious brown eyes look up at me, daunted by my height. Her soft brown hair falls a little farther than her shoulders. Her lips tremble as if scared, but then she spoke.
     “I’m Bella. Nice to meet you . . .” She smiles, waiting for me to say my name, but I can’t. Her sweet smell drifts towards me, intoxicating and lovely. She is perfect. Her blood, her very being calls to me, begging me to drain her body. And it would be wonderful. Absolute heaven to feel her blood run into my mouth and to devour her. Her smile starts to fade, clearly wondering if I’m insane. But I can’t make myself care. The monster I’ve held under lock and key for almost all my life has been unleashed upon a five year old.

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love it!!!
I loved this chapter! Of course he's crazy when you first look at him.He's Edward! I really hate Mike right now.Hope he goes to Tartarus...Anyway,I can't wait for more!! :)
thanks! your comment made me lol, literaly! ♥
love it!!!!!!!!AWWWWW poor bella!!!!! Please more soon!!!
I love baby Bella stories, and I am really liking this one because it is starting so different!!!  Can't wait for more!!!  :)
thanks! I was going to post more today, but then my computer froze. So I'm not really in the mood to write. Maybe tomorrow . . . :)
YAY!!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 2

Edward's POV


Jasper must have felt my emotions spike, because my families thoughts rushed into my mind, flooding out any other thoughts, including those of drinking blood.

Edward, if you kill that little girl, so help me I will . . . Alice didn't finish her threat, feeling that the unfinished threat sufficed.

It's just a little girl, look how cute she is! And if you killed her, we would have to move. Think of Esme. We had just moved here, and Esme was paticularly excited about it. It was one of her favorite houses. And Bella was pretty cute . . .

I can watch you all day, just to be safe. Jaspers reassurance was the least helpful. I was more worried about myself having to watch Jasper than him having to watch me. Guilt spreads, and Jasper catches it, but doesn't comment.

If Carlisle can do it, don't you think you can? Emmett asks, and falls quiet. I'm spoiled in my families trust. I don't think even Carlisle has ever had to deal with blood this . . . Arg, I've got to stop thinking about it! If Carlisle can do it, so can I. I tell myself this over and over. That will help me get through this day.

All of this has taken up about five seconds, so poor Bella must really think I'm insane. This is not going well.

"Hello Bella, it's nice to meet you. I'm Edward." I shake her tiny, out-stretched hand. An electric shock runs through me from where out skin meets. I wonder if she felt it too, or if I'm going insane.

I start to pull my hand away, and she grabs my first two fingers, clinging to them really. I smile at her, and she blushes tomato red. If Carlisle can do it, so can I. I return to my prayer, chanting it over and over in my head.

"Are you ready to go? My first class is art." I tell her. She nods, too shy to talk.

I start to walk towards the art room, and she holds onto my fingers as hard as she can, althought it doesn't bother me. She walks a little behind me, hiding behind my leg. I see Alice and Rosalie walking the other way, their little kids following them the way ducklings follow their mother.

"Here we are." I say as we walk in the art room. The room is filled with easels, and on the chalkboard, in colorful chalk, it says 'fingerpainting'.

"Oh no." Bella sighs.

"You don't like fingerpainting?" I ask with mock surprise.

"It's so messy." She complains.

"I'll keep you from getting messy, and it's not that bad if you're careful."

"Okay then." She sighs skeptically.

We stand next to an easel near the back of the room, and the bell rings. The teacher explains where all the paints are and anything else we might need. Bella and I walk to the paint cabinet, and she still clings to my fingers.

"What colors do you want?" I ask her, because she's not tall enough to reach the paints herself.

"Brown, black, blue, green, red, and bronze." She says.

"Bronze?" I ask, bewildered. I didn't really think bronze was one of the colors you learn in kindergarten.

"Yea." She says quietly, blushing again. If Carlisle can do it, so can I. I return to repeating my prayer in my head. I find a dull gold paint, grab the others, and return to our easel. I put all the paints down, and open them up.

"There you go." I tell her, and she starts to paint. I watch her, but I'm not really paying attention to what she's painting.

"Why don't you paint too?" She asks.

"Uh, sure. What should I paint?" I ask her, not wanting to mess up her painting.

"Draw the sun." So I get some of the yellow paint, and I make a perfect circle above her paintings. We finish about ten minutes before the bell rings.

"What did you paint?" I ask her politely. She points to the little figures from left to right.

"This one's my mom, and that's me, and then that's my dad, and there's you."

"Me?" I ask, almost too loudly. She flinches, and blushes.

"Yea. You've been really nice to me. So I painted you." She explains very quietly, as if she's embarrassed. I look at the little stick figure me. It's not too bad, really. Then it hits me. That's why she asked for bronze paint; to paint my hair. That is so cute.

"Come on, lets go wash your hands off." She doesn't grab my fingers this time, but I assume that's so she doesn't get paint on me. We walk back to the easel, and I realize we only have about five minutes left.

The a little boy walks up to Bella. His easel is across the room, and he's done too. He puts his arm around Bella's shoulders, and jealousy spikes. Wait. Why am I jealous of a five year old?

"Are you done too, Bella?" He asks.

"Go away Mike." She mumbles, not loud enough for him to hear, but I catch it.

"Is that really your painting? It's so boring. Just like you I suppose. You barely used any colors." He critics rudely. I can't believe he said that! Why would you be so rude to a classmate? I'd love to kill her, and I'm not that rude!

"Go away Mike!" Bella says louder. I feel proud of her.

"No! I'm your best friend, and I can say whatever I want about your painting, and your not supposed to get mad!" He yells at her. I wonder what high school student is supposed to be watching him. And then I remember that I should be watching Bella.

"Excuse me, Mike is it?" I ask, but don't wait for an answer. "I don't think Bella is injoying your company as much as you'd like to believe, and she told you to go away twice. No true friend would ignore that, or be so rude about her painting. So I suggest you leave." I say this all very quickly and quietly. Mike stares at me in horror, and walks away slowly. I smile to myself.

Suddenly, Bella's tiny little arms are wrapped around my waist. I hold my breath. If Carlisle can do it, so can I.

"Thank you so much! He's so mean to me, and he threw my Wuthering Hights book into the water!" She cries, and when she looks up at me, tears sparkle in her eyes. It is this sight, Bella with tears in her eyes. that makes me decide. I will not kill her. I couldn't, not with the thought of that face in my mind. I could never cause her pain, never make her feel the need to make that face.

I brush one of her tears away. "I don't think he'll bother you again, so please don't cry. Today's supposed to be a fun day. So let's have fun, okay?"

"Okay. Thank you Edward." A thrill runs through me when she says my name. Maybe I am going insane.


The day continued on, much like art did. Although, Mike didn't bother Bella like he did in art. He did give me some dirty looks, but it didn't bother me. At lunch, Alice and Rosalie babbled on and on about the kindergarteners they were with, since we didn't get to eat with them. They asked about Bella, but I told them I was handling it.

I said goodbye to Bella at the end of the day, and she hugged me again. Another electric shock exploded everywhere she hugged me, and she blushed. Maybe she does feel it too. I hugged her back this time, my face right next to her neck. Her wonderful blood pulsed right by my mouth, flowing swiftly by. But I wouldn't bit her.

As I walked back to the car, Jaspers thoughts wondered about my sanity, but I just smiled and got in the drivers seat. It had been a nice day.

I love this(: Please write fast.!
Its really nice. Post more soon.
so cute...i love more soon plzzzzzz :D



love it


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