The Twilight Saga

my beatiful bride..(edwards sees bella at the wedding){PG}

She came down the steps in the arms of her father. A dream come true, If could dream. This was reality. Her skin, her hair, her lips, everything about her was perfection. Her eyes looked into mine and it was like the day we met all over again. The immensity of the love I saw there was incredible. The bolt of joy that swam through my body could have knocked me off balance if wasn't so strong. She had been my life for so long now she was my about to become my wife, my other half, my queen. I will be her king and take care of her as she deserves. She will become one of us soon and we will be together forever. Her father gave her to me. I thank him for entrusting me with such beauty. She was mine and I was hers forever. I could not concentrate on anything but every detail of the beauty standing before me. She was amazing. It upsets me to think she does not see her self very clearly but she beauty, my beautiful wife. My lamb calm and shy. I love her so much. I love her more then anything in this would combine.

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wow that is amazing
Thank you so much! =)
please write more soon
I will thanks for the support. I will be posting the rest right here. sweet! i love it
I guess you write the story took a whole different direction when I wrote it then it was heading it when I thought of it
i am so jealous
i want an edward for myself! xD

are you going to write more?
you should :D
Me too he is the perfect man =)

Yes I will try to post up more soon =)
i've alwys wondered what edward was thinking:) great job... are u writing more??
woah.. this is really good you think of such nice words : D
Thank you
Thank you


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