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My brother went missing about a year ago. I still haven't told the Cullen's about me having a brother because I know that Rose would use that to try to get me to stay human. It hurts me to know that I can't tell them about him but nobody would believe that he is my brother because he changed his last name to Biers. My dad's half brother David Biers had taken him in after Riley stood up to one of our mother's boyfriends that thought I was a puching bag. So he went to live with our father for a bit then he moved in with Uncle David and Aunt Kara. I was watching Emmett and Jasper play video games when my phone went off. I picked up and said "What do you need Dad?" I wasn't prepaired for what he said next. He said "Bella, your aunt and uncle just came to me and told me that Riley went missing. Baby girl, I am going to Seattle to see if I can find anything out so can you stay with the Cullens until I get back." We said our goodbyes and I was in tears.


Jasper looked at me and said "Bella, why are you so sad it is very depressing." I took a deep breath and said "I wasn't allowed to speak about this by my mother. But that young man Riley Biers is twenty one years old and his real name is Riley Jason Swan. My older brother. He was about seventeen years old when I was fourteen. Our mother's boyfriend at the time was a heavy drinker and I was his punching bag. Riley had gotten home early and seen him hitting me. So he beat the crap out of the guy so our mother sent him to live with dad. But Riley graduated so he went to Port Angles to college and he changed his last name to the same one of my dad's half brother and his wife. I'm sorry for not telling you about him. But Renee thought that he was making it up about Walter hitting me. I was to scared to say anything. So she told me that I was to forget about my brother and now I can never tell him that I miss my Ribear." I cried and noticed that Edward was holding me close. He said "Bella, now I understand why you don't like anyone fighting. And I do understand why your mother forced you not to tell anybody about your brother. Now let's get you to sleep." I fell asleep having a nightmare about a person that looked like my brother and blood everywhere.

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I lovee it
omg i love's amazin more plz!:P
plz continue
that was amazing
keep it going
i will have more up in a few days i like it?

update me if you can and post more soon!
omg i love it!!! great idea!!! post more soon!!!

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when r u posting more??
on saturday. been sick


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