The Twilight Saga


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Chapter 1 The warning

"SAM SAM SAM"I herd Quil yell as we got to Emilys house.
"What is it Quil" SAm moaned
"my sister is comming to live with -"
"WAIT NOO YOUR SISTER IS WHAT?"Jacob intterupted
"Well umm she went to this private school in New York for awhile now shes comming home"Quil explained
Shoot another one to tell the secret. Or do we have to tell her. What if shes one too.
"Sam what if shes one too its in her blood aint it?"I asked
Leah smiled "Yay another girl!"she said happily
Colin fell to the floor laughing. Sam started to giggle.They all couldn't hold in there laughter not even me. We were all on the floor laughing are heads off .
Leah rolled her eyes then sat down at the table.
"settle down now "Emily said
"wow Leah, Seth no I don't think so"Jared pointed out
"well she is SEth's age so it could happen later"Paul said
"And what is her name ?"Colin asked
"Kate"Quil replied
What if I imprint on her? WOuld that be bad? Would Quil get mad at me? I wonder? Or would one of the others imprint on her? What would they tell her?
wI took na deep breath. sat on my chair and started to dig in.
"Allright im full"Jacob finally said "IM off to see Renesmee okay? Whem is Kate comming?"
"Tommorow at noon will you be all there?"Quil asked
"YES!"Everyone said togther and we went back to are stuff.
After awhile me and Leah went back home.
"Seth do you really thinkshe could be a werewolf to ?"Leah asked me as we got into the house
"yea mabey but I was wondering what if one of us imprint on her?"I asked
"Well I don't know lil bro I guesse we will have to see"she replied

Chapter 2 Arrival

"SETH!! HURY UP!"Leah was shouting at e. I was eating my breakfast sooo slow.
"fine"I mumerd
"bye see you guys later"Sue my mom yelled as we walked out of the door.
We walked to the treaty line and there she was the most butiful girl ide ever saw. Her hair black and long you could really see a resenmblance with Quil.She shined she was just plain butiful. I felt like nothing. Just in love with this one girl. It was a feeling ive never felt. I I fell to the fllor on my knees.
"Seth? Seth?"Jacob asked
I couldn't talk her bueuty was making me speechlees.
"Crap"Quil said
"What is it?"Kate asked
Her voice it was just butiful I oved it the most wonderful thing in the world I loved her with all my heart.
"Ummmmm he gets these mood swings alot"Jacob said
"oh okay"she sai very confused "Well together you remind me of a pack of wolves"Shw said with a smile
Everyone started to laugh. Not me tho I just was ther on my kneesse looking at her beuty.
Then I got back into it. Crap I imprinted. So thats what it feels like to imprint.
"okay well this Jake or Jacob, Seth, Sam, Jared, Paul and Colin and Embry"Quil said
We all said hi. Even me." camn we tell her?"I asked Sam ini a wisper
"yea" he sais outloud" Quil you tell her"He said
"tell me what?"She asked
"Kate we have a BIG secret"Quil started
"what secret ?"SHe asked
"well were werewolfd"HE said
Her mouth fell open"waaa?"she said still shocked "NO ur lieing to me"
"Want proof ?"I asked with a smile
"sure"she replied

CHapter 3 Showing
We started into the forest I stayed at Jacobs side. SO i wouldn't run and like Kiss Kate(lOL).
"Why do we have to go so far" KAte whined
"So no one sees us in our wolf form"Sam said
We finally got into the forest and Jacob went in front
"Me first"!!!"Jacob said
He started taking off hnis shorts then stopped."Right" He ran behind the tree
"Why dose he have to go behind the tree?"Kate asked
"Nudidty"Collin said "I don't think u want to see nude"
"EW no"
then he jumpped out from behind the tree

Sry g2g to a car wash!!!

Tell me if you like thx

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its just a start so plz tell me if I should continue
haha ii want MORE!
i like it so far, so yes i think u should continue
thx okay I will
u should so continue! i want 2 know want she thinks about werewolves! lol
Hi Your story sounds interesing. I like the idea of possibly having another girl wolf in La Push.
So as I started reading your first chapter, I got confused as to who was saying what. Your chacters got a little jumbled. I had to read it a couple of times to figure out who said what. Maybe you should seperate them a little and let us know who's saying what. I can tell your are excited and and are probably thinking faster than you can type. I do it myself. Continue you story and lets all know when you post again.
omg I love it!!!! THX SOOOO MUCH AHHHHH!!!!!
yay, i like it!!!! more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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