The Twilight Saga

I was sitting outside of the bar waiting for the cops to leave. I am 17 and my boyfriend is 21 so he is old enough to drink I got in with a fake I.D. I didn’t drink so I am good on that note but, hopefully they do not ask me how old I am. I refuse to lie to the law just bartenders. They were taking my boyfriend to jail for murder. Well make that ex-boyfriend. He was just too much trouble and trouble is not what I needed at this moment. I was startled by a hand on my shoulder and a deep voice saying.
“Joe would like to speak to you.” The officer told me.
“Okay thanks” I got up and walked over to him. “WE ARE OVER. I CAN NOT STAND WHAT YOU BECAME AND WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT!” I screamed it at him.
“Sweetie, I am sorry. Please don’t do this! I didn’t mean to kill him! He shouldn’t have started that fight with me! When I get out we can run we can run from our lives we have now. Wait for me!” and at the cop car pulled away.
I shook my head and mouthed the words, “No, I hate you.” But deep inside me I loved him.
My brother Jay came to the bar picked me up and took me home. I know I will owe him. I went in my room opened my laptop and updated my diary for the night and went to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day. I feel in to a deep sleep immediately!
I woke to my ringtone it was the court house. I answered it, it was a recording saying, and “We are calling to inform Kiai Marie Cellar that Joe Maul Michael was taken into the custody of The New Jersey Police Department last night for murder. He is sentenced 27 to life. Thank you and have nice day.” And the line hung up. I felt tears run down my face.

Chapter 1: He is gone out of my life what to do now? (:

It has been a week since Joe has been put in jail. He calls me non-stop but I just hit ignore. There is a new group of 4 (Brent, Darla, Chelsea, and Dylan in the school they are all adopted. But there is 1 in particular I have my eye on, Brent Anderson. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’9, and very ripped.
I woke up to my alarm clock at 6 o’clock in the morning I turned my alarm off and just laid there. Then my little brother Mike came in my room he is 1 (very educated) and he started jumped on my bed saying.
“WAKE UP WAKE UP!!” then he ran out. I heard him go in Jay’s room and do the same thing. I heard Jay yelling at him then Mike ran down the hall to his bedroom. I got up out of my warm comfy bed and went in the bathroom took a shower, got out of the shower then brushed my teeth. I decided to scrunch my hair today so I blow dried make sure no parts went straight shaking it to where it curled slightly and sprayed it with hair spray. My bangs got so annoying while I did my make up so pinned them back in a braid. Last thing I have to do is get dressed, so I ventured to my walk in closet. I scanned every shelf and looked for the perfect out to win Brent’s heart at last. I finally settled on a jean skirt with a pink tank top from bebe and pink flip flops. I saw my phone light up. I read the text from Jenna.
“Morning girl. Get your but outside i am here (: luvs you girly. <3Kyle! **”
I looked out my window. She flipped me the finger than a heart with her hand. I smiled back at her. Then, I grabbed my book bag and purse. I ran downstairs gracefully tripping over the last step.
I yelled back into the house “I am leaving!” then slammed the door.
“Hmm American eagle skirt, bebe tank top, and old navy flip flops. Adorable 8.5!” I was greeted with her daily outfit rate.
“Turn this up!” I said when “No Love” by Eminem and Lil’ Wayne came on, love that song! We pulled into the parking lot of the school and parked in our normal spot got out of the car and met up with Ali and Claire. I stopped dead in my tracks to stare a Brent not realizing I was in the middle of the street and then out of nowhere a car hit me! I flew right over it.
The last I remembered was when I blacked out. Then I open my eyes and I see Brent. “What, what happened?”
“You were walking and you stopped for a split second and a car rammed into you. You went flying over the car and they drove off.” Brent said to me.
He helped me up then Jenna, Ali, and Claire ran over to me in tears hugged me and I winced.
“What hurts?” they asked.
“My ribs.” I said as I was grabbing them.
“You have to go to the hospital! But you know us girls cannot take you because of that thing.” Claire said. I knew exactly what that was. The girls and I missed a bunch of days without excuses and try again homes is on our butts. Scary.
“I can take her. It is no problem.” Brent said with a southern accent and a slight warm inviting smile that made him look so hot.
“Thanks.” I said. The girls hugged me lightly and wished me luck. Brent came over and took me by surprise and picked me up real lightly I didn’t feel pain at all. I smiled slightly he smiled back. He walked over to a Porsche and sat me in it. Then he got in on the other side.
“My dad works at the hospital about 10 miles outside of New York; do you think you could drive me there? I can pay for the gas. Plus it will give us time to get to know each other a little better.” I said breaking the silence.
“Sure. So is there anything you want to know about me sweetie?” he said with an adorable southern accent.
“Yeah actually there is.” I said shyly.
“Well what is it?”
“Everything and anything there is to know about you.”
“Well I was born and raised in Texas until I moved here. I play football and baseball. I believe in love at first sight. And one thing that I like is a skinny, athletic, blue eyed girl with brown hair.” That’s me I am that blue eyed, athletic girl! I am not skinny though. “What should I know about you?”
“Well, I am a jersey girl. I play soccer; kick boxing, cheerleading and powder puff football. I love the color purple. And the things I want in a guys is for him to be a blue eyed country boy.” HINT. He reached over with one hand and grabbed my hand. It felt right. “Hey can we stop and get something to drink and eat?” I asked.
“Yeah, Hun.” He drove a few more minutes and pulled into a seven elven.
“Do you want anything? On me.” I said all flirty.
“Just a coke and some gummy worms are fine.”
“Okay. Do we need gas?”
“Nope she got a full tank.”
“Alright I will be right back.” I walked into the store still in a lot of pain so I walked with a little limp. So unattractive might I add. I walked straight to the back were the pop is. I grabbed a mountain dew and coke. Walked to the candy isle and grabbed gummy worms. Wait what kind does he want? Sour or regular? I will get both to be safe. I walked up to the register handed the guy my stuff.
“Is this all for you today?” he asked.
“Yes thank you.”
“Your total is $5.60.” I handed him the money and walked out. I saw Brent leaning against his car looking all sexy and junk. He looked up and smiled at me.
“I didn’t know which kind of gummy worms you wanted so I grabbed both.” I said shyly.
“Thank you” he said taking his, stuff. He opened my door and helped me in I winced. “Awe is you okay?” he said looking very worried.
“Yea I am fine I guess.”
“We only got about 10 minutes left till we get there.” I leaned my chair back and fell asleep. About 15 minutes passed then he woke me up.
“Wake up cutie. We are here.”
The guy who worked there came out with a wheel chair. He and Brent helped me in it. They asked me all kind of questions about what happened, what hurts, etc. I explained everything. My dad came in the room.
“Hey sweetie I heard you was here what happened?” my dad said
“I got hit by a car in a hit and run.”
“I am going to find out who did and sue them jerks for every penny they own! Are you okay? What hurts?”
“Just in pain. My right side hurts.”
“Can you get her to x-rays immediately?” They wheeled me to a room and put me through an x-ray machine. My dad came in the x-ray room and wheeled me to a private room.
“Can I get you anything?” he asked.
“Actually can you have Brent come back here, please? He is my friend from school.”
“Yep alright I will be right back.” Then Brent walked in. It was quit for a long time. I sat there and waited for my results. My dad walked in.
“Hey Kiai well your x-rays show you have 4 cracked ribs. You can do all your sports except for kick boxing and powder puff. In cheerleading you cannot tumble or lift anyone.” He said. “How are you getting home?”
“Can I take her home, sir?” Brent spoke up.
“Sure you can. You seem like a kind boy. Thank you... What is your name?”
“Brent, sir.” He said shaking his hand.

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love it post more soon
sorry everyone for not updating my laptop is at my friends and i do not have the story we are in a fight sooo no story till i get it back:(

Chapter 2: The Date

We left and then Brent and I was in the car driving home it was quit. I didn’t feel good. Since it was a two hour drive there, we spent about an hour in the hospital, and two hours on the way back so we are just going to skip the rest of the day. When we were close to my house Brent broke the silence and said, “Do you have any plans tonight?”

“No.” I said hoping he would ask me to go to the movies or something tonight.

“Well do you want to go to dinner and a movie?” he said very confidently.

“That would be great.” At that moment we pulled to my house.

“I’ll be there around 5.” He said. He got out and walked around opened the door then helped me out.

“See you then.” I said with a smile.  I walked to my house took my key out and opened the door. I opened the door and walked up to my room. It is 1 now so I will l set my alarm for four. That gives me an hour to get ready. I laid there for about 10 minutes then fell into a sweet sleep.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I was really sore so I poured a hand full of my pain pills and swallowed them. I ran the straighter through my hair, redid my make-up, painted my nails orange and changed my outfit. I put on my orange and white sundress with a brown belt and matching sandals. Finally, I accessorized I put in brown hoops and a brown necklace. I heard a knock at my door.

“Sis’ can I come in, I heard about your little accident.” Said Jacob,

“Sure.” I said.

“So, what is wrong?” he said real concerned.

“I have cracked ribs.” I said.

“Why are you dressed up?”

“I have a date if you must know.”

“Who are you going with?”

“Brent Anderson. Mr. Neb nose”

“I have one last question!”

“Where are you two going?

“Movies, and out to eat.”

“Bye Sis’ have fun.” Then Jakey walked out.

I grabbed my lighter and scissors. I lit the lighter, held the flame over the metal then held the metal on my wrist it left burn mark.  Then my cell rang it was Brent I answered, “Hey.”

“I’m here” he said.

“Okay I’ll be down.” I grabbed my little brown purse. Slipped my panties off put on a few bracelets to hide the burn and walked downstairs. “I am leaving.” I screamed then walked out. I saw Brent leaning against his red mustang. He looked so hot. He had a blue shirt on, black and blue Nikes, and loose jeans. He walked up to me hugged me.

He whispered in my ear, “You look beautiful.” I smiled. Then he opened my door for me. I got in, and then he got in. “So, what movie do you want to see?”

“What is playing? Any good scary movies,” I asked because if we saw a scary movie I could cuddle and act “scared”.

“The Room Mate, Friday the 13th, and a Nightmare on Elm Street are playing.” e sjh

“Umm, Friday the 13th?”

“Okay sweetie whatever you want.” We just sat there and listened to the radio for a few minutes and he broke the silence by saying, “I have I told you how beautiful you look tonight?”

I smiled shyly and said, “Why thank you. Have I told you how hot you look?” By that time we had pulled into the theaters and I slid over to the seat next to him and rested my head on his chest.

“Hey, how about we skip the movie and dinner and just go to a party?” He took me by surprise he did not seem like the partying type. I knew I sure wasn’t but I really like him. So I said unsurely,

“Yea that sounds great. But I am not really in partying clothes so we should go back to my house real fast so I can change.”

“well the party starts in like a hour and it is going to take at least 45 minutes to get there we really do not have time!”

“What if you take me home and I run in grab a bag and throw the clothes in it and I get changed in the car or at the party when we get there?”

“Okay that works but you have to be fast.” He said pulling out.

“Thanks Hun.”

“Yep,” He replied putting his arm around me. We pulled up to the house I got out and he said, “Be fast.”

I ran in grabbed a mini skirt, an orange and white off the shoulder shirt, a strapless bra, and tie up brown heels. “Maybe I should grab clothes for tomorrow.” I thought out loud. Ran back in my closet grabbed shorts and a tank top. Then finally ran back out the door and got into the car. “Okay I am ready.” I said with a smile.

“So, when do you want to change?” he said to me.

“I will get dressed now.” I slipped the skirt under the dress and pulled the dress off. Put mi strapless bra on and put the shirt on, brushed my hair, fixed my make-up, and lastly put my heels on.

“Aw you look adorable!” Brent said.

“So, where exactly is this party at?”

“The party is in a house out in the woods. It’s the party spot.”

“Oh, so who all is going to be there?”

“Anyone who is anyone, Jo Jos parties are the best they are so outrageous! The cops have been called out there more than 10 times. They get wild!” he said enthusiastically.

“Oh well I am not normally partier but I am excited to go!” I said

“I will show you the time of your life!”

“We will see about that.” I said with a playful smile. We both laughed. We pulled up to the party I guessed about 10 minutes later. There were a lot of cars and I recognized a lot of people! I got out and walked over to Brent and grabbed his hand. We walked in the house they was playing pretty good music. We danced threw the crowd to the drink table.

“Want a drink?” he offered me a beer.

“Sure.” I took it and chugged it.

“It is going to be hard to keep up with you I am guessing.”

“Ha, very funny, let’s go dance.” I said in the mood to dance. I grabbed a cup of coke and vodka. I was moving my hips then he wrapped his arms around my waist and pressed me into him and I kept moving. I had to admit I was having fun.  I was dancing then I saw Jenna, and Angelina! I ran over to them with Brent by my side of course. “Hey.”

They looked shocked, “I didn’t know you partied.” Jen said

“Well he talked me into it.”

“You smell like alcohol” Jenna said.

“What is your point?”

“So that is not good. Your dad will be mad!”

“I don’t care I am not going home tonight.”

“Okay girl just do not get to drunk please!” Angelina begged

“Alright, let’s go dance! ALL OF US.” I screamed “WHOA!”

“WHOA” everyone at the party screamed. The night is going by like a blur it is already one in the morning the party was dying down fast so I stepped outside. Pulled my phone out and dialed my brother’s number.

“Hey bro,”

“Hey where are you?”

“I am staying with Jen and Angie tonight at Jen’, Okay? Tell mom and dad I got to go. Bye.” I hung up and went back in. I went to get some Jell-O shots man was I wasted! I took like 20 shots and passed out!








Brent.... (: hot...











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