The Twilight Saga

What if Edward came back to Forks after seeing Bella jump off the cliff a little to late Only to find Bella in the arms of Jacob Black? To find that she was pregnant with his child? What if the only way to save Bella and Jacobs child was for Bella to find her soul mate and truly want to be with that person? What if Edward was that person but didn't want Bella to have Jacobs child? Will Edward be that person? Will there love concor all, or will Edward be selfish ? All these questions must be answered in this thrilling, twised fan fic. My Emptyness 

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chapter 1

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chapter two

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chapter three

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chapter four and five

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chapter six and seven

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chapter eight

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chapter nine

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chapter 11

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chapter 12

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chapter thirteen

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chapter 21 

chapter 22

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good so far but a little confusing
What he said was true. I envied him for having so much control.
I couldn't even kiss Bella without wanting to bite her, what would I do if we were to have sex?
Bella looked at me; she could see the pain in my eyes.
Bella came over to me and placed her hand on my face.

She looked deep in my eyes. I wanted to hold her and tell her it would all work out in the end.
I was about to tell her everything would work it’s self out till I noticed the crease between her eyebrows.
'I'm Sorry Edward, but it will never go back to the way it was before.' A tear slid down her cheek, and I caught it with a kiss.
She pulled the hand that caressed my face away and slapped me. The slap hurt her hand and that made the pain I was feeling inside even worse.
The slap didn't hurt but her doing it did.

'You lost your right to kiss me the day you left Edward. You caused this. You brought this upon yourself. Jacob wouldn't have stood a chance if you hadn't left me.
But you did leave me, and like it or not, Jacob was there. Jacob saved me from myself.
I wouldn't have killed myself, but the stuff I went through just to hear your beautiful voice and see my imperfect vision of you would have.'
'I know Bella and I'm really sorry. You deserved better than that. I really am sorry.'

'Edward, I don't want an apology from you. Nothing you can say to me will make the pain I felt go away.'
'Ok Bella. I will leave Forks if that is what you want.'
Bella's face turned angry.
'I didn't say I wanted you to leave me again, I just said it wouldn't be the same and to stop apologising.
What happened happened. I want to be friends but I can't be with you anymore. I am carrying Jacobs’s baby.'

'You know it won't survive Bella' Alice popped up next to her.
'What do you mean Alice?'
'Because Bella and Jacob aren't imprints, there young will die unless Bella finds her true soul mate and screws him.'
I looked at Bella 'Do you know who it is?'

'I thought it was you once, but you told me you didn't have a soul. I believed you did once, now I think you might be right.'
Her words cut through my already broken heart.
ok, that's it till saturday.
i luv it
sooooo great
wow love it its sooo good lol I cant wait lol love it!!! Keep me updated lol
wow! boy she sure knows how to get his blood boiling from her anger! i mean that her words are cutting him deep. i hope things will work out for them tho!
Okay that was sad. this is really good but please have Edward and Bella get back togethe I'm still not liking the fact that she's with Jacob. Just another Crazzzed fan.

lovin it!
Of all the rotten things to do to me... you get me reading another one of your stories. Dadnabbit!!! I love it. I hope you work out the ending fo rEdward and Bella because I think you have gathered that is where I am at. TEAM EDWARD!!! But I will still read and see, at least you gave yourself an out to get it to that place. Do you have any other stories I should be reading?
love it
UGH!!! i want more.. lol
plz keep me upated and post the next chappy soon!!


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