The Twilight Saga

What if Edward came back to Forks after seeing Bella jump off the cliff a little to late Only to find Bella in the arms of Jacob Black? To find that she was pregnant with his child? What if the only way to save Bella and Jacobs child was for Bella to find her soul mate and truly want to be with that person? What if Edward was that person but didn't want Bella to have Jacobs child? Will Edward be that person? Will there love concor all, or will Edward be selfish ? All these questions must be answered in this thrilling, twised fan fic. My Emptyness 

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plc write more more more pls
i want more more more more

hey guys, look i know its been a while, and I'm sorry about that. With out further delay here is the next bit of the sroty


Jacobs POV

I awoke to Bells Ring tone. I wasn’t expecting to hear from her for at least another day or two. If those leaches have hurt her I will kill them. I answered on the forth ring ‘hey Bells, are you ok?’

‘I need you to come to my place please. I need to talk to you.’ Bella sounded like she had been crying. I knew I should have been the bad guy, I knew I shouldn’t have left Bella there alone with them.

‘I’m on my way, I’ll be there shortly.’ Even though I wanted to get there as fast as I could I didn’t want Sam knowing that Bella was upset. I got in the rabbit and took off down the highway. It wasn’t long before I arrived. Bella was out the front waiting. She looked stunning. Her hair was in curls and her skin was a radiant glow.

I looked at her face. Her eyeliner had run and she had red blotches on her face from crying so hard. I started shake. I composed myself before I got out of the rabbit. I tried my hardest to stay calm. Bella smiled at me. It wasn’t her usual smile though. It looked like it was forced. I went over and kissed her on the lips. Fresh tears filled her eyes. ‘What happened? Why are you crying? Did that blood sucker hurt you?’

Bella looked at me with tears still streaming in her eyes. ‘Bella, you can tell me anything. I love you. Nothing you can say or do will change that. I will be here know matter what, please just tell me what you wanted to. Will you please answer me?’ she put her arms around me and wept into my shoulder. She kissed my neck and then she began begging for forgiveness.


more will becomeing shortly I promise

 ‘Jacob I’m so sorry, it was my entire fault. I couldn’t Stop myself, I wanted to but I couldn’t. I’m so sorry Jacob. I really am. I just hope that I haven’t ruined everything.’ She was still holding onto my waist and her tears where drenching my shoulder. I was confused. ‘Bells I have no idea what you are talking about. Take a breath and tell me. What are you sorry about?’

Then she said the words I knew where coming ‘I slept with Edward. I am so sorry.’ She didn’t look at me she just held onto me tight. I knew this was going to hurt but I had no idea it was going to hurt this bad. I started to tremble. I was trying so hard to keep my temper that I didn’t hear Bella screaming in pain. Next thing I knew I had a pair of freezing cold hands around my chest pinning me to the ground.

I looked up and sore Bella griping her arm, tears in her eyes and a look of horror on her face. There was blood running down her arm and dripping off her fingers. I had phased. I didn’t remember doing it. I don’t even know who had me pinned. I was glad I couldn’t move. I was grateful I had been pinned to the ground. I had hurt Isabella and I don’t even remember doing it. ‘Bella, you need to get inside, now. I will deal with Jacob.’ It was the fortune teller.

Bella shook her head ‘Alice please don’t hurt him. He didn’t know what he was doing.’ She looked at me with pain and sorrow in her eyes ‘I’m so sorry Jacob.’ I knew what had to happen, I knew she had to have sex with Edward in order to keep our baby, I just didn’t know I would react like this. I had hurt Bella and she was still apologising to me, still trying to protect me.


Alice’s POV

I couldn’t stand being blind. I couldn’t see the mongrel’s reaction or the consequences of his reaction to the news Bella was about to tell him. I was scared for Bella because of how close she was to him. Werewolf’s where unstable and went with their instincts. If the mutt couldn’t control his temper he could hurt Bella. At the same time, I had told her I wouldn’t be near her.  Then my worst fear had come to life before my eyes and I couldn’t do a thing to stop it.

Jacob was trembling from head to toe. Bella was much to close she had let go of him as his hand turned into a paw. It raked her skin right where the glass table had cut into her arm on her birthday.  I had to get Jacob away from her before he could do more damage. I ran so fast that not even Edward would have been able to keep up. I pulled Jacob back and pinned him to the ground. He had a look of surprise in his wolf form eyes.

That’s when the smell hit me. I had been away from Bella far too long. The scent of her blood flooded my nostrils setting my throat on fire. Her blood flowed freely from her arm where the fresh wound hung open. ‘Bella, you need to get inside, now. I will deal with Jacob.’ Bella shook her head like the stubborn girl I knew her to be. ‘Alice please don’t hurt him. He didn’t know what he was doing.’ She looked at him with pain and sorrow in her eyes ‘I’m so sorry Jacob.’

Just like Bella to play the bad gut. The wolf losses his temper and Bella finds some way to get him out of paying for hurting her. Bella sleeping with Edward didn’t give him the right to hurt her, weather he knew what he was doing or not. But here she was trying to protect him. The smell was getting too much to bear. I had to give into her request.

‘Bella, I need you to get inside, I have been away from you too long. I can’t stand her for much longer while you bleed out like that. Please get inside. I promise I won’t hurt Jacob. You need to go.’ I could see the reactions going through her future. I had two visions.

The first vision I had was she decided to risk it. I couldn’t hold onto Jacob any longer and attacked her. I had sucked the life out of her. Jacob tried to kill me but I got him instead. Edward had found me crying over her body and killed me then set himself alight.

The second vision was the one she decided doing. She placed a hand on the mutts fury cheek and said one last sorry before she walked into the house and closed the door. I looked into the wolf’s eyes ‘I’m not letting you go until you have phased back into your human form, only then will I know that you’re calm enough to let go.’

Jacob’s POV

I was furious with myself for not being able to control my emotions. I had told her that I wouldn’t hurt her again yet here I was making her hurt worse than I ever thought possible. Worse stil, I was upset that her sleeping with Edward was the thing that had come between us. Wasn’t I just telling Sam that I wouldn’t be the bad guy? Had I not told Sam that it was the only way and that I would support her know matter the consequences?

‘I’m not letting you go until you have phased back into your human form, only then will I know that you’re calm enough to let go.’ The leach was still on top of me. She still had me pinned to the ground. Sam was in my thoughts then. ‘Jacob, what have you done!?’ I could feel the shock go through the pack as I thought of the last few moments. ‘Jacob you need to calm down. I will not start a fight with the Cullen’s over this. You chose this when you left her there alone with them. You knew what might happen and you accepted it. As alpha of this pack I order everyone except Jacob to phase back and leave him to his thoughts.’ With that order the packs minds vanished. It was just me.

I broke down in tears. I couldn’t stop them. I had done this. I knew her and (well let’s face it I have to call him but his name, he is a part of her life even if I don’t like it) Edward are soul mates. If they weren’t then Bells and I would have imprinted. I knew that this had to happen because if it didn’t our child won’t live. I had to let it all out. I cried till I phased back into human form and continued to cry into Alice’s shoulder.

Bella’s POV

I Had decided to not risk it. I trusted Alice enough to leave her alone with Jacob. I went into the house and called the only person I could call. He picked up on the second ring ‘Edward, I need you to get Carlisle. Please don’t ask questions.’ I waited only two seconds. ‘Bella, what’s wrong?’ Carlisle sounded worried ‘is the baby ok?’ the question threw me. I had been wrapped up in the pain and the hurt in Jacobs face that I forgot I was having a baby.

‘The baby is fine. I need you to come over. I can’t tell you why over the phone I just need you to get here as soon as possible.’ I waited ‘Ok, I will be there shortly.’ I hung the phone up and looked out the window. Jacob was in his wolf form with Alice on top holding him down. She hadn’t hurt him yet. I looked down at my arm. I felt the pain but somehow it was numb. It was like I was feeling someone else’s pain.

The smell hit me then. The saltiness of it had my head spinning. I Looked out the window in time to see Jacob turn back into his human form. Was he crying on Alice? I must be feeling woozy because Jacob would never do that. Not the strong minded, independent Jacob who loves me. Then I sore what looked like Edwards eyes in the trees. My mind went racing. Please let it not be him.

If Edward finds out what has happened he will kill Jacob for sure. I looked in his eyes willing myself to open up to him I thought with every ounce of energy I had left “Please don’t hurt him Edward. He didn’t know what he was doing; I love him too much to have him hurting more than the pain I just put him through.  You didn’t mean to hurt me when you pushed me into the table he didn’t mean to hurt me when I told him I had slept with you. He wouldn’t consciously hurt the mother of his child and the person he loves.”

 My heart pumped faster and then the smell of my blood got so strong that everything went dark. I couldn’t feel anything. It was dark and I was alone with nothing but dizziness and a strange feeling that everything in my world would be changed once again.

Edward POV

Carlisle had a look of worry on his face his thoughts went straight to the baby and the complications that could arise. I tried to tune them out, they all related to blood and loss and most of them resulted in the death of my only reason for life. ‘Is the baby ok?’ there was a pause then Bella answered. She sounded so week. I didn’t think that our time together would have taken so much out of her.

Did I hurt her? Did I do something wrong? I thought about every movement I had made in our time together, yeah sure I might have put a hole in the wall and broken the legs off the sofa and taken chunks out of the floor with my teeth, but I’m sure I hadn’t hurt her. Is that why she left? Was she afraid to tell me that I hurt her? Was she afraid that I might do it again? Is that why she didn’t admit that she loved me? Was she frightened I would want more from her? Carlisle brought me out of my thoughts

‘Edward, I have to go see Bella. Would you call the hospital for me and let them know I will be late?’ I wanted to know what was happening with Bella. ‘Carlisle, would you please call them, I need to know what is happening with Bella. You could catch up after you called them.’ I had to know why she wanted Carlisle and not me. I could do anything that Carlisle could.

Carlisle smiled at me ‘I understand Edward. You go ahead I will only be a few seconds.’ He didn’t have to tell me twice. I ran faster then I think I had in my existence. I got to my loves place within two minutes I was surprised at the scene that was before me. Jacob was naked crying into Alice’s shoulder out the front of Bella’s house. The smell hit me then, it was Bella’s blood. It was still fresh and by the strength of the smell there was a lot of it.

I looked towards the house. Bella was looking at the scene from out the window. Her eyes found mine a look of panic and fear flashed through her eyes and I heard her for the third time. I loved being able to read her thoughts, but this was more panic than anything else “Please don’t hurt him Edward.” What was she talking about Why would I hurt Jacob? “He didn’t know what he was doing; I love him too much to have him hurting more than the pain I just put him through.”

Comprehension dawned on me. He had lost control of his anger. Bella had told Jacob about us and He had hurt her I was going to kill him. He had phased. I could smell the blood from his hands I could see it pooled by him. Why did I have to leave her? Why did she have to get involved in something as dangerous as a shape shifter! It was just like Bella to love something that isn’t good for her! I was going to attack him then the next thing she had thought had stopped me. “You didn’t mean to hurt me when you pushed me into the table the night Jasper went to attack me.”

But I was protecting her when that happened. I didn’t lose my temper and hurt her, I was just saving her from being eaten by my brother. I was trying to justify why I should kill him. I know Bella would be sad but she would still have me there. I would not hurt her again. “He didn’t mean to hurt me when I told him I had slept with you. He wouldn’t consciously hurt the mother of his child and the person he loves.” My resolve left me.

I couldn’t hurt Jacob because I had hurt Bella in more ways than Jacob ever could. Bella’s heart beat sped up even faster and then her eyes closed. She vanished from the window. I heard a small thud. I ran past Jacob and Alice. I ran straight for the door and opened it. There was so much blood on the floor. Bella had passed out.

I ran over to the kitchen cupboard. I had placed a first aid kit there on the day I left her in the woods. She was so clumsy that I knew it would come in handy. It had everything that Charlie would have needed in a life threating situation. I pulled it out. Just as I stated to pore the alcohol wash on Bella’s wound Carlisle arrived.

0h my i love it plz keep me posted update soon
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I am loving you story so far..... please keep me updated.... I can't wait to read more....
um yay! but boo....but yay! anyway love it its really good.

Carlisle’s POV
‘Some family issues have come up and I’m afraid I will be running late today.’ I was on the phone to the hospital while in the car. I decided to bring the car in case the situation was worse than Bella was letting on. I know how much she down plays things. I wish she wouldn’t. It would make my job a whole lot easier. ‘That’s not a problem Carlisle. You are the first doctor here and the last one to leave; Take as much time as you need. I think the hospital is good for a day.’ ‘Thank you.’

I sped up. ‘Carlisle, Alice was with Isabella when we left. You don’t think she did anything?’ Jasper was in the car with me, he insisted on coming. ‘I don’t think Alice had anything to do with Bella’s call. If she did Bella would have said something.’ I was just around the corner when I sore Alice and Jacob out the front. Jacob was naked. It looked like he was hugging her. Alice had a look of remorse on her face.

Jasper let out a hiss. ‘It might not be what it looks like Jasper.’ Jasper looked at me. I felt a wave of fury sweep over me. ‘If you want to make me feel this way then fine, but you cannot jump to conclusions.’ Jasper let out a snarl ‘How can I not jump to conclusions? My wife is in the arms of another man, whom is not only a shape shifting dog, but a naked one at that!’ I tried to reason with him ‘Jasper, Alice loves you. You know she wouldn’t do that to you. Calm down and be rational. Don’t do anything that will put your family in danger.’

I felt his emotional pull let up. ‘Jasper, I want you to stay in the car while I talk to Alice and see what happened.’ I took Jaspers silence as agreement. I pulled into the driveway. I reached into the back and grabbed my medical bag and got out of the car. I walked over to Alice and Jacob. ‘What happened?’ Alice Jumped and Jacob turned and looked at me. ‘You have to help Bella. I think I hurt her. She was bleeding badly.’ That explains why he doesn’t have clothes on. He must have phased.

I looked at the house. The door was open. I could smell the blood. Edward was in there. I handed Jacob a blanket that I had in the bag. Being on this earth as long as I have, you learn to be prepared for anything. ‘You should head to the car Alice; Jasper is two seconds away from ripping your head off not to mention Jacobs.’ Alice smiled ‘trust Jasper to make something out of nothing.’

I turned to Jacob ‘I think it’s best if you head home too. I will call you and let you know how Isabella is when I know myself.’ Jacob looked at me, tears where still streaming down his face ‘can I please see her before I go?’ I looked towards the door and gave another whiff ‘I don’t think you should, she is pretty badly hurt by the smell of things. I will call you ok?’ He looked at the door and then slumped his shoulders. ‘Ok doc, whatever you think is best. Just look after her please.’ He pulled the blanket around him and jumped in his car. He didn’t look back as he drove off.

The smell of alcohol wash came to me then, oh how I loved that familiar smell. I rand to the door and sore Bella on the ground with Edward by her side cleaning the gash that had extended the scar from the glass table, to the bite mark on her wrist. Edward looked up at me. The look on his face reminded me of Bella’s birthday.

Love it post soon plz



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