The Twilight Saga

What if Edward came back to Forks after seeing Bella jump off the cliff a little to late Only to find Bella in the arms of Jacob Black? To find that she was pregnant with his child? What if the only way to save Bella and Jacobs child was for Bella to find her soul mate and truly want to be with that person? What if Edward was that person but didn't want Bella to have Jacobs child? Will Edward be that person? Will there love concor all, or will Edward be selfish ? All these questions must be answered in this thrilling, twised fan fic. My Emptyness 

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chapter 22

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my eyes flew open and i stared out, hoping to see my Edward looking into my eyes. as heven would hold him. i hoped i was dead so i could be with my Edward, it felt like he was dead to me, i had died trying so hard to hear him. i heard him so clearly in my mind. i had to be dead. no such luck. it was jacob. My jacob. he had tears streaming down his face. i looked at him. my throat was sore from breathing in the salt warter but i had to make his tears go away. i didn't like to see him sad, it cut me deaper every time i sore him like this.
"what are you crying about?"
jacob looked at me startled. "Bella! oh bella, you're not dead, thank the gods, your not dead.
"sure sure, as if I would leave YOU without saying goodbye jacob." i tried my best to smile at him. my lungs hurt and my throat burned. was this how edward felt everytime he was nere me? i don't know. and from this point on, i really didn't care. he left me, he told me it was as if i had never existed.
my heart was in shatters, jacob had glued it back together over the past coupple of months. he has been there for me when i needed him most.
that was more than what Edward had ever done. Edward saved me from being his only love for eternity, promising to protect me forever, only to turn around and tell me he didn't love me.
and then leave me, basking in my lonleyness. taking every ounce of respect i had for him from me.

Jacob just saved me from certin death, with tears on his face and a look of pure love on his face. no guilt, no sorry in his eyes. he was just happy i was alive.
the words that he spoke however reminded me to much of Edward."i'm sorry, i should of been there."
"no jacob, don't you dare blame yoursellf for this. it was my stupid fault. i needed to jump, i had to. it was my fault for not waiting for you. thankyou for saveing me jacob."
he looked into my eyes. the heat coming off his body was comforting, something that edward could ever give me, body heat. it made me feel cossy. i wanted to snuggle deep into jacobs warm arms. i was so cold. i was socked threw. my teath were chattering. i looked up at jacob."how about you get me off this damb beach and into some nice warm clothes. i will even let you drive me to where ever you want me." jacob gave me a small smile. it did not meet his eyes. he was still worried about me.
"look, if you want me to freez to death after just saving me then u should of just let me drown. are you going to make me warm or not?"
"bella" he shook his head and smiled, this time it was my smile. he helped me up and pulled me into one of his bone crushing hugs.
his body heat was nice. i didn't want to be removed from this embrace. i just held him tight. i kept thinking how warm and right this felt. i knew i loved jacob, i knew i had loved edward even more. edward had made this desision easyer for me. he was not here. he had not kept his promise. i was now jacobs love, and edward was not comeing back, know matter how much i wanted it. i had to move on. there was no point in waiting for something that was enevitable.

i looked up into jacobs eyes. " i have to ask you something."
he looked back at me with a fire in his eyes "what is it that you wanted to ask."
"do you love me?"
"you know i love you bells,i think i always will. why is that?"
"kiss me then."
"i think all that salt has gone to your head bells."
"no jake. im seriouse. kiss me."
"can you wait till you have eaten, then ask me, if you still want me to kiss you, i will. i think you are in shock."
"jacob black! i want you to kiss me now!" with out another protest from jake, i steped on my tippy toes and put my hands on each cheek and threw my lips onto his.
without protest he started to kiss be to.
his body heat rose hire and he bagain to tremble. he stoped kissing me and pushed me away.
"i'm sorry bells, we should realy get you home before charlie starts to worie about you."
i felt rejected. i think i looked how i felt cause jacob smilled "don't think to bad of me bells, i loved the kiss, really, best i have ever had. but charlie would kill me if i don't get you home soon."
"i think he would feel kindly towards you for pulling me out of my depresion actualy jake. he sees you as part of our family as it is."
"still, if i don't get you home, i wont be able to kiss you again till you are no longer grounded. do you really want that?"
he gave me a warm smile.
"no, i gess not."
"it is settled then. you go hom now, and i will kiss you tomorrow."
This is a good start please keep it up. Please let me know when you post more.

i love it i would read it
carry on please
really good, keep going and let me know when you post more
wow i loved it write soon and keep me posted
love it!!
i love it! its about time edward gets rejected!
i cant wait for more!
this is really good lool not dissin ya but a few mistakes but everyone stuffs up so dont worry bout it i love this fan fic and the twice bitten once loved one too keep up the great work XOXO lillith black
this is one of my earlyer fan fics, so I have made tons of mistakes in this one, but as I write I emprove.
I love this! I can't read anymore than this bit of text though, when I click on the various chapters it just brings me back to this bit. Please help! Am addicted.

o i like your story
GR8 STORY! Please write more...

Chek out my story More to Life than love pleaseeee


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