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This is a fanfiction about vampire Bella moving to Forks with her "twin" sister and two parents, Linda and Chad Swan.  Her sister's name is Bailey and they look so identicle they think they are long lost twins.  This is about what happens after the move.  High school, love, and meeting the human Cullens.








I have a couple chapters already written so i'll put them up as soon as i can.

Disclaimer- I own all the new characters and plot, the other characters are Stephenie's.

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luve it ...cant wait for first chapter!!!!!!!!!!!! !XD
Sounds really good can't wait to read more.

Chapter 1 Part One      -Bailey's POV-


"Are you two finished packing yet?" Linda, my mother, questioned me and my "twin".

"NO!" we shouted back simultaneously.  We always say things at the same times, even when we don't want to.

My name is Bailey Tisdale Swan.  I have red eyes, if i don't change them, and so does my family.  We all (used to) cover them up with blue contacts, making the color purplish.  Yes, we do hunt humans and we LIKE IT!!  About a century ago, my parents and I (Bella wasn't a vampire yet) found out from another vampire coven that we could drink animal blood.  We tried it, hated it, never tried it since.


The only thing Bella and i don't have in common is our natural hair color.  I have very light golden-blonde hair while she has a chocolatey brown.  We each have two "powers" as we call them.  We have heard its impossible to have two powers but we're proof that you can.  Bella and I even have one of the same powers.  We can both teleport ourselves, others, and objects anywhere we want to by using only our mind.. (We had some fun with that before.)  Bella's second power is a mental shield. (We met a talent reader before.)  She thinks it's boring, but i can't disagree.  My second power is awesome.  I can change any aspect of a person's, including myself's, appearance.  This includes skin tone, eye shape, eye color, eyelash length, hair color, hair length, etc just by thinking what I want to change something to.  Before I found my power, we used the blue contacts, now, we don't have to. 


We are quickly packing all our clothes (and my favorite stuffed animals) telepathically, but Bella keeps trying to teleport my tie-dye scarf to her luggage.  Everytime Ilook for it, it's gone. "GRRRRRRRRRRRR BELLA! THAT'S MY SCARF!" I told her.  And just to make her stop, I changed my appearence to scare her,  I now have glowing orange eyes, bright, flame red hair, red skin, and i grew sharp claws. LOL. She just stared wide-eyed at me and sent it back to the top of my gray and orange luggage.  Oh yeah i still got it.


"I'm thirsty!" Bella and I complained.

"We'll go when your father's back and you two are done packing," mother said from downstairs.


I packed my last item of clothing, a one-shouldered dress I wore to prom a decade ago, into my sixth bag, a green and gray zebra one.

"DONE!" I yelled unnecessarily loud.  Dad came in the door a second later, just as Bella finished too.

This is good, please post more.

Chapter 1 Part 2       -Bailey POV-


After Bella and I finished, dad was also home so we could FINALLY go hunting.  The last time we went was a FULL two weeks ago and we usually go once a week so we don't attack humans in public areas.  I changed Bella and I's appearance so we looked more human.  I gave us both slightly tanned skin, greenish- blue eyes, and elbow length gold hair.  I was already in my outfit for hunting; a light jean jacket, green skinny jeans, and Bailey 3-button UGGS (my fave). 


Ever since i found my power, we didn't have to cover every inch of our skin to go outside (in public) on a sunny day because when I change a vampire's skin tone, they don't sparkle.


Since it is too cold for humans to go outside jacketless, it was 38 degrees Fahrenheit, I kept on the light jacket.


When I hunt, I go for the teenage guys cause they are easily lured out of the public eyes by pretty ladies like bella and I.  We all head out the door, Bella goes left to who knows where, Chad and Linda go straight, and I head left to the neighboring town of Harrimburg.  I walk until I see a clothing store where there's bound to be at least one cute guy my age (not a few centuries, but what age I look).


I head toward the guys section and, sure enough, I see a group of potential targets.  I decide upon the youngest looking one (around 19, same as me) and I approach him.

"Hey," I said shyly, batting my lashes.  He seems instantly dazzled by my vampiric good looks, seeing as how blood pools in his cheeks when just seeing me talk to him.

"Hey babe," he said, trying to be cool, while ushering ourselves away from the group.

"Would you mind, like, showin' me 'round town.  I'm new to this neighborhood."

"Sure, what kinda place ya wanna see first?"

I thought the bookstore is pretty secluded, maybe there.

"Is there a bookstore 'round here?"

"Ya, I'll show you the way," he said. Poor poor hopeless, soon to die human child.  So young!  Fake tear! I thought jokingly to myself.


He walked out of the clothing shop and lead the way.  While walking with him, all the girls were staring at the boy like he was some god and were giving me death glares.  I tried to avoid eye contact or look up much, considering I will be the last person seen with him alive.  The guys still couldn't keep their eyes off me though.

Bella hates when guys give her too much attention, unlike me, and I'm loving being noticed (except for the last person to see him alive thing).


By now we are almost there, and  we just walked into the wooded area in front of the store, so I figured it would be the best time to drag him into the thick treed area.  I gripped his arm with an incredible amount of force and I felt my pressure shatter a lot of bones.  Better do this quickly, preferrably before he screams.  TOO LATE!  I broke his neck and drank all his warm-blood quickly, hardly savoring any of it.


I draped his dried out corpse on my shoulder and ran my quickest away from there.  I heard waves as I continued, so I made a bee line for the shore.  I slipped off my uggs and jacket and dove into the waves with the random kid's body still flung on my back. I swam three miles out and all the way to the bottom.  I dug into the sand, formed a little hole, and dumped the corpse in.  I filled the hole with sand again and left the sea.

Sorry, chapter one is reaaaaaaaaally long. It goes all the way to when they make it to their new house in Forks.

Chapter 1 Part 3 -Bailey's POV-

After I left the ocean, I head into the forest. I changed my appearance again and this time I gave myself bright blue eyes, curly brown hair reaching only my chin, and gave myself humanly pale skin. I quick sneak into a nearby clothing store and wlked out in ripped jeans, an off-shouldered orange shirt, and a random pair of sneaks.

I head for the nearby campsite deepish into the woods where kids my supposed age hang out and drink. Once I entered the woods, I immediately heard campers singing in the distance.

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Ellie
Happy birthday to you

Cool it's someones birthday. I'll give her the present of not feeling pain and going first, so she won't know death is coming. I ran vampire speed to the source of the sound. I jumped to a concealing branch and waited for the best moment to strike. Just when I was about to pounce on the red-headed birthday girl, I smelled a group of humans and two dogs approaching the campsite. Out in the distance I saw a group of police women. Great! Not!!!!!!!!!
I Chapter One Part 4 -Bailey's POV-

Out of the thicket of trees came the police women. The campers quickly hid their beers behind their backs.

"Hello kids. We have received orders to tell everyone in the woods about an animal who has been killing anyone in the woods." the police woman in the front said. "Everyone must evacuate the area for your own safety. We will be back in ten minutes to escort you out of the woods safely."

"Of course officer," the most drunk guy there said, almost falling over. Heehee! The group of police left and everyone was in a state of panic, worrying about the 'animal'. If they only knew what the 'animal' really was and how close it was to them. They will soon find out.

I jumped quietly off the branch and snapped each person there's necks. I quickly pulled them all away from the scene of my crime. I pulled them all the way to a river a good distance away. I began drinking the first three people (out of thirteen) and became content with the amount of burn almost gone in my throat. I better not waste them, so I flung all the other people onto some part of me and ran home. What I weird sight I must have been. A five foot tall girl carrying ten larger guys and girls on top of me. Heehee

When I safely made it inside my house, I headed for our basement.

new reader loved the story please keep me updated

ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  IM SO HAPPY YOU LOVE IT!
loved it write more

that was great!!

update soon please!!

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