The Twilight Saga

Lily's POV



' So me and Lily are going Christmas shopping. Anything you want us to pick up?'


Myself, Emily, Sam, Seth and Jake were sat at the table eating breakfast. There was a plate of toast, jam, butter and marmalade. Boxes of cereal and pancakes. Jake grabbed two pancakes and pushed them into his mouth.


'Ewww! Jake that's gross!' I squealed

'God Lily. It's only pancakes.' He said.

I could only just make out the words he was saying. At least Sam and Seth are normal they actually used a knife and fork for the pancakes.


'So no-one wants anything from town?' I asked.

'Nope. I'm good Lil's.' Seth replied. Someone heard me then.


'Hello? Jake? Sam?' I asked

'Hmm yeah what?' Sam asked.

'DO YOU WANT ANYTHING FROM TOWN?!?! Do I need to spell it out for you? T-o-w-n.' I shouted. There was a long pause. Weird.

'Nothing thanks' Sam said.


I couldn't be bothered to ask Jake again. Emily and I walked out about 10 minutes later and hopped into the car. I had a military coat with flary ends on with a black purse on my side. We drove into town which was only a few minutes away.


Emily and I got out the car and got our ticket. The machiene was really loud. It made this weird clicking noise that was really annoying. We walked out the car park and into a coffee shop. Ahh... Starbucks. We waited in line for our turn and I looked up and I couldn't believe what I saw.....


He was gorgeous. Tall with black hair and freckles. Phwarrr.... He was defenetly hott..


'Hey Tom.' Emily said

'You know him?' I whispered to her.

'Yeah known him for a long time.' She replied

'How old?' I questioned


'Omg....' They were the only 3 letters I could say.

'This is my friend Lily.' Emily said to Tom

' Hey.' Tom said. He stared right into my eyes.

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Lily's POV

His face stayed in my mind all the time I was at Starbucks. Smiling with that unforgettable smile. Oops he's coming over to the table... Look cute.

'Hey Tom can I have a vanillia milkshake with a slice of carrot cake... pleasseeee.' I said with a smile

'Yeah sure. And for you Em?' Tom questioned

'Just a latte thanks Tom.' Emily said

He left with a huge smile on his face. He seemed happy. That's good. He came back within minutes again a huge smile.

'Here you go. One vanillia milkshake and carrot slice and on latte.' Tom said

'Thank-you Tomm.' I said *sigh*

Myself and Emily drank and I ate my cake. Yumm. We walked up to the counter to get the bill and pay.

'Umm Tom..' I asked
'Yeah.. um Lily isn't it?' He said
'Yeah it is umm what's your phone number?' I asked him.
'Ok I'll write it for you.' He scribbled on a piece of paper and handed it to me.
'Thanks Tom. See you later.' I smiled. This has to be that bestest day ever.

We walked back to the car and steped in.

'So Lily.. You have a bit of a thing for Tom.' Emily asked me
'Sort of I'm gonna call him later.' I said

Sorry it's short im in a rush! xx
Tom's POV

'She liked me. Yesss.' I thought to himself.
'Rob I got to go. My Dad wants be back at home.' I Rob my manager.
'Whatever Tommy Boy. Whatever...' Rob replied.

I literally ran out the door and to my truck. Whacked the radio on and turned up the volume. I wound down the window and started shouting the words to 'Your Love is My Drug' by Ke$ha.

'Your Love your love your love is my drug! Your love your love your love!' I shouted.
I probably looked a bit gay but oh well.

I got to La Push and saw Lily. She lives here? Uh-oh. Emily didn't tell her that I was staying with my uncle for a while. Damn it! I saw Jake, Seth and Embry. God I haven't seen them for ages.

'Hey Jake, Embry, Seth!' I shouted.
'He guys it's Tom.' Seth yelled back.
'Oh yeah!' Jake agreed.

I strolled over and we went inside. Billy and Emily were there. Ooops there is Lily. Act natural.

'Hey Em, Billy, Lily.' I said almost whispering with embaressment.
'Tom? It's you isn't it?' Lily asked
'Umm yeah.' I replied.
'This is my boy friend, Darren.' She said.

My whole world spun and my legs went wobbly. She. Had. A. Boy. Friend.
'Sorry I got to go.' I said
'Oh Tom don't go..' She wimpered
'No I got to-' I ran away I couldn't bear to see her face. Tears streaming down mine. She had been imprinted on by some low-life loser with greasy hair and a weird face. I phased to my wolf form and ran to kill some bear or something. That was the only way to let out my anger. The anger from that evil yet beautiful girl.

Again. I was in a rush sorry it's a bit short!! x
Yes please xx

Lily's POV

***************Inside La Push**************


Why did he go? *sigh* I like him and all but I havea boy friend. I have to come up with a brilliant plan. Hmmm.... Dump Darren go out with Tom? Maybe, just maybe it might just work.

'Darren, babe, will you come outside in 5?' I asked

'Umm sure, hun.' Yesss he had been lured into my trap. Now I just have to say those words.'Darren your dumped.'


***********Outside the house***********

'Darren your dumped' I kept repeating in my head.

Ok here he comes.

''Darren, your dumped.'' I said


I ran. I ran to Emily's because I know that is where Tom was going to be. I wacked the door about 10-ish times. Tear rolling down me just because I wanted to see Tom's face.

He answered the door and I just hugged him so hard he probably choked (oops) he kissed me back. We just stood there hugging at kissing then we finally went inside and we talked.

'I dumped Darren' I said to him. Who was now offically mine.

'I love you. Not him.' I added

'Your so beautiful' He said to me. 'I love you so much I think I have imprinted.' He whispered in my ear.

I giggled.

I stayed there the rest of the evening until about 11 and we were just talking, hugging and kissing. My neck, ear, lips and cheek. I love him so much. And he was mine. All mine.

Ohhh. Can u make me a banner please! Umm maybe a even bigger problem occurs?

Tom's POV


*********After Lily has left*********

*sigh* That was magical. Probably the best night of my life. She realised her love for me and came back.

She left about half an hour ago so.....

I grabbed the phone and dialled her number. The reciever beeped and I heard her voice.

'Hey Babe.' I said my face lighting up.

'Hey you alright?' She asked me.

'I'm fine just fine, yourself.' I questioned.

'I'm good just catching my breath, I literally ran here then to Emily's talked to her for 10 then ran back here.' She replied.

'Cool. I was just wondering if you would like to come to the bonfire tomorrow? Jake, Seth, Embry and Sam are coming.' Please say yes, I said that about 20 times to myself.

'Sure. I'll meet you there are 7.' She said

'Okay see you then beautiful.'

She giggled.

'Bye.' Then the phone dropped dead.


I'd imprinted. I, Tom Brown, had imprinted.

**************Lily's POV************************************After the phone call***********************

'Bonfire.' I whispered to myself.

'Who was that hun?' Emily was over and I really didn't want to say but.....

'Tom.' I said

' Ohhhh.' Emily said winking

' What did he want?' She questioned

'I'm just going to the.... oh you don't want to know.' I said

'TELL!!!!!!' She shouted

'Well.... I'm going to the bonfire with him and Jake and Seth and Embry and as you know Sam.' I squealed.


We chatted about what I should wear and act like for a bit then I ran up to my room. I sighed. This was probably the best day of my life so far. Boyfriend. Kissing. And a date!




Sorry it's so short I was in a real rush!



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