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His eyes met mine and deep inside, as my heart started to pound in my chest, I felt whole. For the first time in my life. A feeling so great I couldn't that I had lived so long without it. He smiled at me then and I knew he felt it too!! I knew I would never be the same!! He was my future no matter what happens. I don't know why but in this very moment I realized I was very deeply in love with a guy I just met!!!

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Love it! Love the Bella Rachel moment, and the Edward explanation! xoxo,

Chapter 26


1 1/2 months later

"Paul, I need you to call Carlisle, right now." He looked up at me with a confused look on his face.

"What's wrong, baby?"

"Exactly." I said panting. He still looked confused. "Paul, call Carlisle or I will kill you." He jumped up and got the phone.

"Carlisle, Rachel told me to call you but I'm not sure why....yeah ok....mhmm" Carlisle said something that made Paul go white under his russet skin and he looked at me with huge eyes. It would have been funny in any other time but this. I tapped my foot and glared at him. "Carlisle, we're leaving now. We'll be there in a few." He hung up and looked at me, then he shook his head and went into the other room. I threw my hands into the air then went to wait for him by the car.

When he came out I had my arms folded across my chest and I was tapping my foot. He didn't say anything just unlocked the car and got in. I sighed and got in as well.

"Why couldn't you just tell me? Why do you have to make life difficult?"

"I'm pregnant. I can do what ever I want." He pulled up to the Cullen house and I got out and went inside as fast as my body would let me.

"Edward, don't let him in this house until he's done being mad. I don't want him messing this up." I felt a breeze and knew Edward had gone out to talk to Paul. I kept walking until I found Carlisle.

"Hello, Rachel, how are you feeling?"

"Hi, Carlisle. I feel fine. The contractions are about 15 minutes apart so it will be a while yet."

"Hmm ok sounds like it's going good. Why don't we go upstairs and have a look."

"Ok. Bella do you mind coming with. Paul's a bit busy at the moment."

She appeared next to me and smiled. "Sure, I'd love to." 

We went upstairs and Carlisle checked me out and said everything should go smoothly. Only bad thing, we have to wait.

2 hours later

"Rachel, this baby is coming. Are you ready?" I nodded unable to speak. I groaned.

"Edward, get Paul up here. Now." I heard Paul slam into the house and race up the stairs.

"Is she ok? Hey baby how are you feeling?" I held out my hand and he took it, then I squeezed it with all I had. He chuckled. "That bad huh?" I glared at him then screamed.

"It's time. Here we go."

Carlisle coached me through everything and an hour later a beautiful baby appeared. The cleaned it then gave it to me.

"May I present to you, your beautiful baby girl." I looked into the most amazing and sweet face I've ever seen, and smiled.   I looked up at Paul and saw him just staring at her.

"What do you think of our baby girl, Paul?" He looked at me and smiled.

"She's beautiful just like her mama." I looked back at her and thought of a name.

"Perfect." Paul leaned down and kissed me. "I love you, Rachel."

"I love you too, Paul."

We both looked at Hope and smiled. Even after everything that went wrong, Paul and I pulled together and made this amazing baby and we'll make it through whatever else comes our way.

Hope you enjoyed!!!  


Aww :) they have a baby girl, that's so sweet :)


2 Days later


I took Rachel and Hope home. I had a surprise planned for them when we got home. The pack would all be there and ready to meet it's new member. I was excited to show off me daughter. I parked walked around the car and got them out.

"Rachel, I want you to close your eyes." She looked at me hard then smiled and closed her eyes. I picked her up carefully and carried her inside. I set her down, stepped back, and held up my hand for the count down. 3, 2, 1, surprise. She jumped and opened her eyes. She looked at everyone and started crying.

I hugged her. "Don't worry she's happy." I hugged my back.

"Thank you so much, Paul." I kissed her in response.

"Hey quite hogging the baby. Uncle Jake and Aunt Nessie want to see her." We broke apart laughing and Rachel handed her over. Jake made funny faces at her and Nessie took pictures. We all laughed really hard when he realized what she was doing. He growled at her and would have chased after her if not for Rachel grabbing his arm. He looked down at Hope and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry." He handed her back then took off. We chuckled when we heard Nessie squeal.

I heard a knock and went to answer it. "Hey, Seth. How are you?"

He smiled. "I'm good. Thanks."

"Seth, it's great to see you." Rachel came over and hugged him. When she pulled back Seth looked at Hope and froze. I growled and Rachel smiled.

Well I'm sad to say that's the end of Love in La Push, but I plan on writing a sequel 'Hope in La Push'. I'll be starting it soon!!! Thanks so much for reading!!!! Love you all!!!! :)

Aww bless :) Oh my god Seth Imprinted on Hope! Did not see that comming, I wonder what will happen as she grows up :) I love this story so much


You've done it!! You've finished you story and it was great.

I like the ending, even Seth is going to be fine.

I enjoyed the way you have her stand up to Alice and to get Edward to get rid of Paul when he's being anoying.

I know this must have taken hours. You've done a really good job. And your writting style is so much more relaxed now and more fun to read because of it.

Best wishes



Loved it!  Can't wait for the sequel!

i love it. it's so sweet(:

Great ending Rachel, I'm sad that it's over but it was a great story!! Im glad there is a sequel, I'm just not ready to stop reading yet!


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