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What would happen if Paul imprinted on a three year old Bella Swan. How will he handle a three year old?


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looooooooove it~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more noow!!!!!! plz. ^.^
well hon i wm writing out the next chapter now and i will have more up tomorrow.
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Chapter 15


I still can't believe that Bella is carrying my child. I went into Papa Wolf mode when it came to her and my child. I remember the night that we told the pack and the Cullen's about the baby. Bella had called everyone around. She said "Guys, we have something to tell you?" Riley looked at us and said "Well it's about time that I became an uncle so how far are you?" Bella's jaw dropped and everyone laughed. I told everyone what the doctor had said. Carlisle said "Angela is a very good doctor and I know that she will take very good care of the both of them. We are so happy for you guys." So here we are seven months later waiting to see what the baby is. Bella has put on more weight on then what most women do but the doctor said that would happen sometimes. So she is moving the wand around but again mini me is hiding again.

We had left the doctor's office without knowing what we are having. I hated not knowing if the baby was a boy or a girl. Bella was laughing at me the whole ride back to the house. We were chatting about that the baby's name was going to be when there was a loud crash in the passengers side of the car. I looked over at Bella and my world came crashing down. Bella's face was covered in blood and she wasn't awake and moving. I tried to get free but my leg was pinned down. I heard the other driver calling 911. The paramedics said "This is Chief Levi and his wife. Call ahead to the hospital and let them know that we have a pregnant woman that was in a wreck. Sir how far along is your wife?" I looked at them and said "She is seven and a half months. Get her to the hospital first. I will just ride in the Jeff." Even thought I had stopped phasing I knew that my wolf gene would heal me some. I got out my phone and called Charlie. I knew that he was at Billy's watching the game and waiting for us.

He answered "Paul, where are you guys?" I started to cry and said "Charlie, Bella and I were just hit and her side was hit by the car. They have taken her on to the hospital and I am riding with Jeff. So you need to get the pack and call the Cullen's to tell them what is going on." When we got to the ER I was checked over but they were shocked to see that I had only cuts and scraps. I asked where Bella was and they said that she was rushed into surgery. I felt like I was already dead. I barely noticed everyone coming in and rushing to me. I felt some cold hands on me and I looked up to see Esme looking down at me with tears that she would never shed. She is the only vampire that I would let touch me because she took on the persona the mother that I never had.

It was about an hour after Bella was brought in did Dr. Weber come out and had me to follow her. I was getting very nervous but then she led me to the nursery. I looked around trying to find my baby but what shocked me was when she stopped right in front two square bubble things. She looked at me and said "Well Paul meet your son and daughter." I looked at her and then looked at the babies. I was full on crying right now we didn't even know that she was having two. We haven't even had a baby shower. I slowly moved to where the babies were and put a hand into touch them. To my shock they were warm and they moved when I touched them. I looked at Dr. Weber and she said "Paul, they both weigh 4lbs and 7ozs. They are sixteen inches long. Baby A or the boy was born first he had a bit of trouble breathing the same as his sister. She is just like him but was a bit better in the breathing department. They were stressed when Bella was brought in and we had to take them right then or all three would have died." I was looking at them while she was talking and I never thought that you could love someone so small so much but I had double the love.

I looked at Dr. Weber and she said "Bella did lose a lot of blood but luckily we got the bleeding stopped. Her heart did stop once while we were getting the babies out. Once we got them out did she start to improve. She should be waking up soon but I think that you need to tell the family about the babies." I left my children and found everyone again. Charlie looked at me and said "How are Bella and the baby doing?" I retold them about Bella. I smiled and said "Well it looks like we will need two of everything instead of just one. We have a son and daughter. Now I need to go to see my wife." I was lead to where Bella was and I could see that she was just waking up. I smiled and she felt her stomach and she started to cry. She said "Please tell me that the baby is fine?" I put my hands to her face and then pulled out my phone. I showed her the pictures. I said "Meet our son and daughter." Bella's face lite up and I then told her about them.

After she was rested and the family came in to see her were we taken to see the babies for the first time as parents. She got to hold our daughter and she said "I have the babies names." She told me and I told her that I loved them. The next day we were able to have the babies brought into the room. Everyone was gushing about the twins. Riley was holding his nephew when he said "What are their names baby sister?" Bella was smiling when she said "Well I picked out her name and it is Carlie Aurora Renee Levi. Carlie is a mix of Daddy's and Carlisle's names. Aurora is after my favorite movie as a three year old. I wanted to name my daughter after my mother." She looked at me and I said "I picked out his name and it is Riley Jasper Levi. Because Bella loves her brother so much. If it wasn't for you Riley then I wouldn't have her with me today. I picked out Jasper because when she was kidnapped by her aunt it was you that she ran to for safety." They guys were touched by the names we picked out. Now I know not to take anything for granted because you never know when it could be taken from you. We got to take the babies home about two weeks after they were born and that it was only after they had put on some weight. I was never more happier to not get enough sleep.

Riley Jasper Levi

Carlie Aurora Renee Levi
awww girl i love it simply love it. just simply in love with names. so what happens next. mail much love
well there is only two chapters left then it is done
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