The Twilight Saga

What would happen if Paul imprinted on a three year old Bella Swan. How will he handle a three year old?


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Masen Dale Levi
Sorry but this story will not have a sequel. it ended the way that i wanted it to with them both being happy and then going to watch over their family in a better place. i had tears writing it.
it was so an amezing story!!!!!!
but it is sad it is over!!!
love shauny
that was awesome!!!!!!!!
sniff*****sniff***** i really loved this story to bad that there isn't going to be a sequel. much love
this was soo awsome!!!!
duuuuud u got to make a story bout there kids
wow i'm bawling like a baby i can't believe there's no more.
i'm so saddened that this story has ended..
i wish u could do a sequel to it..
if u do, plz keep me posted..
i love it girl i enjoy your story and all of them
i do like to do non canon stories but i am writing some bella/edward stories.


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