The Twilight Saga

chapter 1 hurt hello. my name is kerigan kellen. (and kerigan is pronounsed CAREAGAN)i have dirty brown hair. i am only 11 when i almost died. my mother died when i was 6 and my dad has never been the same since then. when he is mad he beats me. my dad took me out of school when i was 9. today was the worst day of my life... and the best. i have scars all over my body. most don't show much any more but one always will. i remember when my father cut me in the face with a peace of glass from a broken vasie. right across the face. from my eye brow to my cheek. today he took out a gun and shot me in the shoulder. i wacked one of his beer bottles on his head and ran away as far as i could into the woods... not a good idea.
blood kept splirting from my arm. it hert. i wish my mom was here. her name was cathey. she was so sweet... she would have never done anything like this to me. i fear broken glass beacuse every time i see it it remeinds me of when my dad cut my face... when he did i saw a glimpce of my mom when she died in pain. that was not the last image i wanted of her but it was stuck in my head.
her beautiful hazle eyes filled with sorro and pain. her body old weak...
she was the nicest person ever.. why did she have to die? i calapsed to the ground at a loss of blood.
i saw my mom right above me... as clear as the trees infront of me and behind.
she wore whight. her face was as wonderful and beautiful as before she was sick.
"mom?" i asked in my painful voise.
"you'll be ok hun. someone is coming to get you she will save you. i am sorry i could not save you from your father but i can save you know." mom told me. she stroked my cheek. it was warm.
she flashed my her wonderful heart warming smile and dissapered.
"mom mommy no!!" i screamed.
a angle came up to me. she was a beautiful blond. she put her hand on my head. it was freezing. i shiverd.
"EMMETT BELLA!" she yelled.
two more angles apered. one with dark brown hair a female the other with dark black hair. it was a man. it was cut short.
"emmett we should bring her to carlisle. he can turn her." the brownd haired girl said.
"no." the blond one said.
"what if she ends up like me. not wanting it? lets see if carlisle can help her." said the blond one. she picked me up. i felt comferted in her arms. like i did in my mothers.
i been without a mother for to long. i felt wind blow agest my face. if fet good. i could fell more and more of my bloodd draning.
"carlisle!!" yelled the blond.
i man about 29 30 came up to me. "whats wrong rosalie?" he asked.
so that was her name. rosalie. i loved it.
"do you want me to turn her?" carlisle asked. "no i want to see if you could help her.
what did they all meen about "turn?" i just didn't get it,
carlisle looked at me. well she has been shot in the shoulder look." he said pointing to my shoulder.
the brown haired girl gasped. "what happned to the poor girl! she lookes only 10 or 11!" said the brown haired girl. she seemed vary upset. i tryed to speak but i couldn't find my lips.
all i could let out was
"you will be ok." said carlisle. then he gave me a pill. he had to make it go down my mouth because i couldn't swallo it.
the i driffed off into a deep sleep.

rosalies PROV
i stared at the girl infront of me. i felt like i needed to protect her like she was mine. my daugter.
i would of cryed if i could. carlisleremoved the bullet. and bangged her arm.
"we just have to wait for her to wake up now." carlisle told me. i shook my head.
i looked at her again. she was probly going to be hugrey when she woke up so i went inot the kichen to make her something.
when i opened the frige i woman in a wight dress apered. i gasped and backed away.
"no no please don't be afrade!!" said the woman.
"i am cathey kellen i am the girls mother. her name is kerigan she is 11 years old. i am makeing her your responsabilaty. i have seen you look at children wishing you had one and i know you can take care of her. do you acepet taking car of her" she asked me. "well yes." i anserdstill shakein'.
she smiled at me.
"but make shere t watch out for her. she is ind of a dare devil and will do anything." then cathey vanished.
kerigan. was a sweet name. i would take care of her. all my dreames where comeing true!!
just then i heard someone wisper. "she up."

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chaper 2 new world
kerigans prov
i could still feel the sharp pain in my shoulder. i wanted to wake up.. but i couldn't find my eyes.
then i saw my mother again. she was there. was i crazy? maybe.
"kerigan my wonderful merical rosalie will watch over you. she will love you and care for you. she willl be a great mother. you dersurve a good mother." she said in her velvety voise. "but mom your the best mom anyone could ever have." i argued. i didn't need a new mother.
" thank you sweet heart but you need a mother that is alive." she told me.
"you are alive to me!!! alive in my heart!" i yelled. she gave me her heart warming smile.
"mom... please don't leave me." a tear escaped my eye. she wiped it away.
"i will be with you. always." she dissapered like last time. "NO MO NO!!!" i screamed.
just then my eyes flu open.
"she's up" i heard the voise of the fermiler brown haired girl. i sat up. i could feel the pain in my shoulder now.
"ow!' i yellped ptting my hand over it.
the 29 or 20 year old man layed e back down.
"stay down ok." he said.
"who are you?" i asked him. then rosalie walked in. "my name is carlisle. i am a doctor. you will be fine. now where are your parents?" he asked me.
"oh. welll my mother died. and my dad has orcherd my since. today he went over bord and shot me in he shoulder." i told him.
:why didn't you ever call the police or told your teachers?" he asked.
"well he smached all the phones and pullled me out of school." i told him.
"poor thing!" said a motherly voise. velvety like my mothers.
"when did you mother die?" she asked me. "when i was six." i anserd.
"well then would you like to stay with us." rosalie asked.
'rosalie!" carlisle yelled. "oh please carlisle. i could take good care of her. i have always wanted a child."rosalie complanded.
"it's not i bad idea carlisle. nessiee could have some more compane. she never playes with childern her age." said the brown haired girl.
"and she had no mother and has been abused but her father." said a beautiul broze haired boy.
"where else would she go? to an a adoption senture? no one will take an 11 year old girl!" said a pixie like black haired girl.
"ok ok! i can'tsay no to all of you but shoulden't we see what she wants???" carlisle asked the rest. everyone nodded and looked at me.
did i want to stay with this family? they did say they had another kid. she could be like the sister i never had. and they all seamed friendly enofe and my other wanted me to be here. with them.
"i wouldloveto stay here. i never had muchof a life after my mother died. it would be nice to start fresh. have i new family." i lived in forks a small town s no one would know i was gone.
"well let usintroduse ourselfs. i am esme." said the motherly woman.
"this is bella and edward. bella you should go fetch renesmee. she would want to meet her new cosin."
"wate i sec you said cosin? you meen i can adopt her!!" rosalie screached. "of corse!" esme told her. rosalie came over to me holding a mans hand.
"this is emmett. your new father." rosalie told me. i smiled at them and slowly sat up. it feltwrong to call her rosalie. i forsome reson wanted to call her mom. i don't know why but i just... did.
"this is alice and jasper." rosalie or "mom" said pointing to a couple. the short black haired girl and the man with honey blond hair.
"oh and over there is jeff. he is new to or family to." jeff had short brown hair. vary dark brown like dark chocolot brown.he looked about 17. he was pretty hot. but i was way to young for him. i heard edward chuckle.
"so... whats your name sweet heart?" esme asked.
"kerigan." i told them.
"kerigan. what i wonderful but differnet name. never heard of anyone with that name." carlisle said.
i smiled. alot of people calmmented on my name.
"ya it's iresh. my mom wanted a name for me that was just so much more differnt then the others." i told them.
then bella walked in with a child about my age right beside her.
"is that her mom?" she asked.
"ya thats her sweet pea." the little girl came up to me.
"hi i am renesmee! but you can call me nessie. what's your name?" she asked.
"my name is kerigan. it's wonderful to meet you to. i told her. i lokked around at my new family. it looked like my life was starting to turn around.
"come kerigan. i will show you to your new room." mom told me. i followed. she gave me a teuer of the house.
she took me to my new was huge.
"can i talk to you for a sec?" i asked rosalie or mom or WHATEVER!
"of cores." she said.
"i can't thank you ebofe fooe adopting me. now i have a chance at a normal life." i said happly.
"but... i wanted to know if i could call you mom."
i said the last word quietly.
she shead a tear. shee wiped it away with asuprized look on her face like she never cryed before.
'ya. and can a call you thing like sweet pea and honey and my dautgter?" she asked me.
"yes mom." i said and we both hugged each other.
authurs note!! plez read!
ok i know it's not that exiting right now but it will get better just wait!
and don't worry you will still get all of ur bella and edward romance.
twilight wouldn't be anything without bella and edward!!! and you
will still get all ur action don't worry!!
(you may even get some new romance!)
should i wright more???
is it really any good?
and plez be honest beacuse i don't want to do a story that no one will read.
so i want u guys to be honest and rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.
thanks lots
-Team Edward
chapter 3 finding out
i woke up like anyother moring to my new life..
by the smell of eggs and bacon! i sliped on my slipers and ran down stares.
"moring grammy esme." i said sitting at the table. "good morning kerigan. renesmee is eating down at her place to whe you are done then you can go ssee her." grammy esme told me.
she set down my food. i dug in. it's funny how only in a week me and renesmee are best friends. i am being tuterd so in september i can go into the 7th grade with renesmee. the plan is that we do 7th and 8th grade together and then we move somewhere else for high school.
alice wan'ts to move to paris. renesme grows quick. aunt bella and unckle edward said that it was just a condtion.
but anyway i am on a 4th grade level. mom says i am a quick learned.
i have looked online for contitions that makeyou grow really fast...
i got nothing. i feel like they are hiding something... something big that i am missing.
but i will figer it out. i have always been the advenchaures tipe. you know like daredevil do what i want tuff girl.
i finshed up my breakfast and ran to renezes. i call her renez instead of nessie.
i knocked on the door.
unkle edward anserd. "well hella kerigan. renesmee is almost fineshed. come inside." he said holding the door open for me.
i walked inside. i loved there house. when renesmee saw me she stuffed her poptart in her mouth and asked her mom
"can me and kerigan go to the park?" she asked. i havn't gone to a park in about 5 years.
"you meen the one on elk road?" aunt bella asked. "yep."
"ok then sure. but get dressed. looks like you'd better get dressed to kerigan." aunt bella said. i looked at myself.
i was still in my P.Js.
"ok!" i suluted and ran out the door.
sorry g2g 2 bed!
more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
continuing chapter 3...
whe i got in the house i saw mom.
"hey mom!" i said joyful. "hi sweeie you cloths are on your bed. alice got them for you. you have to get ready for your classes."
like i said me and renesmee are being tuterd. at 12:30 two 1:30 we have math.
from 2:00 to 2:00 we have gym. from 4:00 to 4:30 we have siense. from 6:00 to 6:30 we have sochal studys and from
8:00 untell 8:30 we have french.
"thanks. oh and can i go to the park with renesmee/" i asked.
'um that depends.. wiych one."
"the one on elk road." i anserd. "oh well ok."
i raced up the stares and there where my clothes lying neatly on my bed. i put them on fast and ran to rensmees house.

we got on our bikes and road. oh ya i got a bike from my mom as a welcome present.
there was something about the cullens that i felt like i need to know... but i didn't know what it was.
well i'll find out. i always do.

rosalies prov
"we are not haveing this conversation again emmett!" i yelled at him. he thinks kerigan should know that we are vampires...
no i want her to live i normal happy life.
"honey she can't live in a lie." he yelled back.
"he's right rose." said edward. "you know what just shut up
"rosalie i have read hermind. she is vary smart and knows when things are wrong and what to do about. she wil find out.. i know it." edward explaned to me.
"edward what if she finds out and runs away! because we are monsters!what if her dad finds her!" i paniked.
i rememberd when her mother cathy came to me and told me i was her guaridian angel. ha! more like guardian devil!
"what? he mother came to you?" edward asked.
"yes as a angel. she told me to look after her. i am not crazy edward! vampires can't be!" i yelled.
"well then if you are her guardian and her mother came to you then she was ment to be with you. what if she was ment to know? plus she would find out because no one is ageing."
i sighed he was right. she had to know.
"ok your right. but lets wait untell she finds out. ok?" i asked.
"ok." edward.emmett and bella agreed.
I hope your going to keep goin with this story... I't good. Keep me updated plz?
chapter 3 secrets
it was gym time. me and rensmee where playing basketball with daddy. we had only gotton three dunks when he got 10. when he mad e it to 11 he yelled
"i won!" he braged and danced around. i ran after him and was about to punch him. then he picked me and and spun me around. "dad! put me down!!" i yelled.
then he started to tickle me. "da---d--n--ot---fun----nny!" i yelled. then i bit him in the sholder. "oww!" he said falling to the ground. "get him!" i yelled. me and renesmee jumped all over him.
"no.. stop! theres to many!" he yelped. we kept laughing. when we had our fun we got off of him. "why did you bite me? what are you some kind of vampire?" he askedlaughing at his own joke. renesmee smiled with him. i didn't think it was to funny. the i fake hissed at him. "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" he yelled runnning into the house. me and renesmee laughed again."hey kerigan?" renezz asked. "ya?" i anserd.
"do you want to go to jacobs house? me and my mom are going there today." ahe asked. "i would love to!" i said.
"hey isn't he that guy you said was hot?" i asked. "what... no where did you here-" she started to say. oh ya forgot to tell you.. i was quight the easdropper.
"well... i heard you and aunt bella talking and..." she glared at me.
"uh-oh." i said and ran for my life yelled "aunt bella!" i ran all the way to renesmees house. and man was a tierd after that...

rosalies prov
"that was cute watching kerigan and renesmee beat you up." i told emmett. he laughed. "ya they enjoyed it. and honestly they are pretty good at basketball. i meen i did pwne then.. but no one can beat me." he said. i ran into his arms. then i lifted my head to kiss him. "so.." i said between kisses "do you like.."
"being a father?" i asked.
he stopped kissing me and pulled me into a hug.
"i love it." he said. that made me smile. " i am so.. unbelaveably happy you do." i said. i felt like crying. "but... i do love being a father.. but i can't help but wonder do i still get to have sex with you?" he asked.
i laughed so hard. "yes. yes emmett." i said. and with that he carryed me upstares to our room.

renesmees prov
"hey mom?" i asked her. "yes sweet heart?" she anserd. "can kerigan come over to jacobs with us?" i asked with my puppy dog eyes and my 'oh please, oh please' face.
she rolled her eyes at my look. 'yes of chores. i am sure jacob would like to meet the new member of the family." mom said. then dad came in and rapped his arms over moms wast.
"so.. when are you going?' he asked.
"when ever those two are ready..." mom started to say "NOW LETS GO NOW!" i burted out. opps. i really did like jake. and i really wanted to see him. mom and kerigan laughed. dad just sighed. 'ok get ready. and get in dads car. i just have to make i quick phone call." mom said and reached into her pocket and pulled out her nice silver cell phone.

bellas prov
i reached into my pocket and pulled out my silver cell phone. i walked into the kichen and diled checked my 'contacks' list. when i found jake i pressed send.
the phoned ringed four times before someone picked up. "hello?" asked a fermiller deep voise. "billy? i needto talk to jake for a sec." i said.
"ok bella.. here he is." billy said and i wated a few seconds and heard a deep but young voise say "hey bells. whats up?"
"um jake.. you know how me and nessie are coming over today." i asked.
"ya. why?"
'well.. we kind of have a new memeber of the family.. buts she's human." i said.
"what human but-"
"long story. but she doesn't know what we are or what you are so.. can you keep it a secret?" i asked.
"ya bells. anything for you guys." he said.

kerigans prov
"hey um rensmee? can i use your phone?' i asked. i had my plans for getting the info i need. i needed to find out this familys secret. i didn't want to ask renesmee because i am afrade it would rune our friendship if i asked the wrong way.
"um.. i gess? why?" why kerigan why!!! i asked myself.
"um.. i wantedto take i picture of your... room.' i said.
"why?" she asked. "beacuse.. there is a contest online. the um... best room contest winner gets.. a lamp." A LAMP! JEZZ KERIGAN!
"what did you say a lamp."
"um.. no i said a... traponine."
"ok then. well i gess so." she handded me her phone. "thanks." i tiptoed into the house.
i set the phone to record. then i slid it down the hallway just by the kichen.
then i walked into resemees room hiding. then aunt bella walked into the hallway. "oh kerigan. i didn't see you there." she said.
" i just came to get renesmees phone. she said she think she left it here.. oh there it is." i said. i was a good actor. i went to drama alot when i was young.
i ran over to it and picked it up. i stopped the recording.
"ok. get in the car.. it's time to go." said aunt bella. i ran to unckle edwards shiny volvo.
i listed to the recording in the corner. it said
"billy? i need to talk to jake for a sec.
um.. jake.. you know me and nessie are comeing over today.
well we have a new member of the family... but shes human.
long story but she doesn't know what we are or what you are so.. can you keep it a secret?

darn it! whats the damm secret!
well i'll will figer it.

edwards prov
"bella?" i texted her. she opend her shild for me.
"what is it?"
"she is fegering it out. she recored your conver sation with jake. she is confused.. buts knows we are not human." i texted back
" i new she would find out sooner or later."
then i lost contack with her.. thoughts.
Chapter 4 I knew it.
kerigans prov
i was honestly exited to meet Jacob. Renesmee talks about him a lot. i was confused on what to expect when i find out what they are.
i know there not human. that much is clear
i was and am smarter than i look. not to much with school but with other stuff. i shivered at the thought of why i couldn't go to school. my father... Brian.i hurt to even think of him as my father. he was never a father to me.. never.

Brian's prov

"noooooo!' i screamed out loud. i have lost my wife and now my daughter! what if she goes to the police.. no she's probley dead by now. i thought of Cathy the way she looked,the way she tasted.and it was all because of Kerigan. i would of killed her if she wasn't such i spitting image of her mother.they both had those hazel eyes and that dirty blonde hair. they both had those rich plump red lips. she was nothing like me. now.. i was homeless. running away hoping she had never gotten to the police. i was heading to Alaska. for a fresh start. i had already gotten clothes for the cold weather. and i rented a place.

i happily cradled into my new apartment. "cozy!" i said sitting on the chair kicking my feet up. my brother Ryan lives here to so he got me some fernecher.we haven't seen each other in a while, he doesn't even know i have an 11 year old kid soon to be 12. then i saw someone pass by my window. mail man. he put a package by my door. i went outside, the frozen wind hitting me. "burr!" i yelled and picked up the package.then i saw something red laying in the snow. there was a trail... blood. i quickly fallowed the trail leading me behind my house. and there was a particularly beautiful woman feasting on the mail man. she looked up to me and smiled.
"guess he's for desert." she gave me an almost evil smile and snarled under her breath. i backed away. scared for my life. "wait Heidi!" yelled another. she had blonde hair and looked kind a young. but still had the same perfect feathers. "i think.. i want to keep this one." she said. "what Jane!" said another. a boy this time.
"i have a good felling about hi Alec." she muttered. "what is your name?" she asked. "brain." i answered in an instant. "i am Jane. do you want to live with us... or die." Heidi had asked. "um, i am going to go with... live. i think" i said still shaken. Jane smiled. "good now come to me." she ordered. i did as she asked.
she flashed me a smile. "this may hurt a little." and before i could say anything a sharp sever pain rose to my neck. i screamed a blood curling scream.
Jane smiled. "welcome to the voltri Brian."

Kerigans Prov

we pulled up into what i believed was Jacobs drive way.
"come on kerigan!" renez said tugging on my arm and she pulled me behind her.. dragged was the more appropriate word... she walked into the front door. she didn't knock. "jakey!" she yelled. "oh hi Ness. who's this?" he asked. i could see the lie in his eye. i was a good reader. "kerigan. i am Rosalie's adopted daughter."i said. Jacob shoke my hand. "Jacob. Jacob black." i nodded in return. i saw a man roll himself in front of us. he was in a weal chair.. poor man. i remember having to ride one a bit when my father broke both of my legs. he had to take me to the hospital... i couldn't tell the doctor what really happened because he was standing right there.
"well hello kerigan. Billy black. where close friends of the family. welcome." he said shaking my hand with his ferm grip. “nice to meet you to Billy.” i said.
“so what to you want to do today Nessie?” Jake asked. i looked at her. deep in thought. :i don’t know. what do you want to do today Kerigan?” renez asked.
i took a deep breath. “well um, what would you guys usually do?” i asked. “um we cliff dive.. but your probley to chicken for that.” Jacob said. i shot a angry glare right at him. “what do you need to do?” i asked. i loved challenges. especially dangers. “you jump off a cliff into water… scared yet?” Jacob asked. i smile spread across my face.
“awesome!! i have always waned to do that!!” i screamed. Jacob looked shocked. ‘really?” he asked. “oh ya. she will do anything! she loves challenges!” Renesmee told Jake. i gave her a warm smile. she knew me so well almost as well as i knew her.
“well ok. cliff diving it is. Ness i think you have a few spare bathing suits here." “ i’ll go get them” renez said. “i am coming with you!” and we ran up the stares like wind bulls.
Bella’s prov
“hey mind if i come Jake??” i asked. “ya. it would bring back so many memories. and i would love it if you where there. your my best friend.” he told me. “thanks Jake. so what do you think of kerigan?” i asked. “I'm thinking dare devil. but it’s really nice Nessie has a friend.’ he said. listening to Nessie and kerigan laughing up the stares. “best friend really. they are always together. sometimes we can’t get them apart. she will sleep at our house or she will go sleep at the main house.” i explained.
Jake smiled. ‘that’s nice.” then they came tramping down the stares. “we found them and put them on.” Renesmee told us.
“ok i am coming to. i am just going by the house to go get mine. i will be right back.” i said to them.
“bye mom!” Renesmee yelled. “bye aunt Bella!” kerigan yelled after. “by you two. be good for Jake. at LEAST untell i get here..” i said and smiled. the two joined. “ok!” they answered together. i laughed at there cuteness.
AT THE CILFF!!(Kerigan’s prov)
my foot toughed to edge of the cliff. tinier rock bits crumbled and fell one little peace at a time into the water. i felt a cool breeze hit. i shivered. “it’s ok Kerigan you don’t need to do this..” Jacob said and while he was still talking i jumped off the cliff. the cool air wiped at my face… it was hotter than i expected. and i didn’t see it coming with my eyes closed, but i hit the water. it filled my ears to the point where i could only here a ringing.
the water got into my nose. god i hated that! i pushed myself to the surface. it was cold. “nice job Kerigan” i heard Jacob complement from behind me in the water. “thanks, hey where’s Ne-‘ i was cut off by the sound of splashing. it sprayed me in the face. i went back under re-filling my nose with water. i swam back to the surface. "I'm gonna kill you Ness!" i yelled. she screamed. and started to swim away i was on the edge of catching here in her impossible speed, when a heard another splash. i was ready this time. i plugged my nose and i went under again. who could of jumped this time? i let go of my nose and swam back up.
"save me mom!" Renez yelled. she crawled into her moms arms. oh, that's who jumped. she did say she was joining us. that was quick.... "ok honey." Aunt Bella said. my face throw itself into a pout. Aunt Bella gave me a warm smile. i wanted to smile back. my lips pulled up a little in the corners. i was not one for holding grudges. Aunt Bella put her fingers to her lips as if to silence me. she had Renesmee in her hands like a baby, she started to swing her... i saw her little evil plan. my smile grew so bit it didn't fit my face. "one, two, three!" me and Aunt Bella said at the same time. Aunt Bella tossed Renez into the water and i charged.
"mom! you betrayed me!" i heard three laughs. one was my own. i reached out my hands to Nessie’s neck. and tickled her. "no! no, Kerigan stop!" she yelled "not a chance!" i yelled back. her laughs continued to get louder. "ok- ok stop I'll do anything!" a stopped. "anything?" i asked. "oh no!" Ness said. a smile spread across my face. "ok, you have to be my servant the hole day!" i said. Renesmee looked at me with a funny look. "ya right Kerig-" and i cut her off with tickling her again.
"ok! ok fine just stop!" she yelled. i smiled and released her. "wait! Ness do you pinky swear?" i asked. that was her trick.. had to watch out for it. a pout appeared on her face. 'fine." she said and she swam back to me. her finger stuck out of the water. i linked my with hers. then she pulled hers away as soon as she could. i felt kind a bad... i gave her a big hug. "i love you Renez. your my best friend." i said. i felt her smile. "no not Best Friends sisters." she said. i nodded.
"100%" i said. "hey anyone up for hot chocolate?" i heard Jacob ask. me and Ness both reacted to that question. "YES!!" we both yelled. "hey race you to the shore?" i asked all of them, still knowing i was going to lose agents Nessie. i was a good loser.
After the hot chocolate (witch was delicious.) we heading up stares to watch one of Billy's movies in his room. me and Renez made ourselves cozy on Billy's bed. "hey look at some movies i am going to the washroom. do you know where it is?" i asked. "um ya last door on the left." she told me. "thanks ness." i made my way to the bath room. i jiggled it and it did not open. "in here!" i heard Jacob yell. "sorry!" i yelled back. then i leaned agenst another door. it opened and i tumbled to the floor in the room.
i saw shelves and shelves of books, i saw most where on werewolf's. someone likes fairy tales. then my eyes settled on one, a name that i did not recognize. the name was "The Cold Ones" i got up off of the floor and made my way to the odd book. i pulled it from the shelf. i examed it. it was old, the binding was falling apart. i page slipped out and landed on my bare cold foot. i picked it up about to put it back in when i saw a word that caught my attention, Gold Eyes. i started at the beginning.
"The Cold Ones are in fact visions creators, but there is known to be some that do not feed on humans. they Gold Eyes here. they feed on only animal blood."
then it continued to the next page... i didn't get it. i remembered each Cullen. they all had gold eyes. i found where the page went and read the page in front of it.
"We shape shifters must protect or land from The Cold Ones. who feed on blood. they will not tough our people. they have cold skin." that caught me. i continued. "extraordinary strength and speed." speed. could the Cullen's be these Cold Ones? what are Cold Ones. well i would fine out.
But that proves it. i knew they where not human.
I knew it.
i 'mthinking of deleting my story... no one is reading it. if i get 5more comments in the next three weeks then it will stay up.
and in the next three weeks! it still should be deleted then but, i can't find the strenth to delet it. i love the story to much.
but that doesn't matter, if know one is going to read it than i am not going to make any more.
write more don`t delete write more
dont delete it!! this is amazing!! i love it!


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