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My heart is looking for you | Sequel to When Bella was a baby! And edward was her... brother?

Okay, so this is a continuation of when Bella was a baby! And Edward was her... brother? So, if you haven't read the first, here's the link:


Other stories by i_love_jacob_frinken_black:

Chapter 1- Answer (Edward's point of view)

I waited in the baseball clearing for Jacob. So many things were running threw my mind What if she was dead? What if a vampire attacked her? What if we couldn't find her? What if, what if, what if... Suddenly, a rush of calmness came through my body. Jasper. "You're worrying too much Edward." Jasper said to me. "What if she's dead?" I asked him. "It's only been an hour, it's not like the stupid human could kill herself that fast, but then again, I would want to die if I was her too." Rosalie mumbled to herself. I growled at her, in a ready to pounce position. Emmett and Carlisle were in front of me, blocking me so I couldn't hurt her. Then my nose burnt, and I looked into the forest and saw Jacob come through the trees. " WHAT THE HELL DOD YOU DO BLONDIE?!?!" He growled at her. Then Emmett moved form me, to Jacob, holding him back. "I did us all a favour!" Rosalie said. Me and Jacob both growled at her in unison. "A Favour?!?" Jacob growled and Carlisle moved over to him, he seemed to be fighting more to get at her, than me. With Carlisle and Emmett not blocking me from her, I lunged at Rosalie, and put my hands around her face, planing on snapping her neck, instantly killing her.

Chapter 2- Almost

My hands were on the sides of her face, I started to turn her neck when Emmett pulled me off of Rosalie. She was crying tearless sobs, scared for her life. Emmett threw me on to the ground and growled loudly. Jacob was watching us, his thoughts said he wished I would've killed her. He was mad at me for failing. I got up and looked at Rosalie, who was shaking from fear. I felt ashamed, sad, heart broken, but mostly scared of what I've become. I looked at everybody around me, Jasper who was standing in front of Alice, protecting her. Emmett was standing beside rose, comforting her. Carlisle was beside Jacob, still holding him back, Esme just had a look of terror on her face. They all were thinking the same thing, I was also, I was a monster. It was like I had become ill, and Bella was he only thing to make me better. I looked down then ran into the forest, I had to find her. I will find her.

Chapter 3- Love (Bella's Point of view)

I stopped running when I realized I had no clue where I was or how to get home. I sat down next to a tree and started crying. I would never get to see Jacob again, my best friend. Or Carlisle, the man who clothed me and gave me a home. Forget ever seeing Esme, her mothering skills felt like she was squishing me sometimes, but now I realize all I want right now is a bug hug from her. And.... Edward. I cried more, tears flooding my eyes. The man I love, the one who feels like ice, but his heart is so warm. I wanted to see him so badly, to hug him, to say I'm s-- 
"Are you okay hun?" A mysterious voice asked. It was one I never recognized before. All I could see of him was a silhouette.
"Ya, I-i'm just a little lost... that's all." I replied and got up and looked around.
"Well maybe I can help." He stepped out of the shadows, and revealed himself. He was a tall, aferican-american, with dread- locks that went down to a couple inches above his waist. 
"I don't know." I shrugged not sure if I should trust him.
"Oh, it's okay. I won't bite." He laughed lightly. "Now let's go and get you home"
"O-okay" I said as he wrapped him arm around me in a comforting way.
"My name is Bella" I told him.
"Oh, well it's nice to meet you Bella. My name is Laurent."

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ahhh ok i get it now u split it in two lol love it welldone
Omg its Laurent!! Is icky vicky gonna show up??? You have to post more like now and plz plz plz keep me updated!!
OMG!! i love it you have to post more like right now and keep me updated!!!
OMG! that's really gonna piss off emmett!
can't wait for more =D
pleazZ post more soon!!!!!!!!
With Carlisle and Emmett not blocking me from her, I lunged at Rosalie, and put my hands around her face, planing on snapping her neck, instantly killing her.

Nice job, Edward.
you have to post more and keep me updated!

I LOVE it!!!! PLEASE write more soon! :)
lol finally ur continuing it!
love it keep me updated : )
Sounds pretty good so far! Keep writing:)


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