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My Horizon Sun (What if Jacob died in the battle of NewBorns.)


My Jacob was gone. Dead, and he would never come back. My best friend, my true friend died, because of me. Jacob only was in the battle to fight the NewBorns because of me. I love him and after I kissed him, I'd noticed how much I did love him. Edward was my fiance and soon we would be married. I promised Edward that I would still marry him, even if my best friend died. I there by his side, when he passed. Promising him, somehow how I would see him again. Edward was different too, he seemed sad as I was when Jacob died. I was in that deep depression like when Edward left. Maybe If we had never played baseball that one night and never met James and Victoria, we would of never had a battle, that killed him.


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"Edward," I said, my voice was nearly inaudible. "Edward someone got hurt."


"Yes." He whispered.


"Who?" I asked, though, of course, I already knew the answer. Of course I did, Of course. The trees were slowing around us as we came to our destination.


It took him a long moment to answer me.


"Jacob." He said. I was able to nod once.


"Of course." I whispered. Then I slipped of the edge that I was clinging to inside my head. Everything went black.




Chapter 1


The battle was over as Edward had told me. We were heading back by the rest of the Cullen's, when we heard a large howl and snarl. Edward hung onto me, making sure I didn't run off.  Usually I wouldn’t run away from him, knowing this place here was a death trap for me. But once I saw who was in howling. I knocked Edward off me.


Jacob. My Jacob was on the ground human form, crying out in pain. I sprinted clumsily, over to him. I kneeled next to his head. His body was naked, so I stared at his face. I felt tears already streaming in my eyes.


"Jacob," I said. "Jacob listen to me, just think of me. Everything will be fine." My words were almost mashed together.


"Bella." He whispered. That was a good signed. He could speak.


"Jake I'm right here. I'm not leaving." I told him. I rubbed his hair comforting him. A tear almost fell on him, before I wiped it off. I mumbled Jacob, quite a few times. While Carlisle was sitting next to me, checking his body. "Your going to be fine." I murmured to him with tears falling down everywhere.


"Take him back to your house. I'll meet you there." Carlisle ordered the rest of the wolf pack. I still kneeled next to his head. Paul, Embry, Quil, Leah, Sam. All lifted him up and started walking away with him. I tried going with them, when Edward pulled me back.


"Bella stay." Edward told me. I looked into his topaz eyes, seeing hurt and disbelief inside them. I allowed myself to listen to him. I was still crying, as we got to the pile of dead vampire burning bodies. I clung to Edwards chest trying to hold back the tears.




Once the Volturi were gone, I went straight to Jacobs house. I parked my old truck in front of the house. As soon as I opened the truck door. A loud scream pierced my ears. Like before I ran, because I knew it was Jacob.


Billy was sitting in his wheel chair with Sam, and the pack waiting for news. They all looked at me once I arrived. I looked at Billy who was staring at the ground. I felt horrible right now. He knew about the vampires, and the battle. This was all my fault he had gotten hurt.


5 minutes later, Carlisle came out of the house. Once he saw me he nodded. "Bella, Jacobs been asking for you." He told me. Without even asking Billy if I could go in, I rushed inside.


Jakes room wasn't hard to fined. He was laying in his bed, with his eyes closed. When he heard me they quickly opened. Jake was sweaty, his arm and stomach were braced up. He looked so fragile, when I sat next to him. I looked at his face. He was pale and drawn.


"How are you feeling?" I mumbled. What a stupid question.


"Fine, I can't feel my injuries. Since Carlisle gave me the medicine." He winced while talking. "Actually Bella I don’t feel fine. Nothings working for me. I should just die."


"Jake! Don’t you say that!" I snapped. Again here came the tears. Jake with his good hand quickly wiped one tear. He sighed knowing he hurt me.


"I'm sorry, Bella." He grabbed my hand and squeezed it. "If either one of us died, you know will always be together." He tried to  smiled, but winced again in pain.


"Jacob!" I cried out with a sob.


"I'm alright."


"Jacob stop saying that, your not alright. This is my fault. All of it is." No one would believe me that this was all my fault. Because it was. "Maybe If I weren't so good smelling, we would be fine." Jake smiled this time without pain.


"Well maybe you should just go live in a garbage can. Maybe that will get rid of the beautiful smell." Jake joked. I smiled along with him. "I love you Bella." His voice was growing weaker. I began to get scared, but stayed calm. Tears were still streaming down my face.


"I love you too Jacob." He pursed his lips as he measured how much I meant it. "Jake I love you." I repeated. I brought his hand up to my face and felt the warmth.


"Promise, will always be together. No matter what happens." He asked me, his eyes were closed. Something wasn't right here.


"I promise Jake."


'You have to keep that forever now, you know." He answered. His voice was even lower, like he had some sort of strep throat.


"I will." His hand was full of wet tears.


"I love you Bella. Love you. Love you. Love yoooouuuuuu….." He words began to stumbled together. He went silent and didn’t speak. My eyes widened. I stood up, looking over him. His chest wasn't moving.


"Jake! JAKE!" I cried out. "Jacob…Jacob please Jacob!" Sobbing and heaving as I tried to wake him up. "Oh God! Jacob!" I screamed. I grabbed his hand and squeezed it. I kissed him, just a peck. "Jacob! Come back! Jacob!" No movement of his. I was balling next to him. I laid my head  on his bed, and cried. "Jacob." I was still sobbing letting my tears soak into the bed. "I love you Jake. Come back!


I knew it was to late, to even do anything. I stayed where I was mumbling the same thing he did as he died. I mumbled I love you all over again, While crying. I felt like I was in the deep depression again when Edward left, except this time Jake  would never come back. "Jacob I love you!" I cried out with a loud sob.





Chapter 2

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