The Twilight Saga

Book 1 Plot: When Bella meets 3 handsome strangers, her world is turned upside down. Nothing is as it seems, secrets, lies and danger all around her all at once. She eventually finds her torn between friendship and love, but what happens as danger is nearing closer?

Jason Ezra Collins || 19 || Not Human-Demi-God || FC: Ezra Miller
First Appears in: Book 1
Friends: Caleb, Steven. Grows Close to Bella Aswell. He is rather protective over her. He may act like a jerk at times, but that's only when he is angry about something.
Enemy: Stefan
Steven Pouge Michaels || 21 || Fallen Angel || FC: Taylor Kitsch
First appears in: Book 1
Friends: Grew up with Jason and Caleb. They are like brothers to him. He grows close to Bella as well.  He is the leader of the pack he and his friends formed. He can be rather charming and sweet.
Enemy: Stefan
Caleb Danvers || 20 || Son of Ipswich (Witch/Demonic Powers) || FC: Steven Strait
First appears in: Book 1
Friends: His best friends are Steven and Jason. They are like brothers to him, he has known them or many years now. He becomes close friends with Bella as well and woves to protect her no matter what.
Enemy: Stefan.
Younger Caleb:
Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan || 19 || Human || FC: Kristen Stewart.
First appears in: Book 1
Friends: She becomes close friends with Jason, Steven and Caleb. They are the only friends/family she has, since she lost her family in a house fire when she managed to escape.
Enemy: Stefan-Does not know that at first.
Younger Bella:
Stefan Ian Morgan || 20 || Vampire || FC: Paul Wesley
First appears in: Book 1
Friends: Bella?
Enemies: Jason, Caleb and Steven. They have hated each other for many years now.
Layla Danielle Williams || 17 || Witch-Controls Nature || FC: Danielle Panabaker
First mentioned in Book 1, First Appears in Book 2.
Friends: She is close to Caleb and Jason-they are like her brothers. She also develops a bond with Bella. Steven is the one she is most closest to as they are in love.
Enemies: Stefan is her biggest enemy.
Book 1 is written in Bella's P.O.V apart from Chapter 5.
Book 1 Content:
Chapter 1-The Drowning 
Chapter 2-New Home 
Chapter 3-Visitor 
Chapter 4-Caleb's Pain 
Chapter 5-Nightmares-Caleb's P.O.V.
Chapter 6 (Part 1)-The Ancient Text 
Chapter 6 (Part 2)-The Son of Ipswich 
Chapter 7-Fallen Angel 
Chapter 8-Demi-God 
Chapter 9-Fight Vs. Friendship 
Chapter 10-Dream of the Future 
Chapter 11-Here comes Death 

Book 2: My Immortality
Written in Caleb's P.O.V, with some parts from Bella's
Plot: Struggling with the death of Jason. Bella, Caleb and Steven find them selves fighting for their lives. As old enemies start to return, Bella learns the truth about who she really is. But what happens when the fate of everyone around her, lays in her own hands?
Book 2 Content:
Chapter 1-Truth Comes Out 
Chapter 2-The Task
Chapter 3-The Portal 
Chapter 4-Two Sides To Me 
Chapter 5-Danver's Restaurant and School-Time Talk 
Chapter 6-The Deadly Lesson 
Chapter 7-Time for Change
Chapter 8-Control of Emotions 
Sneak Peaks Of Chapter 9
Sneak Peaks Of Chapter 10
Chapter 9-Aftermath Of The Fire
Chapter 10-The Coca Cambrai Cabin
Chapter 11-Part 1: The Question
Chapter 11-Part 2: Half Lit
Book 3: The End of Silence (Coming Soon)

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Good theory, but you'll see who was looking for them later on :) I won't give it away.

I see :) I guess, if you read 1 to 3 chapters at a time, you'll catch up in no time lol. I am glad, it made you want to read more than 1 chapter :)

New Graphics made by Juliee :) I think they're rather beautiful and fit the story well.

Note: Chapter 5 will be coming up soon :) It will be written from Caleb's P.O.V.


Yeah :) I like them too.

Chapter 5 is under way. Might post it tomorrow or tuesday

Edited Gif by Juliee :) It goes with Chapter 1.

If it doesn't work normally, just click on it to see it work :)

The Songs that have Inspired this Story: Some of the Inspiration is only partial and will be seen in the later chapters.

As Promised, this Chapter is Written in Caleb's P.O.V :)

As we walked back to the house. I felt Bella lean against me softly, the contact was subtle yet tender.It felt rather comforting, I leaned my head against hers softly wrapping my arm around her slim waist. Closing my eyes gently, I breathed in her scent softly...the scent of wild flowers and fruit. Not one single auror overpowered the other one, it was the perfect combination. It send a wave of calmness through me and seemed to wipe away bad memories just for a moment….for a moment.

As we walked, I noticed Steven was a bit on edge as he made me and Bella walk faster to get home as fast as possible. I picked Bella up softly and walked faster, keeping up pace with Steven easily. Bella seemed to be bit slow and I could see her struggling to pick up the pace, so I decided to give her a break from walking for a bit.

I let Bella lean against me still, as I carried her. She was rather if she was a little feather. When we got home, I noticed Jason looked on edge just like Steven. “What’s going on?” I finally asked, in my deep voice.

Steven and Jason shared a look, before their eyes landed on Bella, who looked slightly uneasy and she sighed softly. She got down from my arms as she looked at me “When me and Steve were looking for you….someone was looking for us.” she bit her lip “I recognized one of the belonged to the man who is after me.”

I frowned slightly and looked at Steven “And you were going to mention this when?!” I asked

“Caleb..” Bella touched my arm gently “Don’t blame him...please. We just needed to get you home safe.” she told him, as she looked up at me.

“I kept her safe..” Steven said before his eyes landed on Jason, who was still silent, and gathering up his thoughts. I looked down at Bella, my eyes shifting over to Jason, wondering what he would say.

“Someone was looking for Bella here.” He finally said. His eyes looked wide with alert and unsettled. “I didn’t tell them I knew her or where she was...but I have a bad feeling they’ll be back.”

I looked down at Bella whose face seemed to contort with fear. I tightened my arms around her holding her to me protectively. I was not going to let them hurt Bella...not now not ever. Steven and Jason shared the same look in their eyes-loyalty, protection. “Maybe, we should move.” I suggested.

“Move where?” Bella said as she looked up at me. I sensed her worry-time. She was scared they might find her even if we moved. But at least it would buy as some time.

I looked down at her “Do you trust us Bella?” I asked her softly, looking down into her eyes. Keeping eye contact with her. I needed to know she would be able to trust me, Steven and Jason no matter what.

She nodded softly “Of course, I do.” she said as she looked up into my eyes. Her eyes were soft and filled with honesty and genuine truth. As she spoke, I heard the flutter of her heartbeat, calm and soothing to the ears like music almost.

“Then please trust, that’ll we’ll keep you safe. Even if it means us moving to buy as some time.” I told her gently “Even if it means us doing something….fighting someone.” I told her, I noticed the slight worry perk up in her eyes, I placed a kiss to her forehead gently as I closed my own eyes.

“Caleb’s right.” Steven said after a moment of silence. “We promised to keep you safe and to protect you...and that’s what we shall do.” Jason nodded, even though he didn’t agree to this in words. He did not have to. We all knew, that he’d keep to that promise. No matter what.

“Okay...just try not to get hurt.” Bella said quietly, as if she was thinking of how to phrase the answer. I just gave her a nod as I rubbed her arm soothingly, before Jason started to pack up the kitchen, while Steven packed things from the living room.

Me and Bella packed up the clothes we all had, things from the bathroom and pictures from hallways. We labeled each box to know what was in it. After we finished packing in like an hour or so. Jason made us some food for the road, while we put the boxes in the back of the car and I got into the back with Bella, while Steven and Jason decided they’d switch driving every few hours.

As I sat in the back, Bella leaned against my shoulder gently. I softly took her hand in mine gently, my thumb softly stroking it.Her hand seemed to fit into my larger one, rather perfectly. From the corner of my right eye, I saw her cheeks turn slightly pink. The pink brought out the colors of her eyes, slightly. I smiled softly to myself, keeping her close to me to keep her warm. After a while, I heard her soft breathing as she snuggled up into my side bit more. I looked down to see she had fallen asleep.

I noticed Jason raise an eyebrow at me in the rear view mirror and I rolled my eyes into the back of my head slightly.I looked out of the car window, watching the landscape pass by. Jason was driving through the forest and the dirt roads, that not many people knew existed. Once we got away from the dirt roads and onto the main streets, the car journey was a little faster as Jason or Steven didn’t have to be careful about driving into lakes..trees etc.

I had no when I fell asleep...but when I woke up. I was leaning against the car window, with Bella leaning against me, her feet up on the other car seats at the back. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the clock in the car. It was 8am. Jason’s loud snores coming from the passenger seat, while Steven was wide awake, alert and driving.

It was about another 2 hours, before Bella and Jason both woke up and Steven pulled over at a little cafe for breakfast. Breakfast was rather silent, I was not sure if Bella was not willing to speak, or maybe she was not much of a morning bird...since we were travelling my car and we still had a long journey ahead of us. I noticed that Steven and Jason looked concerned and I knew we all wanted to take Bella somewhere safe, so we would not be found easily, by who or whatever was after Bella.

After breakfast and a toilet break, we hit the road once again. We only made a few stops, for toilet/air break and for lunch and dinner. The journey was rather long and by midday that day, I was starving to get bit unsettled and so was Bella. So I started to read her some Shakespeare throughout the journey.

“.Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer's lease hath all too short a date. Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines, And often is his gold complexion dimmed; And every fair from fair sometime declines, By chance, or nature's changing course, untrimmed; But thy eternal summer shall not fade, Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st, Nor shall death brag thou wand'rest in his shade, When in eternal lines to Time thou grow'st. So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.”

By the end of the journey which took 3 and half days, I managed to recite all of Shakespeare's sonnets. I looked out of the window with Bella, as Jason pulled outside of the Italian Villa, in Rome. It belonged to his family and his sister said we could stay here as long as we wanted to. I came here with Jason and Steven when we were younger for the Summer. I got out of the car with Bella whose legs were bit numb from the long car ride. I steadied her and I looked down at her softly, she seemed to be staring at the Villa in awe and surprise.

I smiled softly as we all grabbed some of our boxes and we walked inside once the door was opened. We stood in a lavish long hallway,  The staircase was made of marble and there were two spiral staircases that joined together in the middle, overlooking the hallway. The Villa had 3 floors, the bottom floor consisted of a kitchen, study and living room. The second floor was the library, and bedrooms. The third one was another bedroom, bathroom and toilet. I looked down at Bella, who just seemed so caught up in the beauty and tranquility of the Villa, she might have stopped breathing for a few seconds.

I nudged her softly in order to remind her how to breathe “Bells.” I spoke softly. Her eyes gazed up at me with a gentle smile as she heard me call her Bells. I smiled back down at her, I had no idea why I called her Bells, the word just slipped out and I kind of liked it to be honest. The way she gazed at me, caused my heart to skip a beat. I could stare into her eyes all day if I could. I snapped out of the moment we were having, hearing Steven clear his throat.

While I tried not to blush, Bella bit her lip down slightly nervously as we all went upstairs with the boxes to start unpacking our clothes. Bella took the room next to mine, while Jason decided to sleep on the third floor since he snored so loudly, his snoring would keep up the second floor up all night.

After a few hours we were all finally unpacked. I took a long cold shower and after I dried off, I slipped into my pants before getting into bed. I leaned back against the pillows and after a while, my eyelids started to feel heavy. I soon fell asleep, slipping into a dream.


I was standing outside of the house with Bella. She stared at me with sad eyes, as the light breeze blew some of her blonde hair strands into her eyes. The rest her hair was pinned back. The white dress flowed down her body perfectly. She softly reached up touching my cheek with her hand.

“Please come back to me, Caleb.” her voice was filled with sadness and fear. I could almost feel her fear, emanating through her and into me.

I looked down at her with gentle eyes as I leaned down, brushing my lips against hers softly. “You won’t ever have to lose me, Bella.” I spoke in a soft voice. “You don’t need to worry about me. I will return as soon as possible, but I can’t keep running away from him. Not if we have a chance at happiness.” I said before, I kissed her gently on her lips. The kiss soft, yet passionate as I felt Bella cup her hands around my face softly.

I pulled her frail and tender body against mine gently as we kissed, under the moonlight. I pulled back gently after a few moments, and kissed the top of her head. I closed my eyes as Bella leaned against me, inhaling my scent softly.

Before we departed, I kissed her forehead gently and her lips once last time. As I walked off into the darkness, I looked back at her with a sad look in my eyes.

My dream then suddenly started to spin around and I found myself near the cliffs. I looked around confused, before I spotted Bella at the top. “Bella!” I screamed out...but my words seemed to fail me, as I sprang forward trying to was like everyone was slow motion. I could not speed up.

Bella was slipping off her shoes, before she then hurled herself off the cliffs. The way she jumped, she almost looked like a white bird in the sky...falling...falling into the cold water.

I finally managed to get to the cliffs and I let my self step off falling into the water after Bella. As soon as I hit the cold water, I wrapped my arms around Bella pulling us both up onto the surface. I scooped her body up, her head leaning against my chest as I walked out of the water, as I walked through the woods, to get her to safety, everything around us was catching fire.

A sinister and cold voice filled the air “Come and join me Caleb.” I could feel a hand stretched out towards me.

I shake my head in my sleep, as the cold sweat ran down my body and I let out a scream in my sleep “Bella!” My body was shaking in fear as in my dream I saw her gravestone, engraved by own writing. Her blood was dripping from the edges off the stone.

My bedroom door sprang open, as Panicked Bella ran to my side, barefooted and in her nightgown. Her blonde hair falling over her shoulders “Caleb...wake up.” she said softly, as she touched my sweaty arm.

I woke up gasping to see Bella looking at me worried and my eyes snapped to the left, where I saw the disfigured ghost of my father. He looked ghastly...he had no facial features to make out, as he was dripping with water. When I saw his hand reach out towards Bella. I brought her to me hugging her tightly. I was sure, she did not see my father standing there. Nor should she want to. As I held her close, I tried to push all horrid thoughts from my mind, and the figure of my father soon turned to empty dust.

I tried my body to stop shaking, but my own body betrayed me. “It’s was just a dream.”Bella spoke softly, it was as if she almost knew what I dreamt off. I hid my face in her blonde hair as I held onto her tightly. She shifted her own body towards mine as she laid down beside me, snuggling up into my arms softly. Her hand reached down taking mine hand in hers softly, her thumb caressing it gently, while her other hand traced around my wrist gently, where I had markings off fire flames on. It looked like a tattoo, but I was born with those markings. I closed my eyes after a while, her presence seemed to calm me down slightly and I kept her close to me, not wanting to let her go...not wanting to fall asleep.

Such suspense and I wonder if that dream meant anything. Your such a great writer and have a lot of expertise in that field! can't wait to read more! :)

Good question :) you will see what the dream-or certain parts of the dream mean, in the sequel. Yeah...I've decided there will be one :)

Aww thank you :) I always loved writing since I was a kid, so I been writing for a while. But thank you :) I will try and post soon again

These boys are very nice and protective of Bella.  Leaving everything and going on the run with her! 

Is there an extra special bond developing between Bella and Caleb? 

I was also wondering about the significance of those dreams.

Looking forward to the next chapter!


Yes, the boys are very protective over Bella and very loyal to her as well. If they would have stayed, time would be out of their hands, by them moving they can gain extra time to keep Bella safe and figure who is after her and why :)

Yes, there is something between Bella and Caleb indeed. But as the story and the sequel (I will make a sequel) goes on, things will get a little heated with some tension.

Parts of the dreams such as the talk between Bella and Caleb, her jumping off the cliffs will be talked about in the sequel. Bella's death is just a protection of Caleb's fear as he does not want Bella to get hurt or captured by who ever is after her. As for the kiss, I haven;t decided yet, if that exact ecounter will happen in the sequel with the talk or it;s just a protection of Caleb's affection towards her.

That was an awful nightmare. I wonder if its a warning of some kind or just manifestations of his fears. Great Job! Wish I could read more, but its time to hit the treadmill. I shall catch up with you tomorrow. =) Or maybe later, soon as I'm done ;-)


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