The Twilight Saga

Book 1 Plot: When Bella meets 3 handsome strangers, her world is turned upside down. Nothing is as it seems, secrets, lies and danger all around her all at once. She eventually finds her torn between friendship and love, but what happens as danger is nearing closer?

Jason Ezra Collins || 19 || Not Human-Demi-God || FC: Ezra Miller
First Appears in: Book 1
Friends: Caleb, Steven. Grows Close to Bella Aswell. He is rather protective over her. He may act like a jerk at times, but that's only when he is angry about something.
Enemy: Stefan
Steven Pouge Michaels || 21 || Fallen Angel || FC: Taylor Kitsch
First appears in: Book 1
Friends: Grew up with Jason and Caleb. They are like brothers to him. He grows close to Bella as well.  He is the leader of the pack he and his friends formed. He can be rather charming and sweet.
Enemy: Stefan
Caleb Danvers || 20 || Son of Ipswich (Witch/Demonic Powers) || FC: Steven Strait
First appears in: Book 1
Friends: His best friends are Steven and Jason. They are like brothers to him, he has known them or many years now. He becomes close friends with Bella as well and woves to protect her no matter what.
Enemy: Stefan.
Younger Caleb:
Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan || 19 || Human || FC: Kristen Stewart.
First appears in: Book 1
Friends: She becomes close friends with Jason, Steven and Caleb. They are the only friends/family she has, since she lost her family in a house fire when she managed to escape.
Enemy: Stefan-Does not know that at first.
Younger Bella:
Stefan Ian Morgan || 20 || Vampire || FC: Paul Wesley
First appears in: Book 1
Friends: Bella?
Enemies: Jason, Caleb and Steven. They have hated each other for many years now.
Layla Danielle Williams || 17 || Witch-Controls Nature || FC: Danielle Panabaker
First mentioned in Book 1, First Appears in Book 2.
Friends: She is close to Caleb and Jason-they are like her brothers. She also develops a bond with Bella. Steven is the one she is most closest to as they are in love.
Enemies: Stefan is her biggest enemy.
Book 1 is written in Bella's P.O.V apart from Chapter 5.
Book 1 Content:
Chapter 1-The Drowning 
Chapter 2-New Home 
Chapter 3-Visitor 
Chapter 4-Caleb's Pain 
Chapter 5-Nightmares-Caleb's P.O.V.
Chapter 6 (Part 1)-The Ancient Text 
Chapter 6 (Part 2)-The Son of Ipswich 
Chapter 7-Fallen Angel 
Chapter 8-Demi-God 
Chapter 9-Fight Vs. Friendship 
Chapter 10-Dream of the Future 
Chapter 11-Here comes Death 

Book 2: My Immortality
Written in Caleb's P.O.V, with some parts from Bella's
Plot: Struggling with the death of Jason. Bella, Caleb and Steven find them selves fighting for their lives. As old enemies start to return, Bella learns the truth about who she really is. But what happens when the fate of everyone around her, lays in her own hands?
Book 2 Content:
Chapter 1-Truth Comes Out 
Chapter 2-The Task
Chapter 3-The Portal 
Chapter 4-Two Sides To Me 
Chapter 5-Danver's Restaurant and School-Time Talk 
Chapter 6-The Deadly Lesson 
Chapter 7-Time for Change
Chapter 8-Control of Emotions 
Sneak Peaks Of Chapter 9
Sneak Peaks Of Chapter 10
Chapter 9-Aftermath Of The Fire
Chapter 10-The Coca Cambrai Cabin
Chapter 11-Part 1: The Question
Chapter 11-Part 2: Half Lit
Book 3: The End of Silence (Coming Soon)

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Chapter 6- The Deadly Lesson

As Jason somehow managed to finish off the ice-cream that Steven stuffed in his mouth, he licked his lips whilst looking at Bella “What lesson do you have first?” he asked her curious. I just rose my eyebrow at his curiosity and furrowed them slightly after a moment or two.

Bella looked into her bag, she was searching for her schedule-or at least,that’s what I gathered. She then pulled out a piece of paper, reading over it for a few moments “Um...power placement..whatever that is.” she told Jason.

I looked at her, then walked over and peaked down her schedule. I clenched my jaw slightly.

“What’s wrong?” Bella asked looking at me, confused. Her eyes were peering at me, slightly worried.

Steven looked over at us both “She’s new...they’ll most likely let her watch...not participate.” he reminded me. I just gave him a nod, hoping that was the case. The lessons weren’t normal lessons like History, Maths or Geography and all that normal boring stuff. This was more like sports-but power related sports. About team work, self control, power control, to see what you’re really made off. The lessons got rather competitive at times and sometimes deadly. The power placement rink was no place for Bella. Not when her powers were not fully developed...that’s if she even had any at the moment.

Bella looked at me, before looking around at the others “Is it really that bad?” she asked softly, she tilted her head to the side slightly, as she asked that question.

“Not the best lesson.” Layla told her smiling “But don’t worry, they won’t pick you...I am sure. You’re new.” she told her patting her back. It was true, and besides girls rarely even got picked for the teams. Sometimes, I wondered who on earth made such ridiculous lessons, when girls weren’t even taking part in it...maybe they were just designed to teach them a lesson?

I looked at Bella “Do you have our numbers?” I asked changing the subject.

“I got Layla’s.” Bella said as she pulled out her phone, skimming through her phone contacts “Yeah...just Layla’s at the moment..”

I nodded “Alright...Maybe and me the lads should add our numbers in your case.” I told her smiling softly “Besides, it’d be a good idea, so one of could call you or text you when we’ll be leaving for the trip.” I added.

Bella nodded smiling and she handed me her phone, it looked tiny in my hand..”You can add them in now.” she told me as she shifted her bag over her shoulder, as he walked to our class.

I typed in my number, saving it under my name, before I passed the phone over to Jason, then Steven who added in their numbers also. By the time, we reached the hall where the lesson was taking place, Bella was putting her phone back in her bag.

We all walked over to our usual seats and I made sure, to keep a seat free for Bella. She sat down beside me, as the hall was starting to get packed...there were at least 50 odd students here with us. I leaned against the wall in a devil may care way-as I usually did. My eyes flipped over to the clock on the wall...the teacher was late, as always.

Teacher Drake walked in as he looked at the clock “Sorry, I am a bit late.” he said “Let’s get this class started, shall we?” he asked-sounding over excited and enthusiastic as always. Everyone of us, gave him blank stares as normal. I rolled my eyes into the back of my head.

“This class, is jank!” Someone muttered under their breath.

Drake looked at him “Is there something you’d like to discuss with the rest of the class?!” he asked, sounding angry with him. The student who made that comment went silent sinking in his seat. “That’s what I thought.” the teacher said, shaking his head as he sighed, looking at the rest of the class as he moved so we could all see the was surrounded by glass windows. In the middle was a chopper made out of large rolling razors and other machines...above was a plastic mannequin hanging tied tightly with a rope. The razors were spinning.

“As some of you will know...this game is called save the citizen.” The teacher said “For those who are new...the objective of this game, is to work in pairs against another save the victim from being shredded up into pieces by the razor machine below. You have 20 minutes to do.” he said and looked down at his notepad “First up It’s Caleb and Jason against Paul and Ian.”  he said and a stern face crossed my look-he was pairing me and Jason up with the two idiots who hurt Bella?

Bella looked bit worried and shocked seeing the razors and she swallowed, she tried to do it somewhat silently, but I still heard it. From the corner of my eye, I saw Layla squeeze her shoulder softly.

Me and Jason got up making our way into the rink as he put on the suits that showed we were on the same team. The teacher took his normal space at his high stool so he could over watch everything. Paul and Ian smirked over Bella and Jason threw a punch at them both...shoving them back.

“Leave her alone!” He hissed at them both-giving them a warning. The teacher just rolled his eyes.

“Enough attention to the task!” he reminded us. He then sounded the blow-horn as a signal for us to start. I gave Jason a nod to try and distract them while I would work on getting to the we’d get this over and done with soon.

Jason gave me a nod back as he went for Ian first-thank god we were allowed to use our powers to aid us. Before I could move closer to the machine...I felt Paul’s extended arms wrap around me...squeezing me, trying to rob me off my oxygen. I glared at him letting out a growl as my body erupted in fire...causing him to retract his arms, before he hurled him-self at me, throwing me out of the way. I landed on my back...breaking something that was on the floor-I had no idea what...nor did I care what it was.

I looked over at the was slowly being lowered down further towards the spinning blades with spikes on. I let my arms catch on fire while I started to hurl fireballs at Paul...but he made his body go all wobbly like melting plastic moving his body out of the way...each time I threw a fireball at him. They kept hitting the windows and one caught on the teacher’s shoulder by accident.

After about 3 minutes of no luck, I heard Layla scream out in pure horror “Bella….” my eyes snapped up the audience to see Bella was missing from her seat...I then heard a terrified scream cry coming from near me...from the corner of my eye, I saw instead of the dummy hanging over the machine-it was Bella. She was lower enough and part of her long brown hair caught in the machine...causing it slow down but pull her down pain.

I then saw Ian was smirking with a satisfied smirk on his face-his eyes were black as his gaze was directed at Bella. I threw a fire-ball at Ian knocking him back, he landed on the floor with a thud.

Everyone else was gasping in horror as Layla and Steven ran over to us and into the rink. “ something! have to do something.” Layla begged, she was shaking in fear-close to tears.

“ with the Ian and Paul.” I ordered him before I let my eyes turn pure black, pushing off the ground so I was suspended above ground in a flying motion..flipping my body so I was hovering in the air in a flight motion...I flew at Bella in great speed-I was un-eye-catchable, my arms wrapped around her securely as we flew through the air...the rope snapped setting her free...but tugging out some of her hair as she sobbed out in pain slightly. We then landed on the floor safely...but Bella was in my arms-looking terrified and paler than a ghost.

Bella was trembling in my grip and I glared at Ian with pure anger and hatred-I moved Bella into Layla’s arms, before I launched myself at him and held him by the scruff of his neck, enraged. “You think that’s funny?!” I growled at him...the growl caused the ground to shiver beneath us all. I dragged him over to the machine and held him over it “How would you like it, if I tied up right now and lowered you down over the chopper?!” I yelled...I saw him shaking slightly “Not nice is it!?” I yelled, keeping him there.

I wanted to rip his head off right arms were starting to feel more warmer, as it was about to catch on fire “I am warning you right now! You and your miscreant of a friend, better stay away from Bella! I mean so much as even set a foot in the same room as her, come within any radius of her...or even so much as touch a fragment of her hair...even look at her from the corner of your eye. I swear to God, I’ll roast you alive!” I yelled at him, with anger. The rage seemed through me and swirls of fire erupted from my flinged Ian back so he hit the glass window and it shattered on the impact, as he fell onto the floor out cold.

Steven set his hand on my shoulder “Caleb...what did you just do?” he asked...I could feel shaking uncontrollably as I groaned...feeling immense pain through my body. I sank down to my knees “Where’s...B...Bella?”

“Layla, took her to the bathroom, to try and fix her up.” He answered me, pulling me back up to my feet. I knew, this time I over stepped on using my powers. I knew...if I carried on like this.I would get more and more out of control, till my powers would consume me and kill me, like they did my father.

I just nodded at his words, as I closed my eyes to get my anger and rage under control. I looked over at Paul who seemed to look scared and backed off, running off. Coward! I thought to myself, glaring after him.

Steven and Jason took me the hall, where I felt both of them trying to keep me up straight-in order to stop me from falling down or passing out. The minutes felt so if we stood out there for 5 hours, instead of 15 minutes.

We then saw, Layla walking out of the bathroom with Bella-who looked shaken up, but her hair was fixed. It looked like Layla had given her a haircut. Bella’s hair was shorter and was layered. It suited her...that was the last thing, I remembered before I passed out as the darkness consumed me.

I like it! I wonder what will happennext! Can't wait to read more

Mh...lots and lots of things, still to come :)

Lots of drama and action in this chapter!

Paul and Ian are really mean.

I hope Caleb will be allright.

Can't wait to see what happens next!

Yeah, more drama and action still to come :)

They're the school bullies, so they're not exactly the nicest people in the school.

His situation will be rather tricky-Caleb's I mean. If he uses again, he'll get worse. :( Hopefully, he'll try and not misuse his powers so much now

Chapter 7-Time For Change

Vertigo! That’s what I was feeling at the moment-falling and falling into the dark abyss, in spirals and there was no way to snap out of it. It was weird, since I didn’t have a fear of falling. I tried to force my eyes open-but it was not working. All I heard was buzzing and soon enough, I could make out the sounds, I heard Bella talking.

“Caleb...wake up.” she said in a soft and worried voice. I felt her soft hand touch my cheek softly, her skin felt so silky against mine. Her thumb softly, caressed my cheek as she spoke softly “You’ll be okay...just please open your eyes.” she said-I could hear worry and concern in her voice.

As my eyes flickered open after a moment or two-my vision was partially hazy, when it got better, I saw Bella leaning over me, her hand still on my cheek softly, she seemed to be glowing slightly...but her eyes remained her normal eye color, no black iris...just the perfect blueish-green eye color. As she was glowing...I felt some strength coming back to me. It took me a moment to realize what she was doing-she was healing me (transferring some of her life energy to me). Enough to fully wake me up and make me feel stronger, but also enough to keep some of her life energy for her self too.

Steven stood beside Layla and Jason who all looked down at me concerned. I let out a soft groan, as I pulled myself up, my arms wrapping around Bella. I held her slim body against mine, as I hugged her, letting my face hide into her hair as I breathed in her scent softly. As I felt her arms wrap around my waist, it calmed me down and my heartbeat seemed to slow down back to it’s normal rate.

“Are you okay?” Jason asked, he sounded concerned and worried- as I looked up again his wide eyes said it all. I barely seen him so concerned.

I nodded a bit “Yeah..” my voice came out a lot more raspy, than I intended it to. “Just bit dizzy.” I stood up with Bella’s help and kept her close to me, my arms were still wrapped around her waist softly-she fitted into my arms perfectly, it was as if she was made just for me. It felt like, she was a missing piece of puzzle, I had been missing my whole life. And now she was here, in my arms. My life felt more complete.

I blinked at the sudden thought, that invaded my brain and I shook my head slightly. My fingertips slightly brushed through Bella’s new haircut, it suited her and her eyes stood out a lot more, now that her hair was slightly shorter than it was before.

“How long have I been out?” I asked after a while.

Bella looked at me, with gentle eyes-a hint of sadness and worry in them still “3 hours.” she sighed softly.

“The principle let us all take the rest of the day off.” Layla told me, but something in the way she was hesitant about saying the day off, told me-I’d get in trouble later. Not that, I cared if I did.

I leaned against Bella slightly as I closed my eyes “Well...fantastic.” I muttered-in a slight sarcastic manner. But, I was only being sarcastic about being passed out for 3 hours, not the day off.

At least, I could spend some time with Bella. Bella looked up at me and she gave me a soft smile. I couldn’t help but smile back brightly.

I reached out and gently brushed some of her hair away from her eyes “Your new haircut, suits you….not that I didn’t think your old one was nice.” I mumbled out, slightly nervous-I just heard Jason snigger under his breath slightly.

I saw Bella’s cheeks turn bit pink as she bit her bottom lip gently-a shy gesture but rather adorable. “Thanks….I think.” she giggled as she playfully nudged me teasingly. I laughed softly as I nudged her back as we all walked outside and into the fresh air. As we walked, I felt Bella’s hand softly brush against skin tingled softly at her soft touch. My hand moved to it’s own accord catching her hand in mine. From the corner of my eye, I saw Bella’s cheeks turn slightly rouge as our fingers entwined gently-the way she blushed and bit her lip, made me smile. She looked so adorable, I couldn’t deny that. Nor any other wonderful thought, that came to mind when the subject of Bella was brought up.

Layla looked over at me and Bella, giving me a knowing smile. She then leaned against Steven, who wrapped his arm around her shoulder chuckling softly while he smiled. Jason rolled his eyes into the back of his head before he coughed “Crush….” he coughed again.

Bella giggled a little bit “What was that, Jason?” she asked looking over at him with raised eyebrows.

“Umm…” He bit down his lip “Nothing.” he said as he grinned like an idiot-I just shook my head, chuckling softly to myself. But deep down, my thoughts kept drifting back to what happened earlier today. Today was a wake up call for me-if I carried on like this, I would end up just like my father. The one thing, my mother was always afraid of-me becoming like him. Maybe I was like him and there was no way to stop that from coming true.

Before, I knew it-we were all at the graveyard in the woods, I was standing in front of my parents grave. I closed my eyes as I felt my body starting to tremble and I balled my fist up into a tight ball.

“I am just like him.” I mumbled out-I was meant to say it to my self and not out loud, but it was too late. The words slipped out from between my lips. It was inevitable in the first place.

Layla looked at me as she sighed softly “You’re not your father Caleb.” she told me gently. Before, I could argue, Bella was backing her point up as she touched my cheek softly with her hand.

“You’re a good person, Caleb.” she told me gently, she gazed into my eyes with such warmth, I felt my heart skip a beat. I looked down at her into her eyes, I almost felt like I was in a trance. I was starting to believe in fate-it was fate that she came into my life, when I most needed someone like her to show up.

I sighed softly “Am I?” I asked looking at her, I was not even sure, who I was anymore. Maybe, I always knew, I had a good side to me, but right this instant I was not sure-not since my emotions getting the best of me today, proved just how lethal, I was.

She smiled with the most beautiful smile-the same she first given me when we met at the cafeteria. It brought back that wonderful memory as she spoke “Yes, of course you are.” she told me “It’s what’s inside of us, that defines us as a person.” she said gently, touching my chest-the side where my heart was. “It’s not the mistakes and the bad choices we make, it’s how we grow and learn from those choices and strive to be a better person, that’s what gets us a second chance to change.” she spoke softly “You have more good in you, then you know.” she said with a soft smile “I can see it in your eyes. Everyone deserves a second chance, Caleb.” she said smiling “But it’s up to them, if they shall take that second chance, to change what was.”

As she spoke, I knew it was true what she had said. I still had a chance to turn myself around and fix my mistakes-now the only question was-was I willing to pull up my socks and do so? As I got lost in her eyes, I knew the answer. Yes. I did want to take that chance...not just for myself and to make my dead parents proud from the beyond….but for Bella. She made me want to be a better person, she made me want to strive for that goal.

“You sure, you’re up for seeing that change?” I asked “If it happens...that is.” I bit my lip slightly.

Bella smiled softly “I am not scared of you.” she told me. Besides Layla, she was the first girl ever to tell me that. It made me feel happy deep inside, that she wasn’t scared of me, or what she witnessed when my powers got out of control. “I know, what I got myself into.” she added after a while, as she reached up and she placed a gentle kiss to my cheek. I blinked a bit as her lips brushed against my warm cheek.

I then watched her kneel down as she brushed away the leaves from my parents gravestone and on it appeared a plated circle made out of wild flowers. I smiled softly, seeing the flowers she had conjured out of thin air, for my parents. She really was the kindest soul ever-she reminded me a lot of Layla, in that way.

I wrapped my arm around her waist gently looking down into her eyes with a soft smile, before I hugged her. I felt Bella hide her face in the nape of my neck and I closed my eyes, resting my chin against her shoulder gently. I tightened my grip around her waist gently, in a protective and comforting way.

Steven smiled over at me, Layla was smiling as well with Jason. I smiled back softly as I kept Bella in my embrace.


Few hours later, I was at the Danvers Estate-My Home, with Steven, Jason and Layla. We took Bella home a few moments ago and I found that my thoughts kept lingering on her. I went to the bathroom and splashed my face with cold water. As I looked into the mirror, my own reflection stared back at me. I looked around before I spotted what I wanted-Scissors.

I took them and walked back downstairs and I then held out the Scissors to Layla. She looked at the Scissors then at me “Why are you giving me Scissors?” she asked looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

“I would you to give me a haircut.” I replied after a few moments of gathering my thoughts. Jason choked at his drink, as I said that.

“Caleb Danvers wants a haircut?” Jason asked shaking his head “That’s a new one for a bad boy, like you.” he told me.

I bit my lip slightly-yeah I knew this was not like me. “I need a change.” I just told him. Layla smiled softly shaking her head as she walked behind me and she then started to cut off my long hair. It didn’t take her that long, to get my hair to a shorter style. Once she was finished, she dusted the bits of hair from the back of my neck “Well...what do you think?” she asked with a soft smile.

I looked at myself in the mirror as my hair was now short, it looked better than I first thought.”I like it.” I told her giving her a hug.

Layla smiled softly as she patted my back as she cleaned off the hair from the floor and washed the scissors.

“I have a feeling, he wants to impress Bella.” Steven commented. I couldn’t help but smile at the mention of Bella. Just her name, was enough to make me smile.

Jason saw the grin on my face at the mention of her name “Ooohhh...Caleb likes her.” he teased with a smile.

Layla smiled softly “Aww.” she said and she looked at me with a soft smile “You deserve to be happy.” she told me. “After all that’s happened over the last year..This time for change is your chance for true happiness.”

Wow! She has some amazing powers, and it looks like she already has a positive effect on bad boy Caleb.  Looks like every one will get their second chance together!

PS: Layla also sounds very nice.  Looks like the group will only get stronger and stronger now that all of them are together.

Yes, Bella is something :) that was only a bit of what she can do, since her powers aren't fully developed-she has some strong powers, but not all of them.

Yes, they will if Bella can keep Layla and Jason safe long enough for them to actually have the future she had a vision/dream off.

P.S. She's lovely :)

I like this chapter and really think the next chapter will be better. :)

I am glad :)

aww, well you're in luck, I am almost finished with writing up chapter 8.

Chapter 8-Control of Emotions

Bella’s P.O.V:

As I was sitting on the windowsill seat of my bedroom window, I couldn’t help but smile to myself. Caleb once again was on my mind. The more, I got to know his other self, It brought me closer to him in any way possible. He was still as handsome as ever and charming deep down inside, yet he did not know that about himself yet. It made him all the more adorable. Yet-I had to pretend, that I did not know the good side to him, it was killing me. I wanted to tell him, to tell all of them who I was, why I was here. But I knew if I did, the consequences would be dire. It would change the past in all the wrong ways.

I hoped, Caleb would take the second chance to change his ways and become the Caleb I know. The one I fell for, the one I was in love with, yet was scared to let him know. The other thing that worried me was Jason and Layla’s safety. I knew, I’d have to keep them safe and out of harms way long enough, to make sure they’d be a part of the future I dreamed off and envisioned.  I closed my eyes wondering why on earth, this had to be so hard. Life was never perfect, not for me anyways. I was always the black sheep amongst people and lost my family in a tragic accident, which led me to meeting the 3 most important people in my life-yet I lost one of them. But now here I was, in the past, where my family was alive, happy and healthy and where I had everything, I could possible want. But the fear was alive and awake inside of me.

If only, I knew more about Layla’s accident and what the accident was, when it was supposed to happen. I would have a better idea, about how to stop Stefan from killing her. I sighed as I rested my head into my hands as I sighed heavily in frustration.

Another thing...I didn’t want to lose my family again. Being here with them, made me realize how much I missed them and how much I adored my little sister Lily. I looked up hearing the sound of my door opening, to see my little sister wondering in.”What’s up Lilybear?” I asked smiling at her cutely.

Lily looked at me as she went and she sat on my bed “Who were they?” she asked looking at me, curiosity visible in her blue eyes. For a 9 year old, Lily was smart and rather curious at times. She always managed to surprise everyone and keep them on their toes, making them guess what she’d be up to. I looked at her, by them I gathered she was talking about Steven, Layla, Jason and Caleb.

I smiled softly at her “My friends.” I told her softly “They’re good people and really friendly.” I told her with a soft smile.

“The girl was really pretty.” Lily commented with a cheeky smile.

I smiled “Her name’s Layla...and yes she’s very pretty.” I said as I sat down beside her and tapped her nose softly “Just like you.” I said making her giggle.

She then looked at me biting her lip “Daddy said one of the boys is dangerous.” she frowned softly “Is it true?”

I sighed softly, I knew she was asking about Caleb. I wouldn’t call him dangerous or whatever it was that my dad would refer to him us. He was just misunderstood, and broken deep inside. People didn’t get him, or know the pain he went through by losing his parents. “Caleb’s not dangerous.” I told her with a warm smile “He’s just...a complex and misunderstood person.” I explained “He is a good person, really. People, just have to get to know him first to see the ‘real him’” I said smiling softly.

“What good  person, lets someone get hurt?” I heard my dad’s voice in the doorway and I looked up at him to see his eyes all dark and angry almost. “Lily...go to your room.” he told my little sister.

“But...I..” Lily tried to protest as she sighed

“Lillian! Now!” My father said in a more harsher and commanding tone. Lily winced at the change of his tone as she looked at me with sadness in her eyes as she got up and she ran off to her room. I closed my eyes as I sighed-sometimes I hated how my dad was treating me and Lily. I knew he was a high powered lawyer, but sometimes his job got into his head too much and was depriving us off the loving and once fun dad we used to have. Mom was on his side more often, than she was on mine or Lily’s, but I still loved them-I had to, since they were my parents.

“It’s not hi…” I got cut off, as my dad slapped me across the face. I winced as my cheek stung from his sudden slap. I blinked suppressing back my tears.

He looked at me, his eyes almost a fiery red from his anger “I don’t want you near that boy ever again.” he told me “Understand?” he hissed “He’s dangerous and evil!” he told me “If I ever see you around him or his friends ever again...I’ll move you to a different school.” he told me. I knew my father knew about Caleb and the trouble he got into, since he was friends with Ian and Paul’s parents and they told him about how cruel, possessive, evil and mean Caleb was, when non of that was true. He was neither of those things. But my father was too strict and too stubborn to believe otherwise-he was set in his ways. He believed he was right and we had to follow his rules, obey him or he’d think we were against him. My heart was aching-how could I stay away from Caleb?-It was not something, I was willing to do. But to disobey my break the rules and be with Caleb, that was something I would do any day, over anything else. Not that I was willing to tell my father...or my punishment would be worse, than a mere slap across the face.

I noticed my mother standing behind my dad and I blinked back the tears in my eyes looking away from them both. “Bella...dear...maybe you should take a few months of school.” she told me “Go visit…”

“No...I am not going.” I told her cutting her off-I knew she was going to ask me to go visit my aunt and uncle in Florida for a few months. It was an annual trip, they always tried to drag me there, but the truth was, I never even got on with my father’s sister, nor her husband.

She sighed softly “So, you rather stay here alone for 4 months, while we’d be in sunny Florida with Lily?” she asked looking at me.

I nodded biting down my lip “Yes!” I told her-my voice slightly more stern and colder. More defiant with slight authority, to show her I was not in a happy mood and I was not willing to go there, just to make her or dad happy.

She sighed gently “You’ll miss out on the fun.” she told me.

Fun? what fun?-She seriously had the wrong concept of fun, somewhere in her mind. If she knew how my aunt and uncle where, when I was there, fun would not be on her list of words to use. I just rolled my eyes into the back of her head, laying on my bed, turning my back away from them both, curling up into a ball closing my eyes tightly, letting the tears slide down my cheeks. My heart was aching for Caleb, I bit down my lip to suppress a sob.

Few seconds later, I heard my door close as my dad and mom walked off and few moments after that, I heard Lily yell out “I am not going to Florida!” I closed my eyes tightly-sometimes, it felt like only Lily understood what I was going through.

“Lily don’t be unreasonable.” I heard my father utter those words from behind the closed doors.

Lily was in tears, I could tell from the sound of her voice. “I am not! I am staying with Bella.” she cried out before the door to her room slammed-clearly she slammed the door in their faces. I didn’t blame her.

I let out a sob into the pillow, as my shoulders were shaking as the sobs rumbled from the back of my chest. After few more minutes, my parents walked downstairs leaving the house, as they were going shopping-it was their usual hour to go buy food and other things that were needed, especially since me and Lily were to stay at home, while they’d be in Florida.

I reached out for my phone and scrolled through my contacts calling Layla-I needed to talk to someone and get some advice. I had a feeling, she would figure something out.

After a few moments, I heard Layla’s voice on the other line “Layla speaking.”

“It’s me.” I tried to keep my voice from cracking but I let out a sob “I need your help.” I cried, the tears flowing down my face freely

“Bella? what’s wrong?” she asked sounding panicked and worried.

I sobbed into the phone “It’s my parents...they want me to stay away from you all. They think Caleb’s out to hurt me or something...I don’t know what to do.” the tears were streaming down my face like a river, I couldn’t suppress them any longer.

Layla sighed softly over the phone, worried and I could sense her sadness, that my parents would think this “We’ll come and get you...are they out of the house?” she asked.

I nodded, even though she could not see me “Yeah...they went out shopping, since they’re going to Florida for a few months, they tried to take me and Lily with them, but we’re staying.”

Layla sighed softly “Alright...we’ll get you both. We’ll be there in a few hours.” she told me before the line went dead. I knew she might talk it over with the lads, for their advice and help. I felt something touch my shoulder and flinched at the strange cold sensation that run through my body. I looked around and gasped seeing what looked like a ghost of a woman in my room.

“Don’t be afraid.” she spoke in a kind warm voice “I am not here to harm you child.” she spoke in a soft voice. As I looked at the woman in front of me, I noticed how her beautiful features resembled those of Caleb...was this his mother? She had the same dark hair and the same brown warm eyes.

“I….are you Caleb’s mother?” I choked out-I was talking to a ghost. Either I was going insane or was dreaming. Was it possible, it was one of my powers? I pushed the thoughts away from my head looking into her eyes.

She smiled kindly at me “Yes, child I am.” she told me “I know why you’re here.” she told me. My eyes widened at her words-she knew that...I was about to open my mouth and ask her how but she sensed my thoughts and carried on speaking “I have watched you from the beyond...I have seen you lose your family...almost lose yourself. I have seen you grow close to my son and form a bond like no other.” she said, her voice so kind and mesmerizing almost. “You’re brave for coming to the past, to take on this challenge. “

“ do I save Layla?” I asked, my voice shaky.

Vivian looked at me with soft sad eyes “Keep her away from the Danver’s restaurant on the 5th of June.” she told me, as I looked at the calendar. That was in 3 months time. “I also beg of you...please don’t let my son lose himself.” she looked at me “I fear for his life, save him before it’s too late and he can’t fix his mistakes.” and with that she disappeared, leaving me staring into thin air.

I took a shaky breath as I leaned back against my pillows and soon fell into a deep slumber. I had no idea how long, I was asleep for but when I woke up, heat was surrounding me and the strange familiar scent was back...smoke. My eyes snapped open and I hurried out of my room to see the bottom of the house and stairs were on fire. no! I panicked inside of my head, it was happening all over again.

I coughed as I covered my face with my arm and struggled over to Lily’s room, where she was shaking and I picked her up. I heard someone climb up into the room and let out a half scream, till I realized it was just Jason and Steven.

“Come on...we got to get you two out of here.” Jason said and I handed Lily over to him softly, she held onto him, even though she did not know him, it was clear she could trust him. I watched as he climbed down with her and Steven helped me get down from the window.

As my feet touched the ground, I looked back over at Jason with my little sister to make sure she was alright. I sighed in relief, she seemed to be relieved we were out in the fresh open air and away from the fire. Steven and Jason led us both to the trees near by, where Layla was standing beside Caleb. Layla looked worried and Caleb seemed a little bit on edge-his eyes turned more sad and worried as he saw my puffy red eyes.

My vision felt bit disoriented from the fire, so it took me a moment to notice that his hair was short. I blinked, just to make sure he was real and I was not envisioning the older Caleb all of a sudden “Caleb?”

He caught me in his arms, as my knees buckled beneath me and he held me in his strong arms as he looked into my eyes “I got’s okay.” he reassured me and we all stiffened when we heard a twig snap.

“Well...well look what we have here.” The familiar voice sent a shiver down my spine. As I turned my head to the right eyes landed on my enemy...Stefan.

So we meet again...his thoughts invaded my head, as he smirked. This time, I won’t let you get away from me so easily.

There is no this didn’t get me’re not getting to me now! My thoughts traveled back to his, venomous and harsh like poison and the most coldest wind.

He smirked slightly at me “Well...looks like we’ll have to see about that.” he said out loud. Caleb looked slightly confused at me and Stefan.

I looked over at Jason “Get Lily out of here.”

“Oh won’t be going anywhere!” Stefan growled out loudly. I growled back at him with a defiant protective hiss as I stood in front of Caleb, my eyes turned slightly darker.

“Don’t you dare touch my little sister!” I felt Caleb’s skin change temperature...from hot to warm again. I looked over at him worried, seeing his hands balled up into fists...he was struggling with not using his powers...he was fighting his instincts. I focused my gaze back to Stefan who dared to take a step forward “I said, DON’T YOU DARE!” I growled this time much louder...the few inches of ground beneath Stefan shook before it moved in almost a wave like motion, throwing him back a few hundred feet, as well as 50 metres high up into the air. Jason took this as his chance as he ran off with Lily to get her to safety.

Stefan grunted as he pulled himself onto his feet and his eyes turned darker “That was not nice.” he growled and he looked at Caleb “What about you?” he taunted with a smirk “Are you not going to use your powers?” he asked, tilting his head to the side. His eyes now pure black...trying to lure Caleb in.

I heard Caleb’s shaky breath as his jaw clenched tightly. I could feel his shivers close to me. I remembered what his mother begged of me, she wanted me to save Caleb from himself. If he got sucked into this game, Stefan was playing...Caleb would end up like his father and I was not going to let that happen.

I held out both of my hands-palms up as I raised them both up, the ground started to shake below Stefan and different roots and vines from the underground burst through the ground, wrapping around Stefan’s waist tightly lifting him off the ground...he growled struggling through the vines and roots, but they were million times stronger than he was. With a gentle flick of my wrist...the vines and roots send him flying so fast and with such harshness, that when he landed on the floor...he caused a massive dent in the floor. It looked like a meteor had struck.

Steven breathed out “Woah...remind me not make you angry.” he whispered to me, as he kept Caleb back with Layla and my eyes turned back to normal color, as I saw Stefan struggling to get up...when he hit the sounded like some of his bones had snapped.

I flicked my wrist again and a fire circle surrounded Stefan, giving us time to escape.

That was great!  Bella could come back and use her powers to help them.  Looking forward to reading more!


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