The Twilight Saga

Book 1 Plot: When Bella meets 3 handsome strangers, her world is turned upside down. Nothing is as it seems, secrets, lies and danger all around her all at once. She eventually finds her torn between friendship and love, but what happens as danger is nearing closer?

Jason Ezra Collins || 19 || Not Human-Demi-God || FC: Ezra Miller
First Appears in: Book 1
Friends: Caleb, Steven. Grows Close to Bella Aswell. He is rather protective over her. He may act like a jerk at times, but that's only when he is angry about something.
Enemy: Stefan
Steven Pouge Michaels || 21 || Fallen Angel || FC: Taylor Kitsch
First appears in: Book 1
Friends: Grew up with Jason and Caleb. They are like brothers to him. He grows close to Bella as well.  He is the leader of the pack he and his friends formed. He can be rather charming and sweet.
Enemy: Stefan
Caleb Danvers || 20 || Son of Ipswich (Witch/Demonic Powers) || FC: Steven Strait
First appears in: Book 1
Friends: His best friends are Steven and Jason. They are like brothers to him, he has known them or many years now. He becomes close friends with Bella as well and woves to protect her no matter what.
Enemy: Stefan.
Younger Caleb:
Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan || 19 || Human || FC: Kristen Stewart.
First appears in: Book 1
Friends: She becomes close friends with Jason, Steven and Caleb. They are the only friends/family she has, since she lost her family in a house fire when she managed to escape.
Enemy: Stefan-Does not know that at first.
Younger Bella:
Stefan Ian Morgan || 20 || Vampire || FC: Paul Wesley
First appears in: Book 1
Friends: Bella?
Enemies: Jason, Caleb and Steven. They have hated each other for many years now.
Layla Danielle Williams || 17 || Witch-Controls Nature || FC: Danielle Panabaker
First mentioned in Book 1, First Appears in Book 2.
Friends: She is close to Caleb and Jason-they are like her brothers. She also develops a bond with Bella. Steven is the one she is most closest to as they are in love.
Enemies: Stefan is her biggest enemy.
Book 1 is written in Bella's P.O.V apart from Chapter 5.
Book 1 Content:
Chapter 1-The Drowning 
Chapter 2-New Home 
Chapter 3-Visitor 
Chapter 4-Caleb's Pain 
Chapter 5-Nightmares-Caleb's P.O.V.
Chapter 6 (Part 1)-The Ancient Text 
Chapter 6 (Part 2)-The Son of Ipswich 
Chapter 7-Fallen Angel 
Chapter 8-Demi-God 
Chapter 9-Fight Vs. Friendship 
Chapter 10-Dream of the Future 
Chapter 11-Here comes Death 

Book 2: My Immortality
Written in Caleb's P.O.V, with some parts from Bella's
Plot: Struggling with the death of Jason. Bella, Caleb and Steven find them selves fighting for their lives. As old enemies start to return, Bella learns the truth about who she really is. But what happens when the fate of everyone around her, lays in her own hands?
Book 2 Content:
Chapter 1-Truth Comes Out 
Chapter 2-The Task
Chapter 3-The Portal 
Chapter 4-Two Sides To Me 
Chapter 5-Danver's Restaurant and School-Time Talk 
Chapter 6-The Deadly Lesson 
Chapter 7-Time for Change
Chapter 8-Control of Emotions 
Sneak Peaks Of Chapter 9

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Mhh yeah interesting things have come up because of these chapters :)

if you watch Vampire Dairies then you should be familiar with compelling :) if not, then you should watch the series :) they're good. But as for Stefan, he compelled Bella.

Yeah...I have to admit, it was bit slow up till this point. The rest of the story will take off throughout the series due to the twists and plot turns I have in mind

Chapter 10-Dream of the Future

I was about to say something else, when a voice came from not far behind us “Stefan! Get a move on.” the voice hissed-a voice I recognized. I bit my lip as I swallowed silently, feeling a shiver creep up my spine. I looked back a bit, to see Ares standing there, his hands on his hips with a smirk on his face.

He just raised an eyebrow at me in silence, his eyes fixated on me, as Stefan stood up patting my back...and I forced myself to look away. Everything felt just so...strange. I could not put my finger on it, when I heard their footsteps retreating away from me. I got up and walked back home, when I got to the house...I leaned against the door closing my eyes. I jumped screaming when I heard a voice: “Are you okay?”

I gasped seeing it was just Caleb and put my hand on my heart which was beating like crazy and nodded “ scared me.” I said, trying to calm down.

Caleb looked at me worried as he took a step closer and his hand traveled down to my wrists “How are you feeling?” he asked

I looked at him, knowing he was asking me about the accident and the strange goings on inside of me, that happened twice. “Umm better than most days.” I told him as I looked up at into his brown eyes, his hand was warm and tender...even though my wrists were bandaged up, I still could feel the soft tingling off his warmth emanate through the bandage.

He smiled softly down at me. “That’s good.” he said as he pressed a soft kiss to my forehead, gentle and tender “If you need to know you can always come to me, Bells.” he said, his hand reached up tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear gently.

I nodded as I gazed up into his eyes “I know...thank you.” I told him with a soft smile on my lips, looking up at him.

Caleb smiled softly as he leaned down slightly, I felt his warm breath tingling against my skin as I looked up at him, his hand gently caressed my cheek as it found it’s way up from my bandaged wrist. I felt my heart speed up slightly as I got lost in his brown eyes, they were filled with warmth and such light...I bit my lip slightly as he leaned down, his lips brushing against mine softly. My lips responded to his, brushing back against his as my fingers trailed across his jawline gently, and across his cheek.

“Oh you’re both home now.” Caleb jumped back as Steven walked into the room, with a chirpy smile.

I bit my lip as I nodded at Steven “Yeah, I just got back.” I said, then saw Jason walking down the stairs and he raised an eyebrow

“Come back from where?” He asked, completely ignoring that Caleb was in the room.

I took of my jacket carefully setting it down on the coat hanger “From town...your dad seemed to have made an appearance.” I replied.

Caleb’s eyes widened slightly “He’s in town… Oh no that’s not good.”he said shaking his head as the same time Steven did.

I looked at him them and sighed “He didn’t do anything to me...this time. But yeah...he’s in town. He seemed to show up soon after I met, Stefan.”

“Stefan...Stefan who?” All of them asked me together, they seemed suddenly very cautious about something.

I shrugged “Just Stefan...never got a last name.” I told them, as I walked into the kitchen to get myself something to drink.

“I don’t trust him already.” Jason said

I looked at him as I grabbed a glass from the cupboard “He seemed perfectly, nice.” I told him as I opened up the fridge and took out the jug of Orange juice and poured myself a glass “Maybe you’re just being a hypocrite because of what happened.” I told him.

Jason looked almost hurt, as he looked at Steven “Don’t look at me. You deserved that, since you had it coming.” Steven told him, as Jason grumbled something under his breath. I looked at Jason as I sipped my juice, still feeling like I was missing something. But I decided not to let it bother me.

“I still don’t trust him.” Jason mumbled

“You haven’t met him.” I said as I shook my head at him, sitting down, not leaning my arm on the table due to my wrists.

“And you think Me and Caleb trust you around, Bella after the little stunt you pulled?” Steven asked looking down at Jason, with a scowl on his face “Bella’s a fragile human and you pull of one of your stupid supernatural tricks because of your jealousy! She has enough to deal with and she doesn't need you almost killing her. When the situation she’s been in almost killed her...twice!”

“Why do you think me and Steven haven’t left her side?” Caleb hissed angry at Jason “If you think it’s just for kicks or to make you jealous, then you’re barking up the wrong tree.” he told him “Maybe, if you understood what was going on, better you’d think before you’d hurl another energy fusion ball at Bella and cause her injuries to both of her arms, which probably triggered her situation again!” he said “So, I suggest you think twice before you do something stupid again! And make Bella throw up blood and black gung...again!”

Jason sighed “And you think, I feel proud of that I done?!” he asked “How many times do I have to apologize for my mistakes?” he asked

“I’ll let you know, when you get there!” Caleb said, glaring down at Jason slightly.

I sighed softly and just shook my head at Jason, when he looked over at me “They’re both right.” I told him.

“Figures…” Jason mumbled

I frowned “You want me to side with you...when you hurled me into a bunch of boxes and old beer bottles?”

“Would be have your support, maybe just a little.” Jason said as he grumbled something else under his breath as he went upstairs to his room.

I just sighed softly as I set the now empty glass on the table, as I finished off the entire juice. I shook my head ever so gently.

I closed my eyes slightly and drifted off to sleep slightly, slumping against the chair as I had my eyes closed. As I was drifting away into a sleep...I heard voices inside of my head.

“Come on you slow coach…” A girl around 16 years old laughed as she was running around in the woods. Her brown hair seemed to be almost flowing behind her. Her features were fair, her posture petite and slim-she seemed almost elegant in the way she was running across the green grass.

A young man around 18 came up behind her as he scooped her up and they both ended up falling onto the floor. He had short and light blonde hair and  light blue eyes, a bad boy style was clearly present in the way he was dressed. He tickled her slightly as he kissed her softly

“Reid…” the girl laughed as she wiggled in his arms, as she kissed him back gently and she smiled, running her fingers through his hair.

“I love you, Sarah.” he mumbled softly against her lips.

“Arhhh...kiss in your own time will you.” Another young man about the same age as Reid groaned, but he looked an exact spitting image of Caleb. The same brown eyes and dark hair, same tall and tanned posture. He grabbed a bucket of cold water and threw it over them. Sarah shrieked as the water was cold, she shivered

“Warren Caleb Danvers!” she said as she got up and she began to chase him.Reid chuckled as he got up and ran after them both and Sarah jumped on Warren’s back tackling him.

Reid laughed “ beat by your sister!” he teased, with a smirk on his face

Warren groaned against the green grass “My sister...happens to be your girlfriend...bad boy!” he said in a teasing tone.

Caleb walked over chuckling “Kids...stop fighting.” he said and he looked down at Sarah “Tackle your older brother again?” he asked as he smiled softly and he patted Reid on the an approving gesture.

“Maybe.”Sarah smiled innocently as she giggled, Reid wrapped his arms around her pulling her back up to her feet.

Caleb just laughed softly as he helped Warren up to his feet “Those two were all over each always.” he said making a face

“They’re young and in love...let them be.’ll understand when you’re in their position one day.” Caleb said patting his back. Warren opened his mouth to speak, but his words were all mumbled as I woke up from my dream sitting up on the chair shaking my head-not even realizing I was mumbling in my sleep

Caleb looked at me curious “Bella are you okay?” he asked “You mumbled in your sleep…”

I looked at him “I did?” I asked

“Something about Warren...Sarah and Reid.” Steven said shrugging “Whoever they are.” he said and he looked just as curious as Caleb did.

“Oh umm...nothing.” I said as I shook my head. I got up and went to the bathroom and splashed my face with cold water. I had no idea where that dream came from...why was I dreaming about mine and Caleb’s possible future children and one of their lovers? I tried to shake that thought out...but gasped when I felt a hand wrap around my mouth and I eyelids feeling heavy as someone was holding a handkerchief which was laced with some kind of strange sleeping body went limp as I blacked out.


A/N: Just like Caleb, I have taken Reid-The bad boy from Bella's dream from the Movie, The Covenant. Reid will turn up later on, I promise :) as will Warren and Sarah. Sarah is a name from the movie the Covenant as well, but her character will not be based on that from the movie-she will be different. As for Warren-the name comes from the film Sky High-which was my inspiration for Caleb's younger self, mentioned earlier on in Book 1.

If you haven't seen either of those two films :) I recommend them for a watch.

Here's a little treat :) Videos of Reid; (First one is some of his quotes from the film, the other is a fan video, both found on youtube)

Loving the whole story so far :)

There will be one more chapter after this one :) As the first book is rather short.

Book 2 will be posted soon-I got the first chapter of that almost done :)

Book 3-will be posted when I finish book 2. Not sure if there might be a Book 4, after the third one for the series. Will see how it goes

That Stephan is creepy. Ares was the last person I expected to show up there.

And the truth is finally about how those two boys feel about, Bella. I knew they couldn't stay one happy family forever, eventually Bella was going to have to chose one. Great update!

Yeah he is...mhh you'll find out why Ares was there in Book 3. Yeah I know I am a pain in the butt lol :)

Mhh yeah, I always knew that the story/series was not going to give them a happy family all the time. Where would the drama be? 

Yeah...Bella's heart does lie with one of them already, but it'll just be a matter of telling that certain someone how she truly feels

great update!

Glad you liked it :)

Chapter 11-Here Comes Death

I groaned as I started to wake up...I found myself hanging upside down, tied tightly with ropes and all of my blood was rushing to my head. I winced trying to get from the ropes, but couldn’t. I winced, as I felt the ropes digging into the flesh off my wrists...through the bandages.

My head felt dizzy and I noticed, I was in some kind of strange warehouse or haunted house or something. I heard the creak of a floorboard “Hello? Who's there?” I voice shaky and uneven, slightly raspy.  I had no idea how long I’ve been out...but the dust and the smell of oil and paint, was making my nose itch.

“Well Hello...Hello...there.” I heard Stefan’s voice, come from the dark.

“Stefan?” I asked “Could...could you let me down please?” I asked.

He just laughed as he shook his head coming into the light that shone in through the cracked windows “Now...why would I do that?” he asked tilting his head to the side as he came in closer, he breathed out softly and his cold breath tickled my skin, it was cold and it send shivers down my skin. He leaned in closer...breathing in my scent. I closed my eyes trying to fight my fear and the dizziness all in one.

“Layla was such fun...I am sure you’ll be too.” he purred into my ear. My eyes widened in shock. He knew Layla….I felt my breath leave me for a moment or two.

“You killed her...didn’t you?” I voice shaky, as I looked at him, forcing my eyes to not leave him as I glared at him. I felt like I had-for Steven’s sake at least. I felt scared inside...being in the presence of the fifth member...who was rather deadly...the look in his eyes was so cold and sinister. I could not believe he played was it possible, I did not remember anything he had said to me that made him seem like a lunatic when we met?

He smirked softly “ know the story...huh? I was beginning to think that rotten fallen angel didn’t even warn you about me.”

I winced and glared at him “Steven’s not rotten! And he mentioned you killed Layla...made it look like an accident, in what ever way you killed her. But no psychopath like you...should get away…” I got cut off as he slapped me across the check and I cheek burned from the pain and I bit down my lip.

“Watch your tongue...missy. I could easily feed it to pups.” he hissed and he let out a growl...but someone pulled him back.

“Easy Stefan..” someone else said from the dark. I was half expecting it to be Ares but instead I saw a younger man come into the light. “She won’t back down easily...not like her sister did.” he said.

My heart ached at the mention of Lily and I blinked holding back my tears. “ were the one that killed my family.” I said

“Correction.” Stefan smirked “Me and Anton both did.” he said as Anton’s finger ran across my cheek slightly “And now...we shall kill you.. you escaped from us twice...not going to let you escape the third time.” he said as he tugged down at the rope and I fell down onto the floor, crumpled as I winced and I tried to pull myself up so I was sitting upright.

I gasped as Anton grabbed me by the scruff my neck lifting me up. I gasped as his hand was strong and his muscles flexed around my tender neck. I winced trying to get from his grip and I managed to kick him using both of my legs as I used my weight to swing me back and forth. As he groaned in pain...he dropped me back to the floor.

I saw Stefan about to grab me and I tried to move back...but gasped as out of nowhere he and Anton both flew into the wall and landed on the floor..knocked out. I looked over to the door which was swung open. to see Jason standing there.

I looked at him, his eyes were pure black from his rage and he ran over to me and he lifted me up to my feet as he started to untie the rope from my legs and wrists. The knots were done up tightly...but Jason managed to untie them fast like he was an expect...I am pretty sure if he was standing on his head or blind, he would have undone them just as a fast. “Are you okay?” he asked, looking over me to make sure. He then noticed the huge slap mark on my cheek and he looked at me worried.

I looked at Jason and I looked over at Anton and Stefan who were about to wake up. Jason hurled an energy ball at them again, knocking them out once again. He looked down at me “Go outside...Steven and Caleb are nearby. I’ll take care of Stefan and Anton..”

“But…” I tried to protest, but he cut me off, as expected.

Jason shook his head  “No buts Bella. They’ll wake up soon again. Just please trust me.” he told me as he kissed my forehead gently “I am sorry about everything...I really am. But please...listen to me. You need to leave and fast...I’ll be right behind you.” he told me, a part of me felt like I should listen to him...but another part of me didn’t want to. Like something bad might happen..If I left. I gave Jason a weak hug, before I managed to find my way to the door as my legs felt all wobbly and I ran outside into the fresh air.

As I ran...I heard yells, growls and things flying and breaking. Trying not to look back, I felt myself lose my balance and fell, but Caleb caught me as he ran over with Steven. from behind a tree.

“Bella...are you okay?” Steven asked at the same time...with Caleb.

I was shaken up “They killed my family..” I breathed out as tears formed in my eyes “Jason was right.” I let out a sob as I hid my face in his chest...shaking as I tried to hold onto him.

Caleb’s arms tightened around me slightly as he held me close “I am so sorry, Bella.” he said softly,he said as he rubbed my back. The yelling and growls died down and it was silent...almost eerie for a moment.

“Where’s Jason?” Steven asked after a moment

I looked up through my tears and I looked at them “Inside..” I said my voice shaky and I was about to move forward to go see if Jason was okay, but the barn suddenly caught on fire and then all off a sudden exploded...knocking me, Steven and Caleb back a few feet as the blast was so strong.


I wonder what that was!? Very interesting and i cant wait to read more!

It was one of the enemies powers.

Sorry to say that the story ended on a bad note

I'll post Chapter 1 of Book 2 soon

Some tense situations in these last few chapters!  At least Jason got to redeem himself.  Now we also know who tried to kill her, but why?  There are still many mysteries to solve.  Definitely looking forward to reading more!


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