The Twilight Saga

Caius of the Volturi. .
Chapter 1

I stopped dead in my tracks when Abby called out my name.
Abby- Caius, are you sure you want to to this?
Me- Yes, my parents are poor. So i think i should. Anyway everything i do everyday is just cleaning up the stables then feeding the chickens. Then i herd the goats till evening and then i sleep not on a bed like you but on the ground. I'm sick of this life and want to move on. So i'm running away. And beg for life.
She watch me as tears roll down on her rose coloured cheek.
Me-Aww Abby, don't cry! Think of the life you're going to have. You're going to marry a prince in 3 days.
Abby-Caius! If you are going, I'm going too. I don't want that selfish jerk to be my husband. I don't want to spend my life being with someone i don't love. Come on, you are my best friend since we were 3 years old. 13 years of friendship! Can't you take me with you?
Me-Forget it! Your dad won't allow it.
Abby-Thats why I'm doing it. Caius, Im going with you whether you like it or not!
I studied her face for a moment. Her eyes were bright with joy. Her lips with a hint of smile. Her skin pale in the moonlight.Her hand reached out towards mine.
Abby- Caius, please!
Me- Fine, get your things.
I helped her climb the tree to her bedroom window and sat on a branch as she packed her stuffs.
she sang her favorite song. The song i wrote and sang for her everytime. Finally, i admitted to myself. I love her. Moire than my life. I would take care of her through this trip as long as i live. I swore to myself.
Abby- What?
Ihave been staring at her while she traded her slippers for a pair of sandals.
Me-Nothing.Lets go

She ran to the back of her house and i follwed her. She ran to the stables where she got out 3 horses. One black, another white and another brown. She storked the black horse fur and whisper into its ears the horse neighd softly and she did the same to the other 2 horses. She then went into the larder just beside her kitchen and took a basketful of food. Name it and what you want is in the basket. She smiled her Abby smile that i love and would carry it with me whereever i go.
Abby- Your horse!
She gestured to the black horse for me to sit.
Me-I'll help ypu up first.
We rode all through the night and the next day. We sold the brown horse and used the money to buy our foods and drinks. The horses obyed every of Abby's command. When i asked her about it, she said that it was nothing.

One night, we were too tired to continue and we sat down under a tree as i made a fire. I listen to the musical tinkling of her voice while she thought me how to read and write english and also speak spanish and french.
Abby-Madre is mother, Padre is father. Whats wrong Caius?
I totally was'nt thinking when I leaned on her and pressed my lips against hers.

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