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What if Edward got Bella Pregnant in New Moon? What if Jasper came back to say sorry? not a Jasper/Bella

Chapter 1 BPOV (Bella's point of view)
I sat in the living room waiting for my children to wake up. Jasper came in the room sitting the arm chair. Jasper was like a big brother to me. 7 and half months after Ed.... he left Jasper came back to apologies for what happened at my birthday. When he figured out I was pregnant with Edward's children he said he was going to help me. I remember it so well

Flash Back
I was in my hotel room tossing and turning trying to fall asleep Charlie had kicked me out of the house after he found out I was pregnant and Renee disowned me. I heard a faint knock "Coming" I shot and got up. I waddled to the door because being 7 and a half months pregnant I wasn't able to move much. As I opened the door my mouth dropped to the floor "Jasper?" I asked. He looked in disbelief too. After an hour of explaining to him about ,almost, everything. "We have to tell Edward" He said "NOOOO" I shouted. "Why not?" Jasper asked. "Because he doesn't love me anymore" I sniffed then started to cry curling myself into a ball. "Fine"
End of flash back

I sighed a half a month later I had two beautiful twins Edward Jasper Austin Carlisle Cullen/Swam and Elizabeth Ashley Jazem Alirose Esme Cullen/ Swan. they are really 10 years old but look 16 where they're forever frozen. I'm now 18 and not going to age any time soon, Jasper changed me because I was dyeing after the twins were born. I was brought out of my thoughts by my daughters wind chime voice "Good morning" She sang. I turned toward her she is 5ft1 with wavy bronze hair and light brown eye's that were a cross between brown and Gold she was 100% Cullen from her looks to her attitude. Austin was right next to her his short Dark Brown hair was messy his eye's the color as his sister Elizabeth's but he stood about 5ft9 and inside and out he was Swan. "Sorry Mom she got coffee" He laughed. Jasper smiled evilly "Hey Lizard you want to wrestle!" I rolled my eye's "Jazz you know she'll win" I said "Yeah Uncle Jazz you know I will win" She squeaked happily. I laughed Elizabeth is such a tomboy. "Come on Lizard I'll bet you that I win" he smiled."Okay who ever loses has to do whatever the other say's" she stuck her hand out and Jasper shook it. Elizabeth raced outside with Jasper right behind her. Jasper may look happy but I knew he missed Alice. I got up and calmly walked outside with Austin. I looked over expecting an abounded house but there were cars in front of it and a family I never thought I'd see again.

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good story write more soon
write more soon
write more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
luv it posrt more soon plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (:(:

Okay guys i'm really sorry i haven't posted for ever but here's another chapter hope it's good

chapter 7 BPOV

After Lizzy found her cell phone she dashed out of the room once again yelling something to Austin. I sighed and rolled my eyes looking at Jasper "She has major mood swings doesn't she!" He just laughed and hugged Alice tighter. "So What is the story with there names" Esme, who had been silent up until now, ask. " They need to remember there other family some how and i was too heart broken to tell them stories and I had there names picked out long before Jasper came to apologize to me" I finished with a sigh. They just nodded a peaceful silence falling in place. Emmett was about to say something when somewhere outside came a scream "DIDN'T I TELL YOU TO LEAVE. BUT YOU COULDN'T LISTEN NOW COULD YOU NOT ONLY DID YOU COME BACK BUT YOU HURT MY BROTHER!" Lizzy's voice rang loud and clear then a completely different scream rang out and into Lizzy's bedroom. I was the first one out closely followed by Edward. I didn't know what to expect but when we finally got there i was shocked at what I saw....




Austin ask me to race outside ,after I checked my phone only to see Jane had called me, I said a fast yes and ran outside. "Okay we run around the house and around the giant tree first one by to the door wins" He said after giving me a glare. I sighed "I promise I won't cheat" I smirked. "Okay then ready. set. go." he Yelled and we started to run. We got past the house and were neck and neck to each other when the bimbo popped out in front of my brother knocking him back a good 5ft the only thing that stopped him from going in further is a tree in his way. I looked at her like she was crazy when she said "You think you can come around my Eddi and my family and make me look like a fool your not even full vampire and I am now who is more powerful" She glared. My temper got the best of me and I screamed "DIDN'T I TELL YOU TO LEAVE. BUT YOU COULDN'T LISTEN NOW COULD YOU NOT ONLY DID YOU COME BACK BUT YOU HURT MY BROTHER!" I walked up to her and with out thinking twice...

(cliff hanger)


please tell me what you think i tried to write a longer chapter i promis i will update more review plz :)

new reader

love the chappy

please add me as friend and please send me a update

love the story please update sooooooooooooooon

New reader please keep me updated it sounds interesting

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This is really interesting.....can't wait for more.  :)

new reader this is flippin epic


Loed it new incredebly good more please...update?



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