The Twilight Saga

      Tears came flowing down my face when i saw my best friend came into my veiw in the rain. My best friend had been officially missing for 3 weeks. When he comes back, i can't help i- i cried.


     I really did miss him. Miss him and all the things we did together. Waiting for him to come back was torture. I had been staying up at night and day waiting at the front porch of his house with his mother and his 2 other best friend, Jacob and Quil waiting for him to have the sudden thought of comming home.


   He was so happy on the last few days i saw him then suddenly his jokeful and cheerful manner went away when someone played with his name. He practically took out all the teeth in that guy.

  Happy i was in seeing him come back to his house but sad i was in seeing what he done to himself. His long wavy hair had been cropped short and he got a tattoo.


  He hestiated when he saw me at his house porch with his friends. He stared at me with liquid hazel eyes that matched mine. He cast a cautious look at his friends but his eyes did not leave mine and Jacob stepped forward. Suddenly, i felt this sickening pain inside of me. My whole body felt numb and my head felt dizzy. I felt the blood flow stop and flow inside of me. Was i going to die now? He blinked and looked away and i felt the pain fade away. 


  "What the hell have you done?" Jacob yelled at him. "You are such a hypocrite. You promised that you'll try hard to not follow what those sterioder have in store for you."


  "I tried but it's not something you can hide away from Jake," Embry (my best friend) shot back.


  "Sure," Jacob rolled his eyes, "what have i been doing?" 


 "Hiding from yourself,"


 "Cut it out guys!" Quil yelled.


 "Shut him up first."


  "Make him Shut up," Embry said at the same time.


  "Sarah is crying, Embry. Please stop this. She has you only as a best friend. Please be kind and don't fight. She had no selep during the nights and spent her time at school in a daze. She's always sleeping during lessons. And she never went home since you left. After school, she sits down in this porch with us and wait for you to come home. She spents her night here. On the porch.  Sometimes, your mom sits here with us and she brings pillows out and we sit here and wait for you. Jacob has been bring Rachael's clothes for Sarah cos your mom's are too big and looking back from the day you left, she has not eaten a single proper meal. We were ever so patient. And if you are not thinking of Sarah, think of your mom. She does not have anyone except you." Quil said in a very soft tone.


  Embry walked slowly to me. He gave me a huge hug and his wet clothes have me shivers. He let me go and i saw 3 other figure in the heavy rain. The figure came  walking towards us and finally i could reconise them, Jared Caris, Paul Aver and Sam Uley.


 These were the people we hate. They had been hovering around us for the past 8 months. Paul and Jared are now 16 whereas Sam's 19 going on 20.


  "Wow, your masters have come. Time to go right?" Jacob called sarcastically.


  "You don't know a thing about them. So shut up," Embry said.


  "But it's really time to go right?" I asked quietly.


  "Supposely," was the answer.


  "YOu don't want me anymore right?" i asked.


  "I want you to be my friend but i don't know if it's possible or not."


  "What are you saying Embry Call?"


  " I don't know."


  "Ugh," i groaned and grabed the front of his shirt. I pulled his face into mine. i felt his hot breath on my face. He leaned in closer and our forhead were together. "What are you doing?" i asked softly.


  He did'nt say anything.


 But he actually leaned in and.....



   Kiss me with toungues.


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Awesome add more this sounds excellent
keep writing anf update me plz

Now i got a chapter 3
Chapter one Two:

I pushed him away when he let me go but i received him and hugged him tightly. He smirked. "Don't you ever leave again without telling me where you're going. Do you hear me?" i scolded him. He just smilled and kissed my hair. Man, he was so tall, i look like a dwarf beside him.

"Yes. I promise," he said. He pulled me and hugged me again. He was so warm, I wish i can hug him forever. Mmm.... But this time, he carried me and give a we-are-friends-again? glance at his friends. Jacob and Quil both shook their heads and ran through the heavy rain back to the direction of their house.

" We have a Calculus test on Monday by the way," Quil shouted.

"I'm not sure if I'm coming back to school," Embry said.

As soon as they were gone, the trio came onto the porch. i never got a close up look at them before until now. I realised they and my Embry looked the same. They were like brothers.

I hoped down from his huge arms and introduced myself to Embry's friends. "Hi! I'm Sarah. Sarah Salvatore. I study at your school but i don't think you'd notice me."

"Noticed you? Were'nt you the girl I and Jared tripped last year. You almost fell. But slapping my head was uncalled for. Jared used to have a huge crush on you," Paul said friendlily.

"Is'nt that kind of things supposed to be a secret?" I asked with my eyebrow raised.

"That's not so important anymore since Embry imprinted on you. Try to make it less obvious" Jared said.

"Shut up!" They hissed at Jared.

"Embry imprinted on who? Paul or me and what does imprinting means?" I asked.

"Is my mom home?" Embry asked me. I groaned. I wanted someone to answer my question not ask me something else back. He went into the house and stood there for a long moment before coming out back, "not in," he said.

"I guessed so," Sam said speaking for the first time. "We shall go to Emily's and she'll explain to Sarah."

"Okay," they answered cheerfully. "Phase, drive, walk or run? Or cycle?" Jared asked.

"Are you trying to make her faint?" Embry asked, his eyes full of anger.

"Phasing might be good," Sam remarked. "She is a very strong person. I trust that she would not pass out. After all, she does have the blood. Remember Embry, you and her are blood-siblings. You have a bit of your blood in her. and she has a bit in you."

"Blood siblings?" I and Embry asked.

"You swore with your blood that you would be bestfriends for as long as you both shall live, remember?" Sam asked.

"Right. I remember." I said. Remembering that day i pricked my middle finger and he pricked his and we wrote a long pledge a bout being best friends forever. We smeared our blood on the paper as our signature and puteach other hands in each others mouth and we sucked the blood. It was disgusting but so funny. THat was long ago.

"But how do you know?" Embry asked.

"I was looking when you were doing it." Jared said.

"Can we go now?" Paul asked, "I'm starving."

"Yes. Okay," Sam said and went behind the house. The others also did the same except for Embry who looked at me with sad, sad eyes.

"Please don't go anywhere," I begged him. "Please!"

"Just for a minute," he said and kisssed me long and gentle. Then he walked with so much speed that he practically flew out of my hands.

I waited and counted the seconds. 50, 51, 52,54. Then silence and Omigod! I stepped near the grey wolf that stood before me. It did not show any signs that it was going to attack me. It's eyes were EMbry's then i got it. Phase= Shape shift. From human to anything. WOw! Embry justed phased and he was now a wolf. that's such a wower. Ignorring that raindrops falling, i craddled the beast but my human best friends head. I stroked it and fondle it. I climbed on his back and wrapped my arms around it's hot neck. I was so overwhelm by that that I just accidentally fell asleep.

About almost an hour later, I felt someone carry me. I snuggled into his chest even though i know it's not Embry. I just like a joke, though i was sure it was Paul. He dumped me on a soft spot in a bright room.

Then i felt a hand sweeping my hair from my face. The hand was so so gentle i was ure it was a woman. She fondled my cheek earnestly and kissed the top of my head. " She's such a beauty. I wonder why she's not a fashion model. Such a nice figure. No wonder Embry imprinted on her." i heard someone say. I was sure it was the woman.

"Yes. She's the perfect person. My bestfreind. My imprintee. My world. My life, " Embry said. Wow. are they talking about me or someone off tv?

I felt the woman stood up and Embry sitting at her place. He lifted my head onto his lap. It was the most comfortable pillow anyone could have. Someone threw a blanket over me. "Thanks, Jared," Embry said. Thanks, Jared.

He took off his shirt and i opened my eyes to see a nice tan skin with wonderful abs. "Sarah, you aren't sleeping," I heard him say. Finally, i sat up and looked around the room. Jared and Paul with Sam and that woman sitting at a small circle glass table.the boys were stuffing their mouths with food. I noticed a little marks at the woman's left side of face. Embry pulled my attention to him and kissed me hungrilly. He kissed my chin, mouth, cheek and my eyes. I kissed his neck and he kissed my shoulders.

"Eww. None of that . We're eating." Jared complianed. Embry continued and replied by throwing a pillow at him.

"Get into a room or something," Paul said. Embry stared at him wide-eyed.

"Awesome idea," Embry said and kissed me again.

"I would'nt if i were you," Sam said and my attention shifted to the woman. Embry kissed me again and he whispered in my ear to not stare at the woman. i nodded and kissed him again. We were practically instopable now.

"Hi. Im Emily." the woman said and i went up to shake hands with her. She was the most preetiest woman i ever saw. She's got this big eyes and dimpled smiled by half of her face is ruined but long red marks. i did'nt stare. But i did stare longily at the fresh muffins she had on the table. "you may have one if you wish."

I quickly took the last remaining one. I tore it into half and gave one half to Embry. I caught a sight of myself at the kitchen mirror and i was suprised to see this girl with black messy hair and wet face looking back .Wet from Embry's saliva.

"We better go now. We have alot of catching up to do," Embry said awkwardly to the group and dragged me out of the house in his arms.
Chapter 3:

"So, you okay, now?" i asked him with my palms out. He took them without a word and pull me towards him. He smiled and stroked my hair. His hand griped my jacket clad arms tightly.

I opened my jacket to reveal a black tube top. He moaned out load when he hugged me. "I really can't control it Sarah. Not anymore. I love you too much."

"You think i can?" i asked. then i let him go. I looked around and saw a chance of fun in my head. I ran quickly than i ever had into the direction that would lead me out of the wood and into the water. The beach. Embry ran trying to keep as slow as he can cause now our pace are different. i finally felt my feet in the sands. I screamed out laod and Em carried me by my waist to the waters. He fell and we both went stumbling into the water.

The water went up my nose and opened my long tight wet jeans and my tube. Not ashamed cause i was wearing my bikini. I always wear it. Em put his hands around me in the waters and i just keep thanking god i have him. His hands stroked my back and we just stood there for hours staring in each other's eyes.

I would'nt even notice what time is itif Jared and Paul came crashing in the waters. They keep pestering us. But not me or him are ready to break eye contact. "Ugh, get lost guys," Embry cried.

Finally, i looked away

"What do you want?" i asked irritated to the 2 freaks. I took Em's hand and pulled him out to the sand. "Where's my clothes?" I asked.

"We thought you guys were skinny-dipping. We want you to come out so we could take pictures and flood YouTube," Jared laughed.
Chapter 4.

"Funny," I said sarcastically.

They laughed liked idiots. 'Hey, where's her clothes?" Em asked.

"It got washed away. Are you not comming home or should i say not going back home?" Jared got serious problems in his english.

"Yes. Of course," Em said as he squated down. "Jared, carry Sarah on my shoulders. Paul help him 'cause i know the girl won't give in without a fight."

Without waiting for anymore encouragement, the two boys ran towards me. I turned back and ran faster than i ever had. "Embry, get up and help us kill the little girl," Jared said.

Paul caught my legs and i fell on to the wet sand. Embry came rushing to me, jared had my hands clasped in his. Embry leaned in towards me. Paul still held on to my legs. Jaredpulled my body backwards and my hands resembled and arrow above my head.

Embry stroked my cheeks and then they lat go of me. Jared la on my left. Embry on my right. Paul lay beside Jared. I noticed that the sun was setting. "Happy Birthday," I said softly, remebering today'sdate.

"You rememberd," Embry said. "I thought you forgot my birthday. You made this the happiest day i had. The sun set is too marvelous for words"


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