The Twilight Saga

My Life With Jacob Black (short intro) by Lexi D. told by Bella Swan 

So, it's been months without Edward. I'm gonna start hanging out with Jacob. I came up with an idea that we will work on some motorbikes together. I'm going this morning to pick them up at the junkyard and then i'll go to his house. Hopefully Jake will make my life at least a little better.  I should tell Charlie my plans. "Hey Dad i'm going down to see Jacob i'll see you this afternoon!" 

"Ok Bells, be safe!" As I start driving down the road, I spot two old bikes ready for me to take. I had to ask this man Roger to help me carry them because they were so heavy,I hope Jake won't have trouble carrying them. Well,here I am Jacob's house,here goes nothing. "Hey you, gosh I haven't seen you in ages!", Jacob exclaimed. "Yeah, I thought It was time for a visit. So, I got these bikes and I was wondering if you would like to help me fix em'. "Why I'd be glad to Ms.Swan!" "Thanks so much,just be careful they're quite heavy!" The way Jacob just picked them up with ease,was extremely,attractive.  This little project is how it all began.We started working on the bikes day after day. I started to forget about Edward and my days got better. A few months later I went to Italy because Alice came to get me because Edward wanted to kill himself. He thought I died and he had to much guilt from leaving me. I talked with Edward and I told him I already moved on and started to have feelings for Jacob. I didn't hesitate to leave him,just as he had left me. As soon as I broke up with Edward, I went to tell Jacob that I was in love with him. Ever since then we have been a couple and I moved near the reservation with Charlie. He was more than happy to get closer to his best friend Billy. I still go to Forks High because that was mine and Charlie's agreement. I'm looking forward to the next chapter in my life and i'm leaving all this vampire crap behind me. 

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Sound's like its going to be fun and intresting, Please continue.


--Weeping Fairy

post more soon

sounds like a very good story please post more soon.



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