The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1:A New Beginning


Today is my first day back to Forks High since Italy. This is also the first time I'm seeing Edward since I broke up with him, I am so not looking forward to this day.

I got in my truck and drove really slowly to school playing my song I enjoy listening to while I'm sad. (Possibility by Lykke Li) Well this is the moment I've been dwelling the most...Literature/English class. This is the class I happen to have with Edward. I hope he's not awkward, I mean we sit RIGHT next to each other! Well, here goes nothing.

"Hello,Bella",Edward said quite awkwardly. "Uhh,hi" I said. "How's Jacob?" "What would you care?" "Just a question, grumpy much?" "Yeah, whatever, we should just stick to hello's." "Fine by me Ms. Swan." "Do I look like a teacher to you?" "Oh my gosh bye."  45 mins later....... "Oh, looks like I'm saved by the bell.", I said. "Yeah, tell me about it."

English is my last class so I drove up to Jacob's. "Hey loca, how was school?" I started to she a tear or two. "I thought I would forget about everything but I just can't." "Do you still love him?" "No see, that's the thing. It's all the bad memories that just keep flooding back. Especially the worst memory, getting bit by James, and then stupid Edward almost killed me." "Bella, I promise you, with me you have nothing to worry about. You will always be safe."

To be continued<3 

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Hahaha first to comment!!!!! I love this story or the beginning of one? Soooooooo Pllleeeaaassseee write mmmooorrreee!!!!!

sounds very good, please continue!

thank you! i'll post more later


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