The Twilight Saga

Chapter One!


"Valerie....Valerie wake up!"I fluttered my eyes and I met Alec's...the one who bit my neck and almost killed me.

"Alec what happend?"He grabbed a mirror off the end of the bed.Wait I wasnt in my room when he bit me.

I was in the front room talking to Giana when Aro said Alec wanted to see me in the thrown room.Marcus and Caius came out of there when Aro had said it and opened the doors for me. i was staying with Aro because before he changed I was his daughter.I had walked in there and was instintley attacked...I screamed for my father but there was no answer.Then I blacked out and I was on fire.

Alec gave me the mirror.I gazed at the girl in the mirror.She had big eyes the color of blood,ringlets of black hair around her face,and a perfect face,she was wearing a simple black dress with red spaghetti straps.I gasped.

"Who is this?"I asked.

"It's you Valerie...I changed you because....I've fallen in love with you....and I want you forever."

"Alec...I dont know what to say."

"Just come down stairs in a half an hour I'll have a surprise."

"Okay Alec I promise I'll be there."And with that he left.


"You look beautiful Valerie."My father said eyeing me in my new black rope,my dress,heels,and the new volturis crest choker that now proudly lays on my neck.

"Thank you"Heidi came in with almost a pool full of people."Heidi what are you doing?"

"Its our meal Val"She whispered.

And with that we began the hunt.

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