The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1: A baby is born
(Elizabeth Mason pov)

I was nine months pregnant and my husband was at the bank but was coming home soon. We were soon to become parents of our first child ever and i was very excited. I had a room ready and everything and we had a party that night and i was going to go in a blue dress that went all the way down to my feet. Edward my husband got it for me.
"Good afternoon Mrs. Mason!" He said coming through the door of our beautiful house. It was big and white and had blue shudders. with a big front lawn with roses and tulips.It was like a dream.
"Good afternoon my love! How was your day?"
" Good, long day without you and our almost perfect and ready to come out baby!" he laughed.
"Im very excited that it will be here soon and we have to be at the party very soon so go get ready please!" And he walked out of the room to get changed.

We arrived at the big brick house and i felt as if i couldnt move through the crowd easily because of my stomach. We finally got to the tableand when i sat down i started to feel very sick. Then it was getting hard to breath and i felt my water break.
"OH MY GOD THE BABY IS COMING!" i screamed at the top of my lungs and edward and my best friend Jane got me to my feet and brought me to the carriage. When we finally got to the hospital i was brought to the bed. Then my doctor came in.
"Hello my name is Doctor Meranson. How do you feel Mrs. Mason?" He asked very politley.
But i couldnt help not to scream, it hurt. And the color of the room was disgusting.
" I WANT YOU TO GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME IT, HURTS SO MUCH!" i cried out. Then i started heing and hoing, i could feel the baby forcing its way out. Then the Doctor came over with his nurses and started telling me what to do. I was pushing and pushing and i could feel it.

Then the next thing i heard was the cry of my little baby boy. "What is the babies name going to be Ms?" The nurse said to me with a pen and paper in her hand.

"Edward Anthony Mason."

So after a few days in the hospital we finally brought him home and brought him up to his big blue room. It had a nice crib in the middle and we had toys and teddy bears all over the room and we put him in the bed and he slept in his cute little pajamas that had teddy bears all over them. The next few years were tough. He was very adventurous and wanted to be everywhere. Then it came his birthday and he finally turned 3 years old and nothing had changed since we brought him home that night he was still the same and my little edward was turning 3 years old. Everyone adored him and always wanted to hold him because he was the cutest little baby ever and he was all mine.

CHAPTER 2 It's my birthday
(Edwards pov)

I was so excited i was finally 3. I was running all over the place and bouncing off the walls.The best time that i ever had. Both my parents were excited and i was going to have all my friends there and my Aunts and Uncles there and i was going to get a bunch of presants.
What i got was books, clothes and my favorite Toys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then when i was all done eating my big cake me and my friends were running around like crazy untill they had to go.
After the party my mom and dad came up to me.
"So did you enjoy the party my baby?" my mom asked me.
"Yes mamma i did i cant wait for next year!!!!!!" Then more and more presents. Mua hahahaha

As the years went by i got more and more things. I went to school and met my two best friends Simon and William and we had a lot of fun together. We went to each others birthday parties and we played pranks on neighbors and each other it was a tippacle boy life.
"Edward get down here just becuase your 16 doesnt mean you get hide out in your room all day!" My mom screamed for me. I was upstairs making out with a girl that was leaving twon on my birthday tomarrow. My room has changed a lot. no more teddy bears i had many bookshelfs and paintings and a big piano in my room which i played all the time. I couldnt wait till i got married and write a composition for the love of my dreams.

"I dont need to go Edward i can stay here and live with you." She said.
"No you need to go with your family and i need to go downstairs with my mom and dad before they freak out on me thinking im doing something im not supposed to be doing with you!" Ha that was kinda funny and so true.
"Ok fine but i hope you know that i will never be back again not till im in my 50s becuase that is probobly when my parents will finally let me leave." We both laughed.
"Ok Georgiana i will miss you." i got up and gave her a hug around the waste. She has been my girl best friend for a while and i really would miss her.
"Ill miss you too."
We gave each other a hug one last time and that was the last thing we said to each other.
When she finally left i went downstairs and then
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDWARD!" my mom and dad screamed.
"Thanks. Oh this is nice." I started to my cake that was shaped like a piano.
"Well its not everyday our son turns 17." My mom said. i opened one present before we cut the cake and just when we were about to cut the cake, It happened..........................................

CHAPTER 3 i wish i could have helped

My father fell to the ground in pain.
"Dad whats wrong?" i screamed. but he could talk so we quickly grab him and put him in our carage. He was still coughing when we were half way there and he was starting to get purple. Then we finally pulled up to the hospital and i picked up my dad and ran him inside.
"Whats wrong young man?" The nurse said when we walked in.
"He just fell down and he started to cough and didnt stop!" i said very paniky.\
"Oh my, bring him in the room over there while i get the doctor!" so i went into the room where she told me to bring him and i set him down on the bed and my mother and me sat in the chairs and waited till the doctor came in.
My mother was starting to cry.
"Its ok mom the doctor will make shore of it." i reasured her.
"Hello my name is Doctor Cullen. May i ask you to both leave the room please?" He asked very politly.
"Yes of course." i said to him and brought my mom out to the hall. When we sat down i was remembering the new doctors face. It was nothing like i never seen before, he had pale white skin and had golden brown eyes. He was like a god and not like anyone i have ever scene before. Then i was looking around the hospital and there was people with sick faces walking aorund me and my mother. One of them came up to me.
"You must leave now, do you here me young boy!" She said in a scratchy voice. I was getting scared now for my life and i didnt know what to do. But i wasnt going to leave my father here alone and i was going to stay here as long as it takes for him to get better.

After about 10 minutes of waiting the doctor finally came out of the room and had me and my mother follow him to his office. He showed us in and had us sit down.
"Well how is he doctor? Will he be ok?" I asked starting to get very impatient.
"Well by the looks of it he will be dead in about 2 days." Doctor carlisle said with a very sad look on his face.
"What! You mean to tell me that my father will be dead in 2 days? What does he have?" i said said getting sad and angry at the same time.
The Doctor gave me a disappointing look.
"He has Spanish influenza? Is there something wrong with your mother?"
I looked at my mother who was turning purple like the color of my father and she was shaking like crazy.
"Oh no get to the hospital bed now i think she might have it as well!" He said getting up and grabbing her with me and we ran her into the room where my father was. He looked up when we came in.
"No she cant be dying too." He said with tears coming down his cheek. Then the nurses took me out to the hall and i waited. When Doctor cullen finally came out he came and sat down next to me.
"Son im so very sorry but you are going to loose your parents in 2 days and im doing the best i can and will try to keep them alive. you just have to be careful." He said giving me a hug.

That is when i felt myself crying, not the type of crying when you get hurt, the type when you feel like you got a knife plunged into your heart. That is what it felt like, but double. Im going to loose 2 people that i loved and i would be all alone. I will have nothing else to live for. But then i started to get sick and when i looked down at my arms they were getting bright red and when the doctor felt me look down he knew what to do.
"Nurse get this boy to a hospital bed emediatly. He must be taken care of now." He said lifting me up.

i couldnt feel my body, it felt like they were taken off me. Then he put me down on the bed and the nurses new what to do. They did everything and i felt tired so i closed my eyes and went to sleep.

But i could here everything
"Save him please Doctor Cullen please, now that my husband is dead and i can feel that i only have a few more minutes i want you to save my little boy." That was the sound of my mother who was on her death bed.
"I will do everything i can Elizabeth Masen that is my promise to you." The doctor said to her.
"Thank you and that is my dying wish." That was the last time i heard my mothers voice.

"Take these 2 to the other room and put them on the list of those who died and i want all of you to leave the room please." Docotr cullen ordered the nurses.

Then i started to feel my heart slow a little and i opened my eyes for the last time think that i would be with my mother and father within a couple of minutes.
But when i was just about to die Doctor Cullen came up to me like he was gonna whisper something and said "im sorry" and he bit my neck and i screamed and then i was burning.

CHAPTER 4 what happened to me

It was all black at first, then i started to see a light that was very far away. It was getting closer and closer to me when i finally got to it i was looking through it. i saw myself when i first started walking and i saw how happy my parents were.
Then it changed i was 4 now running with simon, william and Georgiana running together playing in my front lawn of my big house. i was wearing a white puffy scruffled shirt and black pants. Then it changed to when i was 6, reading and doing my studies with my mother cooking in the kichen where the smell of chicken was roasting over a fire. My dad sitting across from me reading a book about banking.
Then it changed again to when i was 8 were i was playing around with Simon and William and skipping rocks across the lake at the summerhouse we had. Then i was 10 and i was getting older and that is when i saw Georgiana again when she moved back from london. When i got to when i was 12 i had the worst memory of when my grandmother and grandfather died together in a housefire that happened when a few kids got too close to the house with the fire and burned it. They were both sleeping. 14 years old is when i started getting looks for beautiful girls who were giving me the little cute laughs when i walked by.
Then the age i dreaded 17 when i saw my parents die again. Then i saw myself dying and the way my face looked. i was getting pale.
Then there was pain in my throat and a very bad tingiling sensation in my bones. everything hurt. I wanted to scream HELP but the pain hurt to much to move. I dont know how many days it has been but it felt like i was dead but then the pain started to melt away in my bones.
When it finally stopped the thirst in my throat got worse. I was very thirsty, too thirsty. i felt my back arch as if my heart was reaching for the heavens, then i dropped i could no longer hear my heart beating just the sound of someone else close by.

Then i opened my eyes.....................................................

CHAPTER 5 my new life

i opened my eyes and everything changed. Everything was bright and the man standing next to me not as angel like anymore but still very good looking for human eyes. I felt thirsty and my throat was scorching of how thirsty i was. The doctor came over to me.
"We have to get you out of here and we have to go to my apartment." He said kindly, but ergingly.
"Ok." Then i got up and started to follow him but what i noticed was that we werent walking we were full out running and no one saw us. It was like we were invisable.

When we finally got to his house he had me go to the couch.
"Hello, i hope you remember me? Im the Doctor that tried to save your Mother and Father!"He said trying to confort me. but i just looked at him. Then i heard my voice for the first time again.
"Why am i here? I thought i died?" I asked shocked about my voice. His house was kind of soothing and relaxing.
"Yes you did die, but i saved you." He said looking at me.
"Then why am i alive and thristy?" I said giving him an expression of how could you save me.
"My name is Carlilse. I know you will find it hard to beleve but i am a Vampire and you are too." He said trying to keep me calm. "The thirst we will fix with some animal blood."
I just stared at him. A vampire? i thought those were just myths or is he playing me.
*i hope he beleves what im telling him*
"What did you say?" i said looking at him.
"I didnt say anything! What did you here?" he stared at me very confused.
"I thought you said "i hope he beleves what im telling him' is what i thought you said!" i must be losing my mind.
"I did. But i thought it." Then he paused for a long second."Oh my it seems that you have a gift my boy. The gift of hearing peoples thoiughts. Here try again to see if it really is." He stopped and thought.
"You said 'i cant beleve this is happening'. is that right?" i asked getting a little excited.
"Yes that is exactly what i said. you do have a gift. But you must use it wisely dont use it just to get something unless you need to." He said with a big smile on his face.
"I am really thirsty." I said holding my throat.
"I think its time to hunt."
"Hunt?" I asked very confused.
"Yes time to drink some Blood my boy." He said smiling.
"Blood, like actual blood. that is so gross." i said looking discusted.
"Well its that or keep the fire burning your throat. Your pick." He said crossing his arms.
"Blood please." I said still kind of sick.
"Ok lets hunt." Carlisle said laughing.

CHAPTER 6 the hunt

We ran out the door and we were running full speed. But it was during the dark night when i noticed when we were going through the woods.Then he stopped and turned to me..
"Ok this is what you have to do first you watch me then you can give ago ok!"
"Ok." i said watching closely with my new eyes.
This was diiferent than anything. He looked beautiful.....................not that i go that way but it was nothing like i never expected but when he bit into the deer and i smelt the blood i felt myself get bloodthursty. When he was done he got up and looked at me.
"Now it ia your turn young Edward." He said coming over and putting his hands on my shoulders.
"Now that you have watched me i want you to close your eyes." i did."Now what do you hear?"
I listened "i hear everything but i also hear a big pawed animal down a little ways to the northeast."
"Ok so what do you ant to do.................." before he could finish i ran after what i smelt.
Wheni finally got there i stopped and looked at the thing that was looking right back at me.
A big Moutain Lion.
Who smells so good and mouthwatering.
When i didnt move he looked down and i attacked him.
He had a lot of fight in him but i finaly got on top of him and brought my new sharp teeth into his thick neck. I had teeth that was like cutting through a steak when i finally got to the blood part my throat started to get cooler and the pain was going away. The hottness of it was delicious. When i finally got the dead body out from under me i found that my puffy white shirt my favorite one was all bloddy and ripped from our fight. When i looked up Carlisle was standng there looking at me.
"Sorry i took off on you like that Mr. Cullen. I didnt mean to i was so thirsty and.." He put his hand up.
"No it is alright Edward. But i would perfer if you call me Carlisle please, i know i dont seem like a father yet but i would much rather be that than called Mr. Cullen."

I put my hand up to his "No dont say that ever since i woke up you have been more than just a father to me. I was alone because my parents were always working but the last few days i was feeling more lost than you could imagine. But when i woke up to see you, you looked at me and you really cared more than my parents but i loved them and they loved me and i love you all the same father."
I stopped and he smiled at me.he thought I think im going to cry
"Then go ahead." i said and laughed. He laughed with me.
"Are you all done for today or did you want to continue on for more food?"
"Im all done. can we go home please."
"Yes." Then we started walking.

When we got back to his appartment we found a paper that had a picture of all the people that died from the Spanish Influenza. We got inside and looked. When we finally got to Mason i saw a picture of my parents but not me.
"Why am i not in here?" I asked.
"I told them that you had to recover at my house because your illnese was not as bad as the others."
" You lied to them."
"Would you have rather have them think you dead and you would have to sit in a coffin and wait till it was all over?"
No that was a good lie." i said looking away.
"There mass is going to be this friday, we could dress up and go to see your parents one last time. Would you like that Edward?" He said looking at me like he was comforting me
"Yes i would thank you." I said leaning my head down on his shoulder.
"Ok Then lets look in my closet to see what we have that will fit you."
"How dangerous is this?" i said looking up at him.
"Very!" We both laughed and got to go pick out clothes.

CHAPTER 7 The last time

      He found a tux for me and i put it on. i couldnt believe that i only get to see my parents one last time and they are gone forever. I walked out to the other room where Carlisle was waiting and he smiled at me.

"Are you ready to go?" He asked with the kindess voice you could ever imagine. But i was wondering again where he came from and i thought that after i see my parents i would ask about my new father.

"Yes im ready." so we walked out side and started walking because we were still in Chicago and the cemetary was only five minutes away.

"What do you do when the sun is outside?" i asked so i didnt do anything that could reveal us.

"We wont be going outside in the sun." he said and kept staring forward.


"Because there is something that happens that could reveal us and i dont want them to know what we are or close to and when we go hunting sometime i will show you." he told me very calmly.

"Ok." and i just kept staring forward myself.


            We got to the cemetary now and we sat in the way back. the coffins werent there yet and i was getting very nervous and i knew that i couldnt just go up to see them i would have to wait till the very end. but i was feeling empty that my birth parents werent alive anymore.


           Then i heard music and when i looked back there was two coffins being carried down and i felt saddness wash over me. They brought them down to the end of the isle and i couldnt believe it i really was all alone and the last Mason alive. My stomach felt like i was getting stabbed in the gut and my eyes starting to hurt and then my hands started shaking. Carlise reached over and being like a father to a five year old kid which i felt like held my hand through the whole ceremony.


    When all the people went through i went up for my turn and when i walked up i saw there white faces. The face of my handsome father and my beautiful mother still and lifeless. i turned to Carlise.


"You will always take care of me right." He just looked at me with surprise.


"Promise me right now and in front of my dead parents and make them this promise. im begging you please?" i got down on my knees.


"Of course Edward, i will always take care of you no matter what. i wouldnt have turned you if i knew i didnt want to be alone. you are the only son i ever had and i dont want to lose you ever." He truned and looked at my parents. "Mr and Mrs. Mason i promise to keep your son safe and nothing will ever happen to him. Please forgive me for doing this to him and your welcome mrs. Mason for saving him."


I looked up and his hand was out to help me up. i got up and went over to my parents and kissed them on there forheads and whispered;


"I love you mother and father."


I turned and we walked away togther as father and son.


 CHAPTER 8 Just Carlisle and me


       A few days after the funeral we went back to Carlisle's appartment and he told me all about his life and how he became a vampire. He told me how he lived with a royal vampire family "the Volturi". They sounded like they were a very nice coven but he told me that they would kill anyone who asked them. Then i saw the vision in his head as he replayed the whole scene for me. That was what made me shiver and made me feel horrible that someone as kind as Carlise had to see that.


"Did you like it when those people came in and asked them to kill them?" I asked.

"No. I wanted to say something to them that there was another way to live this life but if i did im sure they would have had a long talk with me of what not to do when people come to see them." He said with sad look in his eyes.

"Are you happy that you saved me, Mr. Cullen?" i asked looking at him like i looked at my father.

"Yes, to know that i have someone with me and i am no longer alone makes me feel very happy. But i would prefer if you would call me Carlisle please." He looked at me with a smile on his face.


I smiled  back at him. i felt very happy to have him as well untill he went back to the hospital and i was alone. I would watch all the people below walk around like i was able to once and being able to sit in the sun and enjoy the warmth, but know that i was a vampire i couldn't. i watch them all have fun playing outside, but i wished just for one moment that i could go out and not worrying about anything. so i steped away from the window and stopped wishing and sat there and took a book of Carlisle shelf. I had never read Wuthering Heights before so i sat in one of his chairs and just started reading it.


It was approaching Three o'clock and i had finished reading the book in one day and i felt angry with Healthcliff. i told myself i would never read it again. Then Carlisle came bursting through the door.


"WE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW?" he screamed at me.

"Why?" I asked without screaming back at him.

"It's time for us to leave they saw you were missing from the hospital and they are asking questions." he told me.

"I thought you said that they would never know?" i said confused.

"Well i was mistaken! Lets go!" he said leaving half of his things he didnt need.

"Where?" i asked.

"Ohio." Is all he said.


Chapter 9 meeting the newest member


Coming soon!!!! if you like the story please send me a friend request so i can tell you when i write new chapters. Hope you enjoy!

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