The Twilight Saga

its my first fanfic..plz read and comment..i need ur opinions


"CASEY"...I heard my mom shout from downstairs.."Coming"..I replied and sprinted down the stairs.My mom was holding the phone,she said "Its uncle charlie"..uncle charlie was my mom's brother.I used to visit him when I was small.I loved him a lot..He was so much fun.I loved to go fishing with him.Isabella or rather Bella ,as she preffered,was my bestest but as we moved to Canada we were'nt able to meet.

"Hey uncle are you?how is bella and renee?Its been a long time.."

"Hey honey..everyone's ,I need a favour from you.."

From me..?"Sure".

"Can you come and stay with us in forks?"

"forks?why ? is something wrong?"

"yes honey..bella is right now in i thought maybe you could help her out..anyway its been a long since we saw what do you say?"

"depression? what's wrong?"..bella in depression..that is so not her..whatever is the matter?

"i cant tell you right now..but i need your help .."he said pleadingly..

"sure uncle..anything for you and bella"..something was definitely wrong.

"thanks about you come this week"?

"sure ..bye"and i kept the phone.

i looked at my mom .she gave me a worried she knew already.

that night at dinner we told dad about the conversation i had with uncle charlie and he agreed to me going to forks.i would be leaving tomorrow .suddenly i remebered school.
i asked "but what about school?"
"you can attend forks high with isabella.."

thats a great idea..i was never popular in my of the girls in my school avoided me as i was too 'simple' as they put it..but i had never cared about my looks.

The next morning,i was quite happy..i would be seeing uncle charlie and bella..the thought made me even more happy though i was worried about bella.

"hey look everyone..there's the freak"

i rolled my eyes and went to my locker..frankly i was used to this ..this has been continuing since my secondary schooling..oh.i didnt tell you why i was being called a freak right?
well i believed that werewolves and vampires existed..weird huh?once i had read a book in the library and something made me believe it..anyway coming back..i made my to the classroom and sat the back of the class,which was where I sat everyday ..

Finally the bell rang..thank god..i quickly went home and started packing..just then i heard a knock on my door and my mom entered..she looked worried.

"whats up mom?

"nothing honey" after a while she added"you'll call me everyday right"?tears started to swirm in her eyes..

"oh mom..ofcourse..please dont worry..ill be fine..besides i am going there for bella"

"i know honey..its just that we've never been without you till now".

i went and hugged her.just then my dad called"honey we are getting late.."

i kissed my mom and went down with my luggage.throughout the journey to the airport i was worried about my mom..finally i kissed my dad and went to board my plane..

while i was in the plane i started to think about why uncle charlie was so sad on the phone..and what was the problem?i was thinking about it and i fell asleep..


"Casey...over here" I heard a voice say.I turned around and there I found uncle Charlie waving at me excitedly..I went over to him laughing and hugged him.

"well Well ..isnt someone excited?"

Uncle charlie smiled sheepishly and said "its been a long time and its good to see you again sweety"

"yes it is uncle"and i hugged him again. He took a good look at me and smiled.From his smile i could make out that he was remebering those times when i used to go fishing with him and his friend..whats his name..when i was young.

"you haven't changed much ,you know...the same old twinkling eyes ,bright smile and very beautiful"

"Stop it uncle"I said blushing..He laughed and we made our way to his car..On the way uncle told me about bella's problem..

"She fell in love with a guy named Edward..he loved her too..They were inseparable..but his father had been offered a job somewhere else and they moved there..since then bella has never been right.She has nightmares everyday..she wakes up screaming everyday.I tried to send her to Renee but she won't go..she does'nt talk to her friends..Infact she doesn't do anything other than the usual stuff like work,cooking,school stuff and all..I'm really worried about her.I didnt know what to do.So i thought maybe you can give her company and she might be able to forget Edward..Dont tell bella that you have come here to help her out.She wont like it a bit.." problem??.maybe uncle charlie didnt know but im not a relationship expert..infact i've never been in a relationship..but i'll do my best to help bella.she must really like edward or else she wouldnt be so depressed..but she needs to get a life right now..hmm..what should i do?

"sure uncle..i wont tell her."

"oh and you can go to forks high with bella from day after that ok?

"yeah definetly".

Finally we arrived at the house..It was small but very homely.It was just like I had remembered it to be.I took out my bags from the car,which were only three,while Charlie opened the door for me.He showed me the way to bella's room which i would be sharing with her.There was a small bed in the centre of the room ,a study table with computer to a corner and bella's closet.I unpacked and put everything in the closet.I went into the bathroom and had a nice long shower.I wore a pair of denim shorts and my favourite tee-shirt which said " back off".I went downstairs and saw that it was just 10 in the morning.Charlie was taking the day off..and i didnt know what to do..

"Um..uncle?Is there anything interesting down here?"He laughed at that..

"Interesting in Forks?you've got to be kidding me".

"Im bored..what do i do?"

"Maybe you could go down to the beach in La Push.."

"Yes that sounds wonderful..Can I borrow your car for like an hour?"

"Sure..but stay away from those cliffs.. ok?"

"ok..thanks"I took the keys and ran out..I drove slowly to LaPush..Wow this place hasn't changed much..I reached the beach and parked the car under a tree.

I had a long walk on the beach and sat down on a bench..I just sat there and was relaxing when I heard someone walk up to me..I opened my eyes and there he was ..the hottest guy I had ever seen..I suddenly realised that I was staring at him..I looked down.

"You are Casey Swan right?"Wow he had the amazing voice too..

" do you know?"I said with some difficulty as my breath was caught in my throat..

"Oh my god..Casey ..Its me Jake..Jacob BLack"

Jacob Black..I knew that name..where did i hear this name..hmm...Oh gosh..


"Jackey...."I screamed..He groaned at that nickname.

"oh no..not that..anything but that.."I laughed..

"Ok Ok is billy..rebecca and rachel?"

"rebecca is married.Rachel is studying..They visit us sometimes..billy is doing well.So whats up with you..we haven't seen you like in five years..Why are you here?not that we dont want you here..."

"Oh well..its a long story"

"I've got time." he said.

" probably know about what happened to bella..her boyfriend leaving her and all.."

"yes" he said which was more like a growl.

"anyway..charlie couldn't bear to see her like called me up and asked me to help her here I am"..He nodded and suddenly hugged me.

"its been so long casey..i've missed you a lot.."He said seriously.

"I know jakey..i've missed you too"

"Hey dont call me 15.."

"Ok Ok chill"

"so whats been happening around after I left?"

"Nothing much actually..".after a while he added"Do you remember the day you left?"he asked hesitently.

"yes..i do".

" haven't told anyone about it right?"

"no..i didnt want to"

"good..'cause I was just thinking maybe we could just keep it to ourselves.."

"yeah..sure..".We just away awkwardly..


"jackey ..i'm leaving today.."

"what..but why?"

"I dont mom just told me that we would be leaving in about 20 minutes..I'll miss you jackey"

"i'll miss you too casey" and we hugged..then he did something which i was'nt expecting at all..

He kissed me!! we broke apart and he said "Goodbye".

I couldn't bear it..I started to cry..somehow i managed to say "goodbye"..and i ran into the house.That was the last time I had seen jake..

*End of Flashback*

I know it wasn't a passionate kiss .. we were just 10 at that time..but it still was a kiss..My first kiss ..with jake..that memory was still very clear..his soft lips agianst mine..

AHHHH..stop it casey..he's your friend..just a friend..As i was trying desperately to control my thoughts..Jake said

"so have you met bella?"He asked eagerly

" the time i reached forks she had already left for school."

"oh..tell her that i've told her Hi"

"yeah ok..I have to go home now..why dont you come to my place this weekend..We could have a sort of reunion.."

"That would be awesome..i'll be there with billy."


"bye" and we went our ways..

I went over to the car and started to think more about jake..

Oh god..whats wrong with me..Am i falling in love with Jake?..No that can't happen..

"Shut up casey" I told myself and went home.

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i luv it :)
thanks...i'll write my next chapter soon
Coolio. :)
thanks for the replies guys.. means a lot to me..
hey sorry for all the grammatical mistakes i've i corrected everything..
sure sure
my name my name my name!! lol its cool :) hope her middle name is diamond hehe write some more im interested to see what happens eh
i really like ur i used it..u dont mind rite?


"Oh my god..Casey...what are you doing here? when did you come ? dad never mentioned that you were coming...".Just then uncle charlie came..

"I wanted it to be a surprise for you bells.."

"It sure is...Oh my god..its been so many haven't changed much.."

"That's what I've been told.."

"So what are you doing here..?"Ok..I haven't thought of an excuse still..What do I tell?

"Well..I never liked my school in canada..and I really needed a change..the first one who came to my mind was uncle here I and dad need some time for themselves too.."

Oh boy..what a lame excuse..surprisingly Bella seemed to buy it..

"oh..We've missed you so much..."

"I know bells..i've missed you how have you been?" At that her face fell..

"i've been ok i guess.." How stupid of me..ofcourse she isn't ok..I really shouldn't have asked her that..Charlie must have realised it because he immediately changed the topic..

"By the way casey..I've put a foldable bed beside bella's..Is that ok?"

"yeah..thats uncle..what do you want for dinner?"

"anything you make.."

" how about..hmm..pasta and fruit salad for dessert?"

"sounds yum.."

"oh it'll be..." and i started to prepare dinner..Bella came into the kitchen after some 20 minutes..While she talked I cooked pasta and cut the fruits and made a salad..

*After the dinner*

"Bells you've got some tough competiton..that was one yummy dinner.."

"thanks..uncle I was thinking if I could go to school tomorrow.."

"Sure but on one condition..Call me charlie"

"thanks charlie"

*In Bella's room*

"So bells..tell me about forks high.."

"well foks high is like any other school...but you've got to stay away from a guy named Mike"

" something wrong with him?" I asked curiously..

"You'll see tomorrow...and also stay away from jessica and lauren..they are so stupid..They are like the queens of gossip...Ugh ther are so irritating.."

"Whoa..they do sound irritating..thanks for the the way do you remember Jake?"

"Who? Jacob black?..yeah ..i had met him twice before..Why do you ask?"

"Just like that..I had met him at the beach today..he has changed lot hasn't he?" yes he has changed a lot...he is soo hot..wait did I just that out loud? I looked at bella..

She had a shocked expression on her face..Oh god..

"What ?"

" very sleepy..goodnight bells "

"Wait a second ...You are crushing on jake.."

"No I'm not.."

"Yes you are.." She smiled..I couldn't help but smile

"Well maybe..but you musn't tell it to anybody..ok?"

"I'll try.." I gave her the look and she said.."ok..I wont tell it to anybody.."

" i really am sleey..goodnight bells. sweet dreams.."

"you too casey.." I thought of Jake and slowly drifted to sleep..
im excited except the character is NOTHING like me lol
this cute i love it!


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