The Twilight Saga

Bella Swan got to know that her parents died in a car crash and she was sent to live in foster home. she is sixteen, but even sixteen is a small age to know that you have no one else in the world, and have no idea what your new home will be like......

Chapter 1-introduction (BPOV)
I'm Bella Swan, and i live in Phoenix, Arizona with my mother Renee and my dad Charlie, who is the chief police here. My sixteen year old life was very peaceful, i was happy and content. My parents are my only family, and at high school i have a couple of friends. I'm not exactly popular, just plain and simple, and ordinary. I have a dog, i call him Brownie, and I live in a, well, not so big, but comfortable house.

Chapter 2- Bad news....and agony (BPOV)
I was driving home from school, and i was excited, because today was my mothers birthday. My dad and I had made plans for her: he would be taking her for shopping and would buy her dresses and jewellry, and while they were away, would decorate the house with pink and golden decorations, and make a chocolate cake with dinner. My mom would be surprised when my father would insist on taking her to a shopping session for the whole day, and she would be shocked (in a good way) when she saw my creativity on the house.
By now I had reached home. I unlocked the front door with the spare key under the doormat, and went inside. I had a lot to do, and started the work. It was 3' o clock now, and by the time I finished making all the food and cake, and decorated the house, it was 7. I had another half hour, so i put some candles on the dining table and made it a candlelight dinner, and put rose petals at the edges of the table. After i was dont, it was almost 7:30, and my parents would be reaching anytime, so i went up to my room, and put on blue jeans with a white shirt and pink and black sweat shirt.
I looked at the clock, and sighed. My parents were twenty minutes late, so i decided to watch some TV. I opened the TV and saw that the only good thing coming was a horror movie, so i saw that. In it, a girl and guy were kissing, and the girl was murmuring stuff like " i love you" and "My love", and broke off to kiss his neck. Then suddenly the guy took out a knife and sliced her throat. I yawned, it was boring, and i was anxious, because my parents were an hour late, and my dad promised me that he would come on time. So i decided to call them. I took out my mobile and was dialing my dad's cell number when the doorbell rang. I cut the call and went to open the door. I was about to go "Happy Birthday Mom!" when i saw who it was. Or rather, who they were. There were about five people, three wearing police uniforms, they were undoubtedly cops, one kind looking lady, around in her twenties, and a guy, who had his arm around the lady. They all were talking in low voices, and i caught some words. The lady was talking to the cops.
"I think I should speak first", i heard her saying, "We'll have to be gentle with her, she can go into shock or something, the poor girl, let me talk -" She saw me, and broke off mid-sentence.
She took a deep breath and said," You must be Bella. I'm Nancy Watson. I work in a foster home. I need to tell you something, but dont be afraid, and dont go into shock. Take a deep breath, sit down, and-"
While she was babbling on nonsence, one of the cops stepped forward and muttered, "You're confusing her Nancy." Then he looked at me and said, "Bella, I have bad news. Your parents had a car accident, and they seriously got hurt. They were bleeding from head to foot, and could barely talk. But the women, i mean your mother, mumbled something which sounded like, I have to go to my Bella. And then she died. We saw the card of your father, he was Chief Swan, and we got to know the address and everything, and you have to go to foster home."
While he was saying all this, i only took in one thing, my parents were dead, and i was going to foster home. would never see them again. They were.......dead.
It was too much for me. Too much for me to take i. I crumpled on the floor. Everything went black

Note from the Author: Hi People. How was it? . It may seem boring now, but i promise, read two or three more chapters and you will totally love it. It has a lot of twists. I'll write more soon. And I also need a banner. :-)

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how is it? its only the beginning now
dont judge it now. when i write chapters 2 and 3 and so on, you're totally going to love it
i'll post more soon
and could anyone please make me some banners? I'll really appreciate it
until then
some pics of edward and bella to keep you entertained
this is really good can't wait to read more
thanks i really appreciate it
could you make me a banner?
i dont know how to make one
im gonna post more tomorrow

please guys i need a banner for my fan fiction
Will you Write more and kkep me update and i feel so bad for her
write more and keep me updated!
love it write more soon
keep me updated please
Great start! Add me & update me kay!
okay Chapter 3 is up!!
Chapter 3-Foster Home
I opened my eyes to a white room, and the first thing i saw was a women sitting beside me on a chair. She smiled nervously and said,"Er...morning Bella, how do you feel? I guess you fainted with the shock of it. I mean, anyone could have.....your parents..." She trailed off, and memories of the previous day flooded back to me. My moms birthday, the cops coming, my parents news...agony and grief trapped me, it was like, i couldn't breathe anymore. I curled up into a ball and started sobbing. I felt a hand stroking my hair and looked up and saw Nancy looking at me, her expression was pained. "Bella, please don't cry. It will be all right." Nancy said.
"Where am I?", i gasped out between the tears which were flowing from my eyes into my mouth. "Honey, you're in Foster Home."
Grief gripped me again. I was in Foster Home!!! I belonged to no one, I was all on my own now, in this whole huge world. I curled into a ball once more, and started sobbing.
The first week in Foster Home was......lifeless. I ate, slept, studied, did my chores, and...what else? yeah, i breathed. But everything was kinda...dead. I got up in the morning, attended my classes, did everything i needed to, and at night after i came back to my room to sleep, i cried. i sobbed and sobbed and it was.....excrutiating. My family, my parents....gone....forever. i had no one now. And what about my future? What would I do when i grew old? Be some teacher of a Foster Home? I'd rather die. Actually, i was dead. Almost.
And in my first week, Nancy came in my bedroom in the evening. I was sitting on my bed, staring at the wall, and tears were gushing down my face. She came sat beside me and said, "Bella, I know this is very hard for you, to be.....homeless. And i have...not exactly good news, but news for you. A family is coming to adopt you. They know a bit about you. I told them about you, how your parents died, and now you lived here. I didn't mention the.......crying much, i guess that would embarass you. They are coming tomorrow, and if you like them, you can become a part of their family. They will get a Government order aand legally adopt you as their daughter. I........hope you like them."
I kept quiet for a moment, absorbing all of this, and finally asked in a quiet voice, "When will they come?"
"Tomorrow, in the evening."

Note from the author:- Okay, i guess you know by now who those family are . And if not, well, everyone in this story are human. I will really enjoy writing the next chapter, which will be Bella meeting the Cull- oops, I mean the family who will come to adopt her. And, a sneak peek, bella will be crying when they come. And.....well, read the rest. I'll post Tomorrow. Please people, I need a banner. :-)
hi guys
if you add me, then it will be easier for me to tell you when its updated
without adding you, its kinda impossible to tell you
and i hope you like the new chapter
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the story was real good can't wait 4 more please add me so that i can keep up r u may updated me thanks.Jan


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