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My morning star (Renesmee and Jacob story) NOW COMPLETE!!!

This is my first story. It's mainly centered around Renesmee and Jacob and their daughter. Please read and comment. Be honest. i love constructive criticism. Stephenie Meyer owns all character besides a few.

"Push Nessie" commanded Carlisle.
"I... am... pushing!" I panted.
"She's doing fine. I can see the baby's head. That baby has a head full of hair." said Rosalie.
2 more pushes and I could hear a baby crying.
"Awwww the baby is gorgeous." said Rosalie.
"Is she okay? Is the baby okay?" I heard Jacob asking.
"Yes she and the baby will be just fine," my dad said.
I could hear Jacob running up the steps.
"Come one Jacob and see your new daughter," said Carlisle.
"Her name is Jalina." i said.
"Jalina Makiyah Black," I finished.
"The name is beautiful," said Jacob.

*Please comment and tell me what you think

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i love it post more when u have an chance i love it, its soo funny
i think its cute when jalina's a baby. i miss her.
cool i love it
you should do nessie and jake.pleasee.
Nelissa POV
Everyone walked outside on the porch. Edward and I continued on to the yard. He was in for it. Emmett walked in between us.
“All right now kiddies, I want a nice clean fight. No scratching and I will allow hair pulling. Nelissa, no hitting below the belt” said Emmett.
“There’s nothing to hit”
Everyone choked on on their laughter.
“I’d beg to differ”said Grandpa.
“Wouldn’t you?” I said.
Emmett ran on the porch and mimicked a bell.

Edward made the first move. He came running at me. He was fast but I was faster. I thought of me grabbing his right arm with my left. And then instantly blocked out my thoughts. He leaned towards my left. I put my left side back and grabbed his left arm with my right. I flipped him in the air and as he was in the air I kicked him in his tummy. That was only in 5 seconds. Image what I would do in half of a minute. He hopped up, his thoughts were very jumbled. So I blocked them out. He made like he was going for my neck but instead punched me in the stomach. I heard his thoughts. He thought that I needed air. Oh how wrong was he? I went flying into the tree. I blew my hair out of my face and use my power over the mind to make his brain not register me in his thoughts.

“Where did she go?” he asked.

I ran up behind him and grabbed his nice tousled bronzed hair and pulled down. His neck snapped back. I kneed him in his back and then bent down and grabbed his legs and flipped him on his head. There was a rock there and his head cracked it in half. He sat up and shook his head. I took my power out of his mind. I was still crouched in front of him. He head butted me. I’m not invulnerable so I felt that. And it hurt like hell. He had his foot on my neck. I lifted my legs into the air. They were long enough to hit him right at the bottom of his neck. I then levitated in the air. I put my self up right and had him in the air hanging by his legs. We were about 2000 feet into the air.
I flew at top speed to the ground. His body bounced off of the ground. I used his body as a trampoline and jumped off of him. I was about to kick him in his head when Seth grabbed me. He shook me.

Bella helped Edward off of the ground. He ran passed her and grabbed my arm. He swung and then threw me into a tree. I saw red. I heard his thoughts. This fight has just gotten serious…

sorry about the cliffie
posting more soon
plz read n comment
Wow!!!! That was really.............. (I dont know the right word for this ch. but the word is gunna be a very positive 1)
Post more soon!
wow really great plz post more soon
Really Good
keep me updated
AAAHHH!!! You want to kill me don't you!!! please post more soon!!!

this story JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!..AND BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...Mesage me when you update or post more...okay thanks:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P):::::::::::::::):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
Jalina POV
The fight was all fun and games and then it changed instantly. Grandpa was a good fighter. But we didn’t see what Nelissa could do when she was serious. Now we would if no one could stop them.

Nelissa POV
Edward charged at me. I grabbed his right arm and swung him into a tree. I read his thoughts again. He didn’t really want to hurt me. But he didn’t want to be embarrassed. I took control over his mind and planted the suggestion of him stopping. He didn’t.
“Get out of my head!”
I went further into his mind and took control over his body. He was fighting against me. He would soon lose. I made him sit down. He looked calm. I withdrew from his mind. Bella ran up beside him.
They were having a silent conversation.
“I’m fine Bella”
Emmett started laughing. “Finally! Someone who can kick Edward’s ass.”
“It wasn’t too hard, Emmett” I said.
Edward looked back at me. I smirked and blew him a kiss.
He pointed at me and said, “this isn’t over”
“You can keep having rematches, they all are going to turn out the same. You on the ground obeying my every command”
Nessie and Jalina walked up to us. “Dad, we want Nelissa to teach us”
“Sure thing”
“Yea, Bella”
“Please take it easy on them”
“Sure, it’s not like the Volturi will go easy” I said sarcastically.
“You’re right. Just don’t hurt them”
“I wasn’t planning on it”
“Okay, let’s go children. Seth you coming. I may need a volunteer.”

Sorry about it being short.
i have to edit the other one
plz read n comment
thanks 4 all of da commetns so far


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