The Twilight Saga

This is my 2nd story to post up here. I also wrote 'Cullens Truth or Dare' Tell me whay you think! Thank you so much! Love yall!

Think that Bella was the last one to be changed... well think again.
What happens when Carlisle has to unexpectedly turn someone... will the keep
it, abandon it, or give it to something greater... the Cullen’s will face new
battles, and learn who to trust...

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Carlisle POV
“Macey, I don’t know if you can hear me, but if you can, I’m doing this to save you, but it will hurt a good bit” then I felt something so sharp cut through the skin on my neck, then my ankles, then in the crease of my elbows, and on the other side of my neck. It felt like I was exploding. No not even, it was so much worse than that, I have no idea what it was, but my brain still wouldn’t let me move, I tried to put out the fire. But I could do nothing. It was absolutely the worst thing to ever happen to me. I would do anything to put this out. I was worried about my mom, where was she, where was I? Was she ok, was I ok? What in the world was happening to me? I thought Dr. Cullen said he was going to help me, not set me to fire!
I could hear peoples voices again. They were in the room with me
“Carlisle, is that her?” I woman’s voice asked, it sounded beautiful.
“Yes, Rose, that’s her.” I could recognize Dr. Cullen’s voice anywhere.
“I so called it!” A high perky voice chimed.
“No, freaking, duh, Alice.” A mans voice said, sounding incredulous.
“Oh my gosh…” Another woman’s voice said, trailing off.
“What is it Bella?” A man’s voice asked, sounding worried.
“I don’t know, but she almost looks like she could be related to… Emmett.” The one who must be Bella said, confused. "She had the same shaped eyes, nose and mouth. The same curly hair, just differently colored. She is defiantly taller than most girls her age." Then the room fell quiet.
After a moment silence the one with the high perky voice, Alice, spoke. “How did I not see that coming?” she sounded confused, much like I was.
“I think you could be right, Bella” Dr. Cullen said, “I have been wondering about that.”
“What’s her last name?” The one who I had learned name was Rose.
“Tayler, I think she recently changed it to that. I'm pretty sure she had refused to go by her father's last name, he was abusive. But, let's figure that out later, let her rest.” I could hear everyone leave the room, and then it was quiet. How in the world was I supposed to rest when I was on FIRE?!?! I thought Dr. Cullen was going to save me, not kill me!
“Carlisle, she thinks you’re trying to kill her!” The man whose voice sounded worried earlier spoke from downstairs. How did he know that? Or is he just really good at guessing? Maybe he’s psychotic? “Now she thinks I’m crazy!” He yelled again. I could hear a loud booming laughter from down stairs; it was, in a weird way, kind of comforting.
Dr. Cullen laughed. “Don’t worry, Macey, that’s Edward. I will explain everything later, I promise.” He told me in a soothing voice. Except that wasn’t extremely soothing when I was freaking ON FIRE!
“Yeah, Carlisle, I think you should explain now. She still thinks your trying to kill her.” Edward said from downstairs, barely loud enough for me to hear.
Carlisle started explaining these things to me. He was trying to tell me I was a vampire. Was he crazy? There’s no way! That kind of stuff is just made up, its fiction! Not real! I have to get out of here, they are all crazy! They think that they are vampires! This is crazy! I- I don’t even know what to say, if I could say anything! But something told me, that faint little thought in the back of my head, told me that this wasn’t crazy, and that he was really telling me the truth, that I was becoming a vampire. It sounds crazy, but what else could explain this? It was worse than fire, and Dr. Cullen did nothing to put it out, and everyone just sat around like the house wasn’t on fire, and even though I’ve been set on fire, I can kind of breathe better, and- and – I just don’t know what to think.
“Edward, what is she thinking about?” Carlisle asked.
“She’s trying to figure out if she is what you say she is, she’s leaning towards, ‘Its crazy, but he could be right’ but I don’t think she will totally believe us until it is done” Edwards voice was now in the room.
“Its so odd how much she looks like Emmett.” The one who I had learned was Bella, spoke now, she was in the room too.
“Can she hear me, Edward?” Dr. Cullen asked.
“Yeah, she is starting to despiser different voices. Like she knows your voice anywhere, she know Bella’s, Alice’s, and mine. She takes comfort in Emmett’s laugh” He said that in a sweet voice, but it almost sounded like he thought it was crazy. He laughed now.
“Hey, kids, can you come upstairs now? I want Macey to learn your voices before she is even up, see if she’ll remember them when she is up.” Carlisle said, talking like everyone was in the room, there was no way that they all heard him, but in that weird way, they all did, and I heard the door open again, then I heard five different pairs of feet come in the room.
“Ok, can you introduce yourselves to Macey, for me?” Dr. Cullen asked.
“I’m Edward.” Obviously Edward said, I already knew his voice.
“I’m Bella.” Bella said in a sweet voice, and touched my hand, it felt good, it was so cold. It seemed to just take a little tiny bit of the edge off the burn, but not much.
“I’m Alice!” The one I had recognized earlier, the high perky voice said, and touched my arm, it felt so good. Why can Edward tell them that feels good!
“Wait one minute, Macey.” He told me. Ok, I guess I can wait a minute. But I really, really, really want them to just like put their hand on my fore head or some thing. I concentrated on this one thing really hard. Bella put her hand to my forehead.
“I’m Jasper.” A new voice spoke, I had never heard his voice before, it was sweet, but it sounded like he was in pain, I wanted to stop his pain. I had no idea why he was in pain, but I tried really hard to stop his pain, he gasped. “How did you do that?” He asked, sounding completely surprised. I have no idea, I just didn’t want him to be in pain, so I tried to stop it.
“She doesn’t know, she just heard that you were in pain, and tried to stop it.” Edward told him. I’m starting to get the feel that he can read my mind. Ok, never heard that before, but maybe… “Yes, Macey, that’s right. Not just you, but everyone, except Bella.” He told me. Alright, so Edward can read minds, that makes sense, I think.
“Ok, on with the introductions.” Dr. Cullen said.
“Uh- Kay, I’m Rosalie.” The first voice that I had heard said. She sounded nice, I think I already like her. I could tell by the sound of her voice, she was beautiful.
Then the voice that I seemed to be comforted be spoke “I’m Emmett!!!” He boomed. So that was his name. He was the one that they said I looked like. I wonder what he looks like?
“He is over seven feet tall, is very muscular, has dark curly hair.” Edward said.
“Why thank you my brother!” Emmett said. I laughed, mentally of course.
“And he has the maturity of a six year old.” Edward added on as a side note.
“Hey!” Emmett yelled.
“Boys, stop it!” Dr. Cullen scolded. “Now, Macey, can you recognize everyone’s voice?” He asked me. Yes, I answered mentally, hoping Edward would answer for me.
“She says Yes.” He told Dr. Cullen for me.
“Ok, perfect! Everyone, just say hello, and we will see if Macey can recognize your voice. It would be good for her to already know you.” He said to them
“Hello.” The soft, sweet, voice said. That was Bella.
“Good.” Edward said. Yes! I got it!
“Hello.” The one who had sounded in pain earlier said. Jasper.
“Good.” Edward said.
“Hello” The beautiful voice said. Rosalie.
“Good” Edward rewarded.
“Hello” Edward I know that you! He laughed, “Good”
“Hello.” The loud, but comforting voice said, I could recognize him the first second a sound came out of his mouth. Emmett.
“Exactly.” Edward said.
“Very good, Macey! Now there are two more people that are not here at the moment, but they should be here in a few hours. It is Esme and Renesmee.” He said. Those are beautiful names. I absolutely love them, I have never heard them before, but I love them!
“Thank you, Macey.” Edward said. I didn’t know why, but I will figure things out once I can move. “Can you try again?” He asked. I tried to move my hand, and to my surprise, it moved! But that hurt, the fire was not good to move around! It hurts to do anything! Edward laid his hand over my forehead, it felt wonderful. Thank you Edward, I thought. “Your welcome.” He said. Then he rubbed up and down my arm, I sighed mentally, it was astounding. It still burned like I was in the pit of hell, but he seemed to take a little bit of that away. It felt good. But I can't think straight with all of this! Nothing has really caught up with me. There are so many more questions. Like, where is my Mom? Where am I? Am I really turning into a vampire? Is my mom ok? Does she know that I’m may be turning into a vampire? But the most important question was, is she ok?
“We will answer all of that once you get up, I promise.” Edward said. Then the door opened, and I could hear them all leave, except Dr. Cullen. I lay there. For who knows how long, it could have been seconds, minuets, hours, or days. I had no idea. Then I heard the door open again, there was two sets of feet that came in.
“Hello, Macey” A sweet, motherly voice said, it reminded me so much of my mom. Thoughts of her made me want to cry, just one singular tear escaped my eye. “Oh, don’t cry, dear. It’s ok.” She wiped the tear from my face. I sucked in a deep breath, it burned. “I’m Esme.” she told me. “I am so excited to have you here, I’m sorry if it hurts. Tell Edward if you want me to get you anything, dear.” She rubbed my arm, and I smiled.

“Hi Macey!” I high, childish voice called, it sounded sweet, I had a feeling that we would be good friends. “I’m Renesmee!” She put her hand to my cheek, I smiled, but then I saw something, in my head, I had never opened my eyes. It was a picture of a family, all of them pale and beautiful. “This is my family! You met all of them earlier!” I could tell which voice belonged to each person. The bronze shaggy haired boy was Edward, the girl with the long brown curls was Bella, the short fairy like one was Alice, the tall honey-blonde boy was Jasper (he didn’t look like he was in pain, that made me happy), it was easy to recognize Dr. Cullen, the one with caramel colored hair was easily Esme, the little girl (maybe about 8) with bronze curls was defiantly Renesmee, the extremely beautiful one was, as I suspected, Rosalie, and Emmett, he looked exactly like I had pictured him before, he was tall, towering over Alice by a couple of feet, had dark curls and dimples, a huge smile, well muscled, and kind of reminded me of a teddy-bear, he look sweet.
“You nailed it.” Edward said, I didn’t even hear him come in the door. “Well, except for the Emmett being sweet part.” He laughed.
I smiled. When I was surrounded by such sweet people, I was almost able to forget that I was on fire. Almost. These people made me forget all my worries, and I have just met them. I had no idea how long ago exactly I had met them, but I saw them as my family already.
“I’m glad you see it that way” I could hear he was happy, that made me happy.
You know, I never had an older brother.
“If you would like, you do now.” He said loyally
I would like that very much. But you know what would be even better than one big brother.
“And what is that?” He asked.
He laughed. “I thought you were going to say that. Well, us three boys are here to be your brothers, if you would like. We would be honored to be a big brother of such a delightful girl.”
I blushed, mentally of course. Thank you, Edward. I have a question.
“Yes?” he asked.
How long have I been laying here?
“Two days.” he told me.
How long does it take?
“Three days, usually. How are you feeling?”
I can feel my fingers, that’s about it! I laughed.
“Then it will probably only take a few more hours.” he paused for a second “Alice says it will only take another hour and a half. Not long”
I was SO thankful for Alice! But, I whish it could just be over NOW! I wanted answers! I wanted to see if I was seriously a vampire. I didn’t know. I wanted to know where my mom was, and if she was ok.
“Don’t worry, Macey. It will all work out, it always seems to.”
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(btw, maceys powers are kinda going in and out in this story cuase 1, she hasnt had blood and 2, she really doesnt know how to work it yet! this will make sense later in the chap!)

Macey POV

Then time passed, I talked to Edward, with in an hour I could feel up to my elbow, and it didn’t hurt to move them, the in the last half hour things started moving much faster, the fire started to retreat but it seemed to just go to one central area, my heart. All the fire that had been spread over my entire body had all gone to my heart, I knew my heart couldn’t take it. It sped up, it was easily the most painful thing I have ever experienced. My heart sped to speeds that I knew weren’t supposed to be possible, then it stopped. I thought I was dead. I had to be, but they told me this would happen, but it just didn’t seem right. My eyes flew open in fright, I saw the entire family standing there. For some reason, I didn’t know, I was absolutely terrified. I jumped off the table I had been recently laying on and looked around the room, all of they guys were in front of the girls, Alice was peeking around Jasper with a smile, Renesmee was sitting behind Edwards feet and looking around his legs, Bella held Edward’s hand tight in hers and peered around his shoulder, Esme was standing slightly behind Carlisle, to his left, with a sweet smile on her face, then I saw Rosalie, it almost looked like she was happy to see me, then Emmett, oh Emmett, had a the same huge grin Renesmee had shown me earlier painted on his face. But even though I felt like I trusted them, I was still terrified. I had no idea why.
“Jasper, calm her down, she’s terrified.” Edward talked quietly
I felt him throw vibes of calm at me, but I just turned them away. For some reason, I got really mad at him, for no good reason, and he fell to the ground with out a word or a sound. Alice gasped and went down on her knees next to him. Oh, my gosh, I think I killed him. How could I do that?!?! I-I I have no idea.
“What have you done?!?!” She screeched at me. I started to back up, ashamed of my self. I felt terrible. The wall was soon at my back, I opened up the window and jumped out as fast as I could. I ran. Faster than I knew was even possible. They told me I could run fast, but I never even imagined it this fast. Even though I was running at insane speeds, I could see every thing, seriously, you would expect it to pass in a blur, but I could see every piece of dust floating, I could see small drops of water throwing rainbows into the air, and so much more. And all the things I could hear! I could hear the flitter of a butterfly’s wings; I could hear the heartbeat of a humming bird, and much beyond that. I could smell, ewe, what was that smell. Its absolutely discussing. It smells wet, sticky, and too sweet. I noticed I had stopped; I was so entangled in my thoughts.
“Macey.” I heard someone whisper behind me. I turned to see Alice, standing there, with an apologetic look on her face. I could feel that she wanted to apologize. Wait. Did I just say I could feel she wanted to apologize? What. The. Heck. “Macey I’m sorry.”
“No, stay away, I-I don’t want to hurt you. I-I’m sorry A-Alice.” I said stuttering. I am a monster. I have to get away. I could tell she was about to say something, but I ran. I ran faster than I had before, for about an hour and a half. I ended up in the mountains, some where south of Washington. I found a deep cave and walked slowly towards the back where I would stay for the rest of this supposedly never ending life as a monster.

Edward POV.

Jasper dropped to the ground, his mind went blank, almost like he wasn’t even there. It was the same silence of Bella's mind. Oh, no. Had she accidently killed my brother? Alice couldn’t see his future, I couldn’t hear his mind. This had to be bad.
"What have you done?!?!" Alice screeched at Macey. She slowly backed up and jumped out the window, she was going so fast, I could barely see her. Then at the edge of the meadow she disappeared completely, so did the sound of her mental voice. As soon as Macey was out of the meadow Jasper, by some miracle, jumped up, looking worried and frantic.
"Edward, did you see that?" He asked.
"No, your mind went blank, I couldn’t read it." I answered him, confused.
"That was so peculiar." He whispered, more to himself.
"What was it?" Alice asked.
"The entire situation, I saw it from Macey's prospective. Like she had switched places with me." He said shaking his head. That’s when it dawned on me. I knew she wasn’t just any normal vampire. She was a Protector Vampire. These were the most powerful, and in some cases, the most dangerous vampires to ever exist. They are extremely rare, only one to two in existence, that we know of. They were all a little bit different but all had the same basic talents, they could read minds, run at extreme speeds, disappear, control emotions, put you into illusions (that’s what just happened to Jasper), and put up shields, they don’t have to drink blood, they can either drink blood or eat human food, like Renesmee, and sometimes there is more to them. But the difference with them was that they were created to protect one particular person or vampire, they were put into this life for a reason. But if they got into the wrong hands, the Volturi, they would be the most feared and most dangerous vampires by far. The Volturi had been picking ways to attack us, but if they had her, they wouldn’t need a reason. But that’s not who Macey was, she didn’t want to be a monster, that’s what she was most afraid of.
"Edward, what is it?" Bella asked, worried.
"Protector Vampire." I whispered. Everyone's mouth dropped open.
"Are you sure?" Carlisle asked.
"She runs at extreme speeds, illusions, shield, she repelled Jasper's talent, she controlled Bella's mind, she broke through Bella's shield, she disappeared into thin air, and she put Jasper into an illusion. Who knows what else she can do." I shook my head.
"I think your right, there's no other explanation." Carlisle whispered.
"I have to go after her!" Alice said quickly and was out the window. Jasper was about to go after her when Esme stopped him.
"It would be better if she talked to Macey alone." She said, Jasper stopped and shook his head in agreement. We waited a minute or two for Alice to come back. She looked deeply disappointed.
"She ran." Alice whispered, hurt.
"Maybe we should give her some space for a little while." I suggested.
"It looks like that’s the only choice we really have." Carlisle said.
We waited a couple of hours, nothing new, then Alice got a vision.

** VISION **

Macey was in the snowy mountains, cowering in the back of a cave, ominous black cloaks surrounding her. She was absolutely terrified. The black robs were getting closer, she backed up to the far corner of the cave. They were inching closer.


"We have to go!!" Alice yelled. We were off, running as fast as we could towards the Colorado Mountains. We ran for a few good hours with Alice constantly telling us to run faster. If the Volturi got to Macey before we did, they would convince her that they were good and they would just poison her mind into thinking everything they had her do was good. If we found her first, we would show her how to live civilly and be able to find the person she was supposed to be protecting. She was a protector after all. I actually wonder who she was supposed to be protecting, it could be anyone. But Macey would find them, whether it was a vampire or human or whatever being it was, she would find them, once she saw them, she would know. I pondered this as we ran.

Macey POV.
I sat in my cave, self loathing. I had killed Jasper. I killed him!! I was a sick masochistic monster. I would stay here for all of eternity. I miss my family. But they are much better off without me, the way I am now. I hoped mom was okay. And I knew Meredith would have to try to hold the rest of the family together. Addison would try to be the head of the house and protect everyone from our “father”. And Caitlin would be there for Beckett, to make sure he knew it was all going to be ok. I was closest to Beckett, he was my little baby doll from the time he was born, I loved him so much. Sure he was annoying as crap some times and he was a little weird, but I loved him.
Thinking of them made me want to cry. I was stuck like this for forever.
**Cracking of sticks**
“Oh, Macey.” A very fake sounding sweet voice called.
Macey, don’t listen to him. We are coming, just stay away from them. Don’t let them get near you! Put your shield up as strongly as you can. I heard Edwards mental voice tell me. His voice made me perk up a bit.
Who is it, Edward?—I was so confused.
Just trust me. I promise it will all be alright. Just listen to me, Macey. Do what I say. Ok?
Alright. But promise to tell me who they are later.
Ok. We are getting close, distract them.
“Hola!” I called and danced out of the cave, putting a happy face on. This good, Edward? I laughed.
Perfect, he laughed back.
“Whatcha need boys? Oh, and girls… Sorry Jane, you looked like a boy…” I picked her mind for names, anything really to annoy them. This could be very fun!
She gave me a dirty look, she was pushing her power at me, but I rejected it. She was ticked. I smiled.
“Jane, dear, Not quite yet please.” The one who I learned was Aro said.
“It won’t work anyways…” She grumbled.
“Now now Jane, dearest, let’s use our big girl voice!” I smiled once more. She was pissed. This is fun!
Macey, don’t make them want to kill you just yet! Emmett laughed.
We are here; don’t let them know that just yet. It’s kind of enjoyable to see Jane so angry. Edward laughed.
“Master, please. Do we really have to keep her?” Jane whined.
“Wow, way to make me sound like a lost puppy!! That’s kinda rude, don’t cha think? Tisk, tisk” I shook my head at her.
“Who do you think you are-“She started to yell but was silenced by a wave of Aro’s hand. She just silently seethed.
“Alec, your assistance please?” Aro asked. Alec, the twin of Jane, walked up slightly in front of Aro. He pushed these weird clouds at me, I just flung them back at him and he fell to the ground.
I raised an eyebrow at Aro. “Nice guard ya got here, buddy.” I said sarcastically. His face didn’t change, but he mind said otherwise.
Alright, we are coming in; it’s getting a bit risky in there. Edward thought.
Fine, fine, but that was fun! I laughed.
“Hey, Aro! Look! The Cullen’s! It’s a party now, isn’t it?” I smiled as I was joined by everyone, we formed a quiet satisfying arrow at the Volturi, with myself at the front, the rest of the family behind me. They (the Volturi) were larger in number, but I sure wasn’t going to let that change a dang thing.
Classy, Macey, very classy. Edward laughed.
“Now, Aro, would you really like to deal with us right now?” I asked.
Use your mind control! Alice told me.
”I HAVE MIND CON-” I started to yell, but soon found Edwards hand over my mouth.
“Oops, my bad.” I mumbled.
Just do it, you should know how to. Edward told me.
I looked up to find the mob of Volturi staring at me with those “You’re kidding me, right?” faces.
“Nice vampire ya got there, buddy.” Jane mocked. Ok, she can just jump right up to the top of ‘people to die’ list, which I have just started. Edward laughed.
I searched my mind on how to use my mind control. I just had to focus really hard on one thing, and it should happen. Ok well this is bazaar. I concentrated extremely hard on the one thing I wanted most at that time.
“YOUR ON THE PHONE WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND, SHE’S UPSET! SHE’S GOING OFF ABOUT SOMETHING THAT YOU SAID! SHE DOSNT GET YOUR HUMOR LIKE IIIIIIIIIII DO! “Jane started singing, yelling, and dancing around. Aro looked appalled. Ahhhhh sweet revenge.
“Macey, you can do that later. Perhaps you just make them leave now?” Carlisle asked, I could tell he was trying to hold in his laughter.
“She’s on drugs isn’t she?” Emmett asked looking at Jane. Life is SOO good. What, you think that’s immature? I’m sorry, she’s ticking me off! Tip number one, don’t tick me off. You think im kidding don’t you? No, I’m a HUGE fan of revenge.
“Alice, I think I’ve found your twin…” Edward muttered. I laughed.
I concentrated on making them leave, but not before making Jane pass out. They started to just creepily back up, Alec dragging an unconscious Jane by her foot, into the woods. Well, that was easier than I thought. Life is good. Soon they just started running back towards where ever they came from in the first place. (Hell maybe? I dunno) they were out of our hair. Ohhhhh this is a fun time.
“How the crap did you do that?!” Jasper asked.
“YOU’RE ALIVE!!” I yelled and ran to hug him. He laughed.
“Not quite, Macey, I’m still a vampire, but I think you’re getting there.” He hugged me back. I laughed now. I had never felt so relieved, in my life. Or existence. Or whatever you wanted to call it.
Alice came up, “Macey I’m so s-“ I cut her off with a hug.
“Your sorry?!” I looked at her questioningly “You thought I killed you husband! I was almost as mad at myself as you were!” I laughed.
“You seemed to have recovered nicely, though.” She smiled.
“Now that you all have showed up.” I looked at everyone, smiled, then spotted Renesmee, she still looked worried.
“Renesmee, whatever could be wrong?” I asked, walking towards her as she stood, very small, behind Edwards legs.
“Ever since you went missing, she’s been worried.” Edward answered for her. I bent down I my knees to be at her eye level.
“What is it?” I asked, looking into her deep beautiful brown eyes.
“I thought I lost my new best friends…” She whispered, barely audible for even me to hear (and that’s rather hard) I don’t think the rest of her family heard her, but I did, very clearly.
“Don’t worry, she’s still here.” I smiled sweetly at her. Her eyes finally left the ground where they had been plastered, and she made eye contact with me, and then smiled. I held my arms out, and she welcomed me freely.

I carried her home, she wouldn’t let go of me. I’ve know these people for about a week, more or less, and they are just like family.
“Not just like, if you want, we are.” Edward looked over to me as we ran.
“Really?” I asked, astounded.
“Really.” He smiled.
“I kind of feel like I’m intruding on your family.” I said, not completely sure of myself.
Esme came up to me, on my other side. “Of course your not intruding! Macey, I already see you as a daughter. And I’m starting to get the feeling little Renesmee isn’t going to let you leave, dear.” She laughed. I looked down smiling at the small girl fast asleep in my arms. What if I did stay with them? I would have to go back and make sure my brothers and sisters were safe from my ‘father’ and make sure my mom was doing ok, and make sure my ‘father’ was either in jail or far, far, far away. I pondered all the questions…
“You don’t have to worry about your father, Macey” Edward looked towards me again.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“He’s in jail.” He looked forward again.
“Not for long though, it was for abuse.” I said, somberly.
“It was for more than that. It was for attempted murder, drugs, and he stole a lot of money.” He still didn’t look at me.
“So he’s stuck in there for a while?” I asked.
“Then after that, he’s in rehab. You don’t have to worry about him, you mom filed for divorce and wants full custody, and a restraining order against him.” He was very close to a small smile now.
“How do you know?” I asked.
“We’ve know that you would be part of the family for quite some time now. We’ve been checking in, making sure that once you dad was gone you would all be ok. You have no idea how close I have been to taking him down while checking in on you. Who do you think turned him in?” He smiled at me.
I couldn’t help but smile back. Most people would be sad when they find out that their father was in jail. I had no attachment to this man other than I had his DNA, which I must say, I am disappointed at. I do miss the old times, when he would read stories to me at night, but I always had a feeling that there was something off about him. I always felt the need to protect my family from him, but he was gone now, and out of theirs, and mine, lives.
“Wait, so you’ve been stalking me for how long?” I laughed.
“About six months.” He laughed too.
“Creeper.” I sang.
“You know, he seems to creep a lot. When Bella was human, he watched her sleep.” Alice said mater-of- fact tone. I laughed.
“Edward, you are a creeper!”
“Oh, gosh, are we talking about how Edward is a creeper again? This seems to come up in conversation quite a bit!” Emmett laughed as he caught up to us, with Rosalie right next to him. We were almost back to their house.
You mean your house. Edward corrected me.
I smiled at that.
The rest of the kids laughed about how Edward was a creeper until we got back to their house. I had decided that Emmett and Jasper are the funniest beings I have ever met in my entire existence. They had two completely different kinds of humor, Emmett made these huge jokes, that no one could help but laugh at, then Jasper made all these little comments that you had to be listening closely to hear, but if you did, you would be rolling on the floor with laughter.

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it's getting better and better, Macey!!
good chapter...
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moreeee ,, i like ur story ,, it gets beter and beter .. cool keep up the good work ...... bg
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