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This story involes the cullens ( dont worry) but they dont come into the story until later.
Some of these charictars belong to stephanie meyer and some belong to me.
This is my 1st story, tell me what you think, and be honest NO holding back, please dont spare my feelings, i can handle critism
btw if you want updates and yuor not already a friend of mine send a request, that how i let my peeps no i have updated

My Night of Death, My day of life

Chapter 1

"Bella, honey we'll be back by 11:30 at the latest. Nicole and Derick can come over if they want to, but no one else. Do you hear me?" my mom asked me jiggling my locked door.
i walked over to the door and opened it.
"Mom, dont you trust me, i've never thrown wild parties or snuck boys in, much less sneak out."
"Well i guess your right, its just hard being able to trust a 17 year old as much as i do."
"Renee! Were going to be late if we dont leave now! i mean were bound to run into traffic."
"I'll be there in a minute Phil." She yelled towards the stairs. Then she leaned down to me and kissed each cheek.
"I love you, i'll see you tonight or tomorrow morning."
"Ok... I love you to, now go before Phil explodes" i said laughing at the thought of it. Its not that i dont like Phil, I mean he's great... for my mom. He just doesn't know how to act around me. He just doesn't know how to be a dad.
After my mom and Phil left, i got my phone out of my rolling stones bag to call Nicole. Nicole and i have been best friends since 1st grade. I really don't have very many friends, its only Nicole and Derick. Derick is out best guy freind, mostly because he's gay and we were the only ones with open arms on his first day of our freshmen year.
When i called Nicole, her mom picked up.
"Hello?" Mrs. Anderson said.
"Hey, Mrs. Anderson, its Bella. Um... is Nicole there?" I asked shocked that Nicole didnt have her cell phone on her.
"Oh Bella, she made a 70 on her pre-calculus test and Mr. Anderson took her phone away, then i was talking to Mrs. Johnson while doing the dishes and my phone slipped and fell down in the garbage disposal."
"Well, is she there?" i asked trying not to sound impatiant.
"Oh... No shes at Dericks, i was just talking to them on the phone when you called. They said they were about to call you." just then i had an incoming call from Derick.
"Oh, thats them onthe other line. Well thanksand i'll talk to you later Mrs. Anderson. Bye." i said and hung up as she said bye.
I swiched lines and said "hey guys..."
"Hey Bells." they both said at hte same time.
"My mom and Phil left to go out... do you guys want to come over... we can do a friday night movie night?"
"Sure. We'll be at your house in 3... 2...1" Derick said as soon as the doorbell rang.
I ran down stairs so fast i ran into the front door and fell. The door opened and i saw Derick leaning over me and Nicole running into the Kitchen. I felt Dericks stong, muscular arms wrap around my narrow body and then i balcked out.

Tell me what you think... tell me if you think i should write more.

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wooooo! update soon!
i LUVED it..... cant wait 4 more when are derick nd nichole comin'
i cant wait....MORE MORE MORE...
I love it
loved the chapter! you need to update more often!
OMG I just love your story, and you must continue as soon as possible or I will die, and nobody wants to smell a dead me sooooo yea luv it lots and when you do post more(and hopefully soon) update me.

Ok I know that you guys really want an update and I'm trying but I'm having some trouble. I've also lost contact with my Beta. I cant find her on TTS anymore and she never responded to my email that I sent Sunday night. As I'm writing this it is Thursday night. My night of death, my day of life was my first baby. My first story. I have 3 other stories going on on plus this one. I want My night of death my day of life to be finished within the next 10 to 15 chapters. So I want to continue what my Beta and I had been doing. My Beta would right out a draft or outline for the next chapter and email it to me. from there I would elaborate on the ideas and change it up. It's beoming hard for me to come up with new ideas for following chapters. So if anyone wants to fill in this new position and help me just email me at--- --with an rough draft or outline for the next chapter. It will help me out a lot and maybe we can get My night of death my day of life up and running again.
Love you all
hey just keeping my space
FINALLY!!! LUV IT!! post more soon!!!
awww i love it! its soooo cute.
i loved it
I LOVE IT PLZZZZZZZZZ WRITE MORE VERY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND I LOVE DERICK HE'S SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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