The Twilight Saga

Aliza: she's an orphan- or so she's been told, and has been raised in Volterra in the Volturi Palace. Her best friend is Alec, who has a secret. He's madly in love with her. What will happen when the two travel to New York and have a run-in with the Cullens, including Bella, who just so happens to have the exact hair color of Aliza? I suppose you'll just have to keep reading to find that out.







I crossed the room, I knew what I was doing wasn’t exactly… moral, but it was an order, direct from Aro, who couldn’t resist observing this hybrid. There was a cocktail party downstairs, the perfect opportunity to kidnap the child.

She was asleep in her bed.

I picked her up and she stirred and whined a little. I winced, hoping to god that her parents wouldn’t hear. I waited a few seconds, nothing, good.

I noticed a small, gold locket clutched in her little hand. I let her keep it, she would be ripped from her home, it was the least I could do.

I walked into her enormous closet, no doubt the doing of her great-aunt, Alice, that woman was crazy when it came to clothes. I dressed the girl in a pink dress, white sweater…thing, I think the real name of it started with a k or something, black tights and shiny fake leather shoes. I found a baby carrier, put her on my back and climbed out her window and onto the street.

She awoke somewhere near the Eiffel Tower and I gave her a light sedative. She seemed to respond to it.

We reached the airport and I bought two tickets to the small airport near Volterra. On the plane, she was quiet and napped, until the sedative wore off, then she went from a little angel to a mini-devil, ugh.

She yelled and screamed, and I had no more sedative. I apologized to everyone on the plane and tried to calm her with apple juice, toys, and peek-a-boo, none of which held her attention, and she tried to bite me when I started peek-a-boo.

Needless to say, she was not happy, and I really should have remembered my ability.


When we finally reached Volterra she had thrown her shoes across the plane, gotten no less than six runs in her tights and given all the passengers on the plane, not to mention the taxi driver, a very entertaining anecdote to tell at their next party or date.

I set her in the room Jane had prepared for her and put her to bed.

I sighed.



I sat in my cold, stone room, idly fingering my locket; it was the only thing I had to remember my mother, who died when I was three.
I was adopted by Aro, one of the three Volturi leaders when I was four. When I was twelve I became friends with Alec, he's always scared me before then.
I guess I should explain a little more about the Volturi though, you see, they’re an elite coven of vampires, the ruling class. They all have some kind of extra power, the aforementioned Alec can cut you off from your senses, which creeped me out at first, but now I’m used to it, his sister, Jane, can cause you pain, horrible, horrible, pain, I know, she hates me, for some inexplicable reason, Aro can read any thought you’ve had just form touching you with the palm of his hand, that one still scares me and it would take me, like, a year to list all the Volturi members and their abilities.

So anyway, I was in my room, getting ready for my 16th birthday party, I tired on like a million outfits and settled on a hot pink cocktail dress, with a black lace belt, black tights, silver stilettos, and simple diamond earrings that matched my nose piercing, my gunmetal charm bracelet, and my gold locket.

I found myself cut off from my senses. “ALEC!” I yelled through the fog.

My senses were returned to me Alec laughed, I glared through my purple-streaked. We ended up in a stare down. I rolled my eyes.

“I don’t want to go to my stupid party, let’s get out of here” I half-whined.

“Ok, where?” Alec asked.

“Anywhere but here.”
“Sounds good to me.”

Alec pulled me onto his back and ran to the airport. We caught a plane to New York, a frequented place of ours; we even had a small apartment in Brooklyn.

On the plane, I leaned on Alec’s shoulder, and some woman asked how long we’d been dating, which we never had but whatever, I told her we’d known each other for four years, which seemed to please her, and fell asleep on Alec’s shoulder.


“Aliza, Liz, Ali, c’mon, girl, wake up” I was awakened by Alec speaking softly in my ear.

“Mph” I said, trying to hit him with my eyes closed “go away”
“I can’t, we’re on a plane, where am I supposed to go?”

“The bathroom”

“Shut up”

“Make me”
“Shut up!” I said, aggravated, but sitting up.

“It’s a miracle, she’s up!” Alec exclaimed.

The flight attendant rolled her eyes “So what do you want to drink?” she asked, chomping her gum.

“Just a Dr. Pepper, please”

“And you?” she asked Alec disinterestedly.

“Nothing, thanks." He anwered cooly.

She left and I fell back asleep, leaning on the wall this time.






I pulled Aliza back onto my shoulder, put my nose to her hair and breathed in her soft, lovely scent. I would never tell her but I’d loved her since she was 13, she had a beautiful scent that she had inherited from her grandmother, but because of her mother and father wasn’t tempting.

I knew she was deeply asleep so I cut off her senses. “I love you” I whispered in her ear. I returned her senses and sighed.


We landed. “Liz, c’mon”

“Don’t call me Liz.” she replied groggily,

I smiled.






We walked into our apartment and I flopped down on the bed. “What time is it?” I asked Alec, too tired to open my eyes to check the small black clock I knew was on the bedside table. I kicked off my shoes and removed my earrings and bracelet, throwing them on the floor, I’d get them tomorrow.


“Okay.” I said, curling up my body on the bed, I felt Alec throw a blanket on me “Thanks”

“No problem, night”

“Night” I yawned.





I woke the next morning to the smell of warm chocolate chip muffins and a soy latte.

I rolled over. “You are my savior!” I exclaimed, flinging my arms around Alec’s neck and taking the paper bag and latte greedily. I took a long gulp of the latte “Mmm” I moaned in pleasure.

Alec laughed, “You’re welcome”

“Whatever” I said with my mouth full so it came out something like “Whaeva” but Alec was accustomed to the language I spoke with my mouth full.

“Hurry up” he said, throwing a bag of clothes at me. I caught it walked toward the bathroom.

“What time is it?”


“K, I’ll be out at about eleven”


“It takes time to look this good”

He rolled his eyes.

“I saw that” I said walking away.

“You were meant to.”

“Sure, let’s go with that.”

Alec pushed me into the bathroom. I stuck my tongue out at him. 







Hurry up!” I yelled to Aliza, who was still in the shower “How can you still have hot water?!” I asked.

“Magic” She yelled

“No such thing”

“Said the Vampire"


“Shut up”

I shut up and got dressed in dark jeans, a black tee shirt with “Go ‘heart’ your own city” on the front, which wouldn’t be my first choice but it was a gift from Aliza, black Converse Hi-tops and a leather jacket. I had to resist the urge to put on my dark grey wool cloak, and covered my face with a concealer that Carlisle had formulated when he, Alice, and Edward had joined us for about ten years after Aro assured them that they would be free to feed on any thing they wanted to.

I turned on the news, nothing interesting, bad traffic into Manhattan, a car wreck somewhere and some guy could’ve been close to curing AIDs, yeah, not that I didn’t think it was good the guy was trying to cure AIDs, but I’d heard it all before, I sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Aliza said, walking up behind me.

Ah!” I said, “You scared me” She raised her eyebrow; this was no doubt because I was a vampire and could hear extremely well. “I was spacing” I explained.

“Ok” she grabbed her black purse and walked out the door, l she turned “well, come on” she said from the doorway.





I    popped a piece of gum into my mouth as Alec walked toward me. I started walking quickly toward the elevator. “You know” I said, turning around to wait for Alec, who was walking slowly toward me, “for a vampire, you sure walk slow” I started to bounce my left leg, what I always did when I was getting impatient.

            He rolled his eyes and quickened his pace, barely, but it was a start. I sighed.

            I pressed the down button on the elevator and waited for him. “Hurry up!” I said.

            I got into the elevator and threatened to leave Alec to wait for the next elevator, which could take up to fifteen minutes in the summer when people were trying to load the things for their vacations on it. Alec hurried up.

            We rode the elevator down with an old woman who was muttering about ‘those dang dogs scaring my kitties…’ over and over. I had to try very hard not to laugh.

            As we exited into the lobby Alec and I both burst out laughing.

            “Hello there, Miss Aliza” The doorman, Don, which was a total doorman name if you asked me, said, smiling “A taxi?” He asked.

            “Yes, please” I said, smiling. Don didn’t like Alec, but he was very friendly to me.

            Don got us a taxi and Alec and I got in. “Toys R Us in Times square” I told the driver as I shut the door. He nodded.

            The taxi driver, who, I saw by glancing at the little card, was named Jose dropped us off by the entrance. Alec paid him and we walked inside. “Why here?” Alec asked.

            “To make the taxi driver wonder” I said, looking a display of Hello Kitty stuffed toys.

            Alec rolled his eyes and pulled me away from the Hello Kitties “Uh!” I protested, trying in vain to get back.

“No” He said, firmly “No more”
            “But I like Hello Kitty” I said.

“I know” He said, obviously referring to my closet-full back in Italy.

I pouted.

Alec dragged me from Toys r Us “But I want the Hello Kitty!” I yelled like a five-year-old.



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