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This is ging to be where I post my one-shots whn I write them.

A witchs tears (Halloween on-shot. Soul Stealing kiss side stry.) (Spoilers)

"Alice," I yelled. "I am not wearing this!" I stepped out of the dressing room wearing an ironic vampire slayer costume that was way too short and revealing. It was a black halter top shortsuit with a skirt.

"Oh, just be quiet. It looks great on you," She stepped out off her dressing room next to mine wearing a monarch butterfly costume that was also short and it had garters attatched to it.

"Yeah and just imagine Edward's reaction when he sees you in it," Rosalie said as she stepped out wearing a reversable costume. One side was a prisoner the other was a police costume. She was wearing the police side outside. It was mid-thigh length and pushed her boobs up. There was a pair of handcuffs across the middle on the front of it. There was a zipper going straight down the middle in the front.

"I don't care, this is too little an amount of clothing for public," I said as I started going back into the small area to get back into my jeans and t-shirt. Alice grabbed my arm and stopped me.

"Look," She started. "Trust me on this, it's the perfect costume for you! Please wear it," She whinned.

"Oh, fine," I gave in crossing my arms.

"Yay!" she cheered dancing into the small area hidden by a curtain to get changed.

I rolled my eyes and stepped back in mine and got into more comfortable clothes.

After Alice payed for the costumes, with much complaining on my part, We went back to her house.

"I don't want you to tell Edward your costume, Bella," She suddenly said.

"Why not?"

"Because it needs to be a surprise, trust me."

"ALice, I'm not good at lying and you know it. How am I supposed to keep it from him for four days?"

"Easy, never bring it up and if he does either tell him you aren't telling him or change the subject. You can do that right?"

"I guess...."

"Good. We're here." She stopped the car in the garage.

As soon as I stepped out of the car, I was enveloped by two strong arms. I wrapped my arms around his waist and inhaled his scent.

"I missed you," He muttered.

"I missed you, too," I stepped away from him smiling.

We went to his room and just sat and talked. Before I knew it, two hours had passed.

I was laying down with my head resting in Edward's lap. I was getting tired and my eyelids were drooping.

"You can go to sleep, Love, Alice will take you home." I clutched his shirt. He chuckled. "Or she can convince Charlie to let you stay here." My grip loosened and I smiled slightly. I slowly drifted into unconciousness.



It's Halloween night and I need help getting the costume on. Alice had gone all out on this.

I was handed some knee high black boots after I had my costume on. She had even gotten the plastic dagger that gets strapped to my leg.

They sat me down and started working on my make-up. When I started feeling pulling on my hair I stopped them.

"I'm going to just put my hair back in a bun," I told them.

Alice looked like she didn't want to be but gave in and just did my make-up.

"Done," She finally anounced.

I opened my eyes and looked at the mirror in front of me smiling. "You guys are amazing."

"We know," Aice smiled back and tried to hand me a hair tie.

"No thank you, just hold on to it in case." I took my hair and put it into a messy bun using only hair to keep it up. There were a few stray strands around my face.

She nodded smiling. "That looks perfect, now let's go to the guys." She danced out of the room with Rose behind her and me behind Rose. We went down the stairs one at a time.

You're not going to fall, you're not going to fall, you're not going to fall. That seemed to be my montra as it became my turn. I took a deep breath and started my descent.

I saw Edward's eyes widen as he saw me before he regained his composure and smiled at me. I blushed and looked at my feet.

When I finally made it to the bottom he quickly gave me a hug and a kiss on my forehead. "You look beautiful."

I chuckled, "How ironic can Alice be?"

"Now I know why she kept your costume a secret from me and why she made me wear this." He was dressed as a vampire. Fangs and all.

I looked around and blushed even more as I realized everyone was watching us. "I think she tried to make everyone match," He told me. "But Jasper managed to get out of wearing what she picked out."

I chuckled. "They still match."


"Butterflies remind me of peace sometimes. Isn't that was soldiers fight for sometimes, to bring peace?"

He thought about that for a moment before smiling. "I guess you're right."

"Yeah, we get it. The pixie set us up," Said Emmett who was dressed as a prisoner. "Now can we go?"

"Emmett, you cant eat the candy, what are you going to do with it?" I asked.

"He finds something new every year," Edward whispered in my ear even though we knew everyone could hear him. He sighed. "Let's go." He grabbed my hand and pulled me on his back. He ran and stopped behind my house with his family not far behind us.

I stepped down. "You know I could've run on my own."

He smiled. "Yeah, but I like carrying you around."

I rolled my eyes at him and walked in my house to grab my bag. Charlie caught me on my way out.

"Vampire hunter?" He questioned. "Didn't you already do that one year?"

"That was fifty years ago," I reminded him. "And besides I didn't pick it, Alice did."

"Trick-or-treating in Forks? That's rare."

I laughed. "Its actually nice out right now and we are bringing umbrellas just in case."

I ran out the front door and ran right into Edward. He steadied me by wrapping his arms around me. He chuckled.

"Break it up, we have trick-or-treating to do," Rose said as two little kids passed by us.

"Going to a party Bella?" I heard someone ask from behind me. I turned around to see Mrs. Stanley smiling.

"Well—" I started but the pixie cut me off.

"We're just going to a few houses, but we might look around for a party afterwards," She told them smiling.

"Well, I have to take these two around so I'll see you later," The two kids from before ran up to her.

"Maybe, come on let's go guys," I turned and started walking away, hoping they were following.

I wasn't paying attention most the time we were walking so I didn't even really notice where we were until we were nearing the border.

"What are we doing here?" I finally asked.

"We pass by it to get home," Alice said. "It's no big deal, as long as we don't cross over."

I heard them all stop breathing as we got closer and when I looked in the woods, I could see why.

I broke away from the group and ran across the border. Next thing I knew a wolf had me pinned to the ground. I saw Edward move to come to me.

"Don't cross the border," I yelled at him and he froze, but I could see his restraint.

The wolf stayed on me and growled while I just layed there and stared at him. I could feel the tension in the air as they watched what could be a disaster about to happen. The only one calm besides myself was Alice.

He continued to growl and I smiled as I realized what he wanted to do. He wanted to put on a display, he wanted us to fight.

I quickly got away from him and was on his back before he could blink. He threw me off and I landed on my back. Even Alice was scared now.

We fought for a while and the moon began to shine above us.

Eventually, I had my arms around his neck and I could've killed him in one small move. I knew they were all watching in anticipation, wondering if I would actually do it. I had been blocking his thoughts the entire time to keep them all in the dark, but now, I let go. I stepped back and ran into the trees.

I ran up a tree at the edge and just sat there as everyone watched me. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to laugh.

He ran into the woods so nobody body could see him. When he stepped back out, he was human and wearing pants. He looked up at me and waved for me to come down.

I jumped out of the tree and he caught me, stepping back a few steps.

I laughed and gave him a hug. I stepped away smiling.

Just about everyone was confused.

"What's going on?" I heard Edward ask.

"Bella's allowed over here, didn't you know that?" Sam answered.

"No, she never told us."

"Yes, I did," I said. "Remember? I told you about how I was going to the reservation."

"I didn't really think about that."

"I'm gonna go with Sam." I turned to go further in, Sam followed closely behind.

"There's a party at Billy's if you want to go."

I smiled. "Of course I do." I ran in the direction of his house.

I was there for only a few minutes when a guy came in and went straight for Sam.

"Sam, I need to talk with you, alone," he said looking pointedly at me.

"No matter where we go, she'll hear us, so just say it here," Sam replied.

He sighed but continued. "The Cullens are at the border and they wont leave."

I chuckled. "They're fine."

"I wasn't talking to you," He snapped.

"You do not talk to her that way," Sam scolded.


"She's right. They are just waiting."

"For what?"

"For her."


"Yes. She's their friend."

"More than friend," I said. "They've become like another family. They take care of me when Charlie cant. I could always come here though, right?"

"Of course you could." That made me smile.

"The Cullens are freaks here," the boy said.

"They are aren't freaks," I muttered but I knew he could hear me.

"Well, what would you call them?"

"Different, unfortunate, but not freaks."

"And why not?"

"You shouldn't have done that," Sam told him.

"Because I'm part like them," I yelled at him.

His eyes widened and he stepped back. "What?"

"I'm part like them, also part other things."

He chuckled. "That you're a bigger freak than them."

I grabbed him and slammed him against the wall. "Don't ever call me a freak," I growled at him. My eyes had gotten whiter with my rage. The house shook.

Billy wheeled out and saw me. "Bella, calm down. You know what happens when you get too mad."

I released as I remembered. "I have to go." I ran from the house and passed the Cullens as it began to rain.

I had run for a while and didn't even know where I was when I finally stopped and cried. I couldn't help it.

Two strong arms surrounded me. One finger lifted my chin up so I could look at him.

"What's wrong?" Edward asked. I just shook my head.

"It's nothing," My voice cracked."

"It's not nothing, but I probably wont get it out of you." Instead of arguing, he placed his hands on either side of my face and kissed me.

I felt all of my sadness and fear melt away and I kissed him back.

When he pulled away, I became scared that he would fall limp and fall to the ground.

"Why didn't anything happen?" I whispered when he was still in my arms just staring at me.

"On halloween, when a witch cries from great sadness, one of the places her tears are sent is here. Therefore right now we are both being drenched in a witch's tears."

When I heard this, I smiled and kissed him again. This truely was one of my favorite halloweens.

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me too :)
thanks guys. do you want a link to story this is a side-shot for?
this is awsome
Awsome you have a good idea of Halloween I would have to guess.
what do you mean?
what kind of one-shot should I write next? hmmmm....
wow this was amazing and i loved it!!!! <3
guys. any ideas? I lost my flash drive that had the only available copies of the chapters I was working on for my stories until then I have to use the other one but it doesn't have anything on it yet just two pictures.
Give me an idea for a one-shot to help me pass the time until I find the flashdrive? I don't write many so I don't get many ideas. and most of theones I do I end up either not liking or it becomes longer or.... I cant write it. Please help
how bout one about a girl named amy and when the love of her life leaves her she turns emo and depresed
the minute I read this, I think of an ending for it, but I would like to know one thing first, can I do whatever I want with it if I use this? If not tell what you don't want and I wont write it in the story.
ya u can do what ever u want just give me some credit ether in the book or at the end
I didn't say it was going to be a book. just a one-shot. I would post it here. just a one sentence story.


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