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Edward and Bella typical Love Story :D

Hello Lovely Twilighters!

Ok So I am starting on a new FanFic!

Just because they are so incredibly fun to write!

I have 2 others- which I am still doing but I must admit I have been focusing on this one because the idea and words just keep flowing :O


 Ok so here is my take on Twilight, except it’s called My Perfect Romeo :P It is gunna be different but kind of the same as Twilight- I will include some events from all books! Vampires and werewolves and such but the storyline will be a bit different :)

Bella Swan 17 human. Edward Cullen 17 (give or take a few hundred years) Vampire. And the rest of the characters- Cullens and Swans :) Your general Twilight love story with a few twists and turns :) There may be some odd lines of Stephanie Meyers twilight :) just a heads up!  Only my faveys! Uhm throughout all the chapters there will be Points of view changes :D  
You also have to bear with me- Updates wont be very often! I have two other fanfics on the go! So don’t hate me please <3 (:



Chapter 1

So here I am; leaving sunny Arizona for rainy Forks. Brilliant. My mom, Renee, met a guy whilst shopping; I was her maid of honour- now they wanted to travel. So I think it was due time I visit my dad. Phil was a nice man- I use the term ‘man’ loosely- he was a boy not so long ago, but he makes her happy and that’s all that counts. It’s always been an odd relationship- my mother and I. Our situations have been the reverse. I was more like the worried parent whilst she would be the rebel teenager. She was my best friend and I am dreadfully anxious about her all the time; but I’m sure Phil will take good care of her.
“Ok baby, have a safe flight!” my mother said to me all teary.
“That’s not really up to me mom, but I’ll do my best.” I kissed her cheek, my mask wavering slightly, and boarded the plane.

The flight was good- boring really. I slept most of it. When I got off the plane I searched frantically for my father, Charlie; he was the Chief of Police in the small town of Forks. Me and him are very alike, we are both uncomfortable in situations where the attention is on us and we don’t handle feelings very well. I spotted him waving his arms with an awkward smile placed on his face. I returned the same smile and one-arm hugged him.
“Good to see you Bells.” He said gruffly.
“Good to see you too Dad.” He picked up my suitcase and we walked out to his cruiser. The journey home was ok- some would say the silence was uncomfortable but not for us. It would be easy living with Charlie- he didn’t find the need to fill the silences. ‘He was a man of little words’ as my mom would say. He drove into the small house that I knew once a long time ago. He took me upstairs to what I presumed was my room. It was more or less the same than it used to be; except replacing the single bed with a double one with purple sheets. I smiled at him as he left me to unpack. Tomorrow I would begin my new school life at Forks High school.

I woke up bright and early, though the sun didn’t greet me. Instead clouds filled the sky forming a grey blanket- fantastic start to the day. I got up, stumbling, and made my way to the bathroom for a well deserved shower. The hot water undid the knots in my back- it felt nice. I stayed in a little too long- long enough for the water to become cold. Grunting, I grabbed my towel and picked out something to wear. (  Charlie’s cruiser was long gone. I walked downstairs to be greeted by a note.
Have a good first day at school Bell’s. I wanted to be here for when you saw it but I had to leave early- here are the keys to your new car. Drive safely. Dad.
Next to the note was a pair of car keys. I smiled and looked out the front door. Wow. It was perfect! Maybe a little older but still it looked in good shape. A rusty orange Chevrolet replaced my dad’s police cruiser. I will have to thank him later. I grabbed my bag and a piece of toast before hopping into my car. It roared to life making me jump a little. I backed out the drive way and was off to my new school.

I pulled in, glad my old truck didn’t stand out from the other cars; most of them were old and battered like mine. I parked the truck and got out, steadying myself, new school the worst thing to do was give my clumsiness away straight away. I swivelled around carefully and saw two cars which were not so much like mine. There was a red convertible- a little ostentatious for my liking and a silver Volvo, which looked like a smooth drive. The people who own those cars must be rich. Very, very rich. I walked to the office and got my schedule- not bad at all. A boy with black hair walked over to me with a big smile on his face.
“Hi you must be Isabella- I’m Eric” he held out his hand waiting for me to shake it. I shook his hand and smiled.
“Uh just Bella.” He nodded and gestured for us to walk. He rambled on about classes and where to go- I was only partly listening. My attention was caught by two outrageously and quite frankly annoyingly beautiful people. They were both as pale as chalk but had these mysterious golden eyes. The female had short spiky black hair- she almost looked like a pixie, but a gorgeous one at that. The male had honey blonde hair and was well built. I felt someone tap my shoulder- Eric obviously found out my attention was drawn somewhere else.
“Oh, those are the Cullens. That’s Alice and Jasper. The Cullen family are all adopted my Dr. Carlisle Cullen.  Kinda weird because they are all a thing- as in couples. Apart from Edward, he is a loner, but he has no interest in anyone here…” I managed to tune out his voice. I couldn’t stop staring at these…I could hardly call them people; they seemed much more than that. Alice looked at me with a speculative eye. She smiled slightly- I wasn’t sure if I returned the smile, it would be nothing compared to hers. The boy beside her, Jasper, looked as if he was in pain; he kind of looked like he was holding his breath- must be my eyes. They turned their back on me and walked up the steps to the school. I felt a bit shell shocked at their beauty, I didn’t realise someone-probably Eric- was tugging on my arm.
“Hey you’re the new girl- Isabella right?” my attention turned at my full name, yeah like that’s not going to get annoying.
“Just Bella.” A baby faced boy grinned widely at me. He had spiked blonde hair and quite pleasant blue eyes; nothing compared to the butterscotch ones.
“I’m Mike!” he exclaimed. I gracefully returned the smile not wanting to be rude and started walking to my first class- Biology. Mike and Eric stayed by me like loyal dogs. They walked me to my class, Eric left but I suppose that Mike had this class too. I walked up to the teacher, Mr Banner.
“Ah yes- Isabella, sit over there.” I went and sat at the empty table at the front and started doodling on my folder. The bell rang and the teacher started his lecture. I doodled absentmindedly not listening- I had already done the work he was talking about. Mr Banner suddenly stopped talking.
“Sorry I’m late sir.” Said a velvety bell like voice. I whipped my head up suddenly, wishing I hadn’t. The breath got knocked out of me. Stood at the front of the class was what I can only describe him as a Greek God. He had tousled bronze hair and those striking topaz eyes- he must be part of the Cullen family then. He was quite muscular- but not as big as the one in the car park, though I didn’t care for muscles. His eyes met mine for a split second then I dropped my head, the heat flooding to my cheeks. I heard the chair pull out beside me as I carried on doodling. Shall I risk looking up? I took a chance but quickly regretted it. His amber eyes locked in with mine, I felt I should look away but I couldn’t. He seemed to be right on the edge of his seat, leaning away from me- the expression on his face seemed harmless enough, so why was he leaning so far away? I dragged my eyes back down to my book and breathed deeply. I saw his body suddenly twitch. I peeked through the curtain of hair; he was giving someone the death glare when the phrase ‘if looks could kill’ popped into my head. I swivelled my head to see an innocent Mike staring right back at him. Mikes eyes were wide as he swallowed and ducked his head in defeat- what was that all about? I turned back and Edward was now facing the front, still leaning away. What was this guy’s problem? The bell rang and he was gone- well good first class that was. I trudged off annoyed to my next class- English. I like English; I love to read so I think that helps. When I got in I saw no other than Cullen- hmph, he wants to ignore me then I will ignore him. I went up to the teacher who waved his hand to the seat open to Edward- great. I sat down and immediately pulled my hair across my face.
“Hello. I’m Edward Cullen- you’re the new girl Bella right?” his voice shocked through me as my breathing became slightly delayed. I looked up to see him smiling the most gorgeous crooked smile I have ever seen.
“H-h-hi. Yeah.” I stuttered. I caught a glimpse of his eyes again and held my breath. The pools of gold bored into mine, almost seeing into my soul. I caught my breath and exhaled loudly, I blushed realising it was very loud. My heart pumped almost showing through my clothes as I lowered my head once more. He was an extraordinary human being, how can someone be that perfect.
“I apologize for my behaviour in Biology- not introducing myself to you I mean. It was very rude. I’m sure it’s very foreign here for you, a new school and my rudeness didn’t help.” I looked up once more to see him looking deep into my eyes. I blushed once more- it was very unfair at how persuasive he was- those eyes.
“That’s fine.” I said almost breathless. He grinned at me then turned as the teacher started the lecture.

The day went quite quickly, though every time I blinked I would see those eyes. I made my way out of the car park walking quietly to my car.
“Hey Bella!” I turned to see Angela a friend I made at lunch. She seemed a very nice girl, someone I could easily get along with; she seemed as quiet as me.
“We are having a start of the year party down at La Push beach this weekend- it would be great if you could come.” I smiled and nodded my head.
“Yeah sounds cool.” I really wasn’t into parties if I’m honest, well not parties in general, things that celebrate me. This one didn’t so I suppose I could go. She waved as she walked back up to the building. I got in my truck and made my way home. For a first day at school, today wasn’t too bad.

I awoke startled. I rubbed my eyes and looked ahead of me. The light from outside sieved through the curtains. That was the first night I dreamt of Edward Cullen. From then on I know he is going ot be a recurring character. I only met him yesterday and yet I can’t seem to get him out of my head. I felt as if there was some sort of pull, tugging me towards him, like…magnets. He was my magnet- but the question was, am I his?

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If treated means updated then sure! xD
Updated **
Ahahah yeah sure, I have added you as a friend :)
wow. This is really good writing of yours. I LOVE the plot line and the excitement. It's just too beautiful. Please post asap!!!
That means a lot :)
Of course! :)
That was awesome. How I love E & B moments ^_^
Don't we all? xD
That was so well written and so much detail. I loved it all and it is hard for me to pick one part but I think it was the way he described her in sleep--beautiful. I also liked when he kissed her cheek and of course the note was brilliant. Oh well the whole thing was wonderful can't wait for next update. Oh yeah hope you are doing well!
Thankyou so much for the detailed response!
I liked those bits as well :)
Thankyou again!
Your writing is amazing too!
I am doing extremley well after reading that comment!
Thanks <3
superb story........u mispelled the word 'wonder' twice.......its an ignorable one though
My bad :P
Thankyou though :D
Hey guys! So here is the next chapter! Please comment and enjoy! I really need to know what you think of this story- be brutally honest! I need to know if it is a pile of poo and if I am wasting my time writing it! But other than that enjoy :D

Chapter 4

I woke up quite early, eager to get ready. I hopped in the shower and stayed in longer than necessary. The water ran cold effectively ending my shower, I quickly got dressed and went downstairs. Charlie was long gone so I decided to clean the house to pass the time. Time did seem to tick by slowly. The house was spotless and there was literally nothing for me to do. It wasn’t even past ten yet! I flicked the TV on; flipping through the channels- there was literally nothing on! I led on the couch watching some random film. My eyes fluttered closed, plunging me into a soft sleep.

”Bella I love you. But we can’t be together.” Edward stated in his velvety voice.
“Yes we can Edward! We will find a way around it! I don’t care if you are a monster!” I screamed back at him, tears pouring out of my eyes.
“I could kill you at any moment my Bella. It would be on my conscience forever.”
“Turn me. Right now, please it’s the only way to be with you forever.” He nodded and walked closer to me. My heartbeat sped as he lowered his lips to my neck, placing a soft kiss and apologizing he-

“Bells you there?” a voice woke me up. My eyes shot open with a bang at the door. What a freaky dream! I got up and opened the door to be greeted by Angela.
“Hey! Sorry I fell asleep, is it really five already?” I scratched at my head yawing.
“Oh no, I came earlier, I need your help! Ben is going to be there and I have no idea what to wear!” she looked at me with hopeful eyes. I nodded and signalled for her to come in. We went up to my room and she laid about three outfits on my bed. I laughed as she tried each one on.
“Why don’t you just ask him out?” I asked absentmindedly as she tried on a skirt and top. (
“Because I don’t have that sort of confidence!” she wailed whilst throwing her hands in the air.
“Oh uhm talking about guys, I have a date with Edward Cullen tomorrow.” I bit on my lip as her mouth gaped open. A wide grin spread across her face as what can only be described as an inhuman squeal came out of her mouth!
“Edward Cullen?! Lucky girl!! You must have really dazzled him Bells- you are the only girl in history to go out with him!” I smiled. I didn’t want to tell her just how lucky I was.
“That’s the outfit!” she grinned at me.
“Let’s go.” We walked out and got in her car. I told her all about my date tomorrow- I tried not to come over how excited I was. I also told her about how I invited him to come but he said he couldn’t- which I was bummed about. We pulled up next to the other card and Angela started to breathe deeply. I patted her on the back and winked.
“You’ll be fine.” I whispered as she walked slowly over to where Ben was. It was painfully obvious how much he liked her; his blue eyes lit up as she wondered over. I stood there awkwardly for a while before I noticed a familiar bronze face from my past. Jacob Black- a childhood friend. Man he has grown! He was a little younger than me but boy he didn’t look it now. I walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and his eyes widened. He had jet black shoulder length hair and coal black eyes that showed all his emotion. A very warm and welcoming smile spread across his face. Jake had buffed up since the last time I saw him- he looked as if he lifted weights everyday!
“Bella Swan? Hey what you doing here!? This is my turf.” He joked I smiled along with him- it came as a surprise at how easy it was to smile with him.
“Here for a bonfire with my friends.” He nodded.
“Your dad told my dad you were coming home, I was going to come see you.” Someone behind him coughed very loudly and obviously. Jake rolled his eyes and stepped aside.
“This is Quil and Embry.” He signalled to the large boys behind him- they waved with a large grin plastered on their face. I smiled shyly but sighed, I wander what Edward is doing?
“Did you invite Cullen here?” Mike suddenly said as if hearing Edwards name in my mind. I swivelled around hope in my eyes, but never saw the bronze hair or the mysterious eyes.
“Yeah, I thought he might want to come. Why?”
“Angela just said.” Mike said a little too bummed. I shrugged and turned back to Jacob- attempting to be nonchalant. Jacob furrowed his brow, as did his friends. I heard who I think was Quil whisper to Embry something that shocked me.
“Good, still knows his place.” That stumped me- what did he mean? I might be reading too much into this- but it does seem a bit odd. The acid in his voice as he said it. Jacob replaced his thoughtful look with a smile and indicated for us to walk down the beach. I waved to Angela- she didn’t notice, she was twiddling her hair talking to Ben. I chuckled; he would be stupid not to take the hint! We ambled down the beach and I brought up what the boys said.
“Uh I overheard your friends say something about the Cullens that shocked me.” I started, nervously twiddling my fingers. Jacob tightened but didn’t stop.
“Bad blood between families.” He simply said. I frowned- I need to dig deeper, it seems there is something more there.
“What do you mean?” he sighed and smiled at me.
“Promise you won’t tell?” he held out his giant pinkie for me and I shook it, intrigued.
“The legends of our tribe suggest that they are something more- something…not human.” I tried to keep my face in a composed mask- but unwittingly failed.
“So what are they?”
“ People, but if you want to be technical, Vampires.” I gasped slightly. My dream. I remember vividly the pain in my neck before Angela woke me. I swallowed hard and nodded.
“Why do you say they are vampires then?” I laughed awkwardly to try and make it seem like pure curiosity. He shrugged and grinned.
“Just the legend of the Quileute tribe. I don’t believe it, it’s just a legend really. It’s pretty odd they have the ‘credentials’ for a vampire according to our legends but I think it’s just coincidence. See in our mythology they are known as the ‘cold ones’.”
“I see. So what are these supposed credentials?” He looked thoughtful for a moment whilst I felt my heart start to race.
“Pale, cold, extremely fast and according to our myths they are supposed to be inexplicably beautiful.” He guffawed at that.
“They don’t seem beautiful to me- they moved down from Alaska so it explains the paleness and I have never been close to them to feel if they are cold- but it’s just a rumour.” It was my turn to snort. Not beautiful- had he never seen them?! Hmm maybe that’s all I will get out of him. It seemed he was piecing the puzzle together in my head. It all seemed like too much of a coincidence. His cold lips- I automatically brought my hand up to where his lips greeted my cheek. His chalky complexion and the one that would seal the deal, his abnormal, stupidly good looks. It came together there and then. Edward Cullen was a vampire, and although Jacob didn’t know it, he confirmed it for me. A myth that I never thought could be possibly true, it sounded ridiculous! My head was telling me I was stupid to be even considering it, but my heart and gut told me otherwise. I tend to listen to those two. We carried on walking down the beach talking about random things- but in the back of my mind I had Edward as a recurring thought.
He can’t be a vampire, can he?

I yawned sat on a log with the fire spitting at me. It was getting late, I wanted to go home to mentally prepare for tomorrow, but Angela was snuggled close to Ben; I don’t want to disturb her just because I was tired. I didn’t quite know who I was lent against, but when I saw the bronze skin tighten around me I knew it was Jacob, as well as being relived it wasn’t Mike, I felt guilty for being like this with Jake, when we were younger he really liked me, I never returned that like and something tells me he hasn’t got over it. I felt my lids close and I forced them open- I need to wake up. I immediately stood up and stretched, flexing out my bones. Jake outstretched his hand before bringing it back to his body. He defiantly still likes me; I can’t bear to hurt him, he was such a kind boy. He did seem someone I could end up with, but I had this attachment to Edward. It pains me to think about not being with him. Angela stood up also stretching.
“Come on then Bells.” She smiled and widened her eyes as if to say ‘I have so much to tell you’. I nodded and started to walk away, giving her and Ben some privacy to say goodbye. I waited by her car patiently. When I looked into the trees I swear I saw them rustle. I don’t know what it was but something inside me told me to investigate. I glanced behind me, Angela and Ben were wrapped up in each other so I edged closer to the trees. As I stepped in I saw nothing, I felt… disappointed? What was I hoping to see? I heard a whisper in the trees that sent shivers down my back, the same velvety voice that makes my heart beat erratically in my chest.
“Bella.” I looked around and in the dark saw the eyes that stop my breathing. I inhaled and walked towards the amber gems staring at me.
“Edward, you came.” I walked forwards until the dim light of the moon reflected off of his alabaster skin; he looked even more beautiful, if that was possible. He suddenly pulled me into his chest. The scent that was coming of his skin was intoxicating; he smelled so sweet- was this a dream? I suddenly remembered what Jake and I talked about. I unwillingly peeled myself away from him and stared into his eyes.
“I think I know what you are.” I said. Edward looked at me, a firm masked filmed his face.
“Go on.” he said just as firmly. I sucked in a sharp breath as I tried to find my voice.


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