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Edward and Bella typical Love Story :D

Hello Lovely Twilighters!

Ok So I am starting on a new FanFic!

Just because they are so incredibly fun to write!

I have 2 others- which I am still doing but I must admit I have been focusing on this one because the idea and words just keep flowing :O


 Ok so here is my take on Twilight, except it’s called My Perfect Romeo :P It is gunna be different but kind of the same as Twilight- I will include some events from all books! Vampires and werewolves and such but the storyline will be a bit different :)

Bella Swan 17 human. Edward Cullen 17 (give or take a few hundred years) Vampire. And the rest of the characters- Cullens and Swans :) Your general Twilight love story with a few twists and turns :) There may be some odd lines of Stephanie Meyers twilight :) just a heads up!  Only my faveys! Uhm throughout all the chapters there will be Points of view changes :D  
You also have to bear with me- Updates wont be very often! I have two other fanfics on the go! So don’t hate me please <3 (:



Chapter 1

So here I am; leaving sunny Arizona for rainy Forks. Brilliant. My mom, Renee, met a guy whilst shopping; I was her maid of honour- now they wanted to travel. So I think it was due time I visit my dad. Phil was a nice man- I use the term ‘man’ loosely- he was a boy not so long ago, but he makes her happy and that’s all that counts. It’s always been an odd relationship- my mother and I. Our situations have been the reverse. I was more like the worried parent whilst she would be the rebel teenager. She was my best friend and I am dreadfully anxious about her all the time; but I’m sure Phil will take good care of her.
“Ok baby, have a safe flight!” my mother said to me all teary.
“That’s not really up to me mom, but I’ll do my best.” I kissed her cheek, my mask wavering slightly, and boarded the plane.

The flight was good- boring really. I slept most of it. When I got off the plane I searched frantically for my father, Charlie; he was the Chief of Police in the small town of Forks. Me and him are very alike, we are both uncomfortable in situations where the attention is on us and we don’t handle feelings very well. I spotted him waving his arms with an awkward smile placed on his face. I returned the same smile and one-arm hugged him.
“Good to see you Bells.” He said gruffly.
“Good to see you too Dad.” He picked up my suitcase and we walked out to his cruiser. The journey home was ok- some would say the silence was uncomfortable but not for us. It would be easy living with Charlie- he didn’t find the need to fill the silences. ‘He was a man of little words’ as my mom would say. He drove into the small house that I knew once a long time ago. He took me upstairs to what I presumed was my room. It was more or less the same than it used to be; except replacing the single bed with a double one with purple sheets. I smiled at him as he left me to unpack. Tomorrow I would begin my new school life at Forks High school.

I woke up bright and early, though the sun didn’t greet me. Instead clouds filled the sky forming a grey blanket- fantastic start to the day. I got up, stumbling, and made my way to the bathroom for a well deserved shower. The hot water undid the knots in my back- it felt nice. I stayed in a little too long- long enough for the water to become cold. Grunting, I grabbed my towel and picked out something to wear. (  Charlie’s cruiser was long gone. I walked downstairs to be greeted by a note.
Have a good first day at school Bell’s. I wanted to be here for when you saw it but I had to leave early- here are the keys to your new car. Drive safely. Dad.
Next to the note was a pair of car keys. I smiled and looked out the front door. Wow. It was perfect! Maybe a little older but still it looked in good shape. A rusty orange Chevrolet replaced my dad’s police cruiser. I will have to thank him later. I grabbed my bag and a piece of toast before hopping into my car. It roared to life making me jump a little. I backed out the drive way and was off to my new school.

I pulled in, glad my old truck didn’t stand out from the other cars; most of them were old and battered like mine. I parked the truck and got out, steadying myself, new school the worst thing to do was give my clumsiness away straight away. I swivelled around carefully and saw two cars which were not so much like mine. There was a red convertible- a little ostentatious for my liking and a silver Volvo, which looked like a smooth drive. The people who own those cars must be rich. Very, very rich. I walked to the office and got my schedule- not bad at all. A boy with black hair walked over to me with a big smile on his face.
“Hi you must be Isabella- I’m Eric” he held out his hand waiting for me to shake it. I shook his hand and smiled.
“Uh just Bella.” He nodded and gestured for us to walk. He rambled on about classes and where to go- I was only partly listening. My attention was caught by two outrageously and quite frankly annoyingly beautiful people. They were both as pale as chalk but had these mysterious golden eyes. The female had short spiky black hair- she almost looked like a pixie, but a gorgeous one at that. The male had honey blonde hair and was well built. I felt someone tap my shoulder- Eric obviously found out my attention was drawn somewhere else.
“Oh, those are the Cullens. That’s Alice and Jasper. The Cullen family are all adopted my Dr. Carlisle Cullen.  Kinda weird because they are all a thing- as in couples. Apart from Edward, he is a loner, but he has no interest in anyone here…” I managed to tune out his voice. I couldn’t stop staring at these…I could hardly call them people; they seemed much more than that. Alice looked at me with a speculative eye. She smiled slightly- I wasn’t sure if I returned the smile, it would be nothing compared to hers. The boy beside her, Jasper, looked as if he was in pain; he kind of looked like he was holding his breath- must be my eyes. They turned their back on me and walked up the steps to the school. I felt a bit shell shocked at their beauty, I didn’t realise someone-probably Eric- was tugging on my arm.
“Hey you’re the new girl- Isabella right?” my attention turned at my full name, yeah like that’s not going to get annoying.
“Just Bella.” A baby faced boy grinned widely at me. He had spiked blonde hair and quite pleasant blue eyes; nothing compared to the butterscotch ones.
“I’m Mike!” he exclaimed. I gracefully returned the smile not wanting to be rude and started walking to my first class- Biology. Mike and Eric stayed by me like loyal dogs. They walked me to my class, Eric left but I suppose that Mike had this class too. I walked up to the teacher, Mr Banner.
“Ah yes- Isabella, sit over there.” I went and sat at the empty table at the front and started doodling on my folder. The bell rang and the teacher started his lecture. I doodled absentmindedly not listening- I had already done the work he was talking about. Mr Banner suddenly stopped talking.
“Sorry I’m late sir.” Said a velvety bell like voice. I whipped my head up suddenly, wishing I hadn’t. The breath got knocked out of me. Stood at the front of the class was what I can only describe him as a Greek God. He had tousled bronze hair and those striking topaz eyes- he must be part of the Cullen family then. He was quite muscular- but not as big as the one in the car park, though I didn’t care for muscles. His eyes met mine for a split second then I dropped my head, the heat flooding to my cheeks. I heard the chair pull out beside me as I carried on doodling. Shall I risk looking up? I took a chance but quickly regretted it. His amber eyes locked in with mine, I felt I should look away but I couldn’t. He seemed to be right on the edge of his seat, leaning away from me- the expression on his face seemed harmless enough, so why was he leaning so far away? I dragged my eyes back down to my book and breathed deeply. I saw his body suddenly twitch. I peeked through the curtain of hair; he was giving someone the death glare when the phrase ‘if looks could kill’ popped into my head. I swivelled my head to see an innocent Mike staring right back at him. Mikes eyes were wide as he swallowed and ducked his head in defeat- what was that all about? I turned back and Edward was now facing the front, still leaning away. What was this guy’s problem? The bell rang and he was gone- well good first class that was. I trudged off annoyed to my next class- English. I like English; I love to read so I think that helps. When I got in I saw no other than Cullen- hmph, he wants to ignore me then I will ignore him. I went up to the teacher who waved his hand to the seat open to Edward- great. I sat down and immediately pulled my hair across my face.
“Hello. I’m Edward Cullen- you’re the new girl Bella right?” his voice shocked through me as my breathing became slightly delayed. I looked up to see him smiling the most gorgeous crooked smile I have ever seen.
“H-h-hi. Yeah.” I stuttered. I caught a glimpse of his eyes again and held my breath. The pools of gold bored into mine, almost seeing into my soul. I caught my breath and exhaled loudly, I blushed realising it was very loud. My heart pumped almost showing through my clothes as I lowered my head once more. He was an extraordinary human being, how can someone be that perfect.
“I apologize for my behaviour in Biology- not introducing myself to you I mean. It was very rude. I’m sure it’s very foreign here for you, a new school and my rudeness didn’t help.” I looked up once more to see him looking deep into my eyes. I blushed once more- it was very unfair at how persuasive he was- those eyes.
“That’s fine.” I said almost breathless. He grinned at me then turned as the teacher started the lecture.

The day went quite quickly, though every time I blinked I would see those eyes. I made my way out of the car park walking quietly to my car.
“Hey Bella!” I turned to see Angela a friend I made at lunch. She seemed a very nice girl, someone I could easily get along with; she seemed as quiet as me.
“We are having a start of the year party down at La Push beach this weekend- it would be great if you could come.” I smiled and nodded my head.
“Yeah sounds cool.” I really wasn’t into parties if I’m honest, well not parties in general, things that celebrate me. This one didn’t so I suppose I could go. She waved as she walked back up to the building. I got in my truck and made my way home. For a first day at school, today wasn’t too bad.

I awoke startled. I rubbed my eyes and looked ahead of me. The light from outside sieved through the curtains. That was the first night I dreamt of Edward Cullen. From then on I know he is going ot be a recurring character. I only met him yesterday and yet I can’t seem to get him out of my head. I felt as if there was some sort of pull, tugging me towards him, like…magnets. He was my magnet- but the question was, am I his?

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