The Twilight Saga

This story is told from Edward's POV from the moment Renesmee is born! Enjoy!

I have also written a version from Renesmee's POV called "The Choice" between certain chapters.

My Renesmee by Dazzled~by~Edward

A fan fiction based on characters created by Stephenie Meyer

Chapter 1: First Sight

The day you were born was one of the best and worst days of my existence. Your mother was dying, and I could hear the faint drumming of her heartbeat as life slowly slipped away from her. I could not bear the thought of losing her after all we had been through together, after we had fought so hard to be together in spite of the monster I was. I could not bear the heartache and rage I would feel to lose her over something that I had done to her, something I once believed to be impossible. I had given her you, a tiny being who she wanted with all her heart and soul. She was willing to die so that you might live.

I knew in the first moment I held you in my arms and softly whispered your sweet name that I could not let her go. I had to save her even if it meant exchanging her fragile, human life for an immortal one.

After doing all that I could to save her, I called downstairs to Jacob, whose thoughts were unreadable and incoherent at the time, and asked him to stay by your mother’s side while I went to Rosalie. She had taken you away from the bloody nightmare that we had all just endured. I found her quickly; she was rocking you gently on the large sofa in the living room.

Rosalie’s eyes met mine, and I could read only a single, emotional thought.

Edward, she’s . . .

For the first time in the many years I had known her, Rosalie was lost for words.
Then, after a few seconds, she spoke.

“Do you want to hold your daughter?”

My daughter. How my heart thrilled at those two words.

I cautiously sauntered over to the sofa, not able to take my eyes off of you. I could hear the loud thrumming of your heart and smell the sweetest scent, both human and immortal, as it penetrated every fiber of my being. With the most grace I had ever seen her display, Rosalie held you up and placed you softly into my cold, stone arms. The warmth of your tiny body was exhilarating, and I saw your eyes focus on me immediately. Those haunting, angelic brown eyes—your mother’s eyes—peered up at me in wonder, and you were the most beautiful creature I had ever beheld.

A surge of emotions flooded through my immortal being—a mixture of love, joy, hope, fear, and most of all completeness. I had become a father, and I knew I would never be the same again.

Suddenly, you did something I never expected a newborn babe to do. You lifted your sweet palm and pressed it tenderly to my right cheek. Your every thought of your mother, Rosalie, and even Jacob, raced through my mind, and I knew in that moment that you felt the same way about me.

Rosalie gently put her arm about my shoulders and gave me a light squeeze—the most affection she had ever shown me.

Thank you, Edward. It was her only thought, and she gave us both a smile. Her pale visage looked as if it could have been filled with tears as she turned and swiftly exited the room.

I looked back down and smiled at you with my crooked grin. My daughter, my beautiful daughter—the creature I had loathed and did not want to ever see the light of day—was now in my arms. You were perfect, pure, and true. I closed my eyes, savoring this life-changing moment, sealing it within the chambers of my mind.

God was real. I had been skeptical until that moment. I believed myself to be a monster, who did not deserve to exist, who did not deserve anything but eternal damnation. But God was real. He had given me your mother, my Bella, the one thing I have never deserved, and now you. You were worth every thing we had endured.

My beautiful, sweet one. My Renesmee.

Chapter 2: Imprint

Someone had now entered the room. Someone to whom I would ever be grateful. He was there; he never gave up on your mother. He scent was unmistakable.

I turned to thank him, but his racing thoughts interrupted that perfect moment. My smile began to fade.

“Edward,” Jacob said firmly. “We need to talk.”

But I already knew what he was about to confess. Anger boiled up inside of me. I felt the venom as it began to overflow my mouth, and I heard myself growl at him with the rage of a protective mother lion.

“Edward! Let me explain!” Jacob screeched, suddenly realizing that I knew his every thought.

Discerning the ever-growing tension, Rosalie quickly entered the room and, in a blur of a movement, stripped you from my arms. I could sense Alice and Jasper's alarm as well, and they suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs.

“How could you, mongrel?” I crouched down a few feet from him about to pounce, forgetting the world around me. “How could you imprint on my daughter?”

“Edward! You know what Bella told you! I couldn’t help it! It just happened!” Jacob tried to defend himself to no avail.

Good, they’re finally going to fight, Rosalie’s thoughts were almost shouting. Damn, Emmett’s going to miss it!

“First, you make a play for my wife and now--” I growled at him with the blazing heat of a thousand suns.

“I wasn’t the one who practically threw her into my bed a few days ago!” Jacob’s repulsive stench was getting stronger. He would phase at any moment.

“You, dog! After all we’ve been through today, how dare you bring that up?” I lunged at him with all the strength I could conjure.

It took Jacob only that split second to phase, and his sharpened claws began ripping and shredding every article of clothing I had. I wanted to sink my teeth into his flesh and rip out his still-beating heart. I had never felt so much rage in my entire existence. Not even when James and Victoria had threatened to murder your mother.

Filthy bloodsucker! His mind was screaming at me, and then--another soft, musical voice echoed from across the room. A still, sweet voice was pleading at me.

Daddy, it called. Please don’t hurt Jacob.

I looked up from the beast beneath me and saw your heartbroken face as it peered at me from behind Rosalie’s embrace.

Don’t hurt him, please. Your thoughts gently spoke again.

I released Jacob at once, stood up, and gazed at you in awe. A few minutes ago I was willing to give you anything and everything you desired. Now, there I was preparing to defend you against the world, against anyone I felt would bring you harm. And yet, you told me to stop. I found myself at the mercy of your desperate pleas.

Jacob told me that he loves me, too, Daddy. He won’t hurt me. Your thoughts melted me.

I turned back to behold a now human Jacob as he lay naked and exhausted on the floor.

“Why’d you stop, leech?” He glared up at me. “I was just gettin’ started!”

Rosalie’s thoughts wondered the same; she was clearly disappointed. I could feel Jasper relax beside Alice, who instantly began putting together new designer outfits for your mother in her head.

“Let’s just say something, or someone, told me to stop.” I glanced back at you, hearing your heart return to its beautiful rhythm. I had given up so easily. “I can’t fight you, Jacob.”

No one spoke for what seemed like hours. Then, I turned to Jacob and ordered, “Let’s get some clothes on and then, we’ll talk.”

Chapter 3: Compromise

I never liked Jacob Black. He was of course a werewolf and by definition my loathed enemy. In order to escape exposure, our family had made a treaty with his tribe ages ago to stay out of La Push. However, I had to tolerate him--he had been there for your mother. He had dearly loved her and cared for her during the darkest time in her life—those few months I let my stupidity rule my every action, those dire days when I left her. He, with the help of the other wolves, had saved her from being ravaged by Laurent and had aided in the efficacious pursuit of Victoria. Jacob had become sort of a brother to me or a “comrade in arms” so to speak. In fact, he was her Jacob, her best friend, someone who, like myself, would have readily traded his very life for hers.

“Okay,” I calmly began as Jacob and I now sat opposite around the grand, oval table in the dining room. “Explain.”

“I don’t know how to begin, Edward.” Jacob cleared his throat, staring almost anxiously at his oversized hands.

Ick! I’m wearing that oaf’s reeking clothes again, I heard Jacob’s mind remark. I had provided him with some of Emmett’s cast-offs. Those that Alice had put aside to donate to charity several months ago—the largest T-shirt I could find and stretchy, athletic shorts. They were still too small for his massive, overgrown form. He shuddered slightly.

“Love at first sight?” I questioned, ignoring his thoughts on donning vampire fashion. “Am I right?”

Not exactly. Jacob looked up, his brawny biceps angrily protruding from the sleeves of Emmett’s Save the Olympic Wolf shirt. The irony made me snort back a light chuckle.

“Then, what exactly is it then?” I demanded, tightening my stone hands into fists. I successfully fought back my urge to lunge at him once more. He was giving me nothing.

“Listen, leech. I don’t love your daughter like your twisted mind may think.” Jacob’s face scowled at me. “I just know that Nessie is more important to me now than anyone else.”

“What did you just call her?” I stood up, so that I could tower over him for once. My suppressed agitation was starting to return. “How dare you nickname my daughter after a monster!”

“Geez, take it easy, Edward.” He tried to calm me down, gesturing his gigantic palms downward. “I didn’t mean any offense.”

Or maybe I did. Jacob then smirked at me. I slammed my right fist down on the table, branding it with a slight crack.

“Sorry.” Jacob snickered. “Sit back down please.” Then, he added, “For her?”

Remembering your sweet, angelic voice, I unclenched my fists and sat back down in my chair. I swallowed my anger along with my pride and pondered his earlier statement.

“And the love you felt for Bella, is it still there?” I finally managed to ask.

“Yes, but--,” Jacob paused as if searching for the right words. “It’s different now. Of course, I will always love Bella. She’s my best friend—and now she’s, well, the mother of my future wife.” His mouth formed a wide grin, almost tauntingly.

“But I thought you loathed Renesmee—that you wanted her dead. Where did those feelings go all of a sudden?”

I did, his thoughts confirmed. After a few moments, he spoke again, “But the first moment I looked into her eyes, I knew I would never love anyone as much as I love her.”

“What if she doesn’t want you—when she’s old enough to return your feelings?”

I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. Jacob’s shoulders shrugged. “For now, I plan to be here for her, just like Quil is for Claire. I don’t ever want to be away from her.”

“What if I don’t let you—or better yet, what if Bella doesn’t let you?” I knew your mother; she was not going to like this revelation either.

“I think she’ll understand,” Jacob responded, and I knew he whole-heartedly believed it.

I flashed him a brief look of doubt, and he continued, “You know how Bella wants me around, how she wants me in her life? Like family?”

“I never understood it, but yes?”

“Well, now, she can—just not how I always intended.”

Jacob had a valid point there. Your mother would want him in her life when she awoke to her new immortal existence. Of course, she would want her best friend, but I knew my Bella better than anyone. She would be furious with him for imprinting on you, our daughter. Being a newborn vampire would only intensify her indignation.

But then, again, your mother had always surprised me in the past.

“Okay, Jacob,” I began to bargain with him. “I’m going to let you tell Bella when the time is right.”

Agreed. He nodded.

“And we don’t exactly know the length of Renesmee’s mortality yet, but if she matures to eighteen, you may tell her also, but not a second before. That way she can decide for herself.” I cringed at the thought of losing you some day. You were half-human; it had not even crossed my mind until that instant.

“Scout’s honor.” Jacob jokingly held up his right palm. Then, he was serious, “So, are you going to let me be involved in her life?”

“If it makes her happy.”

“Who? Bella or Ness—I mean, Renesmee?”

I stared straight into his Quileute eyes and with decisive clarification answered, “Both.”

Chapter 4: Family

“Bella, love?” I humbly knelt beside the now-clean operating table, clutching your mother’s pale, right hand. “I love you.”

Carlisle and the others are almost here. I peered up from your mother’s face to acknowledge Alice’s thought. She was standing completely motionless as stone, peering out the window toward the driveway. Rosalie sat across from her, carefully supervising Jacob as he held you for the first time. Of course, she was livid, but she was not letting you out of her sight. You were sleeping peacefully in Jacob’s arms.

“I’ll go tell Jasper,” Alice said, and with that, breezily exited the room.

I said nothing in response. I kept my full, undivided attention on your mother. She was enduring the three-day, terrifying sleep that would transform her into an immortal. I knew she was experiencing painful, ever-growing agony. I knew she felt as if she were on fire, being tortured beyond mercy, and suffering the horrifying sensation of dying over and over again. It violently rocked me down to the core of my being.

“Bella, I’m so sorry.” If a vampire could cry, I was weeping in that moment. Her rigid, limp body lay so utterly still—I agonized over whether I had done the job correctly. “I know you’re in so much pain right now. I wish I could take your place.”

I leaned over her still-beautiful visage and placed a tender kiss on her forehead. Grasping her palm tightly once more, I lay my head down on the makeshift bed beside hers and gently whispered into her ear.

“Bella, love, we have a daughter,” I started, shutting out the world. “She’s perfect and she has your lovely eyes.”

For a fleeting moment, I thought that she had stirred. But it was only wishful thinking. She lay absolutely still. I wondered if she could hear my calming words. I hoped they brought her some solace amongst the consuming fire raging within.

“I never thought I’d be a father even when I was human, but now, when I look into Renesmee’s eyes, I know this was meant to be—the three of us, a family. Bella, we’re a family. How could I ask for more?” My voice was soft and low. I wished I could read her thoughts more than ever at that moment. But, then again, maybe I didn’t.

“Edward!” Carlisle burst through the wooden door, startling Rosalie, Jacob, and me. I would have read his thoughts and knew the moment he had arrived, but I was totally absorbed in your mother.

“Carlisle!” I practically leapt from my chair, throwing my arms around him. “It’s over. Bella’s—sleeping.”

Carlisle returned my embrace and then hurriedly ventured to your mother’s side. Esme, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper, entered the room together right behind him.

You’re a father, Edward. Esme’s mind was filled with elation, and she looked up at me with those motherly eyes. She hugged me more adamantly than she ever had before. “How’s Bella?”

“Bella looks fine. I think everything is going as it should,” Carlisle verified, lightly patting my back and squeezing my shoulders as if attempting to ease my obvious tension. Then, they both yielded and turned to Rosalie and Jacob.

Is that her? Carlisle’s gaze met mine, his eyebrows lifted.

“Yes, Renesmee,” I confirmed.

Jacob stood up and reluctantly handed you over to your grandfather. I could tell he wasn’t happy to have his time with you cut so short.

“Wow, she’s gorgeous!” Carlisle exclaimed, glancing up from you to Esme. “She looks like Bella, but more like Edward. What do you think?” He then offered you to Esme.

“There are just no words for this.” Esme’s glee was radiating from her face. I had never seen her more jubilant, not even on her wedding day those many years prior. Her mind was joyfully pondering the notion of being a grandmother as she looked over at Jacob. “Thank you, Jacob. We’ll ever be grateful to you for helping Edward and Bella.”

“Aw, it was nothing,” Jacob said. He shot a glaring smirk at me and added, “Nessie was worth it.”

“Nessie?” Esme questioned, turning her attention to me.

“It’s Renesmee, Jacob!” I retorted, struggling to fight back my frustration.

“Nessie . . . I like it.” Esme admiringly peered down at your face once more. I could hear your nickname declaredly ringing from all of their minds. I would have to get used to it.

“Hey, now,” Emmett broke my concentration. “Don’t I get to hold her? You two are hogging her!”

“Sorry, Emmett.” Esme placed you into Emmett’s strong arms, and observed, “Look, she’s awake now.”

“Hi, Nessie,” Emmett deeply inhaled your scent. “I’m your Uncle Emmett. We’re going to have so much fun together—hunting grizzly bears and playing catch.”

“Grizzly bears?” Jacob snapped at Emmett. “You are not taking her on one of your hunts!”

“Geez, Jake!” Emmett was apparently addled, releasing you to Rosalie. “What’s gotten into you? I thought you wanted the baby dead—at all costs!”

“It’s complicated,” Jacob frowned, “I think, um, I’ll go downstairs. Don’t want to ruin your little Hallmark moment you got going on here!” And with that last line, he had backed his way out the doorway.

Emmett confusedly shook his head, and our family quickly focused their complete attention back to you.

I was experiencing another perfect moment. There we all were—Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, and myself—huddled around you and dazzled beyond reproach.

No one spoke; their thoughts separately buzzed with adoration for the wondrous babe within our midst.

Then, with the sweetness and tenderness of an angel, you reached out your palm and touched Rosalie’s white cheek.

“I’ve never seen that before.” Carlisle stared in wonder as did the other members of our family. “What’s she doing?”

“She’s showing Rosalie that someone’s missing,” I replied, my smile turning to a frown, and gestured toward the operating table across the room. Everyone turned.

“Her mother.”

Chapter 5: Memories

All the memories of your mother came flooding back to me that next morning. I vigilantly kept my post beside her hospital bed, my unwavering, golden eyes focused on her lovely face.

Now, with the remaining members of our family home, I had vowed to stay by your mother’s side until she awoke. I told the others to keep you away from the room, just as a precaution. Your mother could open her eyes to her new, never-ending existence at any moment, her bloodlust aching to be instantly quenched. Thus, I ultimately feared for your safety and Jacob’s as well.

The memories were coming even faster now; they were vivid, full of vibrant colors, and sharp as if I were experiencing them in that very moment . . .

The first time I beheld your mother across our crowded, high-school lunchroom . . . the first moment her intoxicating scent ignited my desire to drain her body of blood . . . the electrifying, pulsating current that raced through my being when her hand first grazed mine . . . the rush I felt positioning myself between her and Tyler Crowley’s out-of-control van . . . the combined sensation of anxiety, nervousness, and somewhat relief when she revealed her conclusion that I was a vampire . . . the incredible warmth of her mortal body as I held her in our meadow . . . the moment her lips first touched mine . . . the moment I realized that I unconditionally and irrevocably loved her. . .

And the day I left her . . . and the day she found me, her arms wrapped around me as I was about to openly expose my kind to the world . . .

The night I proposed . . .

But no memory was more alive than that of our wedding day. It had only been little over a month prior to your birth . . .

Your mother had taken some convincing, but there she stood at the top of the staircase arm-in-arm with your grandfather, Charlie. The air was fragrant with the overwhelming perfume of orange blossoms, thanks to your Aunt Alice, and your mother was a stunning vision in her shimmering, white gown. She held her head--filled with braids and traditional veil--down possibly to aid in her descent down the stairs.

Then, suddenly, our eyes met, and my heart smiled wider than my pale visage would allow. Her cheeks immediately flushed—oh, how I would miss that someday. The sight of my radiant, blushing bride made me forget the scene around me--the throng of our relatives, the bountiful array of flowers, the swirling thoughts of admiration about the room—there was only your mother.

The world could have come to an end, and I wouldn’t have flinched.

Your Grandfather Charlie placed her tender hand in mine, and the warm touch of your mother’s palm filled me with elation. She would soon be mine. Forever.

My golden eyes stayed steadily transfixed on your mother’s chocolate-brown eyes as we recited our vows. Despite her prior objections to marrying me, the moment your mother said “I do,” I knew she meant it with all of her heart and soul. I triumphantly echoed her “I do” with a wide grin, anticipating the minister’s next statement that would declare us husband and wife.

With Mr. Weber’s final words, “you may kiss your bride,” I cupped her face of cream and roses into both palms and kissed my wife for the first time. In response, your mother threw her arms desperately around my neck, returning my affection. Our kiss lasted much longer than I had expected; I almost had to pry your mother’s unyielding hands off my shoulders. When it finally ended, I gave her a smirk of obvious satisfaction.

As we exited the house toward the reception, I noticed it was twilight. I had told her once that it was the safest time of day for us, the easiest time . . .

Edward, any change? Your grandfather’s question stirred me from my sweet memories. I turned to give him my assessment, only shaking my head.

“Good. We need you, son. Sam’s here to give us news from the pack. However, he’s still phased and we need a translator,” Carlisle needlessly relayed; I already had heard his request.

“No!” I angrily hissed at him. “I’m not leaving her now, Carlisle!”

I’m sorry. Carlisle’s face and mind were full of shock at my sudden outburst.

Regaining my composure, I apologized as well and continued, “I just need to stay with her, Carlisle. I can’t risk not being here when she’s awake. I want to be here—she’s my priority right now.”

“Of course,” Carlisle’s hand rested on my shoulder. “I shouldn’t have even suggested it. We’ll manage without you. Let me know if there’s any change.”

“You know I will.”

I was not quite certain how long your grandfather lingered in the room. I had already returned to kissing my newly-wed bride as we glided effortlessly across the dance floor under a canopy of twinkling, white lights.

Chapter 6: New

Your mother’s eyes opened that following day. I gently squeezed her right hand to let her know I was there, and she immediately leapt off the hospital bed in alarm. Pressing herself frightfully against the wall, she then retreated to a defensive, crouched position. Your mother was in an obvious state of shock as she gazed wide-eyed at the new world before her. I helplessly reached across the operating table toward her, beckoning her to my side.

In an instant, the others were there to observe your mother in her transition. Jasper and Emmett protectively stood in front of the others, shielding them from the possible, impending danger.

Stay calm, Edward. Carlisle’s thoughts invaded my brain. Give her a minute to adjust.

Your mother was taking in everything around her--the clear, sharp images of the room—the unfamiliar sounds she could now discern—the fresh, once-undetectable scents as they penetrated her heightened sense of smell. I knew all too well how it felt to be a newborn vampire. She was experiencing everything again for the first time.

With an abrupt jerk of her head, your mother unexpectedly directed her interest to me. And I saw them—her once chocolate-brown eyes had been replaced with piercing, blood-red ones. I knew this haunting image all too well. I had seen it a myriad of times in Alice’s visions, hoping with endless desperation that they would never become a reality.

But, alas, there they were—those severe, crimson eyes—and I didn’t care. They now belonged to my Bella. I found them quite exquisite and becoming to her; they eventually would fade to amber and then to gold in a matter of months.

As I moved cautiously toward her, I kept my arm extended to welcome her embrace. When I had reached a safe distance, I lightly stroked her fine cheek in an attempt to calm her. Impulsively, your mother violently sprung into my arms. If I had been human, she would have knocked me down and rendered me unconscious. She was very strong, much stronger than me. I had to release her, and she backed away almost-embarrassingly in reply. I reassured her to stay calm and to remain careful; she wasn’t aware of her own strength yet.

I caressed her cheek softly once more, and she returned my gesture with such a longing I had never seen. We lingered in our first immortal embrace, gazing into each other’s eyes.

Your mother had never looked more beautiful. Her long, brown hair was glistening—almost translucent—and her skin was void of color, but as smooth as ivory porcelain. Her glorious, ruby eyes danced with mine, and in that moment I had forgotten why I had ever hesitated to turn her.

We were now equals—two immortals deeply in awe of one another. Our feelings would remain unchanged, unaltered, unfailing. We would be together as long as we both existed. We were soulmates, destined to be in each other’s arms. We would never love another, never desire the touch of another. We would be as one being, one heart--and yes, possibly one soul. For all eternity. Forever. There would be no holding back as before. We could now let go . . .

Your mother told me that she loved me, and I lifted her slightly and fiercely pressed my lips to hers. In response, your mother strapped her leg forcefully around my body. This should have been our first kiss . . . and in a way it was.

After what seemed like ages, I heard Emmett’s mind howl at me with sexual amusements, and then, he loudly cleared his throat. Knocked back into the present, we both surrendered for the moment. My being was pulsating on the inside, and all the fears and anxiety I had once held had now vanished without a trace.

Several of your mother’s first questions concerned you, but I could not allow her to hold you just yet. She needed to feed, to hunt. She had to promptly quench her newborn thirst for blood.

It would certainly have brought ease to Jasper’s mind. His thoughts were racing in astonishment at your mother’s ability to adequately control the abundance of emotions that were flowing through her. He was fearful that she suddenly might break from her restraint at any second.

Before we left, Alice adamantly insisted that your mother see her new self. As your mother meticulously viewed her immortal reflection, I knew she did not quite recognize the gorgeous being staring back at her from beyond the looking glass. To my dismay, I still could not read her thoughts, but it really did not matter. I had my Bella back.

And with that ultimate revelation, your mother and I set off on the first of our many hunting trips together. It was the beginning of our true forever.

Chapter 7: Declaration

There were numerous remarkable moments that occurred during the first few months of your life and your mother’s immortal existence . . .

The first time your mother held you . . . your first hunt . . . the first night spent in our cottage as a family . . . your first spoken words . . . your first steps . . . the day you met your Grandfather Charlie . . . the realization that your mother was gifted with an immortal power . . . the visit of fellow vampires from around the globe . . . your first Christmas . . . the arm-wrestling match between your mother and Uncle Emmett . . . those frightful moments testifying to your human conception before the Volturi . . . the moment we learned you would reach immortality in less than seven years . . . the notion that you would be ours forever . . .

These were a plethora of precious and somewhat bittersweet memories that I knew your mother and I would never forget. I supposed you might not either.

That night after the Volturi came to question the circumstances of your birth, all three of us had safely returned to our cottage. We had just put you to sleep in your bed when your mother did something I never expected.

She placed her hands steadily on each side of my head and concentrated with all her might. To my surprise and utter astonishment, I was able to see every hazy human memory and every crystal-clear immortal memory of your mother and me together. The exhilaration and invigoration that surged through my being was overwhelming. I had finally read your mother’s thoughts; she had just made my last dream for us as a couple come true . . .

Later that evening, I left your mother for a brief minute to check on you. It was my turn.

Entering your bedroom, I could detect the soft drumming of your heartbeat and could instinctively tell you were perfectly and sound asleep. As I turned to leave, my golden eyes suddenly caught a glimpse of something hidden in the darkness of the room.

It was a small, leather purse that once belonged to Alice. It had her unmistakable perfume mixed with yours emanating from its surface. I curiously removed it from its resting place on the bedpost, wondering why Alice would have left it there. To my knowledge, she had not been to the cottage since before your mother and I were married.

The purse’s zipper opened easily with the movement of my fingers. Inside, I discovered an enormous stack of folded cash and an envelope containing passports and false identification materials for you and Jacob (except you two were named Jacob and Vanessa Wolfe). A piece of Esme’s beige stationery was folded under the envelope; it only read three words: RIO DE JANEIRO.

I was puzzled for a few seconds regarding the contents of the tiny backpack, but then I remembered. I had seen the purse about your shoulders during the Volturi’s interrogation. I deductively concluded that your mother, along with Alice’s obvious help, had provided you and Jacob with an option to escape if something had gone terribly wrong.

I then opened the outside pocket on the small purse and found four more ivory envelopes from Esme’s office. They were separately addressed in your mother’s handwriting to your Grandfather Charlie, your Grandmother Renee, Jacob, and finally you. I replaced the three others and only held yours anxiously in my palms. I ardently wanted to know your mother’s final words to you, our sweet daughter.

After I broke the seal and the letter unfolded before me, your mother’s prose flowed eloquently from amongst the page:

My dear Renesmee,

If you are reading this letter, then your father and I are now dead. I know you may not understand it now, but you had to leave with Jacob. One day, he will tell you why you’ve been so close these past few months.

Please know that your father and I loved you more than anything else on this earth. The moment I knew I was going to have you—I never wanted anything more in my entire life. You were something your father and I thought improbable. We never expected to have a beautiful daughter, and many times when I was pregnant with you, I thought I might have to die in order for you to survive.

But we endured and became a family—something beyond my wildest dreams. When I held you for the first time, I knew you had been worth the fight—all the pain and the cracked ribs you gave me. You were very stubborn, just like me, but turned out to be just as thoughtful and gentle as your father.

Have a beautiful and wonderful life with Jacob. He will be the best friend you will ever have and maybe one day much more. Always seek out the right choices in life and never lose sight of what is important. Never let anyone tell you that you are different; you are my lovely, unique Renesmee.

As the golden locket I gave you says, we loved you more than our own lives. You were conceived in love, and our love will extend beyond the boundaries of life and death. One day, we will be together again.

Love Always,

The emotion that hit me as I read your mother’s letter made me grasp the bedpost to steady myself. I glanced at your slumbering face and with incessant gratification knew that I had everything that I had ever wanted and more. And I had almost lost it all a few precious hours ago.

But now, there we were—safe and together at last. I was now complete.

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The Choice--Chapter 25: Miracle (Renesmee's POV)

My vision was blinded by vivid colors . . . the green and brown of the woods . . . the yellow beams of the moonlight . . . the blue glow of the dagger’s piercing blade . . . the red of searing pain as it took me over . . . the black void of death slowly closing in around me . . .

And then, nothing but white.

I blinked and noticed that I was staring up at the ceiling. I looked to my left and noticed my dad, sitting in a chair, his head buried in his hands, and resting on the bed beside me. In an instant, his head shot up, and he tenderly smiled at me.

“I’ll go get Grandpa Carlisle.” My dad squeezed my left hand, kissed my forehead, and swiftly dashed from the room.

And then, I felt the burning warmth of something on my right arm. I turned my gaze only to see Jake, holding a small bundle in his arms. His eyes attended to the precious cargo in his embrace, and I noticed his tanned hand was touching my elbow.

“Jake.” My hoarse voice called out to him. His beautiful eyes flittered up and took in my face. He sighed, lovingly cupping a hand around my chin. He gently leaned over and placed a kiss softly on my right cheek.

“Hey, beautiful. I have someone who wants to meet you.” Jake stood up from his chair and adjusted the wrapped bundle in his arms. My hand instinctively shot to my lower abdomen, and I felt the strange, empty feeling that part of me was gone. I then attempted to sit up, but my body was incredibly weak. My arms and legs felt so achy and sore; I had never experienced anything like this before.

“It’s Mommy, EJ.” Jake simply added. “He’s missed your voice, he says.”

As he smoothly positioned the tiny body into my fatigued arms, I instantly felt a jolt of strength surge like electricity throughout my entire body. The weakness and soreness left my being like they were never there, causing me to gasp as if I were taking in fresh air for the first time.

Jake’s expression crinkled in alarm, “Is everything okay, Nes?”

“The pain, the aches—it just disappeared when he touched my skin.” I peered down in wonder at the tiny being in my arms. My heart raced at the thought of holding my newborn child for the first time. I forgot the woods, my pursuer, the blade, the pain—that whole frightening scene with Nahuel dissipated with the soothing warmth of the infant in my embrace. I deeply inhaled, and his scent was incredible—as fragrant as rose petals. His head was full of curly black hair, and I instinctively kissed him on his forehead. A single tear escaped from my right eye and rolled off my cheek to the blanket below. His gorgeous green eyes gazed up at me, and my heart unexpectedly beamed with incessant love for my son. He was perfect and looked exactly like Jake—except for the eyes. I had no idea where those green eyes could have originated.

“My little EJ.” My voice was just a whisper.

“You mean he healed you?” Jake’s eyes widened in awe.

“I think so.” I happily grinned, my eyes never leaving my beautiful son.

“What about the scar?” Jake asked. He then helped me pull up my lavender nightgown, and about a dozen shiny, silver objects fell from my lower abdomen. “The scar’s completely healed! The staples—they just fell out!”

“He did heal me.” I peered intently at the wondrous child in my arms. My dad was right—his grandchild was special.

“Wow, this kid’s going to be powerful someday!” Jake gleefully exclaimed, letting EJ coil his little hand around his finger.

“He already is.” I turned to Jake, anxiously desiring to know everything about my newborn child. “Tell me more about him, Daddy.”

“Well, Carlisle says he’s definitely mostly human, but he thinks he’s still venomous, so I have to watch myself around him.” Jake hoisted himself up on the bed and lay down on his side, snuggling up next to me. “He’s growing at a slower rate than you did, but Carlisle seems to think he will fully mature in about ten years.”

“Man, how long was I out?” I questioned him, running my fingers through the baby’s soft hair.

“Three days.”

“Oh.” It had only felt like a matter of minutes, but I was glad to be awake and able to hold my son in my arms. “And about the wolf thing?”

“Carlisle seems to think he’ll be able to phase when he’s fully mature—maybe even before then. But when he does, he’ll be a powerful, venomous wolf. Imagine that.” Jake kissed our baby sweetly on the forehead.

“Wow, and with healing powers, too.” I marveled at the tiny creation before us. We had certainly brought something utterly unique into the word. Our lives would never ever be the same. And then, I remembered. “Rosalie!”

Jake looked down and didn’t say a word. His lips curled, and I knew my favorite aunt was dead.

“Is she . . . dead? Nahuel said the knife would kill her.” My mind filled with sheer panic. “Where is she, Jake?”

“Over there in the other bed.” Jake tilted his head toward the opposite side of the room. My brown eyes widened in shock. Rosalie’s body lay limp and completely rigid as stone. “She’s slowly dying, Carlisle said, from the poison on the knife. Emmett hasn’t left her side.”

“But why didn’t it kill me?” As I uttered those words, I felt an enormous weight of guilt rest heavily on my shoulders. I sat there silently, tears streaming down my face, and then something came to me.

“Do you think EJ can heal her?” I asked, cradling my son to my chest and exiting the bed. Emmett’s head immediately popped up, his expression full of hope, and I knew it was worth a shot.

Jake didn’t respond, but put his arms about my shoulders, guiding me over to Rosalie’s motionless body. I unwrapped EJ from the pale-blue blanket and laid him on his belly across Rosalie’s chest. Emmett, Jake, and I waited patiently to see if he truly could bring my aunt back to her immortal life.

But nothing happened. Uncle Emmett disappointedly held his head down, running his hands exasperatedly through his short hair. I burst into tears again, and Jake pulled me into his arms. There wasn’t any hope left for her. We had lost her forever. And it was all because of me.

Then, a loud gasp suddenly split the silence of the room.

“Rose?” Emmett literally jumped out of his seat, and Rosalie’s right arm wrapped around the child lying across her chest. Her dazzling eyes focused on me, and she rose up and enveloped me with her free arm, still engaging my son with the other.

“I’m so sorry, Nessie.” Those were the only words she managed to say. My tears were coming even faster now as we held each other there, reunited with a tiny miracle lovingly wedged in between us.

Then, after several minutes, Rosalie pulled away from me and glanced down at EJ. “Your baby is beautiful. Just like his father.” I smiled at her; it was my silent way of telling her that all was forgiven.

Uncle Emmett tapped her gently on her shoulder. She sweetly handed the baby back over to me and flew fervently into his bear-like arms. They longingly embraced each another, and Emmett simply nodded at Jake and me to show us his gratitude.

I looked over at my Jake, and he endearingly encased our child and me with his arms. We were a family—reunited and together at last.

My Renesmee--Chapter 15: Phenomenon (Edward's POV)

Three days had passed since you were pursued by Nahuel and had succumbed to the paralyzing grip of the Immortal Blade’s poison. I never left your hospital bed, and neither did Jacob. As he held your beloved child in his strong arms, his thoughts rapidly channeled throughout his mind—thoughts of you in overwhelming pain, thoughts of castrating the filthy half-breed we had all come to loathe, thoughts of what the future held for the beautiful infant in his warm embrace. We were both extremely grateful to Leah for her actions in the clearing that night. If it hadn’t been for her, our family’s fate might have turned out much differently.

Your grandfather Carlisle heard word that the Volturi—Aro, Caius, and Marcus—had taken Nahuel prisoner and fled with him back to Italy. Huilen, Nahuel’s immortal aunt, appeared on our doorstep the very next day to question the whereabouts of her nephew. Your grandfather simply told her that our Italian friends had come to collect him for crimes he committed against them. The horrifying events that occurred in the woods were never mentioned. I deviously chuckled to myself at the sheer notion of what they might do to Nahuel once they arrived back in Volterra. I really didn’t care—he was dead to me. Still, Aro’s observations regarding your pregnancy left me in fear of what might transpire in the future. But I tried to focus intently on the present.

The monster within me was struggling to be relinquished. He was thinking the very same thoughts as Jacob, cackling like a rabid dog inside my head. The other side of me also pined for my lost sister lying in the second hospital bed across the room. Your uncle Emmett’s thoughts were excruciatingly painful to hear. He was mourning the loss of his wife, and I knew what that felt like all too well.

And then, I saw your eyes open on that fateful third day. The monster instantly vanished without a trace. Your precious, brown eyes peered over at me, and my heart became enraptured by the beauty they bestowed. You had come back to us.

“I’ll go get Grandpa Carlisle.” I lightly pressed your hand in affection and kissed your sweet forehead. I knew you needed this moment alone with your husband and newborn son, so I quickly, but reluctantly, left the room . . .

“Rosalie’s awake!” Your Aunt Alice’s thoughts verbally escaped her head as I heard the commotion upstairs from the exam room. Our family members were huddled together in the living room, diligently awaiting the moment they could welcome you back to the world from your slumbers. Your aunt Rosalie’s remorseful thoughts now surged through my mind, and I immediately knew how she had regained consciousness. My grandchild was gifted.

I took off up the stairs, our family not far behind me. As we entered the room, Rosalie and Emmett were lovingly embracing one another, and you and your new family were holding each other tightly and releasing tears of joy. The three of you were indeed a family, and I smiled at your reunion with my crooked grin.

“What happened here? It’s not possible!” Your grandfather Carlisle was dumbfounded as he took in the sight before him.

Your aunt Rosalie broke free from Emmett’s grasp and threw her arms around your grandmother Esme. When she pulled away from your grandmother’s arms, she only uttered one word: “EJ.”

Every single pair of eyes in the room focused their attention on the tiny being nestled between you and your husband.

“You mean, EJ woke her up?” Your mother’s question resounded throughout the stillness of the room, embracing you and your son with all the joy she could release.

“Yes, he healed her.” You withdrew from your mother and pulled up your nightgown to show us your scar, but it wasn’t there. “And he healed me, too.”

Your grandfather hugged his long-lost daughter and then sauntered over to marvel at the tiny miracle in your arms. Your aunt Alice and uncle Jasper’s thoughts were swirling in wonder as well. It reminded me of the day our family first met you not that many years ago.

“Our family is truly blessed.” Your grandmother Esme placed a kiss on her great-grandchild’s forehead and hugged you intently.

“Yes, we sure have seen our share of miracles.” Your grandpa patted me lightly on the back. “First with Bella, then with Nessie, and now with EJ and Rosalie.”

And then, your beautiful, brown eyes turned their gaze to me, and I swiftly took you and your gorgeous child into my arms. Your incredible scent overwhelmed me, filling my heart—yes, even my soul—with overflowing joy. Our family was finally together, reunited by the miraculous child within our midst—two miraculous children to be exact.

My Renesmee—my beautiful, sweet Renesmee was in my arms once again. My child, my daughter, my own flesh had returned to us and had endowed us with a precious gift. A gift of love, a gift of hope, a gift of life.

My mind immediately rushed back to the moment I realized that I loved your mother as I watched her sleep at your Grandpa Charlie’s house those many years ago. It was the single most important moment that altered my existence for all eternity. If I had decided to stay away from her and never pursued a relationship with her, I would have never held my beautiful daughter in my arms or felt the warmth of my grandchild as he was lowered into my embrace in those first moments of life.

I knew in that moment that my existence as a vampire had never been in vain. I was destined to be a son, brother, husband, father, and grandfather. I had been given everything I ever wanted and more even though I never deserved any of it. The voids in my heart were replenished in the moment I held you and my grandchild together for the first time, and I was truly and utterly complete.


Ok, I'm crying now! Nessie's final chapter is below! A pic of EJ, too!

Here is the FINAL chapter of the Choice! I am so sad that this is ending. It has been a wonderful ride with all of you! I hope you like this little snapshot into the Black family. ENJOY!

The Choice--Chapter 26: The end is only the beginning! (Renesmee's POV)

Six months had passed since that miraculous day when I held our child for the first time and was reunited with my aunt Rosalie. That frightening night in the woods trying to escape the clutches of Nahuel was all but forgotten.

Jake and I were walking along the sand of First Beach in La Push, joyously swinging our little EJ between us with our arms. We had just returned from our much-overdue honeymoon to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, my mother’s home state. I had always wanted to go there as a child, and I was finally able to behold firsthand one of the great natural wonders of the world. The heat however had proven to be a little too much for Jake, and the air conditioner in our hotel room worked tirelessly in overtime.

EJ was now talking and running and playing; he was the light of my life. He was very similar to me when I was his age, able to learn quickly and pick up vocabulary with ease. He was about the maturity of a two-year-old toddler, and my grandfather Carlisle predicted that he would bloom into an adult in about ten or so years.

As far as we knew, EJ couldn’t phase just yet; we realized it when he had his first temper tantrum about four months after his birth. Since he was male and part vampire, he was also venomous, and Jake had to be extra cautious around him. I was immune to his venom however, which allowed me to breastfeed him shortly after he was born. Since EJ and Jake could communicate with each other through their thoughts, Jake had warned him not to bite either one of us just as a precaution. We doubted he actually would though.

Our little EJ also was extremely powerful. He was able to heal instantly after being cut or hurt, just by touching the scrape or tear with his palms. Grandpa Carlisle told me that he believed EJ’s healing powers came from Jake’s ability to heal quickly as well. EJ’s ability to heal through touch possibly stemmed from my power of communicating my thoughts through touch.

EJ never cried except when he was hungry or wet. He slept soundly throughout the night, and he held a particular fondness for human food, which was a blessing to Jake. He loved feeding him and rocking him to sleep at night. It was one of the most poignant moments of my life, watching Jake adoringly cradle our child in his arms. I couldn’t have asked for a better father for my little one. But I should have known—he was always there for me.

As we strolled along the beach, EJ suddenly broke free from our arms and dashed his tiny feet across the wet sand. My motherly instincts kicked in, and I immediately held out my hands in alarm.

“He’s okay. He’s seen a shell he likes.” Jake told me, now closing the space between us and taking my left palm into his.

“Your mind reading is kinda gettin’ on my nerves a little.” I jokingly confessed as we followed our toddler, who was now waddling down the beach and carrying a shiny, black shell in his tiny hand.

“Oh, come on, Nes. Don’t be jealous!” Jake let go of my hand and draped his arm about my shoulders.

“I’m not jealous. I’m annoyed.” I grinned at him. “You two are going to drive me crazy!”

“Now, you know what it’s like to be Edward.” Jake playfully tickled me across my stomach and then kissed my temple. “You know, with you and your mom’s shield.”

“I guess it’s payback.” I replied, watching EJ as the tide gently kissed his little toes.

Jake and I suddenly came upon a large, driftwood tree trunk lying across the sand. I mounted it and walked across the slippery surface with ease like a balance beam and then leapt to the sand, taking a seat on top of the dead tree. Jake positioned his warm body next to mine on the log. I leaned against him, and his arms wound around me as we observed EJ running in and out of the salty water coming ashore. He was laughing and muttering to himself; we both giggled at our child’s utter contentment. We were a family, and nothing could take that away from us.

Then, suddenly, EJ tripped and tumbled to the moistened dirt. My heart immediately sunk. His body lay sprawled on the ground for only a second—he quickly pulled himself back up onto his bare feet. Instantly, he was running and laughing and playing once more.

“Don’t worry. He’s okay.” Jake grabbed my right palm and brought it to his lips. “That kid’s resilient, you know. He’s gonna make a fine wolf one of these days.”

“Yes, I know. He might give his dad a run for his money!” I told Jake, my eyes smiling at him.

“We’ll see about that!” Jake affectionately cupped his hands around my face and sweetly brought his lips to mine. My body pulsated with a current of pure bliss as he held me in his arms.

I love you, Jake. I pulled free from his lips and sighed, closing my eyes and feeling the exhilarating heat of his palms comfort me. “I have something to ask you.”

“I love you, too, Nes.” He kissed the top of my head. “I’m all ears.”

“Is there any room left in the pack still?” I opened my eyes, and my lips shaped into my crooked grin.

“What do you mean?” He pulled away and looked at me, his expression puzzled. Then, his smile widened. “You’re not . . .”

“Yes.” I simply said.

Practically jumping off the fallen tree, Jake swung me around in his arms and vigorously kissed me again. We were about to have another addition to our family, and he took the news exactly as I suspected.

“Hoping for another EJ?” I cleverly questioned him when he parted his lips from mine.

“Actually, I’m hoping for a Sarah Rose this time.” He placed my feet on the ground and gazed longingly into my brown eyes.

“A Sarah and a Rose, maybe?” I asked, and I knew he understood my question. Twins did run in his family. “Grandpa Carlisle said he could hear two heartbeats.”

And with that, Jake swept me back into his arms, twirling me around several times and returning his lips to mine. Yes, our family was growing—just as in my dream those many months ago.

“Yes, EJ.” Jake broke free from my lips, and I noticed our little one standing at our feet. “He wants to go see Grandpa Edward. He’s teaching him the piano today, he says. That’s just great—my kid’s going to be a fruitcake.” Jake pursed his lips and rolled his eyes in disgust.

“Jake, let Dad teach him. He’s only going to be young for a short time. You’ll have plenty of time to macho him up later.” I slipped out of Jake’s arms and took our child into my embrace. EJ tenderly placed a wet kiss on my cheek and then touched my face with his right palm.

“Grandpa, now!” EJ impatiently squealed. He was even more spoiled than I was at his age. My dad was completely incorrigible when it came to his grandchild. Not to mention Grandpa Billy, Aunt Rosalie, Great-Grandpa Charlie, and the rest of our family.

“Ok, pumpkin. Let’s go!” I carefully flung him onto my back, and Jake took my hand as we raced along the sandy beach toward our brand-new, red Volkswagen.

I didn’t know what the future held for my children, my Jake, my family, or even myself. But all I knew in that moment was that I loved my two boys with all my being. I was utterly and completely happy. I had made the right choice.

And to think it all began with one ordinary, teenage girl and one lonely vampire as their eyes met across a crowded, high-school cafeteria . . .


Here's a nice little family portrait! I am definitely going to miss my Nessie, Jake, EJ, Edward, and everyone else in this fan fic! Thank you so much to those of you who shared ideas with me (corey26, real life Bella, Tami) and to Twilight Princess for the wonderful banners! I couldn't thank everyone enough for your support with this! *tears* *hugs* And YES, I will be continuing EJ's story--please look for it soon! Please keep an eye out for my new fan fiction "Jacob Have I Loved," which is already posted! Love you, guys! :)

i loved it . it was so great, the way you write reminds me stephnie meyer and i'd bet she'd done it the same way
OH MY GOD!!! I loved the last line it was perfect. I laughed, cried, and just took a ride on the emotion rollercoaster as I was reading this. I just started reading this a few hours ago and now I can't wait to read the sequel. I loved, no, ADORED your story. It's just like what SM would've wrote. And again, I LOVED IT!!!!!! I'm crying now but they are tears of joy for Renesmee and Jake. :)
just read your story and i thought it was great
Thanks so much!
im just gonna say, WOW that was extremely well written, i loved it all, the ending setences was very well put awesome work
OMG I cried, I laughed this was the most amazing story I have read yet. You are indeed very talented you would give SM a run for her money I am sure. Thank you so very much for writing and sharing this with us. I read the "Twilight Saga" 8 time and I believe I could read this twice that many times and still enjoy it as much each and every time like the first time reading it. I truly do appreciate you sharing your talent with us!
Thanks so much for reading everyone! I haven't been over here in awhile because I have found a home over at I feel truly blessed that you have loved my fan fic as much as I loved writing it! It means the world to me.
this was a very good story, r u gonna write a sequal??? i would definitely read it if u wrote another story!! do u have any more fan fics????


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