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This is a story that is in the middle of New moon two years after Edward left Bella! I know i already have a story like this but I'm making this one different. I have had this in my mind forever i just never actually wrote it. I know i have not updated on any of my storied in about forever but i am slowly but surely getting back on track! Anyway i hope you like this one i have four chapter done already. I'll five you one and see how you guys like it and then i'll give you more. (: Hope you enjoy! (: 

Chapter 1

I don’t love you, and I don’t want you.

After two years, of pain misery and hurt. That’s all I hear in my sleep those same words from the forest two years ago. You would think I would get over it and move one, but no I can’t because deep down I know that Edward
and I are meant to be together and no one else could be for me. If I ever
started dating someone which I tried it doesn’t work cause I pick them to the
core. I would say I hated the color of their eyes if they weren’t golden, they
weren’t pale enough, their lips were icy cold and soft at the same time. My
love of my life is Edward and will; always be Edward even though he is not with
me now.  Even though he left me, I forgave
him and dif I ever see him again I will still be in love him and hope to god
that he wants me too. All I do now is hope that one I will see him again, even
if it’s just a glimpse seeing his face again in the flesh would be more than
enough for me to be satisfied….for the moment. 
I needed Edward with everything I had. The thought of him brought tears
but happiness of the memoires I share with him. Even though the time was short I
will remember it as long as I live. We were young and were in love well at
least I was. He stopped loving me a human it made since which made it easier
for me to forgive him. I love him plain and simple as that.

Well for the past two years, I’m now twenty and officially out of my teen years. I moved out of Charlie’s and bought a apartment close to Forks Community College where I now attend. Classes are easy for me considered I
passed with all A’s in senior year with all AP classes.  I’m smart but I don’t know what to major in
yet I keep changing my mind every semester. I guess I am undecided or I am just
waiting for him to come back to me so I don’t have to worry about this anymore.
Who knows? Also did I tell you Angela and I share the apartment and we also go
to school together. Ben attends Yale so Angela is gone a lot visiting him on
the weekends.  Angela only stayed here
for me, she said that she didn’t need a big fancy college to major in
photography she said she would be fine. But of course I almost forced her to go
with Ben. She wouldn’t budge, she is so stubborn. Just like me I guess that’s
part of the reason we get along so well we are exactly alike.

It’s the weekend finally. I left my last class and climbed into my truck, yes the best still works but barely I really need a new car. I shrugged and then pulled out of the parking lot and drove to Angela’s and I’s apartment.
It was only like 5 minutes away so I pulled up to the building fast and put the
truck in park and hopped out.  I had a
paper to write this weekend that was it thank god. It was going to be really
easy. Right now I am majoring in journalism and I minor in photography with
Ang.  It’s pretty fun, I take pictured on
the weekend with Ang and then a do my other homework fast. My weekends barely
are ever filled with homework. Tonight Ang planned to go out to Yale to see Ben
but Ben had a huge test to study for so they decided against the visit. Ang
being Ang said we were going out. I got a text earlier during class. She said
we were going to a club. I didn’t really want to go but I really didn’t have a

I shrugged and walked into my apartment. Ang was waiting on the couch for me while reading a book. She looked up from her book and smiled. I  rolled my eyes.

“Take a shower and get ready!” She said and I nodded and walked into my room

I threw my stuff on my bed and then grabbed my towel and walked into the bathroom. I took a quick shower. Then I blow dried my hair and straightened my hair. I put on a little bit of make up and walk out of the bathroom in my

“You should go like that.” She said I laughed.

“Yeah the guy’s would love that wouldn’t they? Shut up Ang pick me out an outfit.” I said and smirked. 

She rolled her eyes and walked into her room. I guess I was wearing her clothes tonight. I laughed and walked into her room. She threw black shorts with a gold shirt looked cute until she threw
huge gold heals at me. This part of me reminded me of my other best friend Alice.
I looked at Ang and she smiled and shoed me out of her room. I walked into my
room and got ready. I threw on the outfit and then came out to see Ang in white
shorts with a red top and bright red shoes she looked amazing. (outfits: font-family:"Tahoma","sans-serif";color:black"">

“You look awesome!” She squealed.

“You too!” I said and she smiled and then linked arms with me. We walked out of our apartment and then down to her car. She upgraded from
high school she now owns a white Alero. Cute car I liked it a lot. We climbed
in a drove off toward this college party! Yeah I know I should be excited but I
am not, I was never one for parties. But Ang said I need a night out so I decided
go. Decided? Ha more like forced!

“Aren’t you excited at all?” Angela asked.

“Not really Ang you know me.” I said

“Whatevs you’ll have fun!” she said and then blasted the music in the car. I laughed nd just listened to the music.

We pulled up to this huge house with a bunch of college student were surrounded in side and out. They were everywhere, it screamed
college party. It sort of looked fun. Something inside of me told me to have fun.
I didn’t really know why though. Was something going to happen tonight? 

Theres chapterr onee i got the next one done so as soon as some one likes this it will be up (:

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Im interested...
Sounds like a good story..update soon
i really like this...its supper good
Love it
loved the story so far just plz keep me updated and write more at vampire speed.
This is awesome! Please update me when you post more!!!!!
u have to write more and plz dont stop
keep me updated plz
LOVE it!!!
can't wait for more =)
woah!!! Nice... I m loving it really did a gr8 job...
Plz post more..
Is edward gonna be there or alice or emment???
Plz plz plz update sooon... Or is it tanya???
Whoever is it plz lemme know real soon..

And ofcrse keep me updated
Chapter 2
We have been at the party for some time now. I am at the bar in the house. I have a few drinks and Angela is no where to be seen. She has a boyfriend I hope she is aware right now. Actually I have been having fun, I have been dancing with this guy. He was actually really nice something about him appealed to me. It had to be his lack of tan skin. He was pale but not to pale. He wasn’t cold not that I would notice because it was so hot in this house. Anyway his name was John, his eyes were green reminded me of human Edward. I’ll just have some fun with him it’s not he will mean anything to me tomorrow. Then I felt arms around my waist and drink slide in front of my face. I took it and took a sip of it.
“Hey john.” I said and turned around to see him smiling at me.
We sat there for a while talking and drinking. I was staring to get dizzy but I really didn’t notice. That much because this guy was just so interesting I could talk to him for days on. Maybe I will tlak to him after this party. Then I saw Ang I waved her over to us.
“Hey Bells!” She said
“Heessy.” I said and slurred my words.
“Having fun I see.” She said.
“Yeeess..s” I slurred again.
“I’ll see you two latur!” She called and danced back to the dance floor.
I continued for awhile drinking and talking and talking. I eventually told this guy everything even about Edward and them well not about them being vampires but yes about the heart break and stuff. Eventually I didn’t even know what was going on I was so drunk. I heard John mumble something in my ear that I didn’t comprehend. I just nodded and then we got up I had no idea where he was leading us but I didn’t even feel afraid I would follow this guy anywhere for some reason. Next thing I knew we were out side and I was on his back and he started to run really fast. Or that’s what I thought but who knew cause I barely even knew where I was. Then i noticed I was in the forest. How did I get here so fast?! Was john a vampire?! I suddenly got scared. John was looking at me and suddenly the green eyes turned red. He smiled evilly and then looked to his side. I followed his gaze and watched a figure step out of the bushes. I would know this person anywhere…the hair gave her away. Victoria. I was immediately in shock, I got up and tried to sprint but fell because I couldn’t see straight let alone run. This was this guys plan get me drunk so I couldn’t run away. Victoria was here and I was going to dye. Plain and simple that was it.
“Hello, Bella did you miss me?” She asked in her devilish voice. I shook my head no and then she ran to me and started to play with my hair and whispered in my ear.
“Didn’t think so.” She said and I cringed away from her. She laughed and then continued to play with my hair. Ew she was so creepy!
“Well I thought since Edward killed my mate it would only be fair if I killed his. Bella I am going to kill you slow and make sure you hurt the same way I did when James got killed. When Edward find out the new he will crushed and I will simply be delighted to know he killed himself too because of your death. Bella don’t worry though cause John over here is going to help and his gorgeousness will help take your mind off me while your in pain.” She said.
To bad she didn’t know he left me and could probably care less if I died and suffered. There was nothing I could do because I could barely even get a sentence out to tell her. John knew but it’s not like he would tell her, he wouldn’t help because he was on her evil side. Then something kicked me in the stomach. I started to puke up blood. Then something hit me in the head. But not too hard to put me unconscious. Victoria was planning on making me suffer and so far she doing a pretty well job at that. I wish I would just die. Then she grabbed my arms and crack a few bones I screamed so loud it hurt so bad. She just kept on hitting me and breaking my bones. I couldn’t take this any longer. Then suddenly it stopped. I heard fighting ripping and then I smelt fire. Someone or something was burning my enemies or my enemies were burning who ever tried to save me . I tried to open my eyes but I couldn’t. I heard someone walk over to me and kneel down.
“Bells wakeup please. Bella!” I heard someone yell the voice sounded so familiar. Who could it be. I couldn’t open my eyes it was like they were glued shut.
“Bells open your eyes or at least try to speak.” The person sounded anxious. I grumbled.
“Oh thank god. Now Bella, your losing a lot of blood and you have a lot of bones that are broken. I’m going to have to change you but first I need you to know who I am. You know me but I’m not telling you cause you need to open your eyes.” He insisted.
I debated what if was john trying to trick me. What if the familiar person wants to kill me too. Something told me to open my eyes but I couldn’t Indentify it. I slowly opened my eyes to see no other than…….. .
oooooooooo so good. please update again sooon....i want to know i want to know


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