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This is a story that is in the middle of New moon two years after Edward left Bella! I know i already have a story like this but I'm making this one different. I have had this in my mind forever i just never actually wrote it. I know i have not updated on any of my storied in about forever but i am slowly but surely getting back on track! Anyway i hope you like this one i have four chapter done already. I'll five you one and see how you guys like it and then i'll give you more. (: Hope you enjoy! (: 

Chapter 1

I don’t love you, and I don’t want you.

After two years, of pain misery and hurt. That’s all I hear in my sleep those same words from the forest two years ago. You would think I would get over it and move one, but no I can’t because deep down I know that Edward
and I are meant to be together and no one else could be for me. If I ever
started dating someone which I tried it doesn’t work cause I pick them to the
core. I would say I hated the color of their eyes if they weren’t golden, they
weren’t pale enough, their lips were icy cold and soft at the same time. My
love of my life is Edward and will; always be Edward even though he is not with
me now.  Even though he left me, I forgave
him and dif I ever see him again I will still be in love him and hope to god
that he wants me too. All I do now is hope that one I will see him again, even
if it’s just a glimpse seeing his face again in the flesh would be more than
enough for me to be satisfied….for the moment. 
I needed Edward with everything I had. The thought of him brought tears
but happiness of the memoires I share with him. Even though the time was short I
will remember it as long as I live. We were young and were in love well at
least I was. He stopped loving me a human it made since which made it easier
for me to forgive him. I love him plain and simple as that.

Well for the past two years, I’m now twenty and officially out of my teen years. I moved out of Charlie’s and bought a apartment close to Forks Community College where I now attend. Classes are easy for me considered I
passed with all A’s in senior year with all AP classes.  I’m smart but I don’t know what to major in
yet I keep changing my mind every semester. I guess I am undecided or I am just
waiting for him to come back to me so I don’t have to worry about this anymore.
Who knows? Also did I tell you Angela and I share the apartment and we also go
to school together. Ben attends Yale so Angela is gone a lot visiting him on
the weekends.  Angela only stayed here
for me, she said that she didn’t need a big fancy college to major in
photography she said she would be fine. But of course I almost forced her to go
with Ben. She wouldn’t budge, she is so stubborn. Just like me I guess that’s
part of the reason we get along so well we are exactly alike.

It’s the weekend finally. I left my last class and climbed into my truck, yes the best still works but barely I really need a new car. I shrugged and then pulled out of the parking lot and drove to Angela’s and I’s apartment.
It was only like 5 minutes away so I pulled up to the building fast and put the
truck in park and hopped out.  I had a
paper to write this weekend that was it thank god. It was going to be really
easy. Right now I am majoring in journalism and I minor in photography with
Ang.  It’s pretty fun, I take pictured on
the weekend with Ang and then a do my other homework fast. My weekends barely
are ever filled with homework. Tonight Ang planned to go out to Yale to see Ben
but Ben had a huge test to study for so they decided against the visit. Ang
being Ang said we were going out. I got a text earlier during class. She said
we were going to a club. I didn’t really want to go but I really didn’t have a

I shrugged and walked into my apartment. Ang was waiting on the couch for me while reading a book. She looked up from her book and smiled. I  rolled my eyes.

“Take a shower and get ready!” She said and I nodded and walked into my room

I threw my stuff on my bed and then grabbed my towel and walked into the bathroom. I took a quick shower. Then I blow dried my hair and straightened my hair. I put on a little bit of make up and walk out of the bathroom in my

“You should go like that.” She said I laughed.

“Yeah the guy’s would love that wouldn’t they? Shut up Ang pick me out an outfit.” I said and smirked. 

She rolled her eyes and walked into her room. I guess I was wearing her clothes tonight. I laughed and walked into her room. She threw black shorts with a gold shirt looked cute until she threw
huge gold heals at me. This part of me reminded me of my other best friend Alice.
I looked at Ang and she smiled and shoed me out of her room. I walked into my
room and got ready. I threw on the outfit and then came out to see Ang in white
shorts with a red top and bright red shoes she looked amazing. (outfits: font-family:"Tahoma","sans-serif";color:black"">

“You look awesome!” She squealed.

“You too!” I said and she smiled and then linked arms with me. We walked out of our apartment and then down to her car. She upgraded from
high school she now owns a white Alero. Cute car I liked it a lot. We climbed
in a drove off toward this college party! Yeah I know I should be excited but I
am not, I was never one for parties. But Ang said I need a night out so I decided
go. Decided? Ha more like forced!

“Aren’t you excited at all?” Angela asked.

“Not really Ang you know me.” I said

“Whatevs you’ll have fun!” she said and then blasted the music in the car. I laughed nd just listened to the music.

We pulled up to this huge house with a bunch of college student were surrounded in side and out. They were everywhere, it screamed
college party. It sort of looked fun. Something inside of me told me to have fun.
I didn’t really know why though. Was something going to happen tonight? 

Theres chapterr onee i got the next one done so as soon as some one likes this it will be up (:

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Hi Cid that was super sweet!! I love Bella and Edward together they are so cute. I am wondering why the Volturi are coming to see them?? Very mysteriouis and I can't wait to see how this developes. I hope you post more soon!! (No Pressure LOL).
love it, plz keep me updated
i love Edward's proposal and the Volturi just came with a perfect time to ruin their moment.. Looking forward for your next posts
i like it..'
u did a gr8 job but plz update growing up..
i want to know what happens to them//...
update real soon

why are they coming ??
please post more !!
love shauny
Chapter 14

I couldn’t believe it. The Volturi were coming here, for what I asked myself. Why we haven’t done anything wrong. Were they just coming for a visit to close friend’s The Cullen’s. Or were they coming for killing reasons to punish us. The Volturi coming was never good news, if they were coming it just had to be for a bad reason. I could feel it that nothing about their “visit” would be friendly, it wouldn’t be friendly at all in fact. I wasn’t Alice I couldn’t see the future but somehow I could feel it inside me when things weren’t going to turn out right. Right, now I had that feeling, and that thought brought chills to my ice cold skin.

The trees’ flew by me in the window I barely paid attention to where we were. Finally I noticed the familiar tree’s and surrounding and then the drive way that pulled up to their beautiful house. Edward stopped the car, I was till staring out the window. I could feel his eyes on me. I turned to face him, he looked concerned for me and for his family. My face what distraught. WE didn’t know what to think of this situation because we didn’t know the reason for us being in this situation yet. I hope Alice could clear this up for us. Edward sighed and got out of the car and came around to my side. I stepped out of the car and he brought me into a hug. I laid my head against his chest and took in his scent. Then he kissed my head and we started to walk into the house.

Everyone was sitting on the couches in the living looking scared and nervous, well everyone besides Emmett he looked like he wanted a fight then again when didn’t he. Alice was on the couch staring blankly at the wall and constantly rubbing her temples while Jasper sat next to her trying to calm her and keep her focused. Rose looked at us as we walked in, she came up to me and hugged me. I followed her to the couch while Edward talked to Emmett about something.

“Well, Alice Bella and Edward are here tell us why they are coming.” Rose said and Alice sighed and gave me a pained look.

“Bella, before I tell you this promise me you wont blame yourself.” She stated.

“Alice, what is it?”

“Just promise me.” She pleaded.

“Yeah okay I promise.” She nodded and took a deep breath.

“They found out we told Angela, they didn’t care at first but then Angela told Ben. Somehow they found out and they are mad, really mad. I honestly have no idea how to take this in, we need to get Angela and Ben here pronto. They have to be kept safe. If the volturi get to them they will change them or even worse kill them.” Alice said.

It took me a minute to take in the news, that Alice had just told me. I could not believe the words that I just heard. Angela, my best human friend betrayed my trust and told her boyfriend about our secret she swore to keep. This was my fault no matter what Alice said this is my fault. I asked to tell her and they agreed and now the Volturi is coming to kill us or them. I froze and went into shock. I was staring at the white wall in front of me nothing else. Completely zoned out I couldn’t hear a thing.

“Bella!” I heard 6 voices at once scream my name. I jumped and then I felt familiar arms encircle around me and pulled me into their lap. I laid my head on Edward’s chest and tearlessly cried. He rubbed my back.

“She is blaming her self. I told her not to.” Alice said and I stopped crying and turned to her.

“Of course she is going to blame her self Alice, She always does its just who Bella is.” Emmett said and came over to me and gave me huge hug and in the process picking me up and swinging me around in circle putting me in a better mood of sorts. He always knew how to make me laugh.

“Okay, okay Em put me down.” I said and he put me down I sighed. “Alice I know you told me not to blame my self but I am the only one to be blamed for this one and you all know it.” I said.

“Bella, honey please you didn’t even ask if you could Carlisle suggested it and you just agreed. It’s no ones fault don’t stress I’m sure we can get through this.” Esme said and gave me reassuring hug and then walked back over to Carlisle.

“Alright, well Ed and I will be right back we are going to get Ang and Ben.” Emmett called out and then Edward kissed my cheek and gave me a hug and then they left.

“WE will finish talking when they come back.” Alice said and then everyone split off to do their own thing.

I curled up on the couch and thought about the situation and all the out comes. They all included dyeing. Someone always died in the out comes in my head. It’s the volturi they were out to kill, it’s what they did. Every scenario I came up in my head always had a bad ending someone always dyeing. Unless suddenly they Voltur became forgiving and let us off with a warning which is very doubtful then we were out of luck. How would win this one? The answer was, we wouldn’t.

“Bella, please stop being so doubtful. I can feel you guilt. It’s fine we will get through this together as a family. Please, this is no one’s fault not yours not anyone’s.” Jasper suddenly said I didn’t even know he was in the room. I felt a calm wave rush over me. I took it in and calmed my self.

“Thanks Jasper I needed that.” I said

“No problem, but still bella you have to stop blaming your self for this because its not going to get us anywhere. Promise me you’ll stop blaming your self.” He said.

“I can try but I make no promises.”

“Bella, promise me.”

“Fine.” I said and sighed then we chuckled I sounded like a 10 year old finally agreeing to clean her room. Then my phone beeped in got a text from Ang.

What the H*** is going on. I feel like Ben and I just got kidnapped but Emmett and Edward? –ang

I’ll explain everything when you get here, and then you have some explaining to do. I trusted you. –Bells

I sent that text to her I never got one back maybe she can figure out this out before I even have to tell her. Suddenly the front door opened and Angela stepped in.

( i know everyone i have not updated in forever i have been so busy! Anyway there was a chap how you enjoyed(: )
no way !!!
ang !!
i didn't saw it behind you to say it !!!
please post more !!!
love shauny
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH ! OMG NOOOO ! i need moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! :(,,nd i can't beileve ang told ben !!!!!!!,,what is wrong with her ??? ,,nd emmet is soo cute with his bear hug lol,,hurry with moreeeee plzzzzzz !!! :) ~ Sammii
Wow love it


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