The Twilight Saga



                                                             Bella POV



      I ran though the streets, pushing my way past the people in red cloaks. In a few moments Edward would revile himself to the humans and the Vouturi  would kill him. In this sea of red it was hard to tell where I was going. All he had to do was see me and he would live. Me and him. Together, one heart untill the end of time. But if I didn't make it. That would all shatter and be gone forever. I kept running untill I saw the clock tower! Fourteen seconds before 12:00. Then I saw him. He was standing at the doorway takeing off ther red cloak on. I had to get to him. I jumped into the foutain and started running. But just before I could jump out I couldn't move! I couldn't hear anything. And just before my vision gave out I saw two vampires grab Edward and drag him under the clock tower.


                                                        Alec's POV


         I saw her the minute she got out of the car. My orders from Aro were direct and important. Orders to kill Edward Cullen and turn his mate Bella. If he couldn't have Edward or Alice at least he'd have her. I watched her run through the crowd. I could see why he had fallen for her, she was beutiful! Her long hair flowing down her back, and her chocolate brown eyes sparkeled. " Alec. Alec!" Jane shouted at me, " Stay on task. There can't be any mistakes." she was right. I couldn't let my mind wander. She jumped into the foutain and I used my abilty on her.


                                      Hope you like!

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Update soon, please!! lol


                                                                                    Chapter 7


                                                                                   Bella's POV



       My closet was 10 times bigger then my room. It had everything you could ever wear! There was just tons of stuff. I looked though everything. What to wear? What to wear? I thought. I never had to think about this. That was always the job of............ Alice. NO! Don't think about her. Shes not what I should think about. I sould be thinking about my new life. So what should I wear.


       I decided on a long black tank top with a frill down the left, a pair of black jeans, a pair of red shorts and a pair of red open toe wedges. I looked at myself in the full body mirror. I looked like a super model. Better then a super model. I looked sexy. I never thought I would think I was sexy. And I think a know why I thought I was sexy. I was letting go.





                                                 I'll put in Chapter 8 tomorow.

love it

great story!  are you going to update?  please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok. i'm srry i havn't updated in a long time. My life got hectec with school and swimming. So I'll try to update at least twice a week. The next chapter will be up tomorow.


 - Katniss Cullen

                                                                          Chapter 8 PT1

                                                                          Charlies POV


    She just took off. Left. And for Italy no less! Why would she go to Italy!!It didn't matter why she left, all that matters is that she is going to be SO grounded when she gets home! Charlie. Calm down your making yourself worry. Shes fine. Shes safe with Alice. Shes not with that damn heart breaker Edward. I thought to myself. Just relax. I walked over to the phone and dialed Bellas cell.

Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring. " Come honey pick up! Please!" Ring, Ring, CLICK. Hey youv'e reached Bellas cell leave a message or you know don't. BEEP! " Hey Bells. It's your dad. Umm... I'm getting kinda worried. So just call me back soon please. I- I love you ok. Bye." And with that I hung up. I sat on the couch. Then I heard a knock on the door. I ran down the hall. Shes home! I thought Oh thank god shes home! I ripped open the door, only to see Alice standing there.She was in a a pair of black jeans and a black blouse. " Alice?" I asked.

" Yes it's me! WHo else would it be?" she said happily

"oh thank god you two are home! Wheres Bella?" I asked. At the question her face fell sad.

" Charlie. Theres somthing I need to tell you,"she siad quietly, " Can I come in?" she asked.

" Of course." I said. I lead her down the hall and into the living room. She sat on the couch and I sat on my chair across from her.

" Charlie. Befor I tell you what happend I want you to know that Bella loved you very much and wait untill I am done to ask your questions. OK?"

"OK." I replied. What did she mean loved. She took a deep breath and started.





Hey guys srry it took so long to update! Around March my life got really hectec and it's just calming down. I'll try to update at least once a week. I love you all. And thank you for staying with me this long!


Katniss Cullen



For all you HUnger Games fans I'm making a Hunger games fanfiction on a diffrent site. I'll post the link shortly after it's done.




great update!  can't wait to read your next one.

Sorry it took so long guys. I've been working hard on my Heroes of Olympus fan fic on Wattpad. So i havn't been able to do this. But here it is chapter 8 pt 2.


                                                          CHAPTER 8 pt2

                                                           Alice's POV


        I layed it on thick. I told Charlie how Bella ran away to Italy to be with Edward. But he got in trouble with a mob and Bella got in the way. So they were both killed. They're bodys burned and the ashes thrown in the river. I pretended to get choked up a few times and even threw in some sobs. Charlie looked like he wanted to die by the end.

"Charlie," I said making my voice break, "Bella loved you very much. I'm going to miss her too." Charlie leaned over and started crying bitterly. It made me laugh and sick at the same time. But I pretended to comfort him.

"I just can't belive she's gone!" he cried, "I never got to say good-bye!" God, humans were so pityful. I comforted him for a while.

"Do you want me to call Billy before I go?" I asked

"Yes, Alice," he said lifting his head, "Thank you very much." I walked into the kitchen and dialed Billy Black's number.

" Hello," answerd Billy.

"Billy," I said, "It's Alice, Alice Cullen."

I heard him suck in a breath. "Ailce." he said "What are you doing at Charlie's?" he asked threateningly. I sobed into the phone.

"It's Charlie.He needs you to come over right away." I said pretending to cry.

"Why?" he asked worriedly, "Is he okay?"

"Not really." I sighed, "Billy, Bella died." He gasped and I heard Jacob in the background ask what was wrong.

"We'll be right there!" he said, "And thank you for calling, Alice."

"My pleasure, Mr.Black." I responded. I hung up the phone. I walked back  to the living room said good-bye to Charlie and walked back to my car. I turned on the car and started back to Alaska.


                                                                 Janes POV


     That little demon! She thought she could sneak her way into Alecs heart?! Well she can't. I am the only on allowed into his heart! Not her or anyone else! I was going to stop her if it was the last thing I do. I saw the wat he looked at her. I thought nothing of it until he volunteerd to get binded to her! It made me sick to see him stare at any other girl but me. Sick I tell you! Shes not getting anywhere near him. 







Hi there,

this is a very interesting story, I like your exploration of Jane and Alec's relationship, The fact they aare twins makes areal difference I think.

Looking forward to more.

Best wishes



          OKAY! I am so sorry I havn't been able to update! I have been super busy with school,swimming and everything! But, I'm going to do a crud load of writing over the Christmas Break, so expect at least two updates. Again, I am so sorry I havn't updated in a long while. BUT! What matters now is that I'm here and I'm updating! Soooooooooo...... without further ado, CHAPTER 10!!!!


                                                                      Chapter 10

                                                                     Alec's POV



        She walked out of her closet, and my breath caught in my throat. She was beautiful. Now that she was out of those old clothes, I could see just how beautiful she was. The frilly black tank top, made her hair look ebony black. And the red shoes and shorts made her crimson eyes pop. She ran her hands over her shirt, awkwardly smoothing it out. She looked up and me and smiled shyly.

"Does it look okay?" she asked,

"Umm,'' I said stupidly, "Yeah, yeah. You actually look really good."

"Thanks," she said smiling,

      I reached behind me and picked up the cloak sitting on the bed and passed it to her. Bella looked at it curiously and then to me. Silently asking for an explaination.

"Aro had it pre-made for you. He requests you wear it when you meet the rest of the guard." I told her,

"Alright," she said taking the black cloak. She swung it over herself and I passed her the gold and red Volturi Crest pin. She took it and our finger brushed quickly. I felt electiricity run up my arm. We looked at each other and she pulled the pin out of my hand.

      Bella pinned the pin on her cloak and pulled the hood up. I guess she was ready to go and meet the gaurd.


       Sorry it's so short. But chapter 11 will be longer. I promise. Please comment and keep reading!

great update, can't wait to read what happens to Alice and between Jane and Bella and Bella and Alec!



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