The Twilight Saga



                                                             Bella POV



      I ran though the streets, pushing my way past the people in red cloaks. In a few moments Edward would revile himself to the humans and the Vouturi  would kill him. In this sea of red it was hard to tell where I was going. All he had to do was see me and he would live. Me and him. Together, one heart untill the end of time. But if I didn't make it. That would all shatter and be gone forever. I kept running untill I saw the clock tower! Fourteen seconds before 12:00. Then I saw him. He was standing at the doorway takeing off ther red cloak on. I had to get to him. I jumped into the foutain and started running. But just before I could jump out I couldn't move! I couldn't hear anything. And just before my vision gave out I saw two vampires grab Edward and drag him under the clock tower.


                                                        Alec's POV


         I saw her the minute she got out of the car. My orders from Aro were direct and important. Orders to kill Edward Cullen and turn his mate Bella. If he couldn't have Edward or Alice at least he'd have her. I watched her run through the crowd. I could see why he had fallen for her, she was beutiful! Her long hair flowing down her back, and her chocolate brown eyes sparkeled. " Alec. Alec!" Jane shouted at me, " Stay on task. There can't be any mistakes." she was right. I couldn't let my mind wander. She jumped into the foutain and I used my abilty on her.


                                      Hope you like!

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Wow! I love! Can't wait for the first chapter!!!

I like it! please keep me updated.

Alec and Bella nnot thought about that one - an interesting twist. Looking forward to more.

I want more please keep me updated


                                                                      Chapter 1


                                                                      Bella POV


         After I blacked out I had a dream. I was running down a hall filled with mirrors. Each mirror showed someone I loved. But they all looked sad. Like something was wrong. When I got to the last one I saw them all standing around a coffin in a gravyard. Funny. If someone had died you think I would see myself in the crowd. But when I thought about it..... I hadn't seen myself in any of the mirrors. Then the image changed. And I saw who was laying in the coffin. Wearing a long baby blue dress, holding some Lilacs. Was me. I turned to run but found that I was now trapped in the mirror. I looked back to see every one dead on the ground and the me that was dead in the coffin was standing  up. Her dress was splashed with blood. And her eyes...... were blood red.



                                                     Alecs POV


             Once everyone had cleared the square to go watch the fireworks I went over to the foutine where Bella was knocked out laying in the water. I picked her up and carried her to the elavator. Jane was waiting for me inside the reception room.

" Is she knocked out?" she asked,

 " You doubt me?" I asked,

 " Of course not. Your my twin. I just wanted to make sure of it so she doesn't wakeup when your changing her-"

 " WHAT! Aro said he was going to change her! He said it was so she wouldn't want to leave! And why me?" I yelled she put her hand on my shoulders, " It's going to be fine. Now calm down. It's not that hard. If Aro thought you couldn't do it he wouldn't have picked you to do it. So just relax."  she whispered. She was right it was an honor to be picked to do this. What was I so scared about! It wasn't like she was dying and I needed to do it now. I had some time. " Come on," she said, " Let's go tell Aro we got her."



             " Very good Alec," Aro said when he saw Bella, " You are alright with being the one to change her?"

" Yes. I will not fail." I responded.

" Good. Now. How soon will you be able to start?"  he asked,

" She will be turned by Monday at sunset." I said,

" Good. You may leave now." 

 We bowed and left for our rooms. Just before I came to my room Jane asked me if I needed help. I declined and went into my room. I layed her on my bed. I moved the hair away from her neck then holding my breath, I bit down.




                                   Hope you liked it!!!


Omg keep going :)


Hey guys,

    thnxs 4 commenting! I made a banner for my story so here it is. BTW chapter 2 will be up tomorow.




                                                                        Chapter 2

                                                                        Bella POV


      The burning was instant. The fire burned through my veins and didn't stop. My heart pumping it through my body. I wanted it to stop. If it didn't stop I wanted to die instead. I wanted to stop so bad. I wanted to wake up and slap whoever was causeing this. I wanted Edward. I wanted him to hold me and tell me loves me. I wanted him to kiss me. But he couldn't. He was dead. He was dead because of me. Beause I went cliff diving he thought I was killing myself. So he went to the Voultri. Oh my god it was all because of me. If I hadn't been so stupid he wouldn't have been dead. And I wouldn't............. now that I think about it I didn't know were I was or what I was doing here. 


                                                                          Alec POV


      I bit down and injected my poison. Her blood tasted so good. It took all my strengh not to start drinking her blood. It was so good. I let go and closed up the bite mark. I ran over to my mirror. Her blood was all over my mouth. I grabed a cloth and wiped it up.I turned and walked over to my bed. She was so beutiful. Her brown hair was tangled up and strewn all around her. I walked ito Janes room and grabed her hair brush. I walked back to my room sat down on my bed behind her and brushed her hair. Then I heard a knock at the door " Alec, Alec it's Aro. I need to speak to you."  he said

" Come in" I said,

" I just came to see how you were doing. Is she ok." he asked

" I don't know she hasn't said anything" I replied

" She won't be saying anything untill she wakes up when shes turned."

" OK. " I told him,

" Alec is there something wrong." he asked,

" It's hard to say. I.... don't know how to say."

" Well, why don't you show me instead." he said offering me his hand. I tensed and gave him my hand. He looked into space and smiled. " Alec, you know Jane isn't going to like this, he said with a smile, " You bad boy, so what are you going to do."

 " I don't know."



Love it!!! Post more soon=D


yo! i got the cold and this week is going to be SUPER busy.but! chapter 3 will be up before christmas.


                                                                 Chapter 3

                                                                 Alecs POV


     It had been two days and there was still no sign of her waking up. She just lay there. I knew she would have to wake up soon because her skin was pale and hard, she hair was a smooth creamy brown, her heart was starting to slow down and her lips were red and full. I wanted to kiss her so bad. But what if Jane found out. She would kill me. Plus, Bella didn't know. So I decided to wait. I lay down next to her, stared at the ceiling and waited.  And just then the I heard a voice. I sat up and looked at her. She was mumbling and starting to move. I ran out the door and down the hall to Chelsea's room.

" Chelsea I need you right now," I shouted knocking on her door,

" What is it she said opening the door?" she said opening the door,

" Bella is waking up and I need you there incase she wants to run away," I said,

" I'll be right there." she responded. I ran to the throne room and told Aro the news. Then I ran back upstairs to my room. Jane and Chelsea were already there waiting for me. It was obviose she would be awake soon she was speaking very clearly.

" Edward, Edward help me. The flames, they burn they burn!" she shouted. It broke my heart to hear her say that. Just then Aro walked in.

" How is she?" he asked,

" Well, she started talking and I went to get you guys." I replied.

    For about ten minutes we watched in silence as she screamed for Edward. Then she was suddnley quiet. We all held our breath. She opened her eyes, sat up and looked at us. Her eyes were no longer that creamy chocolate brown. They were blood red. I walked forward and crouched infront of her. She looked at me with a a quizecal look on her face.

" Where am I?"


                                       Authors Note:

For those of you who havn't read the books. Chelsea is another one of the gaureds for the Volturi. She has the power to break and remake bonds she is very important to Aro and the rest of the Voulturi. I hope you liked this chapter. have a merry christmas and I will talk to you all in the new year.

                              Little Miss Alice



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