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This is my story. Not my fan fiction, my autobiography about my life. My parents died in a car crash when I was three and I lived in an orphanage for ten years. I didn't think I was going to get adopted, but then i was taken in by an amazing family and - well, just read the story! P.S. Don't feel bad - I'm perfectly happy now!

I remember it well - it was June 3rd, 1992, a day that would have great importance to me in the future. It was scorching hot in Florida where I lived and I was sitting in my booster seat in the back of the car. My parents had just gotten into the car after a trip to the grocery store, my mom had just buckled me in and my dad just finished unloading the groceries into the trunk of our Honda SUV.

"Momma, my seat is hot!" I complained, squirming in the sun-baked vinyl booster. The car was hotter than it was outside, and we hadn't even turned on the air conditioning! My dad backed out of our parking space and drove out of the parking lot, slowing down as he got close to the road.

"Here you go, Maki," he said, using my nick-name and turning on the AC. The my mother let out a gasp and my father's head snapped up. The sound of screeching tires seemed to come from all around me as he slammed on the brake, but it was too late. The car had gone into the open road and was hit by an oncoming minivan. I remember the sounds of my parent's screams and my mother's suddenly breaking off. That was when I blacked out.

My mother, Denise, died on impact and my father suffered serious injury to the head and right side of his body. I remained rather unscathed, suffering only two broken ribs on my right side and a concussion. Because of this I don't remember the next day very well, but the next day I was allowed to see my father in the hospital. He was unconscious, but I held his hand and cried. I remember asking for my mother a lot and wondering if my daddy was going to be okay, and i didn't really understand when the doctors told me he was in a coma. My father, James, died on June 5th.

I was not by his side when it happened, which I still regret to this day.

I was placed in an orphanage a week later, once my ribs had fully recovered, and I still didn't really understand that my parents were dead. I think I picked up on it after a while, but I was still miserable. "Keep your head high, no one can stop your happiness but you," one of the caretakers told me when I was four. I took her words to heart, and from then on I was the happiest person in the place!

I had no friends (all the kids thought I was weird) but I didn't care at all. I loved being alone with my thoughts, but I didn't really play like normal children did. Instead, I could be found sitting quietly and staring off into space. Many of the caretakers there thought I was mentally retarded, but really I was reading. I have a photographic memory, so I could remember every childhood book my parents had read me, and I sat reading them all day. Sometimes I would make up my own stories, and eventually I began to read the books they had for us at the orphanage. I am proud to say that I was the first one there to read Harry Potter at age five!

They told me later that they had considered putting me in a foster home, but had then decided to keep me here because I was so happy! I seemed like it on the outside, but on the inside I was suffering a bit. What I wanted more than anything was a family, and as my thirteenth birthday came closer, it seemed less and less likely. Because of my strange behavior, no one really took much of an interest in me, and it is very rare that a teenager is adopted. I had no known relations, and I felt very much like Harry.

I was thirteen when I first saw them. I was reading one of my many books, and also my favorite one, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and sitting on my bed. I looked up at the sound of approaching footsteps, and there was a rather petite woman with her dark brown hair pulled up into a messy bun that was coming apart next to a man with lighter brown hair that was cropped short and was wearing a Harry Potter shirt. They were both middle-aged, and had been looking to adopt a baby (the woman couldn't get pregnant) but had been taken on a tour through the orphanage. Their names were Andy and Georgia Erickson, and I knew as soon as I saw them that I wanted to be their daughter.

In a few years, the deal was sealed, and I moved back to Michigan with them when I was fifteen. I was still just as quirky and strange, but it turned out that they were too! The night I was officially adopted, we went home and had a Harry Potter movie marathon! I had found my family.

However, as I grew, I had new feelings that I wasn't used to. I had been housed at an all girls orphanage and had no real contact with boys, but now that I attended a public high school I was surrounded by them! I felt the need to love and be loved grow stronger and stronger, and one day I stumbled across a little book called twilight.

It changed my life, literally, and then everything I did either had to do with Harry Potter or twilight. I spoke in quotes, I watched the movies and read the books every day until I had them memorized, and soon after I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Go figure.

Reading about the teenage romance made me want to find the right guy even more, and quite soon after I did.

Cedric Barnes. It was love at first sight, I kid you not. I was sixteen, and he was new to Pioneer High School. We laid eyes on each other and the next night we had a date. He was perfect in every way, my own Edward, and we have been together ever since.

I am now nineteen and Cedric is twenty, and last week he came over late, saying he had a surprise. "Close your eyes!" he ordered, holding his hands behind his back. I obeyed, and suddenly he was tying a blindfold around my eyes, laughing hysterically.

"Hey!" I exclaimed, trying to yank it off.

"Do you want to spoil your surprise?" he asked, and pushed me outside and into his Volvo. Yes, he has a silver Volvo, I'm not joking!

He drove for hours, refusing to drop a hint as to where we were going. After an entire night of driving, he finally pulled over and took off my blindfold.

We were pulled over on the side of a highway, and right in front of us was one of those green signs that read WELCOME TO FORKS - NO VAMPIRES BEYOND THIS POINT!

I screamed and hugged Cedric so tightly he was gasping for air, laughing. He drove me to first beach just as the sun was rising and we walked along the sand that Jacob and Bella had walked on. Suddenly he turned to me and said, "Makenna Alice Erickson (Yes, my middle name really is Alice), I promise to love you forever, every single day of forever, will you marry me?"

He had quoted Edward's proposal to Bella perfectly, and I forgot how to breathe for a moment before I said, "Of course!"

We are now engaged and plan to have a wedding exactly like Edward and Bella's and we will live in Forks. We own a house already and have moved in together.

On June 3rd of every year, we not only mourn my parents, but we also make a birthday cake for twilight, because that was the day that Stephenie Meyer had that fateful dream of an ordinary girl and an extraordinary glittering vampire.


Hey y'all! This is a much more recent update!! I'm twenty and Cedric is twenty-one! We just had our honeymoon a couple of months ago in Hawaii, and everything is going great :) Well, better than great, actually...I'm PREGNANT!!!!!! :D

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Aww i truly love it and im so happy for you...i too wish to find my edward but no luck so far
Oh My God...tear tear tear tear tear...;awww
OMG! That is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard in my entire life! When are you guys going to get married? Are you still in high school? My eldest brother just recently got engaged, and they are so in love.....I hope that everyone has a love like theirs and I am so glad to hear a real life story about someone finding their true love. I wish you both every happiness! I can't wait to find my special someone, and that just made me want to find him so much more. I am glad you're getting a happy ending!
We will get married on July 25th, and we will graduate in June. Good luck to your brother and you, and thanks for reading!
Thank you so much! I hope you find your Edward soon!
:) I am really happy for you :) you found your Edward, and that is the greatest thing of all :') tears of happiness, there
*sniff*... im not crying I swear I... I just got somthing in my eye...
Im so happy for you im kinda like bella I cry when im happy when im sad when im angry what the heck I CRY ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!.
LOL! Thanks for reading, it means a lot. Oh, and Cedric says hi. :)
omg that is so romantic, i hope something like that happens to me when im older. btw good luck with your wedding i hope it is perfect!
- renesmee carlie cullen
Thank you so much!
the amazing part is you can see eclipse before your wedding
That's exactly what we plan to do! Cedric can't wait to see the vampire/werewolf fight. :)


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