The Twilight Saga

Chapter 6


I woke up on the floor of my bedroom. I could barely make out the lean figure standing above me. It was a woman, for sure, and she was snickering. Her orange hair flowed off her body like a rushing river, and her piercing gaze tore through my body.


     The name rang through my ears as my vision cleared. Terror shot through my body as I finally realized what happened. Victoria found out where I lived.

     The only thought that occured to me besides 'RUN!" was that someone at La Push must have given it away. There was many a time when Jake would stop by with Quil or Embry.


     "Hello, Isabella." the vampire spoke in a soothing tone, as if she was only here to meet me, get to know me better. "I see we meet again."

     "Um, yes, it does appear that way doesnt it?" I tried to have some humor in my voice to cover up my fear.

     "Oh honey save your breath. This will be less painful if you just close your eyes, and you wont feel a thing. Not for the rest of eternity."

     I felt like screaming, but nothing came out. Slowly Victoria lowered her head unter I could feel her breath on my neck. There was no use trying to fight her off. I would be gone in a heartbeat.

     And suddenly, as I felt the tip of her fang touch my chin, my window shattered and in lunged Edward, Emmett, and Jasper. I hadnt been so relieved in my entire life as Victoria was pushed off of me and sent flying into the door with a bang. Soon Edward and Emmett had her pinned on the ground. Flesh and cloth was flying everywhere as the two vampires tried to take her down.

     Jasper crawled over to me and lifted me off the ground. before I knew it we were flying out the window and he was sprinting across my yard with me in his arms. We approached Emmett's Jeep just in time to hear my other window shatter as the three vampires fell the two stories to the ground. Victoria sprinted off into the woods, closely followed by Edward and Emmett.


Chapter 7


The door flung open and I was placed into the back seat. Esme was in the drivers seat, looking at me with a sweet, Esme smile. Alice was in the passenger seat, and Rosalie was next to me in the back. I turned to look for Jasper, but he had dissapeared into the woods behind his brothers.

     "You gave us quite a scare, Bella. Its a good thing Edward was on his way over here when he saw Victoria enter your house." Esme was calm when she greeted me.

     "But what about Charlie! he will think I was kidnapped if I dont go back in there!" I shrieked in terror at the thought of explaining it all to Charlie.

     "Oh dont worry Bella!" Alice was happy and excited, as usual. "We lured him away by knocking out a passerby on the street. We called the police and he was sent over to check it out!"

     A sigh of relief escaped my lungs.

     "The old man would leave his house if he heard someone had a stomach ache, let alone a half dead person in town." Rosalie spoke up, but I pretended not to hear her insult to my father as Esme drove into town in the direction of their house.

     "Hey, where is Carlisle?" I wondered.

     "Helping everyone else fight off that hag Victoria." Rosalie was enthusiastic as she explained the whereabouts of her father.

     The rest of the car ride was silent as we continued to the Cullen's home.



Chapter 8


I explained to Charlie the broken windows were the result of vandalists, and he was having them replaced sometime next week. I decided to take a drive down to La Push to see what Jake was up to. he was released from the hospital a couple days ago.

     I put my car into park and started down the walkway to the front door. I was planning on asking Jacob about Victoria.

     My fist barely tapped the door twice before I was greeted by Billy in his wheelchair. "Bella! Hi! How are you today?"

     "Fine, thanks. Hey, is Jake here?" I asked.

     "He just headed down to the beach with Sam, Quil, Embry, and Jared."

     "Thanks Billy. Ill see you later." i waved goodbye to Billy Black as he shut the front door. I stepped down off the porch and walked around the house, down the backyard, through the woods, and finally arrived on the beach.

     Where I came out, it was deserted. The beach really was destroyed, there were overturned trees everywhere and a branch fell down behind me and I arrived, narrowly missing my head.

     To the left there was a group of guys looking out into the water, talking to each other. I could make out the bulky figured of Sam and Jared, the skinny, lean figure of Embry, and the muscled, chisled figures of Quil and Jake.

     I started down the beach toward them, but Sam turned and started walking toward me before I was halfway there.

     "Bella, I see you survived Victoria." Sam began.

     "Yes. The Cullens saved me. You sound surprised." I replied with attitude.

     "I just didnt think you would make it past our little obstacle. See, we want the Cullens gone. So does Victoria. So we decided to work together and take you down first, then move on to the weaker Cullens, like that spazzy Alice girl." Sam chuckled as jake began walking toward us.

     Anger swelled inside my body as I thought of jake going along with this plan to kill me. I turned and started casually walking away without even talking to Jake.

     Luckily, no one followed me. But by the team I reached the trail leading though the woods, I heard footsteps on the wet leaves on the forest floor.

     I turned and found Jacob behind me. "Bella. Wait! What did Sam say to you?" he sounded despreate.

     "Just leave me alone, jacob. I dont want to talk to you."

     "Bella, believe me, I didnt want anything to do with this! It started when I was sent to the hospital! I had no say in the plan! Please you have to believe me!"

     The anger level rose. "No, Jacob, I cant believe you. Either you are one of them and you accept the fact that they all want me dead along with the Cullens, or you are my friend and you dont." I turned and headed out of the woods and up to my car. I pulled the door open and climbed in.

     Jake's head came through the window. "Bella, please."

     "Goodbye, Jacob Black. Call me when you are ready to stop lying to my face. And watch your back. Vampires dont die easily, but they kill easily."

     And with that I drove away, leaving a sad Jake in the growing darkness.




I hope you guys enjoy these chapters!!!!!!!!! Please respond with feedback and questions! Thanks so much! be on the lookout for Chapter 9, 10, 11, and 12 soon!



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